features 40 CHILL Can soaking in a tub of ice water bring you mental clarity, joy, and weight loss Advocates cold-water immersion say yes, it can these benefits more. 44 STRAIN, SPRAIN... OR WORSE 48 CULTURE OF CARING AND COMPASSION Ten years ago Southwest Florida Addiction Services Lee Mental Health merged to form SalusCare, the largest nonprofit health substance use agency Florida. It claim many successes along way. From tennis elbow recovery from surgery, team physical therapists at Shell Points Larsen Center helps get patients up moving again. SPECIAL SECTION 52 Healthful Diversions 54 Are You Emotionally Ready for Hurricane Season 56 Rx Storm Readiness 58 PTSD Natural Disasters 60 Bariatric Surgery Changes Lives 2 TOTI.COM JULYAUGUST 2023 19 departments 8 PUBLISHERS LETTER 10 ZEITGEIST On Beach Somewhere Between Lost Found ON THE RADAR 12 Online Safety Youth DIY 14 Green is Safer Way Clean 16 Breathe Easier MAKING WAVES Employee Wellness Programs Pay Off 22 Take Hike 24 IN COMMUNITY Emphasis on 28 FOR KIDS Kids Pitching 30 BEAUTY Summer Hair Survival Guide NATURE NOTEBOOK 32 The Sandwich Tern 34 Banks Happy River 38 WHATS STORE Whats Hot 62 PETS Consider Pet 66 OUT ABOUT Laid-back Times Lazy 3 68 TRAVEL Past Checkout Time BETWEEN LINES 74 Adventure Alphabet Tree 78 Guerilla Gardening 79 SERVICES PROFESSIONALS CROSSWORD 80 PARTING SHOT Coming SeptemberOctober They that art eye beholder, we aim give an eyeful. Well be exploring design trends, as well fashion. If creativity your thing, this issue will both satisfy inspire. 4 rs me er. o t l off cus ue pecia B s et or j ift f e g A pag See GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela J. Jaeger CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jason Jones CONTRIBUTING DESIGNER Heather Strudgeon PROOFREADER Dan Whicker SENIOR CONSULTING EDITOR Susan Holly CUISINE Gina Birch Beth Luberecki OUTREACH MANAGER Brian Hatley DIGITAL CONTENT CONTRIBUTOR Stephanie ONLINE Francesca Block WRITERS Klaudia Balogh, Emily Benson, Birch, Ken Burgener, William R. Cox, Dave Drotleff, Kara Hado, Holaway, Luberecki, Noelani Mathews, Myles Mellor, Kathy Montgomery, Dr. Randall H. Niehoff, Ann Marie OPhelan, Anna Shuster, Andrea Stetson, Courtney L. 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No part publication may reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily those When News Stinks, Go Fish I Yesterdays lessons impact today Group Publisher, Media PHOTO COURTESY MEDIA, INC. really love our magazine subscribers In uncountable ways, make challenging job being publisher so very rewarding. Over past months, weve been readjusting post-hurricane Ian way doing business, have encouraged here Media. Just other day was chatting with subscriber, who said, missed seeing publishers letter last month. Its first thing read. That comment flattering, touched me. want each begin positivity encouragement. We all bombarded every unpleasant news newspapers, television, across Internet, even conversations friends family members. Because that, publications different. readers feel good, beginning pages. This standard set one fundamental directions when began. wont see reflection daily dont attention lifes problems. enough already. people better about life. am type person slow down stop vehicle crash just look. scene already helping, Im going offer assistance. my character instilled childhood. growing up, would often stay overnight grandparents. days, grandma wake early morning iron newspaper grandpa he wouldnt black fingers while reading it. He usually wore impeccable white shirt, Grandma did him dirty sleeves ink them. Grandpa read page paper, finally put aside, seemed grumpy. Even young child, could tell had bad influence his mood. normally happy positive, but time finished something changed. Later, took went fishing. returned, catch wrapped tightly pages painstakingly ironed. She work only made grumpy before ended fish-stinky tossed wastebin. didnt know then, learning lot during visits. also learned much how words moods. credit days directing toward publishing--no ironing needed, filled uplifting content, no dead fish end. Remembering special experiences like should us pause think What big moments influenced us, why Which world born into--one self, selflessness life, Ive always taken me, been, still am. appreciated what loved ones taught me--that everyone able enjoy respect long its granted do so. need remind were experience hurt suffering Ernest Hemingway breaks afterward strong broken places. strong, especially helping other. Sometimes, through some kind words. Be well, dear reader--strong, uplifted, positive Zeitgeist BY DR. RANDALL NIEHOFF Gather wherever whomever allow ignorance prevail upon survive alone, alone patches, groups, races, genders. --Maya Angelou summertime Gulf Coast, nine months counting since wind floods hurricane delivered almost unimaginable damage beach communities bore brunt destructive power. Fewer than eight island residents smaller percentage visitors seen County coastline. There eerie sense quiet seaside neighborhoods, emptiness formerly bustling places and--were lines trucks vans carrying workers clearing debris, planting vegetation, repairing structures, restoring homes--there little traffic roads, which regularly convey evening gulf breeze. Populationwise, feels entered warp taking back half-century Many tempted exercise bit wry, sardonic humor suggest couple years, things normal, presence crowded intersections queues stores restaurants prompt few now recall, How deserted beach, peaceful public spaces, easy left turn anywhere anytime Nature has lesson hesitant live disturbed environment. As 2022 drew close Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation completed shorebird surveys discovered they returning beaches most devasted record numbers--even higher pre-hurricane years. latest count saw number birds October end more double--from under 2,000 representing species 4,734 individuals 27 unexpected Iceland gull, nests Arctic Canada. teaching twofold. First, gather happen be. wisdom historic cultures affirms good alone. homo sapiens social creatures--evolved relate, interact, share, hang out--in short, empathize bad. powerful pen Leo Tolstoy summed pain, alive. peoples human being. T-shirt displaying sentence captured importance mutuality less bright Good let stupid Second, groups around. Maya Angelous poetic insight top column warns dangers labeling ourselves others group identity act exclusion instead inclusion. needs lost found... together Ran Niehoff grateful found around 1991. WISDOM MANY HISTORIC CULTURES AFFIRMS THAT IT IS NOT GOOD PEOPLE TO LIVE ALONE. 