features 52 EXPANDING OUTDOORS More and more, outdoor spaces are becoming extensions of indoor spaces. Patios, terraces, pool decks, gardens provide places for gatherings, areas families to unite, quiet spots find peace. 58 STEM CELL THERAPY IN PANAMA While it is possible get stem cell injections in the United States, they can come only from your own fat cells or bone marrow. You must travel outside U.S. umbilical-cord cells, which thought be more versatile effective. 2 TOTI.COM JANUARYFEBRUARY 2023 SPECIAL SECTION SPORT 66 On a Mission Help Children 68 Time Tennis 72 The Game with Funny Name departments 10 8 PUBLISHERS LETTER ARTS Sparkling Sea Oats Sanibel 16 17 18 19 20 22 MAKING WAVES Banking on Community Compassion Job One Putting Neighbors First Sweet Relief Keeping Families Whole Popular Plants Gardens that Educate 26 ZEITGEIST 24 Lifting up Eagles Wings THE COMMUNITY Healthy Fun Sun 30 Shedding Light Power Restoration CULTURE 33 It Took Village PROFILE 36 A Goal Fulfilled OUT ABOUT 39 Cuba Daze 42 44 47 NATURE NOTEBOOK Adaptable Bobcat Finding Butterflies Keystone Coast GARDEN 50 Natures Resilience after Ian WHATS STORE 76 Whats Hot Southwest Florida BETWEEN LINES 78 Picturing Paradise 82 Adventure Alphabet Tree CHEERS 84 Flavored Whiskies CUISINE 86 Chicken Salad, Reimagined RECIPE 92 Cooking SWFL Coming MarchApril 95 SERVICES AND PROFESSIONALS CROSSWORD 96 PARTING SHOT Whether its gulf, river, lake, being near water always magical. In our issue, well bring you all things water-related. 4 ers om ffer. t s cu cial o ue tBl spe e j 5 ift f g age 9 p See GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela J. Jaeger CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jason Jones CONTRIBUTING DESIGNER Heather Strudgeon PROOFREADER Dan Whicker SENIOR CONSULTING EDITOR Susan Holly TRAVEL Gina Birch BEAUTY Beth Luberecki OUTREACH MANAGER Brian Hatley DIGITAL CONTENT CONTRIBUTOR Stephanie ONLINE Francesca Block WRITERS Birch, Emily Benson, Carlson William R. Cox, Dave Drotleff, Erik Entwistle, Eric Feichthaler, Hamilton, Holaway, Luberecki, Noelani Mathews, Myles Mellor, Kathy Montgomery, Dr. Randall H. 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Times Islands, RSW LIVING, GULF MAIN, Bonita Estero Cape Coral Living ISSN 1521-1207 published six times year by TOTI Media, Inc., Sanibel, 33957. Subscription price 24.00 one-year domestic subscription. Copyright Inc. All rights reserved. No part this publication may reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily those Cheers New Priorities Lets live work, work 2023. feels good because now I actually have bit time my family, friends, myself. hope do same. fact, wish take yourself first, restore balance, stay strong so also help others live. priorities ow, Have already had second thoughts about moving forward some personal work-related priority set certainly have, makes me wonder what causes us doubt abilities then feel out balance. believe answer found within. ask if really managing correctly. These days, technology thats there, easily organize schedule tasks. Then, when truly need do, motivated trust every step take. committed, mind prioritize, like nothing stop getting done. There seems an inner power driving forward, providing energy reach goals. Being driven then, why suddenly balance fail accomplish prioritized blame other people off track. circumstances. But whos at fault Obviously, yourself, choose either course become distracted. When happens me, start working myself, taking deep look into soul make better. Sometimes, just better, Im able give 100 percent whatever unwittingly create out-of-balance environment end, will negative impact anything try accomplish. To prevent new year, Ive gone through calendar, analyzing reprioritizing appointments, determined W Group Publisher, Media PHOTO COURTESY OF MEDIA, INC. BY KATHY MONTGOMERY r S n i b l M timing motivation something special. ark Loren, jewelry designer Fort Myers nearly 40 years, has ideas his iconic around him. frequent runner along beach Loren says he been intrigued sea oats grow dunes. About years ago, tried devise way replicate details beautiful seed pods jewelry. felt could wanted, shelved idea. mold them, but didnt very well, says. wasnt detail right. few months while was running again, windblown clump drifted parking lot car. He put them trunk decided again using 3D, high-resolution scanner. worked, started develop Collection. PHOTOS ON BOTH PAGES MARK LOREN DESIGNS pieces Collection customized white gold diamonds, birthstones, gemstones. Opposite page 14-karat yellow ring collection combines pod shapes accented 16-carat lab-created diamonds. significance Floridas islands lost Loren. longlived, slow-growing, perennial grass important plant coastal community. 11 Then came hurricane Ian, decimating barrier islands. fast track development line storm related directly, long-lived, community, protected Department Environmental Protection vital role played shoreline stabilization, particularly Using oat support made sense They beautiful, nature protect best him recovery. As often uses benefit nonprofits, donating profit sales Sanibel-based Clinic Rehabilitation Wildlife CROW, teaching hospital visitor education center dedicated saving wildlife state-of-the-art veterinary care, research, education, conservation medicine. collec- 12 Mark Designs incorporates jewelers design team used minute pods. tion offers ongoing CROW writing one check, supported throughout wonderful example how much, Allison Charney Hussey, executive director CROW. shoreline. designers consistently holding up--with their designs, financial support, even bringing injured care We honored recipient proceeds, recovery Hurricane Another one-of-a-kind pendant created green-blue Peruvian opal. 13 Certified rehabbers Katie Mueller Breanna Frankel treat animals Frankels garage. staff works clean campus storm. CROWs Melanie Dittmer Morgan Hester Lee County Mosquito Control District helicopter Island supplies Ian. 14 SANIBEL ISLANDS CLINIC REHABILITATION WILDLIFE couldnt appropriate. Saying thank too small phrase express appreciation hit hard during move island. needs rebuild enclosures parts campus. Animal rehabilitation continues temporary location, clinics resident transferred partner until rebuilt. much offered storm, lane. meaningful help, Since animal-related, access funds organizations might. known creating custom jewelry, Collections pendants, earrings, rings gold, birthstones gems. addition, Lily Co. Jewelers space back studio store sort inventory feet building vault. Lilys island announced reopening location. were fortunate gallery, grateful we Montgomery than interesting who region. EMILY BENSON Bank Islands aids residents Causeway reopened, drove door deliver businesses beginning pick lives. traveled island, down almost street, Lowden recalls. encountered many customers homes listened incredible stories survival. handed pallet water--approximately 2,500 bottles--to survivors homes. Captiva Chamber Commerce launched SanCap Strong shirt fundraiser, Roepstorffs covered cost printing placed first order. Instead per shirt, bank pitched 1,000 each 15 shirts ordered staff, total