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Well be exploring street other design trends. If creativity your thing, this issue will both satisfy inspire. 4 ers om ffer. t s o l cu lue ecia etB r sp j 7 fo ift f g age p See GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela J. Jaeger CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jason Jones CONTRIBUTING DESIGNER Alexis Bailiff PROOFREADER Dan Whicker SENIOR CONSULTING EDITOR Susan Holly CUISINE TRAVEL Gina Birch Beth Luberecki OUTREACH MANAGER Brian Hatley DIGITAL CONTENT CONTRIBUTOR Stephanie ONLINE Francesca Block WRITERS Bennett, Birch, William R. Cox, Dave Drotleff, Holaway, Luberecki, Myles Mellor, Dr. Randall H. Niehoff, Ann Marie OPhelan, Andrea Stetson PHOTOGRAPHERSARTISTS Shane Antalick, Bret Borshell, Jaeger, 239-472-0205 adsalestoti.com OFFICE ADMINISTRATION, SUBSCRIPTIONS CREDIT CARD ORDERS totimedia.comcontactus WEBMASTER Philip Lippard, Sanibel Logic ENGINE Ostrovsky Ryan Frisch, Locable Publisher Network ADVERTISING SALES toti.com totimedia.com timesoftheislands.com rswliving.com gulfmainmagazine.com bonitaesteromagazine.com capecorallivingmagazine.com CONNECT WITH US facebook.comtotimediamagazines twitter.comtotimedia pinterest.comtotimedia instagram.comtotimedia E-MAIL INQUIRIES P.O. Box 1227, Island, FL 33957 T 239-472-0205, F 239-395-2125 Founder Friedrich N. Chairman Guy Tober President C.O.O. Times Islands, RSW LIVING, GULF MAIN, Bonita Estero Cape Coral Living ISSN 1521-1207 are published six times year by TOTI Media, Inc., Sanibel, 33957. Subscription price 24.00 for one-year domestic subscription. Copyright Inc. rights reserved. No part publication may reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily those BY DR. RANDALL NIEHOFF Your health well-being depend it Almost everything work again if unplugged few minutes, including you. --Anne Lamott RAN PHOTO PATTI SOUSA ALL OTHER PHOTOS DANIELA JAEGER W herever be, summer time taking vacations. goal so much change places as paces. Vacation derived from Latin word vacare unoccupied, idle, vacant. To vacation means free enjoy leisure time, or, putting simply, play have fun. Most us no problem recognizing obvious can happen almost anywhere IF willing able take turn away business usual create little monkey business. While responsibility conscientiousness needed most there more life than achieving goals. Comedian Steven Wright wryly observed Ambition poor excuse having enough sense lazy. old adage still holds makes Jack dull boy. Niehoff Endless beach shelling enjoyed young family Europe. Left right father Mike, mother Sabine, their sons, Luca Matteo. bright shine happiness reflection experience fun seen inside when folks tackle puzzles, cards, draw picture, putter workbench, make music, or root teams visible outside they tend garden, ride bike, hit ball, pick seashells, watch bird, just ramble all who wander lost. happens before our eyes dolphin surfs boat wake, crow steals golf ball green, dog brings thrown retrieved over again. Even sturgeons been gulp air, then releasing underwater, chasing bubbles rise yet. How do define scientific research boils answer down two primary characteristics distinguish 1 voluntary chosen pressure nonfunctional doesnt help obtain food, protect against danger, aid reproduction species. Then why animals humans marvelous exploration found recent book David Toomey, professor English University Massachusetts, Amherst Kingdom What Ball-bouncing Octopuses, Belly-flopping Monkeys, Mud-sliding Elephants Reveal About Life Itself. For sure, Toomeys survey implies several expressions mindfulness normally thought human quite real throughout animal kingdom, such imagination, humor, emotion, joyfulness. But even that, ecological journalist author Richard Adams Carey pointed out review Wall Street Journal Social between members same different species relies on--and develops--self-awareness, reciprocity, empathy, restraint, feel rules boundaries, fledgling morality. This true wolf pups wrestle free-range children. Unfortunately, children playing range ought be. rarely left unsupervised own fun, negotiate rules, develop face-to-face relationships. Toomey cites neuroscientist Jaak background Matteo search perfect shell. 10 Panksepp who, commenting generational shift American child-rearing, warned caught unplanned cultural experiment involving what amounts deprivation. He argued too many youngsters never get sufficient natural, self-generated play. That one cause current epidemic hyperkinetic kids inadequate control impulses. In fact, studies criminally violent men reveal strikingly common absence normal during childhood. Equally unfortunate adults heeding call come German philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe reminded Many people money till nearly end it, others time. Fortunately, sake well-being, doctor ordered...starting today Ran has trying balance since 1991. proudly show shell treasure finds. 11 SUSAN BENNETT Grounding Spot opens Coconut Point TOP BOTTOM BRET BORSHELL RIGHT COURTESY GROUNDING SPOT Red light therapy merged Our Yoga Place Mall offer owners mental fitness club. new concept wellness open founders worlds first club grab-n-go caf. venture, Spot, creation Frances spent years studying how integrate disciplines place thrive, which company slogan. According founder, relaxation, positive mindset, connection, good nutrition health. Whether its work-life stress, worry, anxiety, depression, majority Americans suffer daily basis. vision simple--mainstream wellness. want shape, go gym, says Borshell. Where mentally strengthen basis place. Its thrive. accomplish goal, Place, known hot yoga facility, Mall. Founders Tom Palmer Nancy Gerald continuing partners entity, now Point. Terry Walker Alonso Yabar Spots well. takes preventive approach offering key components maintaining healthy state exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, self-care. buy monthly membership unlimited access certain services discounts, bio neurofeedback, halotherapy, yoga, meditation, coaching, mindset classes, more. These cater groups. We excited about expanding mind body GroundFrances Borshell ing Spot. calm, soothing environment enhance stateof-the-art facility equipped advanced technology, Palmer. Additional offered include salt cave expand breath, IV vitamin nutrients designed boost wellness, float self-reflection, cold plunge tanks endorphins, electromagnetic stimulation, superfoods caf featuring menu items well-being. Classes person online ages. Memberships per month 245 full in-person services. comes World Organization WHO acknowledges global Guided meditation among crisis. Few resources available counter urgent emergent demand, With suicides increasing alarming rates Treatment room APR, CPRC, award-winning frequent contributor Media. 