11 ANN MARIE OPHELAN TEACH YOUR STAY CYBER SAFE Dont wait teach cyber habits online phenomenal rate. By measures, worldwide Internet usage increased 1,355 percent 2000 2023, according figures collected independent website BroadbandSearch.net. Although rapid technological change offers improvements, there notable drawbacks, including leave children vulnerable. become connected online, hackers cybercriminals engaged nearly round-the-clock effort find vulnerabilities networks, says Sean McCloskey, regional chief cybersecurity region federal Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency. cyberattack roughly seconds, 1.8 billion websites leads malware. Thats important ever parents speak their staying safe online. While adults head shop conduct homework, gaming, media interconnected ever. heavier presence, however, creates opportunity exploitation hackers, cyberbullies, criminals. likely information stolen adult, Agency, U.S. Department Homeland Security, recommendations Use multifactor authentication. Whether email accounts, using authentication adds layer protection case password compromised makes difficult steal personal information. Always update software. Software developers lookout potential push out fixes soon can, updating software patch available. guesswork process enabling automatic updates whenever possible. unique passwords account. 10-15 characters mix upper lowercase letters, numbers, reuse over multiple accounts. Think click. Teach click links attachments emails look suspicious come source recognize. phishing email, common method gain access accounts upload malicious idea keep computers open areas within home. unaware steps needed take if victim, explains McCloskey. kids involved childrens activities. Help them school tasks join game. allows help monitor activities, home specific rules regarding spend such setting limit hours day. learn child victim cybercrime bullying, contact appropriate authorities, include law enforcement officials, states OPhelan resident regular contributor 13 And pack punch raditional cleaning products cause issues skin rashes, headaches, respiratory These effects detrimental pet because small stature. Plus, cleaners harmful environment, contain ingredients poisonous, hazardous, nonbiodegradable, nonrenewable resources petroleum. Nontoxic safer choices effective For example, baking soda, known sodium bicarbonate distilled vinegar used various scrubbing tub, shower stall, toilet, sink. greener clean effectively easier wallet. Vinegar spray, sodas natural grit Baking soda into paste then sprayed vinegar. combination foams removes oven grease residue bottoms pots pans. two tandem unclog drains. First pour pot boiling drain, followed one-half cup fresh soda. Let sit 3-5 minutes. Then mixture hot drain. Wait 5-10 minutes another clear clog. excellent choice windows, certain appliances, surfaces. Simply combine equal parts spray bottle. Other options lemon juice, eucalyptus oil light scent, tea tree antibacterial properties. Remember test first, any product. prefer purchase products, Choice label, certified Environmental Protection EPA scientists review chemical Choice-certified ensure theyre safest means choose confident minimize chemicals indoor air quality linked serious problems cancer, Jennie Romer, EPAs deputy assistant administrator pollution prevention. must sustainable packaging concentrated formulas reduce plastic packaging. Finally, comparable earn sacrifice safety, Romer. prevention, Janet McCabe, promoting To dispose less-green household waste County, items countys Topaz Court Solid Waste Facility Fort Myers. MORE INFO Arm Hammer helpful tips armandhammer.comenarticlesbaking-sodacleaning-hacks CHEMICAL SAFETY POLLUTION PREVENTION identifying green epa.govgreenerproductsidentifying-greenercleaning-products electronics recycling 6441 Myers 8am 5pm Monday - Friday noon Saturday month schedule subject holiday weekends 239-533-8000 leegov.comsolidwastefacilitiestopaz diy M Keeping Elvin Mendez, MD, allergist immunologist Health, advises susceptible homes clean. ore Americans 15 indoors, allergy immunology specialist Health. Furthermore, National Academy Sciences, 93 indoors. Therefore, workspace significant concern. lurking inside start, mold spores, dander, dust mites. Mold spores typically problem unless overgrowth damp wet allergic irritant airways. trigger asthma symptoms persons, Mendez. Furry animals allergies, cats, dogs. allergens comes primarily shed cells present hairfur, saliva, urine, Cat carried owners clothing, animal dander having homes. breeds cats dogs produce allergens, clinical data substantiate existence hypoallergenic pets, youre affected mites sure you. Most detectable levels mite allergen bed, Library Medicine. Dust feed organic materials, scales, tend congregate pillows, mattresses, upholstered furniture, carpeting. 84 homes, concerns cockroaches types mold. includes American German penicillium, cladosporium, helminthosporium. airborne fan construction remodeling, Jose Arias Jr., national spokesperson Lung Association, partner Allergy Asthma Specialists, P.A., central Florida, associate professor University Central College LEE HEALTH Agency points issues, asbestos, carbon monoxide, lead, pesticides, radon, second-hand smoke, biological pollutants, cookstoves, formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter, volatile compounds VOCs, woodsmoke. VOCs produced variety concentrations indoors outdoors. Sources paints, aerosol sprays, fresheners, disinfectants, building materials furnishings, stored garage shed, disposed properly longer needed. pollutants affect sites eyes nose, triggering itchy, watery eyes, itchy congestion, sneezing andor runny cough present, triggered posterior nasal mucous drainage. However, individuals, twitching airways lungs, inducing cough, wheezing sensation shortness breath. severe cases, flare hives swelling, adds. Symptom sever- 17 AC filters least monthly, ity vary depend area allergen. lung asthma, trigger. patient history allergies too causing breath, chest tightness pressure chest, whistling sound either breathing out, Arias, medications prescribed control inflammation lungs. Exposure rhinitis conjunctivitis. require antihistamines nose Arias. Since similar presentation, allergists nonallergic triggers true standpoint, house mites, cockroaches, spores. allergy-like particles chemicals, scents, outdoor mitigate induce sensitized person. avoidance step. Anyone fur avoid obtaining furry pet. home, kept outside bedroom, Additional measures removing carpeting frequent vacuuming vacuum high-efficiency absorbing HEPA filter. reduced maintaining relative humidity 30-50 percent, pillow mattress encasings create barrier. thrive high humidity, adding dehumidifiers running conditioners help. units maintained cleaned vital reducing bacteria growth. Humidity below excessive dryness worsen eczema