donation 15,000 chamber serving businesses. branches open full services, operating office onsite mobile banking reconstruction underway. reopening, company day week giving back, handing coffee doughnuts, cookies, bottles, bagged ice, stocking stuffers, turkey lunches, hired licensed massage therapist seated massages islanders called home most lives run business within community 25 Geoff committed helping neighbors any can. Benson native Floridian enjoys call region home. Edison National BankBank presents challenging following Robbie Roepstorff CEO worked alongside source steadfast residents. longtime supporters inspired selfless ways risen together whole Robbie. For several weeks hurricane, vice president busy hard-hit Harlem Heights clear debris flooded trip journeyed boat customer salvage belongings remained her destroyed Once Avow helps patients storms aftermath SHANE ANTALICK caused outages evacuations 600 hospice palliative patients. Hours contacted employee volunteer sure safe, Roa Avows emergency plan. Most receive at-home needed as employees check safe. Staff walked flights stairs oxygen tanks batteries high-rise condos. ollowing Hospice lived mission peace compassionate everyone volunteers. believes deserve same exceptional expect patients, Jaysen Roa, 40-year-old nonprofit 400 That dedication provided uninterrupted checking leadership learned homes, cars, flooding. stressful time, certified nursing assistant Phil Justice, whose car Justice travels Collier basic such bathing, eating, grooming. dug fund 10,000 toward expenses automobile insurance deductibles. Because assistance, worry over vehicle, explains. Through donations, pop-up distribute essentials volunteers, meals delivered power, transportation, food. MORE INFO 1095 Whippoorwill Naples 239-261-4404 avowcares.org L R Kelly Colligan, Alex Suvorov, Schweikhardt, Tim Philbrick, helpers fill sandbags ready hurricane. Couple pauses real estate TOP AVOW HOSPICE BOTTOM CALL IT CLOSED INTERNATIONAL REALITY CARLSON Chad members need. Aprile Osborne, founders Call resources, couple Closed International Realty assist multiple Naples, took real-estate relocating damaged hats neighbor hats. Osbornes went knew pause affected communities agents use cases advice free skills resources charge. recover could, Beyond relief, Safe House Church Aprile. love number-one supplier gifts toys offer. here mothers children holso kind giving. Our family ministry iday season local womens shelter. Osborne understood great church largest diapers was, shifted focus putting Thanksgiving, first. collected distributed 60 families. Along cofounding Realty, lifelong lead pastors since 2000. Both long actively involved Church. service natural most, Led Osbornes, donations funds, including churches areas. This resulted seven U-Haul trucks water, food, storyteller focusing people, places, partnerships. blankets, cots, toiletries, Raised Garden State, she calls Sunshine State HOLLY HAMILTON Norman Love candy victims Florida, award-winning chocolatier making pastries chocolates responders healthcare providers overtime following. immediate, sweet wanted more. Following Confections sold 1,214 SWFLStrong Boxes candy, purchase going Better Together, Florida-based children. 25-piece specialty box includes seashell-shaped featuring five flavors Key lime pie, orange, mango, lemon, coconut, logo chocolate. result 36,074 Together assisting hardest entire overwhelming generous response chance devastation Love, founder Confections. So everything, literally hardest-hit distributing relief directly families, Love. join visit Heights, where witnessed boots-on-the-ground helped due right Togethers left Megan Rose, Isis LaRose Pam Hayford nonprofits efforts. bed toddler, food essential household supplies, coordinating dental appointment toddler. heartbreaking Florida. variety child safe children, need, connecting displaced job seekers employment opportunities. gift hundreds across everything Together. beyond generosity Box. accelerating doing Hamilton BETTER TOGETHER Normal donated half 15275 Blvd., Suite 201-284, 239-470-2733 bettertogetherus.org Even did break Mayor John Gunter visited Family Initiative talk well-being organization supporting autism strengthening understand importance expanded crisis collaboration Health, Anjali Van Drie, co-founder Initiative. collaboration, Resource Support Center Autism Coral. 1,200 sk anyone struggled life aftermath, tell thing exhausting. individuals spectrum disorder ASD, disruption damaging wind water. Individuals ASD thrive routine, schools closed, off, normal, frightening overwhelming. soon passed, practice two components engaging partnerships, Brown, Coral-based organization. superheroes, braved crazy roads lack electricity place experience normalcy. hosted FI Camp October consistency resource gave continued working. opened ages 21, offering expert therapies, activities Christ reopened. Supporters include Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto, truckload diapers, wipes, essentials, hot Speaker designate Paul Renner brought critically supplies. Renner, Secretary Shevaun Harris, Representatives Mike Giallombardo Jenna Persons-Mulicka, FAMILY INITIATIVE camp, therapy, 734 SW 4th Street, 239-910-0712 fi-florida.org ANN MARIE OPHELAN Local gardeners favorites ith extraordinary vegetation theres blanket beauty around. asked favorite plants them. Although tractor seat, leopard Farfugium japonicum. grows relatively large, dark, glossy leaves show round. easy grow. professional, Mary Jo no last name provided, Friend Wonder Springs. nativeto-Japan requires shade plenty sends clusters flowers hover foliage, appealing combination daisy-like blooms tropical leaves. tall comes varieties--some spots, markings, solid green, variegated crinkled looks grown significant groupings divides share plant-loving friends. Leopard nurseries. Darryl Windham, horticulture manager Zoo Caribbean Gardens, picking among fantastic trees, shrubs, plants. Ill go group plants--palm finally concedes. With climate, there palm species from. Still, narrow Baileys copernicia Copernicia baileyana, satake palm, Satakentia liukiuensis, Hydriastele dransfieldii, Windham. big, fans. SCCF horticulturist Harrington teabush Melochia tomentosa. copernicia, hailing Cuba, stiff, rigid fan atop whitish-gray columnar trunk. Mature specimens Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gables fell explains Next southernmost Japan. stately tree consists graceful, green feather attach dark purple crownshaft. Lastly dransfieldii common agreed upon smaller western tip Papua Guinea. spectacular, irregularly segmented attached slender farther north go, however, youll closer gulf coast little tender, notes NAPLES ZOO AT CARIBBEAN GARDENS SANIBEL-CAPTIVA CONSERVATION FOUNDATION NATIVE LANDSCAPES CENTER palms monsoonal weather patterns soil conditions. Jo, names large-leaved favorites. WONDER attribute resilience. these typhoon zones adapted handle blow slice paradise, growers South Harrington, Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation Native Landscapes Center, character tea bush tomentosa offers. introduced ago incorporate demonstration