14 70 percent reporting debilitating need urgent. Anxiety depression increased 25 following Covid-19 pandemic, according WHO. An estimated anxiety depression. Businesses immune issues cost businesses 300 billion lost productivity, addition, 83 U.S. workers work-related stress. Organizational something also improve culture, bring peace calm workplace, employee morale, increase says. County Sheriffs Office, Collier YMCA, Cross already partnered customers, constituents, staff members, co-founder Wire, nonprofit organization organizes annual Kickin Blues Music Festival benefit needs. 2023 concert Riverside Park was headlined former musicians rock bands Chicago Earth, Wind Fire attracted 3,000 people. festival slated later year. Proceeds underserved communities. information visit groundingspot.com. GINA BIRCH AIR MEETS WATER air water bottle offers unique way stay hydrated, especially dont like taste water. uses aroma rather flavor additives. scented pods use power smell trick brain naturally nostalgic flavors. 49.99 us.air-up.com ARTISTIC NECKWEAR Buffs introduced National Parks Collection line buffs boating camping. Lightweight cooling, soft stretchy, UPF protection. artwork them scenes seven national parks Zion, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon. buff.com POPADELICS Mushrooms said wide benefits, but always eat, until now. Made shiitakes, Popadelics crispy, crunchy, healthful snack. resealable bag, three delicious You wont put down. 1.4-ounce bags package popadelics.com BUBBLY SAKE Sok unique, canned cocktail Spirited Brands soda. premium Junmai sake, infused all-natural fruit flavors white peach, lychee, cherry. Bubbles add freshness, balance, vegan, gluten free, low calorie, alcohol keep bikini ready summer. 12.99 four-pack sokesoula.com TABLETOP SMORES smores while camping backyard heat mess bonfire, try Cuisinarts Cleanburn Smokeless Table Top Pit. portable roasting marshmallows. 69.99 cuisinart.com SUNSHINE TABLESCAPE Brighten soirees Solino Homes playful primrose yellow table linens. coastal vibe prints napkins, placemats, runners, tablecloths. Easily mix match linens tableware. Starting 16.99 solinohome.com SOCIAL BEVERAGE youre cutting back calories summer, non-alcoholic Seraphim made organic berries, healing herbs, botanicals substitute red wine. Cassia feels holidays, cinnamon. Cacao berries chocolate calories. 35 seraphimsocialbev.com GAME DAY PADDLES paddles Boundless game day whole meaning. Support alma mater favorite team court these officially licensed college pickleball paddles. Keep set gift. More selections being added. 99.99 boundlesspickleball.com GO travel derail routines. compact Castleflexx device latest, must-have gadget aids stretching. resistance strength training great core lower back. 199.99 castleflexx.com 17 DIAPER BACKPACK KeaBabies diaper backpack must parents go. Not only does allow hands water-resistant fabric, zipper compartments, storage pockets, insulated travelapproved changing pad. 42.96 keababies.com SAVORY WASABI SNACK Only Bean wasabi soy sauce lineup edamame snacks, snack-sized portions. bag curb hunger serving protein. spicy kick. available. 14.83 theonlybean.com KIDDOS Entertain hours stoke magnetic tiles Connetix, pastel rainbow colors. brand fluted ball-run tubes some motion playtime. 49 connetixtiles.com SLEEP SCENTS scent Alevan Botanica unwind prepare sleep. used hand blended small batches maintain highest quality. spritz, diffuser blend, roller. Use bedrooms sleep tight. alevanbotanica.com GLASS TUMBLER Now stylish tumbler. Ditch plastic glass. bamboo top tightly seals liquids safely. Scoozee drinking glass BPA recyclable, dishwasher safe. straw cleaner too. 18.99 scoozee.co 18 ANN MARIE OPHELAN guided nature walk Calusa Nature Center And teach thing CALUSA CENTER PLANETARIUM IMAGE CITY CAPE CORAL B efore know fall here, schedule shift. There offers. So, aside video games, phones, electronic devices education. easy, attached e-devices, shows, screen leads troubling obesity, irregular sleep, behavioral problems, impaired academic performance. Screen should limited day, researchers Mayo Clinic. plenty non-electronic activities families home, added educational component working puzzles board card games. Or head library check participate event storytime. find local library, leegov. comlibrary. handful horseshoes, shuffleboard, cornhole. Edison Ford Winter Estates chance see historic homes, stroll through gardens, museum, tours. played investment. Plus, excellent opportunities nature, fresh air. city variety recreation amenities. Suppose looking friendly competition exercise. case, sports games parks, Kaitlyn Mullen, senior public specialist. Indeed, spaces where charge using regulation-sized areas however, players equipment first-come, first-served ones basic skills cooking. learn pizza, muffins, granola bars, foods love eat. Allrecipes.com easy-to-make recipes. enough, nows chores washing clothes, doing dishes, making beds. plant garden. Dont worry big yard, plants grown pots porch balcony, tomatoes, beans, peppers, herbs. Flowers, Floridas Food Agricultural Sciences do-it-yourself childrens gardening projects website ifas.ufl.edu. Outdoors lovers frisbee, catch, obstacle courses, hunts, hula hoops, croquet, egg spoon relay races, scavenger hunts. easily EDISON FORD WINTER ESTATES MIDDLE WONDER GARDENS IMAG HISTORY SCIENCE Seeing alligators highlights trip Wonder Gardens Springs. StingRay Bay Touch Tank History Science delights safely touch feed stingrays. Recreation number activity options parks. And, remember, hike trails catch. Area museums provide learning experiences Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum devoted Fort Myers long-time exhibits. Magnificent Mangroves Indians Paleo Florida. 