notes Children nosebleeds sore throats, overnight, vapor dries throat. recommends humidifiers case, maintain machines. Portable air-conditioning increase quality, provided suit size room, Room affects delivery rate CADR minimum efficiency reporting value MERV. considered purchasing conditioner filters, recommend inspecting filter regularly, Those suffer inspect possibly replace often, three weeks. concerning pollutants. Healthier healthier lives. Association lung.orgclean-air epa.govindoor-air-quality-iaqindoor-pollutants-andsources 18 AMERICAN LUNG ASSOCIATION making waves finds offering wellness programs 14,000 employees. R PHOTOS happier workplaces officer. recognize holistic nature well-being structures place support that. best one, employee assistance program EAP provides employees referrals behavioral healthcare, on-site support, education, training. covers gamut needs, Michael Wukitsch, Healths health, relationships, financial career Wukitsch. Resiliency Education Support Team REST. managed spiritual services system. aid where esearch shows life lower risk disease, injury, illness. perform workplace. Based this, employers looking ways report sponsored Labor Human companies 50 offered corporate benefit. With programs, medical expenses absenteeism shown fall amounts, boost productivity, stress, engagement communication, morale loyalty. employees, local organization promotes staff. Caring members seriously care members, certainly provide patients, Governments 2,600 enhance well-being. 20 COUNTY GOVERNMENT real challenges staff care. debrief concerns, five free appointments, applications, Covid-19 pandemic Ian, critical-care Employees membership discounts Our continues Babcock Ranch WellWay centers. supports goal Countys premium insurance plan reduction employer choice, county manager Roger Desjarlais. rates visit primary physician December Government received visit, labs tests. healthaward efforts company Aetna. plans chronic disease management benefits. gold-level Making Difference Workplace Well-being Award Staying healthy gives recognized sucand full selves, lives, health--all components person, commitment providing assist creating lifestyles. Examples programming yoga classes, fitnesswellness challenges, nutritional demonstrations, mindfulness classes. Educational webinars available partnerships Tobacco Free Lee, Heart Association. Physical supported zero co-pays CVS Minute Clinics, annual exams, extremely low spousedependent monthly premiums 160 deductibles in-netchallenges, productivity. cessfully creates, provides, workplace programming, tools, journey. gold level awards highest honor. second consecutive nationally 2021, bronze-level Inspiring Change award. supporting outstanding, Commissioner Cecil Pendergrass. embraced expanding programming. starting recruitment. Studies approximately 9 consider packages evaluating employer. retain 67 organizations likelier jobs others. cost replacing individual range salary, investing win-win 21 goes far adult butterflies sip nectar plants. summer shady sections trail benches resting. Visitors might spot rabbits, squirrels, birds, reptiles, snakes anoles. Flowering plants An eagle overlooks Bay Preserve firebush, gaillardia, State Park. tropical sage. Theres fishing pier Orange River, brackish water, anglers freshwater saltwater species. park paddle-craft launch, kayak, canoe, paddleboard river. Kayak rentals onsite vendor, Manatee Kayaking Company 239-913-9993. Parking per hour 5 pets allowed park. Park scenic trails Scrub point totaling miles, Great Birding Trail. hike pine flatwoods tidal salt flats lead Alexandra Kuchta Protection. Senior recreation Honey Phillips conducts guided tour Corals Rotary trails. TOP FLORIDA STATE PARKS. BOTTOM CAPE CORAL PARKS RECREATION youve got spare, theres fill short nature. following suggestions mile away hustle-bustle. referred beautiful popular birding, study wildlife viewing. system three-quarters connection paved pathway additional half mile, senior Phillips. beat heat earlier later Midsummer, native butterfly species, wildflowers, wading ponds. chance spotting elusive mangrove cuckoo areas, tower panoramic view property. Glover Bight Trail, Park, separate parking entrance Rose Garden Road. 0.6-mile forest boardwalk year-round, free. east half-mile looped walkway next River. manatee sightings winter delights well. At north walk garden, landscaped complete cycle, Laura Carr, Each lays eggs host plant caterpillar eat. contrast, After hiking halfmile serene paddle peacock butterfly, ring-necked snake, wild rabbit scrubland shorter hikes, 0.8-mile Gopher Tortoise Loop 1.6-mile Wildlife spotted raccoons, opossums, bald eagles, red-shouldered hawks, osprey. During rainy season, portions submerged impassable, July August recommended. remote picnic pavilion restroom. northern preserve accessible Winkler Point entrance. Shorter hikes 1.5-mile Yellow Trail 1.1-mile coastal marshes maritime hammocks. Two observation decks near viewing spots waterfowl, wildlife. ADA-accessible, restrooms. Leashed welcome. bag after IF YOU GO 4940 Broadway West, 17981 Road, 239-992-0311 floridastateparks.orgparks-and-trails estero-bay-preserve-state-park 10901 Palm Blvd. Road 80, 239-690-5030 leegov.comparksparksmanateepark 5505 239-549-4606 capecoral.govdepartmentparks_and_ recreationhomerotary_park_environmental_center index.php 23 Where Floridians gradually recover bounce September, focus goals lifestyle changes. According Centers Disease Control Prevention, increasing activity improve brain manage weight, strengthen bones muscles, ability everyday tasks, lengthen moderate amount exercise, reap One turning YMCA, locations Springs, umbrella YMCA meet goals, classes Zumba, aerobics, yoga, body combat, spin, more, Angel Cerritos, executive director Springs YMCA. Y training, enhanced fitness Rock Steady Boxing, designed combat Parkinsons disease. Also teens, lifeguard training certification, gymnastics, tumbling dance, pickleball, sports leagues, list on. whole family, cardio strength equipment, pool, pickleball courts, offerings pool aerobics swim lessons, lighted courts. activities community active, socialize, Cerritos. Socializing health. Mayo Clinic, staves feelings loneliness, BOTH PAGES WELLWAY sharpen memory cognitive skills, increases happiness well-being, longer. welcome explore amenities seven-day trial. Both camp afterschool enrichment programs. childhood education ages 6 weeks old. Another new entrant WellWay, full-service club Coral, Ranch, Clermont. Last February purchased Healthy Life co-branded locations. wide amenities, services, professionals achieve goals. committed community, Tracy Siekmann, Coral. Through personalized, data-driven paired expert guidance, enable reach located adjacent Hospital, comprehensive traditional entire locker rooms, massage therapy, childcare. New TAKE DIP Outdoor swimming obvious cool off, socialize climate. Swimming fourth sport U.S., Prevention. heart diabetes, arthritis, mobility, enjoyment pools times, County. CountyFGCU Aquatics 10501 FGCU S, 239-590-7700 fgcu.edustudentlifecampusrec aquatics North Community Pool 5170 Grove Blvd., 239-652-4520 leegov.comparkspoolsnfmpool Aquatic Sam Fleishman Regional Sports Complex 1750 Matthew Drive, 239-321-7553 cityftmyers.comaquatics Pine Island 5675 Sesame Bokeelia 239-283-2220 leegov.comparkspoolspineislandpool San Carlos 8208 239-267-6002 leegov.comparkspoolssancarlospool 25 Springs. 