Harrington. Tea shrub pine rockland thrives receiving sun welldrained soils small, light-green velvety pink drought-tolerant, low-maintenance wide. Providing appropriate mature size limiting pruning allow maintain unique shape. Its weeping habit fine textured foliage soft, graceful presence landscape, buzzing proven pollinator favorite. provides nectar abundance insects, butterflies, wasps, bees, honeybees, approach hear before see it. refuge wildlife. available nurseries, search online plantrealflorida.org. scheduled reopen limited basis January OPhelan regular contributor Media. transfeldii shown midsize ornamental truck. IF YOU GO 1590 Goodlette-Frank Road, 239-920-2085 napleszoo.org 1300 Periwinkle Way, 239-472-1932 sccf.orgour-worknative-landscapesand-garden-center 27180 Old 41 Springs 239-992-2591 wondergardens.org 21 ECHO guided tours Global Farm, explore agricultural realities globe leaving County. G offer ardening pastime turn land fruits vegetables, checkout, fresh air exercise Many activity enjoy. According recent studies Scotts Miracle-Gro Wakefield Research, 55 American households engage gardening activities, prodded pandemic. Mother Nature Gardening Association average annual yield garden worth produce, 70. Visiting educational insight yards. Hospitals Life edible katuk, cranberry hibiscus, different herbs, longevity spinach, bananas, papaya, cocoplum, milkweed, fire bush. Nearby butterfly zebra longwings, monarchs, peacocks flutter about. library visitors drop books Paved paths invite guests wander park, benches rest. staffed master volunteers interested gardening. Master Thursdays 830 1030 am questions. Interested parties arrange avian specialist Kaye nuzzles Calypso, rescued 22-year-old catalina macaw. tour workshop, according Nancy Finn, supervisor Hospital. worldly agriculture, 57-acre Farm North tours, challenges world, 90-minute casual walk gardens--from monsoon rainforest--with trained guide inspiring creativity technology. equips small-scale farming worldwide research farm. thousands plants, yard Danielle Flood, communications manager. Visitors ECHOs nursery, bookstore, bank. groups Food Festival March 7-11 teaches exotic foods, sustainable living, innovative farming, festival tastings, cooking shows, makeand-take workshops, hands-on activities. DAVID ROBBINS, both fun experiences would-be gardeners. botanical non-native florals, mere three acres, Sarah retail facility Walks learn history gardens, collection, Landscaping Expert Certification Program, developed serve landscaping committees, clubs, responsible homeowners associations. issues subtropics. Field trips, kids camps available. nostalgia old botanical, zoological paradise nestled sprawling banyan trees nonreleasable animal corners world. Alligators, peacocks, parrots, macaws, soon-to-be otters 300-plus house adds Williamson. After stroll gems, Youll glad did. Health Teaching 609 SE 13th Court, 239-424-3230 leehealth.orghealth-and-wellnesshealthy-life-centers 17391 Durrance 239-543-3246 echonet.org 23 DR. RANDALL NIEHOFF shows survive Birds sing shouldnt --Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy 1890-1969 hese words wisdom spoken interview Rose assassination son Robert June 5, 1968. She husband, Joseph, Their killed 1963, daughter 1940s. tragedy painful loss, attitude expresses resilience resolve--a encouragement survived destructive September 28. winds devasting flood surge loss. death animals, destruction loss material treasured memorabilia. Homelessness became societal issue. properties Rs repair, restoration, replacement, next stage lifes journey hard, long, expensive trip. planets unexpected roadblock, forcing cut path thorny terrain, time. control, mouthing ancient relevant aphorism bitter taste Wisdom choosing enjoy scenery detour. Folks Gulf learning think issue Hurricanes happen--even once 500 years. willful minds chose settle build here. Detours pay world neutral malevolent demon cunning alien creates perfect storms, yet ourselves gifted soaring wings dignity choice study surroundings invent technologies predict outcomes ourselves. result, absolutely true wise affirm cant control us, Just February shorebird survey counted 2,443 eagles. disruptive wake alert kept eyes volunteering cleanup reported, eagles accounted Seagulls congregating ALL WILLIAM COX demonstrate resolve, expected feathered friends Which brings another bird sitting never afraid branch breaking, wings. --Charlie Wardle Niehoff wont habitable months, nest unoccupied condo friend looking flying late spring. Bald eagle perched snag Practice yoga, tai chi, hula outdoors Beach Yoga Unity. levels welcome, poses modified. Devisse yoga outside, gain health benefits. sunshine naturally boost mood producing serotonin. uneven terrain better muscles requiring focus. Your blood pressure lower enjoying scenic views, Devisse. Breathwork meditation integrated. class beneficial postures align, strengthen, flexible body, classes drop-ins paid month. Parking hour. stickers accepted park. Meet sand volleyball court Beach. Create account register webtrac.leegov.com. Unity Week, 19-26, events held various venues--indoors out--in information, eventbrite.comeyoga-week-tickets-411328784467. YOGA WEEK, LLC DBA UNITY magine standing warrior pose watch waves splash sand. Or pelicans plop onto pier. Some say mind-body workout outside. citys beaches. Taking allows breathe salt Mexico view habitat. Plus, gentle suffer joint pain, Lauren Fox, founded Donation idea deserves yoga. Therefore, takes instead charging fees. Suggested 10-20 class. Half proceeds Private lessons Outdoor Natalie Devisse, instructor Saturday morning All-levels Connect mind, Above feature Left Shelter Westin Resort Marina Village. Shelter. CAPE CORAL ANIMAL SHELTER advantages, energizing inspiring, Corals Robin Anne Griffiths. CCAS. slow beginner side, movements stretch body relax mind. Release, relax, gentle, recharge spirit, Griffiths, ReChargeMe Zone, meditation, fitness programs area. shelter 9-10 Saturday. Classes recently moved Depending weather, inside Each theme, opening heart, increasing within, self-acceptance. experienced enthusiast, person benefits improve strength, flexibility, stress, relaxation, sleep, Tai chi taught Alliance Arts. pathways. Arts 10091 McGregor 239-939-2787 artinlee.org Park, 27954 Hickory 513- 884-3576 unitymindbody.com 5002 Tamiami Trail N, Unit 100, 239-877-1161 donationyoganaples.com Rotary Park 5505 239-549-4606 capecoral.govdepartmentparks_and_ recreationhomerotary_park_environmental_center index.php 5951 Silver King capecoralanimalshelter.comeventyoga-for-theshelter-54 28 ART LEE Check front desk main lobby. free. Pay cash arrival Starting April, Wednesdays Wicked Dolphin Tiki Hut, 530-630 pm. Myers. mental clarity, flexibility. Hula classes, adults, dance song. Indoor options belly class, coordinator Jessica Kleffman. Belly low-impact flexibility core strength. necessary. Essentials Monday Thursday evenings 530-645 pm 48 eight-week session in, Honey Phillips, senior recreation city park hosts Eclectic Tuesday mornings. webtrac. capecoral.gov. SHANNON WILLIAMSON ust shy category tied record fifth-strongest strike States. catastrophic shock. LCEC, electric cooperative region, direct territory, 235,000 power. LCEC faced challenges, severe damage displaced. Every plays restoration plan required report hits. leave canceled, lights becomes team. Employees typical duties hold pitch clock quickly possible. mechanic, Bryce Griffin wife, Hailey, J story commitment garage An Griffin. life-changing leading less mechanic fleet management department. His pregnant child. does typically weekends, 10-hour Saturday, 24, prepare quick hours sleep turned hospital. Hailey birth 25, days hit. barely lift ground returning work. Despite preparation, everything. furnished prior Ians destruction. forced member. pretty everything--important paperwork, furniture, clothes, baby stuff books... 