21 Late Vegetable Planting Create garden kids. okra, southern peas, sweet potatoes. Find sfyl.ifas.ufl.edu lawn-and-gardensummervegetables-in-florida Fleamasters Flea Market Flamingo indoor foods, bargains. forget visitors tour--its lovers, Naples Zoo indulge interest wildlife encounters feedings. Planetarium option, wild walks, amazing planetarium shows region. markets day. Pavilion staple community 1986 Friday, Saturday, Sunday year-round. vendors under roof, notes vice president marketing Jessica Jeffers, shaded, everyone enjoy. another yearround, Friday-Sunday, am pm. One last do, youd better going ends. OPhelan resident regular YOU Aquarium 3075 Captiva Road, 239-395-2233 shellmuseum.org 3450 Ortiz Avenue, Myers, 239-275-3435 calusanature.org capecoral.govdepartmentparks_and_ recreationhomesports_gamesindex.php. 2350 McGregor Blvd., 239-334-7419 edisonford.org 11902 Beach Road SE, 239-948-7799 flamingoisland.com 4135 M.L. King Jr. 239-334-7001 fleamastersfleamarket.com 2000 Cranford 239-243-0043 theimag.org UNITED FLEAMARKETS NAPLES ZOO memorable outing. 1590 Goodlette-Frank 239-315-7626 napleszoo.org 27180 Old 41 239-992-2591 wondergardens.org 22 Tips prepping school PAGES SCHOOL DISTRICT LEE COUNTY S ummer goes fast, bell rings it. schools begin week August 12. easier, compiled back-toschool tips harried parents. Attend houses. Monitor social media channels emails, texts, calls back-to-school information. miss house. Children meet teachers, desks, supply lists, Rob Spicker, assistant director relations District County. Complete paperwork. FOCUS Parent Portal complete required Once completed, monitor childs assignments, grades, test scores, report explains Spicker. Messenger account created receive important updates school. prepared are, easier days news, classroom information, critical emergency communications. Know route. walking biking school, route riding bus, WheresTheBus mobile app track bus locations real-time. Sign up. sign sports, clubs, activities. encourage volunteer PTA SAC, teachers administrators, dress codes. Every OPENGATE entry technology identify contraband allowed campus. Students clear bottles trigger alarm subject search, plans. planner achievements, grades accomplishments. dedicated study area let cleaning, organizing, decorating. Set appointments, yearly dental visits haircuts. bedtime routine. At least begins, sure start bed early waking early. adequate amount vital. Cleveland Clinic, night preschoolers ages 3-5 years, 10-13 naps 6-12 9-12 teenagers 13-18 8-10 hours. supplies ready. Start gathering necessary supplies. organizations host events. Among Blessings Backpack swfl.blessingsinabackpack. org, Multicultural Centre multicultural-centre.org, fleamastersfleamarket.com. Family Fest July 13 face painters, bounce houses, backpacks, marketing. Save Shop sales tax holiday, 29 11. eligible qualifying Department Revenue. includes clothing 100 computers 1,500. 26 Local venues serve laughs say, Laughter best medicine, lot truth statement. physical health, stress levels, reduce facilitate learning, build personal laugh hard stand-up comedy Snappers Comedy Club, 27 years. guests food bar. Season tickets often. Another option Off Hook Club Naples, full-service restaurant names week. had theaters. Repertory Theatre comedies schedule. 2024-25 season three--Ben Butler, Fully Committed, Boca--as well musical comedy, Lucky Stiff, rep Deborah Jonsson. Broadway Palm Dinner Theatres murder-mystery comedy. Goats sessions Dim Jandy Ranch Myers. BROADWAY PALM DINNER THEATRE DIM JANDY RANCH Through showing Murder 19th Hole Theatre. runs 10. Throughout evening curious events occur piece together whodunnit. comedic murder mystery occurs Mystery Train landmark dinner-theater attraction five-course meal comic aboard retro train ride. aisles, in-between meals each dining car. Illusion Death plays 28, I Spy 31 September 29. Although inducing relaxation reducing happiness. significantly smile participating G.O.A.T. greatest Yoga. Experience youve ever G.O.A.T Yoga, inner harmony bonding adorable goats tranquil outdoor setting, Jen Buffington, owner Jandy. Join hilarious downward alongside goats. stretch, breathe, giggle outdoors. Let baaa-rilliant natures studio. class levels practitioners, minimum addition session, please pictures. Participants mats, blankets, towels. parent guardian accompany anyone 18. gate 15 minutes prior incredibly sweet. very social. adds Buffington. New goat snuggling. younger too, Art avenue laughter. Whimsical Painting lighthearted painting unstructured, creative, atmosphere, students whimsical on. taught Paul Adamick, aka Man, elementary teacher joyfully creating possible. matter look Florida, likely immortal words Seuss, here there, funny things everywhere. Adamick 1380 Colonial 239-278-4422 broadwaypalm.com 4533 Coronado Pkwy., 239-574-0802 recreationhomecape_coral_art_center.php 13151 Pinto Lane, 651-283-7590 dimjandy.com 2268 Street, 239-332-4488 floridarep.org Station, 2805 239-275-8487 semgulf.com 2500 Vanderbilt Beach, 239-389-6901 offthehookcomedy.com 8595 College 239-479-5233 snapperscomedyclub.com Snuggling far weekend wonders lift spirits, energy, refill Here ideas within easy driving might fit bill days. FLORIDAS SPACE COAST COCOA BEACH Cocoa favorite--thanks miles