609 SE 13th Court, 239-360-7492 wellway.comlocations cape-coral-florida 26 assessments, nutrition coaching, innovative movement lab testing. More planned coming year. six-lane options. complimentary healthcare benchmark current state personalized guidance wellness--in key areas--is wellway.com. cant gym great enjoying year-round climate running, walking, hiking, biking, joining team, gardening yard work. gyms Lakes Myers, Joe Stonis Saratoga Lake Del Prado Linear Hospitals 1.7-mile Pathway Discovery 636 27200 Kent 239-221-7560 ymcaswfl.orglocation-bonita 1360 Royal Square Blvd, 239-275-9622 ymcaswfl.orglocation-fort-myers 42880 Crescent Loop, Suite 100, 239- 396-7430 babcock-ranch-florida volunteers throughout Global Service Day Lovers Key HABITAT HUMANITY HENDRY COUNTIES KEEP BEAUTIFUL rom picking trash, build sorting donations, volunteering camps, service learn, experience, back. Several nonprofits teens pitch in. Habitat Humanity Hendry Counties plenty opportunities older. ReStore volunteers. merchandising collecting donations assisting customers--many done, Cece Schepp, communications. proceeds go right Habitats mission affordable So, donate time, gently ReStore, contributing housing Teens 14-15 old volunteer signed waiver parentguardian accompanied Older construction. year, counties. rely offset cost. Volunteers labor build, Schepp. Opportunities working wall-building warehouse interior exterior walls built. assembly-line process, seven General option. sign raising installing flooring baseboards, painting walls. 16-17 old, participate site permitted operate power tools. previous on-thejob Every Families hand differAmerican Cleanup, nationwide event ence, Keep Beautiful organizes locally. constructing register, habitat4humanity.orgvolunteer. Groups coordinator Jordin Forgays, 239-652-1684 JordinFhabitat4humanity.org. option Beautiful. cornerstone program, Tisha Bayne. Educating youth land stewards remain future. decade partnered hold April. day, 100 people, 12-18, descend environmental learning. instrumental invasive exotics natives--and it, postponed 5th cleanup. participating International Coastal Cleanup September countywide cleanup log trash litter worlds database Ocean Conservancy. educated 1,302 4,084 volunteers, organized 233 projects. result, 78,951 pounds removed, 800 sea oats planted. Parks Recreation calls Volunteen Program 10th grade practical field. Their role elementary students. Typical games, arts crafts, general supervision youth, preparing spaces Cahill. Volunteens alongside full-time seasonal staff, week required. Veterans Lehigh Acres, Center, Olga Boca Grande Karl Drews Hours location, positions June July. information, volunteerservicesleegov.com. 239-652-0434 habitat4humanity.org 239-334-3488 klcb.org 239-533-7275 leegov.com parksparks 29 BETH LUBERECKI S Stylists share hair-care temperature rises hair want, she says. highlighted, protein rich shampoo color-treated color-protecting shampoo. But smooth shiny, moisturizing smoothing conditioner. Proper technique important. noticed correctly, Lucy Planck, stylist Sharon Dorram Color Sally Hershberger Salon York. shampooing hair, lather hands, start scalp fingertips. Shampoo head, rinsing applying ends only. ummer hot, humid weather lots pool. sun tresses extra TLC months. Start locks frequently invest clarifying healthiest grow Alli Canterbury, owner Canterbury Co. Coast Town sweating lot, clarify hair. thats focused scalp, agrees Hart, co-owner Adrian, Center. twice, wash cleanses purifies detoxes perfect environment thrive, type. choosing type, Hart rule thumb Choose SALON ADRIAN Protecting suns rays accomplish Leave-In Perfector Spray Cezanne, Joicos Defy Damage Protective Shield, Hairdressers Invisible Oil UV Dry Finishing Bumble Bumble. Using product sunscreen Canterbury. salon damage, Hart. color long, brassiness. heading apply leave-in protective go. hat scarf shield damage. rinse chlorine possible done swimming. dry Eden Straub, Halcyon Spa likes Deep Cleansing milk_shake getting Youve definitely chlorine, braid ponytail neck sticky out. style Adrian purify scalp. among healthy. same causes breakage tie is, Straub. Air drying move summer. drying, Shu Uemura oil, Planck. blow dryer styling tool frequently, mask once week. Usually Sunday treatment, putting letting ten minutes, clip everything else--shave legs, face not--then mask. Coconut show ingredient masks against raw coconut soluble barrier does opposite wanting moisture Raw Nokomis, Floridabased freelance writer whos Learn her bethluberecki.com. 31 WILLIAM COX coasts forecrown. breeding plumage, cap forehead. Young irregular bars brownish brownish-black bill pale yellow tip crown crest black. shallow scrapes sand-shell mixes bare sand isolated beaches, flats, sandbars, dredged-material islands, estuarine islands. Unfortunately, undisturbed marine suitable tern nesting becoming rarer habitats recreational development. 3-4 older, sandwich May August. pairs selecting territory. prelaying period lasts days. Breeding displays upward-spiraling flights chattering laying period. lay Sterna sandvicensis crested statewide. abundant coast. habitat estuaries, mud bays, inland mine impoundments. associated larger royal tern. together, mixed colonies. medium-size weighs ounces inches 34-inch wing spread. male slightly female, sexes plumage. gray upperparts, crests, thin bills tips, underparts, feet legs. Like terns, slender deeply forked tail, pointed wings. nonbreeding plumage forehead above searching prey Barefoot plunge feeding invertebrates. Left pair loafing Beach. scrape. yellowish blackish brown spots. produces brood incubate 24-25 semiprecocial mobile, nest, fed fledge 30-35 hatching. fledglings colonies creche fledglings. own chicks four continue until hunt. forages compact near-surface invertebrates mostly plunge-diving surface water. skims food. generally foraging large prey. exhibit commensal behavior feeds injured bottlenose dolphins. Prey Atlantic croaker, menhaden, silverside, killifish, anchovy, shrimp. different factors reproductive failure, death High tides storms young. Fuel