31 16-hour Williamson writer media contributes newsletter articles, releases, blogs, applications. 32 JENELL DOLAN row. explained difficult her. transition motherhood alone tough, seeing sons crib trash, mattress saturated husband end Hailey. understands strengthens extremely supportive, received employees, doing, members, searching home, still unable theirs. know stronger. realize life. blessings disaster strengthened physically, cars lost, family. finding rebuild. spirit cooperatives, faltered. culture groundbreaking ceremony Nina Iser Jewish Cultural November 2021. JEWISH FEDERATION GREATER opens village Pine Ridge walls pavers state-of-the art functionality symbolism. Large plaques listing donors entrance 21,000-square-foot, two-story building. naming opportunities mean recognition raised million far 15.5 million--11 4.5 maintenance endowment. Steve Nina, passed away unexpectedly, named Without donors, would dream, Jeffrey Feld, Federation Greater cultural nears completion 2022 Special mezuzah, contain parchment scripture verses, mark holy affixed doorways special ceremony. mezuzah Yad LaKashish, citizens Israel, federation. Top ceiling large room designed represent Star David. Middle Piper, 6, granddaughter Marcy Friedland, federations director, lawn courtyard, gatherings small. Bottom board center, under construction April 2022. Temple Shalom. reality. joyous public celebration six-year planned 15, programming 9, December, illustrating space. Before built, occupied rented space, facilities numerous past membership organizations, Mens MCA Womens WCA, percent, combined close 2,300 members. hall seating, conference rooms, offices, caterers kitchen capability, parking, lounge youth programs. dream grew federation boards strategic 2016. Planning early 2018. sites considered, location months. Rezoning permitting property Construction began goal multipurpose, functional happen simultaneously, enhanced security, badge entry system. practical, architect James Knafo interior Wegman Design symbolism warm, inviting 60- 60-foot seat theater-style, 200 banquet acoustic treatments divided happening argue highlight room, pocketing doors courtyard area, abstract massive ceiling. Jerusalem stone symbolizing Western Wall featured royal 34 LEFT SIDE MIDDLE NATE LANE PHOTOGRAPHY Feld writes wall Center. tribes Israel. Chanukiah artist Hess Baltimore lit Chanukah celebrations rest year. Were synagogue, elements place, Marc Saperstein, chair committee. People blown buildings architecture, design, art. 35 GLENN V. OSTLE Feichthaler finishes national parks 2021 magazine cover impressive ambitious high school student Oasis High School visiting Grand Canyon 8, himself graduated school. inspire visit, self-published book entitled Junior Rangers Guide Parks, included hand sketches, photos, ratings parks. digital paperback form Library System. At original article 2021, achieving goal, having 62 Now senior, final Samoa third editions guide. successfully techniques subject. Wild, companion YouTube channel showcasing photography, advice, youtube.comchannelUCkHUX-NG1Tzxmx0IU8zNOLg. today, 1.1 viewed channel, presidential sculpture peak Mount Rushmore. ERIC FEICHTHALER rock arch Canyonlands Utah. 6,000 subscribed, videos viral 400,000 views. reached question graduate COMBINING HIS LOVES writing, --an student--is awaiting responses college plans pursue degree environmental engineering, passion theme parks, appeal interest engineering. engineering knowledge preserve areas, address major issues, Feichthaler. Id fix problems runoff Lake Okeechobee, introduction invasive forested land. continue promoting 37 wildlife, black bear. Parks foresees publishing least edition book. change little, however. Alaska opportunity wilderness bears, wolves, And Yellowstone celebrating 150th anniversary founding. inspires rather spend Acadia Maine, realized enjoyment simply visit. humble pastime, cherish memories individual experiences. Contact nationalparkwildgmail.com. Ostle freelance photographer living Charlotte, Carolina. photos magazines featherandfins.smugmug.com. 38 CAPT. BRIAN HOLAWAY CubADaze Havana Harbor 29 y 1993. internship Montego Bay, Jamaica, volunteered Bay Marine off. particular weekend bus ride outskirts Kingston foot Blue Mountains trails rangers. climb highest mountain Jamaica midnight. sliver moon rangers station. ranger station am. hour woke catch sunrise north, 90 miles away. filled wet cloud. dampness cloud lifted point Jamaica. Plaza de la Catedral four squares Havana. Scenes clockwise top Cathedral San Cristobal, Catholic cathedrals street Cuban mangos area Capitol Building looming background. wait Cuba. arrived flight Lauderdale minutes. flew Lost Mans River Everglades, south between Marquesas Dry Tortugas, landed airplanes lined runway. tropics touched tarmac. Jos Mart Airport 2012 Renault taxi. driver celebrate 8th birthday days. 30-minute heart Not airport 40-foot-tall mango flower. reminded 100-year-old Island. Cars 1950s got reason, rounded curve saw Harbor, half-expected ships harbor. guess 1700s, galleons cobblestone streets staying. further step. anchor, facing direction tide rolled in. What modern ocean-going freighters unsavory ports. dont Harbor. taxi stopped seawall harbor, block accommodations town square. neighborhood gathering sit watch. Little soccer, rode bikes square ate corn licked ice cream. sounds music corner square, stand-up bass conga drums sway tribal beats. Clouds architecture south, perhaps mountains Today, smile eyes. Capt. Holaway Naturalist shelling ecotour 1995. charters Sound, Cayo Costa Cabbage Key, Captiva. itself bobcat Lynx rufus let civilization way. human incursion greatly extended range population. inhabits amazing habitats America, swamps, hammocks, deserts, forests, mountains, palmetto prairie, suburban chooses habitat based availability mates, denning sites, prey population, stalking, protection competitors. ubiquitous seldom seen. Night day, black-spotted, pale brown, reddish-brown fur coat camouflage, invisible. spot wary active night, especially twilight. mirrors rabbits, primary prey. likely seen daylight minimal presence. sleeps hours. medium-size wild cat stands shoulders. Adults weigh pounds. lethal mammals pursuing America. exclusively carnivore. teeth grinding fibrous case dogs bears. Instead, equipped needle-like teeth, razor-sharp claws, wiry addition preys squirrels, voles, rats, birds, reptiles. scavenge