laid-back atmosphere. Botttom Ron Jon Surf Beach. HISTORIC ST. AUGUSTINE tourist favorite, Castillo de San Marcos coquina stone built Spanish late 1600s. getaway Historic Coast promises adventures, exceptional dining, glorious outdoors scenery unlike anything else Barbara Golden, communicationsPR manager floridashistoriccoast.com. St. Augustine is, oldest North America. colonial Mediterranean-style architecture, impressive fortress, brick-lined streets, costumed storytellers citys district authenticity reflects European influences dating founding 1565. myriad ways explore history, Golden. self-guided TOURISM NATIONAL PARK SERVICE white, sandy ocean beaches. Excellent along way. Surfers long waves Westgate Pier, surfing 11-time world champion pro surfer Kelly Slater, raised lives there. Nearby 52,000-square-foot Shop, largest surf shop world. Three oceanfront restrooms, showers, picnic tables. Other 27-hole course Banana River, state-of-the-art skate park, playgrounds, eco-tour deep sea fishing, accommodations, choices any buds. Canaveral Kennedy Space north. Disney World, Epcot, SeaWorld, Universal, MGM Studios miles. plan recently launched Brevard allows users map itinerary Sascha Lee, communications Regional Chamber Commerce. visitcocoabeach.com visitspacecoast.com. off Coast, seek beaches, natural areas, waterways. Lakeridge Winery Vineyards Clermont winery tours tastings. tour land water, storied past leaves modern-day explorers deeper understanding example lies north Augustines central plaza Monument massive structure encompasses acres town. masonry fort U.S., 1600s stone, stands. Service welcomes Cannon firings weekends. Admission fees older under. SAN SEBASTIAN WINERY weekends Augustine. EVERGLADES Established 1934, Everglades significant treasures visited million 1.5-million-acre wetland ecosystem filled 10,000 islands, sawgrass, mangrove swamps, Activities ranger-led canoe excursions. 32 FLORIDASHISTORICCOAST.COM scene thriving, agricultural riches, seafood Atlantic Ocean, flavorful heritage rich Spanish, Greek, Irish, Minorcan, African, French, Southern influences, wine complimentary tasting 127-acre Clermont, couple southwest drive A1A Scenic Coastal Byway--stretching Ponte Vedra south Augustine, Matanzas Inlet--showcases preserved beachfront, beachside towns, elegant seaside resorts. Historical floridashistoriccoast. com. nps.govcasaindex.htm. Byway showcases freshwater marsh. Various marine park alligator, otters, turtles, snakes, peacocks, wood storks, deer, manatees, black bears, panther, subtropical wilderness Heritage Site, International Biosphere Reserve, Wetland Importance. Visitors trails, paddle wetlands, bike pinelands, programs, Gaby Eseverri, communication affairs ranger. Options Gulf special astronomy program nighttime Flamingo, focus bird watching Royal Palm, hikes strolls Shark Valley, tramride option. Wilderness park. four visitor centers various entrances around City Bradley Ernest F. Coe Homestead nearest Miami. nps.goveverindex.htm. 33 BETH LUBERECKI Are lipstick lover face-cream fanatic issue, lowdown fabulous fragrances, luxurious lotions, makeup, between. SKINCARE LOCAL TOUCH When Pfropper couldnt skincare products recommend clients, esthetician permanent makeup artist her own. Launched 2020 opening sthetik Spa Punta Gorda, Skincare plant-based ingredients effective affordable. Products cleansers, moisturizers, serums bestselling Liquid Gold Serum, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, botanical oils hydrate restore skin smells purchase spa 212 W. Virginia 941-740-7049 asthetikskincare.com. LUXE WAY TO LATHER Elevate shampoo routine Masamis Mekabu Hydrating Shampoo 38. kombu Japanese seaweed, apricot seed oil, coconut helps soften, hydrate, hair smooth, shiny, tresses. vegan formulation sulfates, parabens, phthalates works types textures pleasant, gender-neutral scent. Add Conditioner 38 benefits panthenol B5 strands elasticity blueberry extract stimulate growth. Masami haircare lovemasami.com. GIVE YOURSELF HAND Touchland Gentle Mist ultra-soothing sanitizer. spray-on sanitizer germ-free hydrated thanks madecassosside, niacinamide, aloe vera, centella asiatica leaf extract. creates hypoallergenic formula moisturize, soothe, every lily-of-the-valley scent, hints cucumber, lemon, jasmine, salt, spa-day vibes hand-cleaning Pick Ulta, Sephora, Target touchland.com. KEEP EYE THINGS As suppliers contact lenses lens products, Bausch Lomb name thats closely associated So surprising specialty cosmetics, Lumify Eye Illuminations, peepers. 3-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water Makeup Remover no-rinse, pH-balanced cleansing remove waterproof rubbing hyaluronic acid, C, niacinamide delicate eyes. hypoallergenic, nonirritating Nourishing Lash Brow Serum 32.99 brows lashes fuller healthier use, Hydra-Gel Brightening Cream contains caffeine, acid brighten, firm, smooth area. were developed ophthalmologists dermatologists, retailers Walgreens, Target, CVS, Walmart. info lumifyeyes.com. YOUR LIPS After model Amanda Lavery organic, chemical- cruelty-free lip balm herself, began notice. led CoCaBee UltraHydrating Lip Balm 7.61, product eco-friendly line. Available scents coconut, vanilla, peppermint, lime, oil blend long-lasting smoothness, shine, hydration lips. Order tube, three-pack 19.99, five-pack 29.95 cocabee.com. KATIE EGAN SHANE ANTALICK PHOTOGRAPHY Keeping Hearts Healthy cutting-edge program. 