toxic eggs. ground, predation crows, gulls, rats, otters, coyotes, foxes, avian predators, sometimes desert colony season heavy predation. tern, protected Code Migratory Bird Treaty Act. regulations prohibit pursuit, capture, killing terns. Available greatly reduced, existing benefit limiting disturbance encroachment nests. Scientists buffers 175 meters posting closure prior activity. Barren substrates dredge-material islands encourage nesting. Cox professional photographer ecologist 35 Visit williamrcoxphotography.com. 33 ANDREA STETSON Environmentalist Ellen Peterson specified property pristine. piece paradise delight decades environmentalist dream preserving forever. recent changed bought five-acre 1972 35,000. activist. chair branch Sierra Club president Save Creeks, successfully fought agribusiness Lykes Brothers Fisheating Creek public. worked Buddies trying watershed, served advisory committees Responsible Growth Management Coalition, Everglades Committee, Confederation Environmentalists legacy lives Petersons nearby buildings studios. ALL Her pristine straddles sides Cypress trees knobby knees river forming canopy. Bamboo, oak, sabal palm thicket greenery glimpse looked pioneers arrived. built pedestrian swing bridge 2010, age 86, founded Happehatchee property--happe meaning hatchee center became sanctuary center. drum circles, meditation, vegetable gardening. died 2011 natural. continued events. donated city stipulation state. 2020 Village Council hired daycare, site. priority list. hoped educating harder protect Carolina grew Georgia. bachelors degree chemistry Georgia 1945 masters counseling 1963 Appalachia State. enhances village acres, huge tract land. purchased, Mayor Katy Errington. marvelous gift. wonderful someday survey wanted. solutions river, takes planning. Hopefully someday. Someday, hope park, Estero-on-the-river palms populating property, wilderness community. children, families nature, location explore. Besides holding camps Family Fun Days walks, food, experiences. plants, Cerritos Will Gunther, director, run Happehatchee. special, wilderness. serve 36 Brad Cornell, policy Audubon Western excited educate surrounding rivers Bay, important, Cornell explains. understand tributaries work, watershed Bay. watershed. habitat. roads habitats. tributaries. Stetson writing magazines newspapers 1995. Naples. 8791 Corkscrew 239-992-5455 facebook.com happehatchee 37 GINA BIRCH CANGSHAN CARVING SET carving essential grilling. Cangshan L Series minimalistic modern performance. Made steel, hollow-edge blade juices flow tearing shredding meat slicing. Starting 69.99 twopiece cangshancutlery.com PORTABLE PIZZA OVEN typical grilling game portable, backyard pizza oven. Pizzeria Pronto powered propane, road. preheats internal stainless-steel reflector plate cooks toppings fast crust. 199 Walmart STOVETOP SMOKER room smoker thing. Kettle Smoker works recipes authentic wood-smoked flavor. hour. Best 65 nordicware.comproductscategoriessmokers HOLD CORN functional, Charcoal Companion dog-shaped corn holders grip, hands addition, kitchen accessory conversation cooking 8.99 Amazon MASALAS SPICES Bring spice sustainably sourced collection Floyd Cardoz Masalas. Indian spices flavors farms farmer cooperatives grilling, enhancing cuisine. Set 66.99, 11.99 burlapandbarrel.com PANCAKES Patterns Pancake Pan creative designs, geometric prints striking swirls, ante breakfast table, weekend brunch breakfast. cast aluminum pan nonstick coating batch cooking, nordicware.comproductspatterns-pancake-pan ECO-FRIENDLY SKATEBOARDS Skateboarding fashion, brand dual purpose. Not performance, planet. recycled nets, Lander skateboards models Rodeo cruiser Rio compact. 145 lander.la COLORFUL COVERUPS Slip colorful coverup pants Jantzen bathing travel. breathable material, drawstring waist side leg slit flare. transition shopping. 95 jantzen.com INSPIRED FRIDA KAHLO Decorative luxurious, candles Baobab Frida Draozy collection, inspired Mexican artist Kahlo. beautifully embroidered repurposed, scents Orchid-Salt Flower-Ylang Ylang, Mint-Vetiver-Ylang Salt Flower-Amber-Vetiver. 150 us.baobabcollection.comcollectionsfrida-draozy BYE-BYE DOG BREATH snuggling pup hate dog Yummy Combs odors, teeth cleaning, gut honeycomb shape treats removal tartar plaque. loaded nutrients joints, skin, coat, digestion. 20.99 petsbestlife.com PetSmart 39 Chil KLAUDIA BALOGH surprising mind KRISTIN WEITZEL ill 41 closed, sank soul moment. calm, subtle, hardly noticeable. sleep. wasnt. sitting 45-degree Fahrenheit bath neck, shivering, hyperactive breathing, panic. peaceful, content. opened genuine smile face, slowly stood stepped near-freezing arms, torso exhibited slight red tone. Instead reaching towel warm started move. Squat down, arms side, calm controlled breathing. Seeing endure cold inspiring scary, easy. Shes founder Texas-based Sherpa Breath Cold, wasnt time. studies teaches practice world. turn. exercises, which, nervous prepare shock expect. never drink temperature. was, ice. told decide toe quickly pull breath exhaled, leg, confidently sat cover shoulders. crossed sustain heat, touch signals safety mind. instantly felt goosebumps body, toe. biggest surprise, slipping panic mode, slowing began pass by. minute, four. deep earlier. 42 hard over. Id bath. rewards came shortly joyful mood, lack hunger, physically leaner. coincidence. intentional exposure, several psychological processes body. profound combining breathwork stress adaptation, Were playing mind-blowingly simple easy, beauty Getting evokes physiological response called parasympathetic rebound better, boosts neurochemistry sleep night, social. activation responsible recovery, healing. always-running schedules sleep, all, accumulated Additionally, says, oxytocin response. Oxytocin bonding hormone, so-called chemical. Youll trust, security stepping you, else resilience. Researchers short-term--between minutes--of exposure activates fat fat, burn calories, improves metabolism, management, insulin sensitivity. icy off-putting suggests shower. short-term benefits, long-term longevity cellular standpoint exist immersion. refreshing summer, warm-weather trend. People lake, ocean, bath, anticipation worse itself. Once through, shift too. Balogh Cold instructors workshops private sessions country. sherpabreathandcold.com 43 Strain, Sprain... Worse Recover rehab KARA HADO therapy Roulston Therapy world-class H ave yourself rounds golf, sets aches pains joints muscles enjoyable social, healthy, strain conditioning stretching regularly--or suffered injury. athletes enthusiasts alike prevent future injuries. Within Retirement Communitys inpatient outpatient rehabilitative therapists, assistants, rehabilitation technicians individualized approach care, Christy Skinner, vice healthcare. successful functional outcomes maximize return love. SHELL POINT 45 aquatic heated ideal 92 degrees. treatment plan, surgery injuries elbow, rotator cuff tears, knee pain. overall performance addressing muscle imbalances, improving flexibility, strengthening weaknesses. Former Jerry Miller active ago. fractured wrist subsequent Millers doctor therapy. My therapist excellent, Miller. asked were. said wanted play again visited customized wrist-strengthening program. originally expected four-month timeframe triumphant courts open-space concept floor-to-ceiling windows. contains equipment circular camaraderie motivation engage process. 