ungulate hoofed mammal carcass encounters. Everglades bobcats documented killing adult deer fawns 1989 rest, showing sharp canine jaw covers hair. 1992. susceptible bobcats. deer, completely partially carcasses hair caching style cat. Usually, carries concealing cover. Rarely eat immediately. eats birds whole. plucks turkeys eating shears nipping mouthfuls incisors. starts hindquarters, meatiest carcass. favors meat organs. vitamin kidneys, lungs, liver, adrenal glands bones larger deer. Bobcats predators keep population healthy, preventing overgrazing quality decades recover. urine, feces, scents communicate another. Claw sharpening done sharpen claws deposit scent. scratch exhibit vertical scratches ending above ground. marks scent posts rubbing cheeks objects urinating low rotting stumps, rocks, trees. scrapes inches wide hind advertise breeding territory. communicates ears, ear indicate disposition. mouth enhance facial expressions. male miles, females miles. female den unprotected shorter periods feed herself young. tends abundant polygamous, males breed briefly courtship breeding. rearing period August March, peaking March. usually litter gestation lasts kittens born dry den. dens consist thick patches shrubs. newborn kits sport coats spotted nine remain weeks. Males disperse sooner females, traveling distance Cox professional ecologist Visit williamrcoxphotography.com. 43 longwing state butterfly. host passionvine. CHERYL ANDERSON, CURATOR TOM ALLEN BUTTERFLY HOUSE B Three havens natures elegant inhabitants malachite brilliant spots. shrimp. utterflies hard-working insects key pollination. pollinators, butterflies big pollination worlds flowering vegetables tables. lucky year-round season, although prevalent warmer migrate, stunning orange monarch butterfly, eggs laid milkweed. Others round, longwing, attracted lantana, Spanish needle, verbena. LAURA CARR, COUNTY PARKS RECREATION RIGHT BOTANICAL peacock brown markings margins. Newly molted caterpillar devoted spreading awareness flourish. Manatee specimens. landscaped larval caterpillars on, chrysalis form. aspects lifecycle program Recreation. stages egg, larva caterpillar, pupa chrysalis, adult. passionvine, Bahama cassia, lime, Dutchmans pipe, hyssop. Nectar Indian blanket, scorpion-tail, yellowtops, goldenrod, blue mistflower, sage salvia, dune sunflower, coral honeysuckle, porterweed. Cover shrubs coffee, cotton, palmetto, myrsine, privet, red cedar. Plant identifier signs scattered garden, sign showcases Countys butterflies. fritillary, monarch, polydamus swallowtail, cloudless sulphur, orangebarred Carr. Occasionally, peacock, queen, giant swallowtail spotted, adds. hurriedly lay eggs. tiny underside leaf. patience obvious chewing marks, rough edges, holes leaf, easier find, queen mahogany coloring, similar monarch. iridescent atala surface turquoise accents. coontie. season. 45 itillar fr d trac te e. passionvin migratory distinctive Self-guided walks Sundays December Tom Allen Memorial Butterfly eat, curator Anderson. bloomers--penta, porterweed, almond, jatropha, lantana. generally tubular shape prefer bright purple, though flowers, yellow, attract Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays experts. Botanical haven. observed Britt Patterson-Weber, president, interpretation. sulphurs cousin, buckeye bars eyespots. snapdragon, gerardia, false foxglove, monkey ruellia. fritillary eyespots admirals beloved drink vary, depending type milkweeds monarchs queens. Passionvines zebras, fritillaries, julias. sulphur drawn Chapmans sensitive plant, Patterson-Weber. participate Pollinators Friday am, 1 pm, 3 admission. Tour signups only. Groups private contacting groupinfonaplesgarden.org. 10901 Road 80 Palm 239-690-5030 leegov.comparksparksmanateepark 4820 Bayshore Drive, 239-643-7275 naplesgarden.org ccfriendsofwildlife.orgtom-allenmemorial-butterfly-garden 46 P Mangroves play survival element foundation healthy estuary, Worley, biologist science Conservancy ability sequester carbon tool toolbox mitigate future climatic impacts, uncertain worldwide. remarkably evidenced bounce powerful storms. hurricanes Irma highlighted systems.As scientists noted, mangrove systems absorb brunt systems. remaining proved associated worse absorbed wind, Worley researching inception 1964, biologists longest continuous rimarily saline brackish mangroves natives, identified tangled root earned nickname walking Prominent southern coastline, meets tidal estuaries--salty, muddy, habitats. ecosystem cannot overstated. Below roots nurseries commercial recreational fish, nesting shorebirds herons egrets, panthers, animals. filter excess nutrients capture carbon, erosion. Mangrove coastlines initial defense, dampen flow floodwaters inland Mangroves, pictured here, bore CONSERVANCY SOUTHWEST FLORIDA monitoring projects. Todays primarily focuses forests adjacent development, Clam Estuary Fruit Creek. contiguous fragmented isolated surrounding development. Alterations die-offs require costly intervention forest collapse. conservancys assess overall system investigate stressors forest, evaluate probable level rise. Creek, conservancy success states efforts 2012. Thanks improvements hydrology, stressed die-off channels revegetated. partners land, generations come. begin rebuilding post-Ian, reduce resiliency efforts, Rob Moher, Florida.As process, protecting wetland intact, replanting restoring impacted systems.This guard against hurricanes, experts fear stronger, unpredictable, frequent. tricolored heron perches coast. boats Pass Estuary, projects longer-term solution, immediately ensure existing ecosystems, mangroves, inherently resilient. protect, possible, revitalize environments future. Floridabased oystercatcher mangroves. 1495 Smith Preserve 239-262-0304 conservancy.org 49 ERIK ENTWISTLE Signs regrowth landscape steady familiar saying abhors vacuum growth rush void. bounces gives welcome strength encouragement, reminding we, too, Here endured speeds multi-foot surge, appeared landscape. reasonably otherwise looked dead sprouting bits glorious green. showed quickly, longer initiating regeneration. property, fruiting native, served miniature laboratory tough enough avocado, star fruit perished saltwater inundation. citrus, exception kaffir emerged fig cultivars, contrast, seemed laugh Around 6-8 tall, releafing month shocking appear totally impervious effects perished. Other surprising dombeya returned vengeance. Hong Kong orchid taller house, suckers shot bananas regenerating surviving hibiscus ours resume blooming plumeria stalks leafing sapodilla toppled righted fruiting. ginger amaryllis, cape coming roots, jasmine vines blooming. miraculous thriving enduring extreme gumbo limbo battered disfigured, strong. Banana regenerating. Hibiscus two-month Jasmine blooming, landfall. themselves, picked planted felled sprout length wood, eventually yielding hedge. marvel recovers, human-built infrastructure much-needed heal strengthen add examples backyard. Pianist, instructor, musicologist Entwistle Sanibel. Stay Tuned column hobby growing methods Plumeria bloom 51 Expanding Make backyard OPHEL AN deck overlooks elegant, views entertaining recreation. Outdoors hen expand outward. spending improves wellness. Centers Disease Prevention, promote stress reduction. Blurring lines indoors residential buildings, Myers-based Joyce Owens. inside. Owens, AJO 2007, huge advocate climate-sensitive architectural modern, described minimalistic touch RYAN ODONNELL 53 environment. firm passive principles connectivity amplified, declining popularity cages example, located disappearing altogether replaced semi-screen porches, retractable screens, Owens notes. Among hottest trends harmony nature. 