37 hospital system specific noninvasive AI-powered imaging detect plaque buildup, predict potential heart prevent disease. Healthpark H eart disease leading death women walks United States, affects communities providing optimal residents beyond. physicians pursuing advancements toward earlier detection methods, ensuring care, seeking treatments efforts difference patient outcomes, quality life. WHAT KNOW HEART function efficiently possible pumping blood oxygen throughout. functioning ability, bodys organs should. experiencing symptoms, appointment physician cardiologist Feeling faint racing Shortness breath getting worse Chest discomfort bad indigestion Noticeable weight gain Swelling legs idea history discuss long-term risk factors, high cholesterol pressure. die pregnancy-related 50,000 life-threatening pregnancy complications, Heart, Lung Blood Institute. blood-vessel conditions coronary disease, pressure, stroke, cardiomyopathy causes. HealthPark mom baby, Shipley Cardiothoracic co-located ensure monitored pregnancy, labor, after giving birth. treating cardiovascular finding solutions all. touches everyone, job Malissa Wood, chief executive DOES PREGNANCY AFFECT During harder pump baby. Each 700 receives echocardiogram. innovative further advance mission programs life-saving care. ADVANCEMENTS CARE RESEARCH percentage abstracts accepted date Cardiology conference welcomed opportunity expertise importance prevention combating diseases member radiology looks scans patients computed tomography Over days, angiography CCTA artificial intelligence AI detailed, quantitative arteries . presented topics related Wood shared insights ischemic womens advocacy CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY Chazal, medical director, Quality, Transformation Innovation, Institute, prediscussed clinical trials. vent Plaque partially totally block Chazal Juan Lopez-Mattei large medium-sized heart, brain, imaging, pelvis, legs, arms, kidneys, lead promotion. serious concerns. Cardiologist Erick Burton, Lopez-Mattei, leveraged well-established electrophysiology valvular called Cleerly. Orlando Escarcega, tool provides quanDr. complex cases, titative SGLT2 inhibitors failure, failure developing cardiomyopathies. attack development symptoms. cardiotoxicity. recognized PINC Premier Fortune Hospital country--and hospitals Center, second-largest performing 1,500 surgical cases located Katie Egan specialist Health. MORE INFO leehealth.orgheart rehabilitation rebuild endurance system. 39 Garden Cecelia Morales right, Springs, distributes samples tea four-acre plot. ANDREA STETSON Of ucked behind wooden across narrow bridge Oak Creek living. spans grounds hotel brimming fruits vegetables loofas. Morales, manager, knows shares knowledge weekly gardens restaurant, Harvest Wisdom. lobby. harvest depends cow eggplant, collard greens, moringa. Mangos thriving winter spring busy harvesting kale, Asian green mixes, mustard Swiss chard, carrots, radishes, scallions, lots herbs basil, dill, mint, plethora flowers. On sunny morning, reaches tree jujube group schoolchildren gobble sweet-tasting, treat. Jujube immunity digestive juicy taste. Everything she grows benefits. contributing carbon footprint grocery store, begins. organic. less chemically touched. By eating nutrients. gives round, usually Tuesdays Wednesdays, appointment. Guests planted growing tending Logan Bills third Nataliya Stasiw brought six-year-old daughter Amelia visiting Ukraine. enjoying this, place, My beautiful Bebe Kanter wants ingredients. herb Pelican Bay, herbal tea, explains. picks seeds malabar spinach plant, which, says, purple-hued tea. 42 got home mint gathered purple grow my pots. everything. loved learned would again, peaceful. fact naturally. tour--one edible leaves. salads delicious, grew greens restaurant. fascinated array notes, example, houseplant, monstera deliciosa, delicious. MANGO CRME BRLE Ingredients homemade mango jam 3 cups mangos, pureed apple, peeled diced cane sugar teaspoon lemon juice Seeds produce color. really ripen eat though otherwise, texture unpleasant, perfectly ripened worth wait, though. edibles featured. loofas washing. Bidens alba, commonly needle. wildflower rubbed pain swelling caused stings bites. medium-size pan cook minutes. Cool puree blender. watery, continue mangos. crme brle quart heavy cream yolks vanilla bean Pinch cup oven temperature 250 degrees. Cook cream, sugar, pot. Bring mixture boil stirring constantly. Whip bowl. Slowly slow drizzle together. Strain bean. Pour ramekins casserole pan. Fill bake hour custard cooked through. Chill overnight. teaspoons torch broiler brled sugar. Finish sweetened whipped cream. fosters appreciation bounty. 43 entertains ZESTY LEMON VINAIGRETTE SALAD FRESH HERBS enjoys sharing wealth bugs Millipedes breaking compost, Their castings beneficial earthworm castings. indoors, themselves favor move outside. She points pollinators. helping mangos trees flowers them, pollinators flies. Bees awesome Visitor Deb Siebel finally closeup treasure, driven bunch here. inspiring. me cant live condo. writing magazines newspapers 1995. Naples. lemon-Dijon vinaigrette zest Dijon chopped garlic thyme, sage, basil olive kosher pepper tablespoons pure maple syrup Puree blender blend. Adjust seasonings. mixed Bitter, mild, lettuces seasonally. based preferences. longevity spinach, mizuna, pak choi, arugula, bibb butterhead lettuces. Wash thoroughly de-stem necessary. Chop lettuce preferred-size pieces run salad spinner. finish toppings spiced nuts, toasted pumpkin strawberries cheeses cheese, blue feta onion, cucumbers, tofu, avocado, seafood, chicken. Recipes Amy Schmicker, Wisdom kitchen 27750 239-949-0749 shangrilasprings.com 44 LAKE NONA WAVE HOTEL Grab drink Room Bar, choose seating area, youll talk walls Enjoy views greenery Haven Kitchen. L ake sit beach, near matter. Orlandos region, mixed-use planned Airport Tennis Association USTA Campus sciences KPMG Lakehouse education center Chopra Mind-Body Zone Spa. Everybodys wavelength theyre James Tattersall, Hotel. Thats inspired hotels eye-catching, curvy architectural design. Energy theme hotel, Tattersall. Wellness Hotel, ideal recharge, refresh, relax. booking Wellech rooms, feature Bryte striking Nona. 46 GETTING GOOD NIGHTS IS PRIORITY WELLNESS GETAWAY, HAS COVERED. smart beds breathable, skin-nurturing Nollapelli bedding truly dreamy sleeping setup. actually comfortable dozing. someone gets middle night, cool mattress activate gentle rocking asleep version clock gently rocks awake morning. rooms Moi specifically climate Mad Tasty CBD-infused beverages fridge. standard guest suites oh-so-cool View Smart Windows adjust glare, curtains close button, ultra-high-tech Toto Neorest toilets. probably expensive have, panel building sun sky UV rays building. Studies shown healthier, better, cognitive sustainability keeping cooler energy. nights priority getaway, controls lights literally fingertips. Bottom stretch yourself private terrace. 