46 Conveniently Lindys Caf serves beverages, sandwiches, namesake signature cookie. Heated comfortable degrees, underwater treadmills lift, unable stairs therapeutic space rooms occupational suite. Complementing centers sports- activity-related specialized programs--including orthopedics, cardiopulmonary vestibular stroke dysphagia, speech pain vision. Cutting-edge encourages results. pleased service, amazing quickly, gone anything perfect, Hado marketing Myers-based Community. welcoming, engaging. 47 Culture Compassion SalusCare celebrates K ATHY MONTGOMERY Believing long-standing agencies--Southwest Health--merged 2013 later, named Latin root salus pronounced sail-us, prosperity, reflect focus, forward Today employs 300 16,000 psychiatry residential residences, emergencycrisis detox, community-based SALUSCARE Top Elizabeth center, scissors husband Don dedication Bryce Burke 2017. refurbish three-bedroom SalusCares living recovering addicts. administration presents United allocation committee. Grant funding holidays Meals Hope Civic 49 Crisis Stabilization Unit, urgent crises treated, express emotions continuum Stacey Cook, CEO 2016. win truly connected. merger awareness addiction related. rounded cross helped Michelle Sutherland, outsourced operations 2020. Everyone holistically, grow. Combining staffing, changes regulations, demand services. Leadership formed resulted female team. deep-level thinking future, Cook LEADERSHIP CHANGES AT SINCE WAS FORMED HAVE RESULTED PRIMARILY FEMALE TEAM. Women emote compassion empathy deeply, healing, women minimizing authority. promoted culture transparency, picture, decision-making. tanks created address problems, drawing brainstorm solutions. decisions top, disconnected invested, collective organizationally. mental, behavioral, rise expects triple artwork signs Unit kid friendly. Strategic planning currently underway envisioning footprint embracing technology. technology telehealth, expand reach, texting appointments added. Going decade, wants agile forefront promising treatments, transcranial magnetic stimulation, noninvasive uses pulses stimulate nerve major depression. medicine not, seclusion restraint. techniques highly traumatizing Sutherland emotions. talking decreases satisfaction. Montgomery interesting region. 3763 Evans Avenue, 239-275-3222 saluscareflorida.org 51 EMILY BENSON journey postpartum depression Dosoretz below, licensed worker mother three, establish Elite DNABehavioral sons, Dylan, Noah Asher. emphasizes hile boosting diet, exercising overlooked yet enjoy. abundance research touts hobbies fact, Society Behavioral Medicine engaging leisure hormone cortisol rates. developing skills re-engaging former passion relax negative emo- W Hobbies connection, purpose tions, de-stress, anxiety, ease Dosoretz, DNA perspective desirable focus. Specializing strengths seek change, inspires Losing interest enjoyed indication declining isolation emptiness, Exploring much-needed ELITE BEHAVIORAL stressful finding energy seem impossible. faced obstacles depression, experienced firsthand challenge prioritizing self-care joy critical commonly neglected gets busy complicated, discover pursuing purposeful fit personality passions stick Boost drawing, painting, listening music, instrument, journaling, cooking. Get Challenge intellectually language strategic games chess. Focus charitable involvement individually, book club, forum connect interests. sometimes, consideration whatever hobby choose, like-minded elements necessary magically cure disorder exactly. seeking further recommendations, resources, promote term. toolbelt, approaches wellrounded strategy, advises. Benson Floridian enjoys call outlet brings joy. 53 section COURTNEY WHITT Healthcare Networks Outreach shares gifts Coping disaster-related HEALTHCARE NETWORK nyone lived spring knows drill. Put emergency preparedness kit, policies, evacuation zone. peaks October, stress. traumatic dealing impacts, trauma many, losing businesses, belongings, ones, safety. Right storm, despondent dispirited. symptom severity conditions, unhealthy behaviors cope, substances. wave impacts delayed addressed storm Anxiety, worry, trouble sleeping, storm. result post-traumatic PTSD. smells, sounds, sensations renew occurred before, during, Ian. persist month, flashbacks, nightmares, reactions triggers, fearful easily frightened, insomnia, feeling numbness difficulty lasting, doctor. resilience coping lessen season. wrong feel, cope Here Plan prepared. some, empowered anxiety. Try convert actions beyond control. Recognize accept sadness, numbness, anger, fear, confusion. OK Practice mindfulness. Deep, diminish anxiety numerous Meditation, scanning, imagery, people. Talk family. peers, neighbors, prepare, endure, restore, fears feelings. credible sources determine risk. Limit reports destruction. Stay proper rest. thoughts, emotions, children. Restrict constant realistic assurances plans. Encourage talk try routines Remain hopeful. Draw challenges. overwhelmed Substance Abuse Administration 247 Disaster Distress Helpline crisis counselors anyone manmade disaster. English Spanish speakers text helpline 1-800-985-5990 disasterdistress.samhsa.gov. Seeking mean lies perspectives strategies wellness. Whitt, Ph.D., Network, routine Psychology Nichols Naples, adolescents, adults, seniors referral. Corporate Headquarters 1454 Madison Avenue Immokalee 239-658-3000 healthcareswfl.org 12655 Collier Naples 239-675-7086 healthcareswfl.orgfind-a-location 55 NOELANI MATHEWS Located Pharmacy pharmaceutical height approaches, forget-- happens medicines crucial prep late. Pharmacy, Bridge weathered 40-plus Manager pharmacist Justin Ceravolo remembers aftershock Navigating debris commute reopen pharmacy power, cell knew recalls. Immediately reopening pharmacy, receiving visits needing couldnt pharmacy. reopening, influx supplies big-box pharmacies remained closed operating limited hours. complications. managing conditions diabetes dis- Is ready Pharmacist tells disaster hits. ease, medication threatening. securing medications. order werent expecting directly hit area, now, stayed patients. CYPRESS PHARMACY prescription Fill prescriptions provider 30-day supply advance refill, refilled prescription, warning, emergency, activated floridadisaster.org refill digital backup prescriptions, dosage, doctors evacuate safe, leave. Share someone path carry copies insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, proof residency reestablish receive Properly store medications, refrigeration. Insulin unstable extreme temperatures, waterproof bags coolers influenza vaccine obtain afterwards. Prepare stockpile over-the-counter hits, pre- post-storm scenarios Some recommended acetaminophen, Benadryl, ibuprofen, Miralax, Pepto Bismol, topical hydrocortisone Benadryl cream. measure, establishing network neighbors oversee planning, prepared Mathews writer, creator, storyteller raised Peach State, Sunshine particularly aftermath. 