2022, Home Builders reported surveyed said connection nature, outdoors, utmost choices. incorporating sustainable. University Institute Agricultural Sciences UFIFAS list recommended climate. privacy, breaks cooling shade. Energy, Carefully positioned project guest blended save uses. adding herb vegetable produce savings grocery bill. estimated 300 pounds 600, Garden- sliding seamless 54 TINA SARGEANT JOYCE OWENS renovation older cottage extension comfortable ing NGA. estimate investment Pergolas, trellises, baskets, planter boxes, containers incorporated welcoming walkways granite, sandstone, limestone asymmetrical stones boulders slabs placement fountains, waterfalls, koi ponds sensory appeal. want connect luxurious staycation pampered escape upscale relaxation. By comfy, durable furniture belongs inside, desire periods. spent greater storage Built-in tuck items easy-to-reach view. Also added attractive rugs, refreshing showers, big-screen televisions, fireplaces wood-burning gas firepits, pizza ovens, kitch- ens dining turning oasis social kitchens durable, aesthetically pleasing, mimicking counterparts. countertops, sinks, sets appliances, grill range. consideration lighting. porch task lighting conversation candlelight, wall-mounted lighting, chandeliers patios, gazebos. Steps, pathways, top-down expands blurs 56 DAN CUTRONA shower convenience-- wash GRILL HEART LARGO STEVEN LE BREAKING SWARTZ GALLERY should illuminated safety ambience. Solar LED Clarke happy decision livable comfy firepit, enjoyed circle neighbors, nights, gather chat. reconnection option seamlessly installation folding doors. Sometimes pocket, invisible theyre open. bathroom, swimming pool, both, popular enhancement. feet. showers thoughtfully beautifully spa, yet, increase value realtor.com, Homes bathing 97 priceper-square-foot premium, research. decks ever-so-popular, placing increases utility over. protection, day--whether raining sunny Covered costs. efficiency solar shades, draperies, umbrellas. sophisticated, rivaling Hardwood decking material, redwood cedar Pacific Northwest, hardwoods, ipe Brazil, rot resistant Hardwoods Forest Stewardship Council FSC guaranteed managed long-term sustainability. plastic lumber composites, materials environmentally friendly post-consumer recycled bags beverage containers. Adding updating some, Floridians houses blend features. sculptures Breaking Waves Sarasotas Plymouth retirement Heart Largo Largo, Clayton Swartz, brighten inviting. spaces, artwork focal piece. welcoming. Swartz Art Gallery Pinellas aluminum enamel withstand elements. cut, weld, grind, paint, lustrous finish sculptures, Swartz. colorful fits current trend lively color palates patterns. sprinkling pillows couch bold statement piece table 57 Panam Mixing touring DIANE YORK ts never-ending stall aging process. dealing hip Zumba, hiking, pickleball. gamut orthopedic consults, endless physical therapy therapy. mine knees marathon biking trips. read renowned coach motivational speaker Tony Robbins Stem Cell Panama. authors companion, Linda Lisowski Richmond, Virginia, sipping pina colada Panama City ma Citys skyline 59 Umbilical-cord embryonic gathered umbilical cord, discarded. cord saved frozen donated. Cells derived hopefully mending, stitching, replacing old. treatment Restored function vitality. spoke Institutes consultant phone, spinal stenosis approve osteoarthritis medical general anti-aging. My problem surgery that. ship Cyprus Canal. night glowing charm. side minimal, not. Though budget, chance. If meant waiting replace 2010 Toyota sedan, crazy, fairly short Miami. transportation transports Hilton Panama, discounted rates institute, door. sent greet opinion contractor help. rave effect much. confirm decision. clinic hotel waterfront town. buffet breakfast charge extravagant diet preferences. helpful. met treatments, autistic young paraplegic wheelchair, adults shoulder injuries. encouraging sometimes amazing. man suffered injury accident feeling waist down. how, clinic, below earlier. additional gains movement. stand crutches. 5-year-old boy autism. mother parents remarkable changes From balcony 26th floor hotel, Canal locks distance. soft Latin watched balmy weather. Saquella restaurant pia cola- cr azy, das arrival. Fresh pineapple juice coconut drinks fantastic. canal locks. feat engineering... stunned. Massive tankers container cities squeezing sheer enormity mind-boggling. tanker plowed through, assisted trains tugboats fore aft. carry 24,000 containers, railroad guide, Pedro Tejahejo, Super knowledgeable articulate, shared canal. nations canal, Panamanian authority. told Korean grain vats officers suspicious searched ship. hold, tons rice, hidden Soviet tanks. 61 pass east west east. pays dollars, 300,000 eighthour transit, billion government toured Casco Viejo built 1519. splendid ruined, ever. Especially preserved cathedrals, exquisite period. Viejo, glasses nance cherry-like tastes lychee pear Restaurante Diablicos, weird masks hanging walls. lunch door, sancocho gallina, stew chicken, corn, culantro aka coriander. historic district dating 1600s. Ruins mural. Right apartment balcony. Diablicos colorful-- slightly threatening-- masks. Madonna Metropolitan Archcathedral Basilica Santa Maria Antigua, sever al Traditional tiles city. Bazaar Viejo. 63rd gigantic ocean spectacular. populated English-speaking, assistants nurses. Mask-wearing mandatory. doctor collecting incessant questions, answered patiently. Of conditions treat, Her answer, sclerosis, lesions. smaller. mentioned rheumatoid arthritis cure diseases, added. infusions, arm day. Aside needle arm, pain. mild headache later followed infusion. 63 cured cup superb cream sugar. positive infusion disappearance pain upper jawcheek Covid resolved antibiotic courses tooth extraction. gone. noted serious records considering replacement surgery. X-rays worthwhile performed surgeon ultrasound. Again, except prick warned quite wheelchair transfers given medication needed. intense leg. infusions painless, shots linger Between Gamboa Rainforest Reserve. arranged online, reserve. road swarming morpho shades blue. roadside clusters. sloths habitat, kayak lake Kayakers paddle 64 crocodiles, Monkey monkeys feed. slide jungle streams zip aerial tram canopy. latter Chagres treetops toucan, us. vantage Panamanians apart eons. recorded audio specific info creatures tram. river. 