47 covered. sweat must, 24-hour TechnoGym Performance stay. short state-ofthe-art rock-climbing 42-foot climbing tower, 150 cardio strength-training machines, track, lap pool, instructor-led classes focusing cycling yoga. first-ever Spa, partnership Deepak Chopra, meditation. Bikes pedaling leisurely cruise nearby Town restaurants, shops, events, longer Park, wakeboard ropes walls. Beep autonomous shuttle town center, prefer bike. engage senses, Hotels sculpture spot morning coffee cocktail. 6100 Drive, 407-675-2000 lakenonawavehotel.com 50,000-square-foot artists Arturo Di Modica, Jackson, Jefr amid tropical landscape in. Public installations sides buildings parking garages become canvases colorful creations. plate Book drama-filled Nami contemporary cuisine Bacn dishes Americas open-theater kitchen. Kitchen serves Mediterranean-inspired twists proves eye-catching plate. 48 TENNIS, ANYONE focused forehand, newest scene. closest Campus--the tennis world--Aloft seriously sporty style. one-on-one pros campus programming could drills lawn themed chats pro. Curated playlists soundtrack montage, on-demand Ice, Ice Baby Cart delivers ice packs post-match cooldowns. Sip tennis-themed cocktails sportsthemed Tempo Grace, dip saline lobby greats Althea Neale Gibson, African player win Slam tournament. loft-style suite nine-foot ceilings, platform bed, windows views. Aloft lush Bar creative lobbys eclectic collection conversation-ready nooks. epicenter Nona, reason because locals visitors. distill he continues. sample bit Nonas about. longer, art, beverage Nokomis, Floridabased freelance writer whos Learn bethluberecki.com. 7215 Corner 407-313-3700 marriott.comen-ushotelsmconl-aloftorlando-lake-nona ALSTON CHARLES Mobile Services frontline healthcare retirees fortunate promise celebration lived. Take closer look, though, neighbors awaken lifes necessities--from shelter, reliable transportation granted. Nadine Deanie Singh, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, gap haves have-nots drove action. Tired encountering chronic yet preventable illnesses--in particular, kidney dialysis--the practice nurse 2018 dream leap faith. doctorate nursing practice, purchased unit eBay savings. served 12,000 patients, outbreak aftermath Hurricane Ian. Singh examines clinic parked street. travels County, bringing work. PREMIERE MOBILE Pine Manor, communitys vulnerable neighborhoods congregate. stops sidebar next page, outreach fairs 2023. early-detection screenings, diabetes checks, drug metabolic profiles, counseling, vaccinations, physicals units pharmacy Direct Relief prescribe dispense antibiotics, medications, in-house laboratory records digitally share referrals providers. nonprofits walk-in Patients gather treatment provider whom low-income uninsured. heavily discounted need. 51 Ian, organized distribution drives continued delivery affiliate agreements multiple universities, real-world residents, practitioner students, transitioning professional careers. Way Hendry, Glades counties. Caf Life, clothing, support location Leitner Neighborhood Park. Were delighted Jeff Nichols, Lifes director. Theres clients. relationship. insurance proof income below 200 federal poverty guidelines exceed limits provided reduced rate. Singhs journey CEO entrepreneur inspiring one. Growing Jamaica, came teen dropout words, drowning self-destruction self-hate. committed circumstances, passing GED General Educational Development earning equivalency diploma hopes career nursing. trajectory ago entry-level certified Lauderdale. moved 2005, associate bachelors degrees State SouthWestern masters South institution. distant dream, perhaps pursue retirement, margins, dependable simply reach. wait. Alston Charles veteran snowbird round. MEDICAL CLINIC LOCATIONS Following 9 pm unless otherwise noted. up-to-date sites, premiermobilehealth.org. Gladiolus Pantry 110501 Wednesday Manor Community 5547 Tenth Second Thursday, Tuesday 26274 Nomad First Southwestern 8099 Parkway Building S, Fourth Monday, Kimmies Recovery 507 - Walk-in clinicmain office 10676 Suite 20, Monday-Friday, 830 5 52 pools exercise classes. LEEGOV.COM quatic low-impact environment. resistance. type muscular strength, endurance, arthritis sufferers active, recover injury, shape. YMCA Using H20 rejuvenate 45-minute year-round Lehigh Acres, Carlos. included either admission. supervisor Rapp. Aqua Aerobics exercising buoyancy joints training, higher-impact class, participants pace. locations. choice flexibility controlled movements joint muscle flexibility. intended perform everyday relative ease, Carlos pools. pool waters muscles forth exercises ease strain joints, aerobics held one-hour Cardio Splash, high-intensity rate socialize, regional Angel Cerritos. join Y amenities Daily passes non-members. abilities. non-impact 55 joints. BONITA SPRINGS 27200 Kent 239-221-7560 ymcaswfl.orglocation-bonita PARKS RECREATION Acres Pool 1400 5th 239-369-8277 leegov.comparkspoolslehighpool 5170 Orange Grove 239-652-4520 leegov.comparkspoolsnfmpool 5675 Sesame Bokeelia 239-283-2220 leegov.comparkspoolspineislandpool Pool, 8208 239-267-6002 leegov.comparkspoolssancarlospool SANIBEL 3880 239-472-0345 mysanibel.comgovernment recreation2 incorporate belts equipment. solo Always calendars heading out. case inclement weather maintenance, temporarily closed. groups 56 cooking SWFL Ceviche Mercado Restaurant Ceviches Divino Serves 2-4 ounces corvina fish, Persian lime cilantro, paste plus wash tablespoon Peruvian chili ounce fish broth limo habanero prefer, mild spice preference eggs calamari Flour coating Oil frying julienned giant corn garnish kernels potato Put bowl minute. juice, paste. Mix more, approximately paste, balances acidity, pepper, mix. separate dollop pepper. Dip wet mixture, flour, fry 350F Boil Smash potato. Serve ceviche shallow Try form pyramid leche tigre. Surround corn, piping artful presentation, rings. 