9541 239-481-7322 cypresspharmacy.com. Locally owned operated pre-storm preparations pharmacists Olivia Simmons, dedicated customer. 57 ANNA SHUSTER arrives, neglect DO RECOGNIZE SIGNS Regardless forecast threat posed frightening unavoidable memories disasters, hurricane. main Overwhelming reliving intrusive memories, dreams. Emotional inability Disassociation disconnection PHYSICIANS PRIMARY CARE SOUTHWEST urricane disasters known, 113 152 deaths. destruction, hidden assess. hurricanes disorder, PTSD, manifests worry underway, identify symptoms, disasters. Avoidance behaviors, distraction trauma, situations Uncontrollable event, racing, profuse sweating. Difficulty recall forgetfulness related event. Feelings detachment. Being frightened. persons unique. Though else, ways. severe, HOW COPE HURRICANE caused support. immediately accessible, arise. emotional whether struggle not. Planning decrease Outline map route. refilling proofing mentally emotionally storms. Quite fright alter normal pattern, fear Concentrating significantly events occur. Carry object. Holding object grounds comforting flashback. favorite jewelry keepsake reminds present. Calm yourself. phrases safe. Find comfort cuddle curl blanket music film. arent disaster, develop simply watching intense coverage news. help, physician. DO, Physicians Primary Care offices ppcswfl.com 239-275-5522. 59 KATHY 654 couch unassisted, eating stuck gained weight. James blood both. control, heavy. thought happened. tired wife him, bathroom completing tasks. worried, dying house. Kintzer Jamess impacted resulting diabetes. diet medication. JIM IOANA KINTZER hen met husband, James, preference stronger, bigger men. lift shoulders sack, much. perfect. eventually legs stand up. 60, averaging between 200 pounds. weighed 400 tractor-trailer 2011, leaving immobile recovered. Kintzers life-- traveling, visiting volunteering, adjusting regimen required 164 His urologist neighbor bariatric surgeon, peak Moses Shieh, Surgical Healing Arts specializes surgical loss. weight-loss lose Shieh keeping exercise. bariatric, chances laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy April 2016, postsurgical dietary requirements, started, requires behavior, understanding long-lasting results, limits carbohydrates, avoids sugar, reads labels, sticks high-protein diet. Occasionally splurge burger dining eat bun. adjustments. tool, cheat. walks treadmill exercises gym, blocks neighborhood. move, noting appreciates all. church homeless residents, travels, plays grandchildren. drive car. Hes Before, bend weeds. Now everything. traveled single guy. medication, side. missing stuff. fly grandchildren plane, drive. travel lot. thanks saving sees him. adds, story wife, Ioana, post-surgery, 61 precautionary alleviate leash laws rabies vaccination requirements friends--keeping microchipped, neutered, spayed, Daniel Gage considerations Charley, 5-year-old mix. bowls, leashes, treats, toys, blanket, veterinary contacts, up-to-date shot records, meds, vets. carrier photo Charley handy, Gage. flooding tornados, place, shelter hotel pets. depending accepts restrict Presenting records shelters, handy immediate evacuation, Wierima, relations Humane Society. tuned announcements shelters located. httpswww.leegov.comanimalservices safetyhurricaneevacuation-pet-shelter. dog- cat-friendly bringing shelter, bedding, sturdy impact-resistant Domestic Animal low-cost spaying, neutering, microchipping cats. ANIMAL CONTROL COAST HUMANE SOCIETY carrier. Check details, preregistration requirements. housed quarters owners, puts expose vet vaccinations Shelters capacity nothing Wierima alternative locations--friends case. traveling pet, harness well-ventilated secure confident. accident, loose. ASPCA sit, lie carriers, hotels. pet-friendly stay, petwelcome.com bringfido.com. 63 necessary. Shelter clinic LOCAL PET Only estimated brought neutered Pedigree Foundation, spaying Among clinic. loving course Liz McCauley, shelter. microchip clinics. Preregistration colliercountyfl.govgovernmentpublic-servicesdivisions domestic-animal-servicesvaccination-information. adopted spayedneutered, vaccinated saved hundreds dollars about, Sandy OBrien, recently cat Crystals packed 64 LEFT RIGHT SHELTER Stormy microchipped. ID computer chip, grain rice. implanted shoulder blades. Unlike collar tag, cannot removed lost. scanned agencies veterinarians owner. Pets slip collars tags, Wierima. clinic, Control, hosts clinics appointment check date. fee, register out-ofstate lost, identified. ID. post notices Facebook. alert lookout. Visiting idea. Spaying neutering step protecting unplanned litters, contributes curtail mating, tendency roam Karen Fordiani Services. roams, vehicle, fight, greater confused nervous. 325 SW 2nd 239-573-2002 capecoralanimalshelter.com 7610 Davis 239-252-7387 collierpets.com 2010 Arcadia Street, 239-332-0364 gulfcoasthumanesociety.org SpayNeuter Clinic 239-332-1573 Veterinary 2685 Swamp Cabbage 239-332-2719 5600 Banner 239-533-7387 animalservices CAPT. BRIAN HOLAWAY 16501-B Stringfellow 239-283-5959 lazyflamingo.combokeelia Flamingo fun--especially boat. Sound exciting Dead Parrot Wings menu. peeled pink overlooking Four Winds Marina. 