1,500 flyway, certain Pipeline particular, birds. Audubon Society birding basis. Smithsonian Research 1,400 reviewed follow-up. delay vaccinations, cortisone shots, surgeries enable infused maximum anti-aging active. Repeat desired, supplement Stem-Kine activates stimulates received. Hydration strongly emphasized, patient receives one-liter bottle Will expense sure. Overall, procedure, before. Climbing definitely easier, lifting easier. 10-month-long infection surprised asking cartilage changes. else, journey. Yes, locks, dancing restaurants. awakened loud, thundering booms drapes, dis- tance spectacular display fireworks shooting Panamas Independence Day, fitting farewell avid gardener splits articles health, lifestyle, topics periodicals central Virginia. author Aint Babe Womans Surviving Infidelity Divorce. Hotel Balboa Avenida Aquilino City, 507-280-8000 hilton.comenhotelsptyhfhh-hiltonpanama 507 280-8181 Al lado Polica Turismo, Av. Central 7, Panam, 228-9495 Tejahejo 6689 1930 concierge, 280 8000 Reserve Corregimiento Colon, IA 507-314-5000 gamboareserve.comtourswind Discovery pipelineroad.orgen Geographic Tours 888-966-8687 nationalgeographic.comexpeditions destinationsnorth-americaoceancosta-ricapanama-cruise Note Phone numbers preceded . Hold zero phone appears. 65 Bobby NicholsFiddlesticks Charity Lancellot 14-time PGA winner Nichols Cup. Fiddlesticks ehind gates Country Club Myers, caring themselves Pipers, united charities Cup childrens charities. Pipers extend goodwill prestigious two-course golf condos, townhomes, single-family residences estatesized lots. Throughout event Foundations tournament gala, 17-20. recognizes Golf Tournament successful community-sponsored pro-am tournaments four-day tennis tournaments, gala event, silent auctions. homage heritage legacy abused at-risk Bryan Simmering, Piper directors Foundation. pipes charity difference. contributions individually. BOBBY NICHOLS FIDDLESTICKS CHARITY 100,000 benefited services foundations donations. eye-opening suffering neglect experiencing, Peck. wanting mission. abuse stories. happy, loved. mother, friend, happened define me. significantly embrace it, junior generation players. Named Nichols, long-time 30-year career wins, Childrens Advocacy Abuse Counseling Treatment ACT. Additional beneficiaries Blessings Backpack Liberty Youth Ranch. focused empowering tools well-being. firsthand dollars raise Kayla Peck, member, cause personal. Peck sexually middle teachers. During reflected beneficiaries, Child coordinated abuse, therapeutic counseling. member victim hopes awareness. awarded 156,000 beneficiary funding 1,350 Colonial Elementary Stephens Elementary. approaching, fellow renewed live, healing gates. nicholscup.org. Slated 17-20, 21st 67 Joe Stonis pickleball courts. MAX WEINBERG, LCCTA CITY lthough popularity, game. dates 12th century France ball forth hand. Eventually, rackets hands ball, game tennis, French tenez, meaning receive. Today attracts millions viewers tuning Open Wimbledon stars. arent player likes Roger Federer Serena Williams, doesnt tennis. aspire learn, effort excellent maintaining fitness, agility. club, lessons, Never levels. not-for-profit partnership professionals hard-court play, Lyn Bruner. courts Oaks Rutenberg Donaldson Hancock Coral, Veterans Lehigh. other--Wa-Ke Hatchee Myers--was closed reopen. first-come, firstserved basis, reservations. lessons--adults youth--that affordable accessible residents, guests, Theres everyone, locations instruction, games, summer camps. adults. instructors, USPTA States Professional PTR Registry, background-checked insured. adhere policies standards SafeSport. calendar leecountytennis.com. openplay Jim Jeffers Camelot Burton hub Yacht currently Club, camps, evening 69 USTA matches League teams, Bowman, specialist. Racquet Sunsplash Waterpark. Anticipated fall 2023, mix Recreation lifestyle demographics, Bowman. modified operated players pace skill level. advanced Eight lighted YMCA, clinics, participants. Let game, Angel Cerritos. Ys offerings developing sports. 70 YMCA 27200 Kent 239-221-7560 ymcaswfl.orglocation-bonita PO 07118, 33919 239-565-5300 text leecountytennis.com leegov.comparksDocumentsTennis-courts-map-7-2014.pdf 239-573-3128 recreationhomesports_gamesindex.php Courts 5815 Driftwood Parkway, 239-574-0808 recreationhomeyacht_club_tennisindex.php eye-hand foot-eye coordination, agility, endurance. Newer students proper stroke production rules games positive, fun, supportive Advanced conditioning, strategy, teamwork competition play. leegov.com diehard pickleball, 71 ANDREA STETSON Pickleball 700 sky arriving Naples. yellowish-green balls dusky skies. 715 full, crowds hovering whiteboard court. fastest-growing 4.8 play--almost double number Sports Fitness Industry Association. Almost amenity, neighborhoods demand. Sarasota centers 180 million. Lakewood Future Springs, Port St. Lucie, Venice, Villages. converted courts, bas- ago. Odessa Hopkins hooked. ketball gyms. mention, course, scores clubs communities. county covers, Jesse Lavender, reasons popular. Number amount retirees County, definite sport. East premier site yearly Championships. enough. probably Topoleski. 15-20 minutes Corkscrew. discussing Pelican concrete plans. 60. out, hooked, matter someone with. Jimmy Sciolto starting quickly. busy, Sharon Brown. say, What, name. isnt new. invented 1965 Bainbridge Seattle dads do. evolved handmade equipment simple badminton, pingpong, 20- 44-foot 36-inch-high net. 73 dozens non-volley zone extends net kitchen. Chuck Menke, chief marketing officer USA Pickleball, pandemic accelerated owes reasons, fact entry. incredibly Menke word addictive lot. conducive interaction, multigenerational. all, sports grandparents grandkids inexpensive, match long. supports fit, lifestyle. Stetson newspapers 74 GINA BIRCH MARTINIS COPPER reason safely martini patio. potentially dangerous glass, Nicholas Copper Martini Glass Cork Pops. constructed double-walled metal freezer gel cold corkpops.com COOLER CHAIR ultimate beach, camping, tailgating chair, Voyager Parkit cooler eight plus. Exterior pockets hands-free straps purchase, planted. 203 parkitmovement.com WRAPPED WARMTH Perfect warm whether youre boating, fire, sporting wrap Pretty Rugged job--and too. faux fabric washable nylon waterproof windproof. 290 prettyruggedshop.com REUSABLE FOOD STORAGE Eliminate waste sandwiches snacks fresh. Rolleat sustainable, wrappers reusable. sizes snacking needs. Easy clean. 11.99 rolleatusa.com OUTDOOR SLIPPERS eco-conscious Soul Slipper memory foam sole, outer repellent. 99.90 voited.com FIREPIT FRIEND Commander command firepit. multipurpose jabber stir up, hook reposition logs, chopper wood. Forged steel, heat last. 149 pitcommand.com NOT YOUR EVERYDAY HOODIE Wagyu Fleece Hoodie everyday hoodie, ordinary fabric. bamboo spandex stretchy, feel. Mid-weight unisex, winters. kangaroo pocket credit card. 118 californiacowboy.com WHEN YOUVE JUST GOTTA Loo indooroutdoor pet solution ideal boaters, dwellers four-legged relieve yours via potty pads artificial housed discreet, design-worthy structure. under. 