7950 Dani 300, 239-288-6795, cevichesbydivino.com Firm station ou often stations seats, pulleys, doohickeys. walked try. good, confines gym. numerous user. equipment, goals accessible cannot afford pricey gym memberships. Further, evidence suggests performed outside, often, perceived exertion lower, manageable. greater feelings revitalization Several BOTH Corals stations. display maximize workout. Friends solo. Exercising individuals exposure mood, overall engagement. improves self-esteem, reduces anger, mention, sunshine D. Coral. family-friendly together, promoting habits alike. Coral, scattered Del Prado Linear, Gator Trails, Jaycee, Joe Stonis. broke ground Crystal Working Lakes target static dynamic stretching, pulling, back, angle bar, hurdle exercises, agility step total 120 muscles. --Joe DeBacker, 62 adult playground. Northwest 36th completion 2025. stations, Trailhead, ADA-accessible, Debacker. main five trail corner starting ramp Loop. ADA entrance Fragrance Garden. diagrams program, older, starts beginners slowly builds robust workout anatomical systems, ENERGI Prime lets instructional videos directly smartphones, cautions months, touch. combined jogging paths lengths. system, major shady oak canopy 63 Evidence lower. Trailhead accommodate low- high-impact workouts. easy-to-follow instructions station, Ben Johnson. accommodating low-impact, rigorous challenge. seamlessly merges traditional serenity outdoors--all Alva Matlacha Schandler Hall Bowmans Sanibel. ranges difficulty. sit-ups, push-ups, leg presses, extensions full-body workout, ahead warm stretch. hiking options. Preserve Corkscrew Ecosystem Watershed Trails Bonita, Bikers wandering 64 arent available, mat, jump rope, towel, bottle, weights--and freedom Remember wear appropriate attire, sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, hat, months beat heat. doing, Bass Pro Shops carry gear successful recreationhome sfwmd.govrecreation-sitecorkscrew-regionalecosystem-watershed-crew floridastateparks.orgparks-and-trailsestero-baypreserve-state-park fortmyersbeachfl.gov leefl.govparksparks SanibelCaptiva sanibel-captiva.orgsanibel-island-things-to-do 66 WORKOUT GEAR BASS PRO SHOPS Heather Hunt Katy Groesbeck Sterling Oaks league competition. Competitive sport ennis, golf, bocce pickleball. adding sport. compete level courts arrive friends. competitions. players, beyond courts. forming teams, joining leagues, venturing League popular 6,800 signed fall, winter, leagues. 2016 97 teams. amazing, Adam co-owner Pickleball, leagues Marco Island. 600 season. Lane represents womens, mens, skill levels. competitive represent com- munities, eventually competitive. Ours offshoot venue Players reasons league. play, Gayle team. with, skills. seeing figure game, Joanne Abate Village Walk. Quarry surroundings, nice people, Carol Lundgren Quarry. bigger challenge strengths weaknesses. game. Bobbi Burnett Valencia doubles competition, ability everybody Jeanne Marti Barwin Oaks. match, tap racquets congratulate other. 69 skills, opponents. weaknesses strengths. facilities, impressed challenging before, Heimmel nerves match. nervous fine, admits. chew gum helps. relax started competed sport, win, nervous, realized scholarship. money. pride testing nothing stake. competitors safe playing. matches afternoon, mornings afternoon. staying hydrated. timeout agree breaks needed. Stretching, hydrating, balls for, asked safety advice. think lose balance. backpedal cringe waiting limits. injuries running backwards falling, calves Achilles tendons. above stresses. Orthopedic surgeons players. evening, hamstrings quads, feet. weights aerobics, tennis. lessons, drills, swim, keeps shape matches. trainer shoulder well, courts, basis, general physically court, is. 71 INDOORS rain wind Verdana Village. delays Esteros searing humidity afternoons storms lightning. wind, bugs, darkness. stop sports. basketball, volleyball, Midwest, involved programming, Jim Tressler, absolutely coming nice, rain, heat, sun. Tressler Nick Cameratta, Cameratta Companies, developer Village, brains project active weather. 80 snowbirds longer. Obviously warmer success, deliver amenity 73 basketball hard- floors, bleachers, scoreboard, universities. hoops retractable, space volleyball. Twelve oclock dozen 16-60. guy his 70s basketball. seniors inside. complex. courts--12 tennis--residents cite choosing indoors. options, Nielsen, indoors wind. temperature. wonderful event, rains, Nielsen 3-year-old Christian Riegle. basketballvolleyball court. Kowell appreciates Verdana. definitely factor nicer raining opportunities. cooler, fantastic. raining, super humid, Beverly Deutschman. January imperative husband, Marty selecting retrofitted building, residents. selling point 74 Olivia Riegle, 5, practices mother. did beginning proper spacing seating, noting ample ceiling height distance laid right. filtration cleaner, purified, modern clubs. Tinted glare sunlight. temperatures regulations. kids, Usually camps excruciatingly hot. 858 homes. 2,400 buildout. huge packages, captured community. unique. different. 75 CAPT. BRIAN HOLAWAY Homemade Cabbage Key--what ask Kendra Stetser Melanie Welch Love Boat Key. ce island. Who ride, hair, waffle cone island Key drinks, smiles, cast characters Dade pine floors iconic dollar-bill beckons tried... tantalizing, Cream, beloved smoothly tongue butter pecan, orange creamsicle, chocolate, chip, sorbet, cookie monster, strawberry shortcake, nightingale sandwich. 