3, locals, doors 1998--the third Florida--with Eric Post helm. Posty patrons, whom original 3. values neighborly atmosphere characterized restaurants. rhythm wooden ship door enter restaurant. windows oval-shaped portholes diners ship. Almost seat looks Marina, boats in, charter captains slips, loading outer marina itself facility smiling Lazys menu well-known mild Buffalo nicely draft beer. hotter, Wings. amateurs. sweat profusely tear super-hot Neighborly restaurant oysters bar, watch shucked front Mesquite-grilled Grouper Platter Caesar salad, toasted garlic bread Baby Back Ribs favorite. Years showstopper Pot, consisting dozen clams combo steamed beer, spices, onions, celery. mood seafood, fries. Whatever flavors, atmosphere, maybe friend two. forget famous ring-toss game, behind hostess stand. lucky, showing refined ring toss. Three bet friends, times. Capt. Holaway Master Naturalist shelling ecotour guide boat charters Sound, Cayo Costa Key, Captiva. KEN BURGENER Lessons thousands nights spent hotels ILLUSTRATIONS DAVE DROTLEFF ey, Ken, buzzer So begins 4,500 hotels, Wawasee Indiana Cairo, Egypt, industry--some good. journey... key. night graduated school, moved hotel--not mad reason great-great grandfather minister buy Wawasee. there, lucky grandparents there. paid plus board surprised watchman, painter, cook, cleaner, boss do. official job. cousin pulled landed face. wearing diving mask, broke six-inch gash head. Head wounds bleed heavily decapitated. ran hotel, grabbed saw, nice one. covered wet, blood. desk fire department Syracuse, Indiana, population Turns 799 department, afternoon, everybody responded call. police cars, sent had. hundred cars blue lights responded. horrible show. ambulance stitches hero summers, happened girl stung bee, added 270 hotel. applied pictures. interview invited office talked Root Photographers photographers millions pictures picture Star Nahrwold hanging wall office, student photos. play, picture. Well, hire photographer. young, Midwest, Holiday Inns. cities worked. Big, find, and, importantly, cash checks morning, phone figure Any front-desk duty, gotten Inns mid-70s, breakfast, loyalty qualify stays. respect, Roots seasons, spending 360 John, sold sailboat Lauderdale sail Bahamas, lets Chicago winter, Caribbean. went. John Andros, visit. Field IFS, educational boats, buses, vans, airplanes, field station Andros. Somehow, also, sailboat. Dad sailing answer learner captains, divemasters, commercial drivers licenses. divisions 500 driving IFS bus Columbus, Ohio, Ft. Lauderdale, stopped Greyhound driver, money making-- Ken. before. Sailboats, stations, tents, 69 1,080 waiting. 1, guy Mexico. surrounded packed. glad crowds came. Sometimes partly tourists places, secret drives nice, hideaways. doubled interim, held accountable. write article, South Texas, turned heater dusty, burnt smell south to. remember smelled fairly guess meant Covid, wrapping plastic. Also, opting say. decline conserve energy. desk. reality, cents save sending maid room. 1996 half. Again, phones motels. chose accommodations walking declined smells. trip London. concerned walked Tube Kens Place. inexpensive. worried stay. Fiji all-inclusive resort. dive deal couple. smallest resort, nice. view, one-minute beach. break- Greyhound, address, bus. six-week course, driver paperwork assigned Beach, Miami, great. dispatcher explained charters. trips. reservations phone, desks. reservation perhaps India Philippines, guests. GPS. actually map. off. Bahamas boats. stations drivers. money. amounted 540 mid-80s girlfriend Before left, peso 1. 70 fast, waiter food drinks guest showed included. Indeed, pretty deal. international chain paying attack tourist foreign travelers. expensive Cairo overpaid. clothes dirtier Nile dipped stuff socks. trade 90 percent. museums ourselves. standing guard King Tut. guard, Tut, Santorini, Greece, December, off-season tourists. bar bartender patron drinking ask slid keys ya go, charge, heat. guys nights. tag printed credit-card-size key, opens electronically--unless doesnt. keys, drinks. consulting Lonely Planet guides. guides suggesting inevitably town, tried avoid. hostels, cheap beds hostel. hostels robbed. Besides, afford night. Upon tour, Fishing Hall Fame Museum kids--a fun position evolved equipment. great-looking truck fancy trailer gear inside. organization, Oh, caught fish. Dragonfly Expeditions Elderhostel Scholar, Dragonfly. road companies, bike tours Everglades, Keys, coast City, busboy drug wars raids chased agents. intimate knowledge area. 71 changing. no, sorry, phone. app forgot drop mailbox mailed skeleton Australias Outback. doesnt mysteriously erased. changes--good, bad, indifferent--I Complimentary great, granola though Points--collect Hotel clubs, Curved curtains guests larger. In-room microwaves, refrigerators, coffee machines standard. anymore. Nice flat-screen TVs, Ph.D. science watch. garages towels bed linens. Complicated controls on, Tiny bottles conditioner, which. Soap confused, toll-free business computer, computers, disappear. rest Maybe alternatives Airbnbs exchanges. meantime, lifetime total, creeping 5,000 accommodations--mostly best, Burgener traveler. captain Caribbean Audubon, Expeditions, AAA, Scholars. Carefree Birding. 72 DAVID 75 76 BE CONTINUED 77 Lines P Beware billionaires bearing manifesto, thriller, satire, Birnam Wood keeps faster bluntforce ending. Written acclaimed Eleanor Catton, winner prestigious Man Booker Prize bestseller, Luminaries, released worth 423 title, Wood, derived phrase Macbeth, name renegade Zealand crops undetected. struggling financially billionaire lands midst literally, plane smells opportunity. divergent leverage benefit, however. motives unknown, hes dangling wad Woods tempted. blinded suddenly disposal, would-be benefactor. question abandoned farm fictional Korowai Pass, Zealands cut landslide. descends starts propagating surreptitiously. conducting illegal pretending knighted Zealander ensnared web. Meanwhile, member collective, reporter himself, investigating uncovers mining operation destroying determined costs, Catton speeds pace dropping pertinent commentary satisfying drop-dead ending RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 Parkway ronandsons.com Sales Installation Alarm Systems AudioVideo Home Theaters Radio Intercom System Vac Much 239.939.0077 Serving Of accentbp.com ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS CopierPrinterScanners Printer Supplies Print Cost Recovery 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel claudiospestmanagement.com CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Name Know Trust Termite Treatment Pest Across 1 mammal Flower grouping Feel sorry Items nautical table Sea ____ predator tentacles Fragrant purple flowers holder Soup container Got wine Guacamole essentials Sweet ringlets Stopped golden Picture Cleaned thoroughly Spoil Sign interstate Innovative Entree extras Down Yoga Give ___ ahead Florentine Generation Quilting party Recesses 7 Tints Card Movie boy Relish Periods Idea self Breaking egg Rogers state, abbr. pinot, Woeful Boat Patch Insult, slangily PUZZLE O N E Hidden Word --Ran DANIELA JAEGER COVER bigger, stronger SalusCare. Compassion, 48. Cover courtesy MAIN TAKING MENTAL CHALLENGE ARTS FASHION VOLUME YEARS VOL. NO. 4.95 SURPRISING BENEFITS ICY WATER READINESS ARE EMOTIONALLY PREPARED Published Display

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