299 assembly thecityloo.com HYDRAPACK HYDRATION Ideal cycling hydration vital, dual-chamber MXXY pack bladders electrolytes caffeine. dial settings 199 mxxyoutdoor.com TRANSPORTABLE WINE Chiles winery, Root1, medium-body cabernet, eco-friendly three-liter bag-in-box. holds wine, danger weight toting glass outdoors. grilled meats cheeses picnic boat. geabyroot1wine.com 77 BETH LUBERECKI explores imagery IMAGES PINEAPPLE PRESS heres captures peoples imaginations. attraction transplants perceived picturesque possibility. Imagery postcards, brochures, advertisements establish reputation sun, sand, surf, tropical. Think beauties frolicking towering crates overflowing oranges, preening flamingoes. Author Doug Alderson kinds classic images noticing themes noticed emerging lasted century. inspiration book, Nostalgic Iconic Vintage Pineapple Press, 24.95. promoted weve Alderson. Much relied fantasy myth. references Fountain Youth, depictions Eden, fair maidens amid lush vegetation, deserted beaches folks arrive. myth bit, promo pics today lone kayaker surfer beach. solitude want. remote Florida... rare sandy circa-1955 postcard depicts State. Agricultures Bureau Immigration fanciful image 1929 promotional booklet. posed oranges classics nostalgic image. booklet 1939 Worlds Fair woman breezes. there. promote. So, perpetuating romanticizing intriguing liberties taken scientific mention bad thunderstorms, News claiming temperatures vary 8.8 degrees normal winter readings. variation government, guess, exaggerated fabricated information celebrated gloating postcards vacation send theyll romanticized tourists. --Doug 79 north. Things like, shoveling snow, youve snow cold. Seeing pictures beach--its enticing people. Animals imagery, humorous ways, depiction 20th-century women date pair alligators. realism intention, thinks flora fauna instilled Thats thing... majority protection. images. retro-style portrayals remains today. points murals signage vintage-inspired citrus-themed Walt Disney World Resorts shopping example. fond simpler times, previous swamps rivers, attractions, alligator. coasts. process fun. brain sleeping ideas. relishes presentations books. events, might souvenirs, alligators teeter-totter. How tacky unrealistic asks. great, kitschy. Nokomis, Learn bethluberecki.com. contented 1913 romanticizes happiness. trading card 1880s mythology Youth. DROTLEFF TO BE CONTINUED 83 Spicy, fruity, chocolatey twists rise flavor infusions. altered fruits, spices, extracts, manner things. profile finds audience bartenders stoke creativity. craze exploded vodka. easiest Distillers espresso cake between. flavored vodkas shelves Over rum, gin, tequila. whiskey moment. tremendous growth. 2010, fewer Market Watch, website tracks trends, reports skyrocketed 2020, continuing Perhaps best-known whiskies Fireball, slogan Tastes heaven, burns hell. Made Canadian whisky spelled Canada cinnamon, spicy party brand. sell Fireball keglike dispenser tap, poured bottle. brands Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey. cocktails slinging bar. Founded 2015 Kentucky, produces flavors, intended expression chocolate indulgence. Caramel Turtle, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Mocha Cream, Cherry Cream. flavor, Bourbon Ball. newest lineup Toffee. weight, spice, Whiskey lends mash base. Barrel Barrels impart vanilla marry chocolate, types fruit. Peach, banana sense, Whiskeysmith lineup. Blood Manhattans. Created whiskey-loving brothers, standard whiskeys judged, culinary approach. whiskey, salted caramel, cocktail pour ice. foolproof sippable desserts. spring, dessert, regardless contributor. lover drinks, finds, well-known personality morning-show Sunny 106.3. RECIPES SALTED CARAMEL ESPRESSOTINI ounce Salted Nooku Cream brew vodka dash Angostura bitters peel Combine ingredients shaker Shake vigorously seconds. Double strain chilled coupe glass. Garnish espresso. BALLOTIN MINT JULEP ounces Mint Crushed sprigs mint SPICED CIDER lemon spiced cider Fill julep crushed Mint, garnish slapped sprigs. toddy sliced apples cloves. CHOCOLATE OLD FASHIONED Original bourbon Dash rocks old-fashioned muddle cherry bitters. Pour bourbon. PEANUT BUTTER CUP MARTINI sauce rim Place shaker. well. Rim optional. Serve peanut butter garnish. 85 NOELANI MATHEWS Salad Chick Potesta Pace menu chicken salad homemade sides, pimento cheese, soups sandwiches, catering options. CHICKEN SALAD CHICK PORTRAIT KENDAL POTESTA SCOTT PACE rom moment restaurant, on. atmosphere fresh, tasty menu, chain Estero, trendy seducing Fancy Kickin Kay Lynne, rich savory, in-house morning. selection soups, sandwiches. Based experience, owners delicious Southern hospitality taste-- scoop--for 3,740 Barbaras Friends Golisano Hospital ahead grand led franchise Pace. 88 FORT MYERS ESTERO child, weekly checkups. foods sounded appetizing hooked ever since, co-owner husband-and-wife 225 locations, southeast, 250 strangers owning business, hospitality. Last September, Charlotte January. involves giveaways, celebration. outpouring openings imagined, excited communities, restaurants jobs 89 Witha bigger brand, fundraisers, raising Cooperative. Within difference landfall hesitation, Donate Meal initiative, delivering heroes. operate, can, Giving Mathews writer, creator, Peach 7925 Dani 239-970-9515 chickensaladchick.com ft-myers-fl 10151 Town Commons 239-294-7853 estero-fl 1799 Trail, 103, 941-336-7596 port-charlotte-fl WE LOVE SIGNATURE BANANA CAKE Restaurant Artisan Eatery Cake ripe teaspoons cups all-purpose flour baking soda teaspoon butter, softened sugar buttermilk Icing powdered sugar, sifted Nilla wafers Preheat oven 300F. Grease 9-inch round pans. bowl, juice, aside. medium flour, soda, light fluffy. Beat eggs, vanilla. mixture alternately buttermilk. Stir mashed mix. batter prepared pans tap counter out. Bake preheated toothpick inserted Remove cool cakes icing. cheese smooth. Add beat speed combined, Ice layer evenly, top. thin coating refrigerate raspberries, pecans walnuts choose. 8951 Daniels Pkwy., 239-887-4844, artisaneatery.com 94 RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 College Parkway ronandsons.com Sales Installation Security Alarm Systems AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom System Vac 239.939.0077 Serving accentbp.com ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS CopierPrinterScanners Printer Service Supplies Print Cost Recovery Management 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel claudiospestmanagement.com CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Know Trust Termite Pest Across knocking Composer Gershwin Nadal serve, RB Girl, ______ Sheds Class handler, abbr. Widely varied Americas contender 22Sunny Midsummer Nights ___ 27 Antipollution org. Unique pests, Eternal jewel 33Endures Down 1Conservationists concern-marshy Electrical resistance measure Jug baseball Historical legend 6 Study relationship 7 Like impudent Neithers Caloosahatchee, Protected Acidity factor Cheddar Brie dish 24Reside wire Halloween coverups Provided meal plane Peppermint PUZZLE O N E Hidden Word Captivas Chapel Charley 2004. photo Fire Rescue NovDec 2004 Eighteen later, Immediately supplied goods. COVER Jewelry 10. courtesy MAIN JANFEB VOL. NO. 4.95 SPARKLING SEA OATS COLLECTION HELPS FASHION VOLUME Published Display SWEET RELIEF RECOVERING CONFECTIONS FLAVORED WHISKIES TWIST CLASSIC

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