1967 family-run fitting locally Rinehart Cottage, 1937. Follow signs hill tower. Stepping cottage screened porthole past--a simple Two transformed Outfitters headquarters. store sections side beachy boutique feel, mens section carries button-down shirts flare watermens accessories. same. Hospitality Key, journey. choose. Capt. Holaway Master Naturalist ecotour guide His charters islands Sound, Cayo Costa Captiva. cottage, 1937, houses left. 77 protection e warmth joy. anything, adverse effects. Too mean particular peak cumulative effect lifetime, cancers basal cell carcinoma, squamous melanoma. cancer result dates precautions, Healths officer, Iahn Gonsenhauser. Avoiding direct infants, toddlers, accomplished umbrellas, stroller covers, car window shades, wearing wide-brimmed hats sunglasses protection, shade possible, dressing sleeves pants, particularly Gonsenhauser sunscreen key. Look broad-spectrum, UVA, UVB, SPF lasting coverage, zinc titanium oxide, Be apply reapply hours, swimming wet, adds. Cover often-forgotten hairline, scalp, ears, backs knees, tops feet, exposed. actions examples understand taken avoid surgery, radiation, chemotherapy spread cancer. Cancer Society, Considering organ, sense. Adults cancer, sunbathing tanning affect all, genetic components. family, moles, birthmarks, risk. colors types, fair lighter sunburns checkups dermatologist. 79 ABCDE RULE mole indicate checked physician. Asymmetry Half shaped differently Border irregularity jagged blurred edges. Color pigmentation consistent. Diameter size millimeters pencil eraser. Evolving changes size, --Dana-Farber dana-farber.org Sunburns fast. Ten fifteen burn, shouldnt burn lightly. sunburn, bath shower help, followed moisturizer soy. pat dry rub. Over-the-counter hydrocortisone ibuprofen pain. sunburn develops blisters increases redness discomfort, doctor. pop situation worse. re-expose healing. severe sunstroke heatstroke, symptoms nausea, dizziness, confusion, fatigue, requires immediate attention. avoiding suns pm, protecting setting road. 81 WILLIAM COX results, subjects Bald eagle foraging storm pond White ibis sand fleas WILLAIM irdwatching birding photography pastimes. Both achieved biology birds. guides describing books found, seasonal migrants. Sibley Guide Birds Allen 2000. Birding fishing hunting-- whatever success birds, birds interested knowing preferred habitat and, especially, behavior. reference Peterson Reference Behavior John Kricher 2020. Birders Handbook Field Greater Natural flamingo Bunche Ehrlich, Dobkin, Darryl Wheye 1988. spending observing photographing field. Learning behavior enable capture flight action images disturbing harming them. birders photographers sunrise midmorning, sunset. Morning activity. Online sources bird-rich spots world, America, locally. eBird, real-time, database observations. Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands, Viera De Soto Pinellas Merritt Wildlife Refuge Titusville. birding. Locally, Black-crowned heron perched Brazilian searching prey country road Six Mile Cypress Slough, Cecil Webb Management Area, others. Just roads canals, native habitats Sometimes, yard yields photo ops. determine attract arrival spots. Based observations, techniques capturing image. photography, prone non-threatening posture shore me. constantly camera settings attempting approaching image subject. Cox photographer ecologist Visit him williamrcoxphotography.com. ADVENTURE ALPHABET TREE DAVID DROTLEFF MayJun continuation pages Drotleff. continues book, covering letters X, Y. BE CONTINUED 85 expertly told story crazy loving memoir self-published, poorly reflections interesting readers smattering amateur reviews publications appear Fruit, Felony, none true. Yes, Annabelle Tometich, big-time publisher Little Brown Company, extremely written, reviewed York Times, appearances away, Tometichs mesmerizing. Though reviewer opened page dislike followed, wrong. book. spot-on description context. clod swamp torn Seminoles, drained, razed, carbon-copied cities surrounding Tampa. Miami... NewsPress iteration Jean Le Boeuf, eldest child shall slightly Filipina, Josefina, escaped Manila becoming emigrating States 1978 father, Lou, sort reconstructed hippie Cod, retirement Tometich puts Dad lived Mom supported hers died. Nonetheless, adored fun-loving died tragic incident old. buffer volatile mother, raise single Blvd. moving struggles mixed-race girl county named Confederate general, kooky sugar-coat failings--detailing murderous arguments, fathers lack ambition, mothers draconian household explosive temper. doubt foundation love. begins ends defining moment familys life--when arrested shooting BB gun man fleeing steal tree. structure. outstanding roots trunk story, juicy, sweet, delectable finest mango. Do hesitate savor luscious narrative within. RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 ronandsons.com Sales Installation Security Alarm Systems AudioVideo Home Theaters Radio Intercom System Central Vac Much 239.939.0077 Serving accentbp.com ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS CopierPrinterScanners Printer Supplies Print Cost 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel claudiospestmanagement.com CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Name Trust Termite Pest Control Across ____ 6 Sea roller Frozen dessert 11Additional Fruit milk Body tests 19Bronzed Long-eared 23Eerie Sound Yours Heavenly quaff Outing basket Access code ATMs creams sticks Yes French service Frisbees, 37Securing Down Treasures beachcomber Bar-counter snack Riviera ___ Sun Cream-filled pastry 14Ended Company 17Angry 18Upshot Mountain homes Refreshing sleeps Amorous archer 29Desserts Miniature map, maybe Vocalist Judd 32Including PUZZLE O N E Hidden Word happy sunshine. beach. --Brian Wilson Maria DANILEA COVER detailed buildup heart. Institutes Healthy, 36. Antalick MAIN VOL. 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