features 38 44 SEE THE SEA, FROM SEA Birds, fish, manatees, dolphins--all can be spotted from different vantage points on a cruise ship, an ideal place to view wildlife. Our author serves as guide make the most of your time at sea. DREAM FLIGHTS Of 16 million who served in WWII, fewer than 200,000 veterans, youngest being 95 years old, remain. The Dream Flights mission is honor many these heroes possible. 50 STUDENTS REACH FOR SKY aerospace curriculum flying high. Students Bonita Springs High School are lining up take classes engineering, physics, and math, all leading careers aviation, perhaps pilots--of airplanes, well drones. 56 COUNTRY CLUBS KEEP UP TO DATE Country clubs trying keep competitive marketplace newcomers while meeting expectations modernized style services established clientele. SPECIAL SECTION Three golf courses, joy play 62 Dunes Golf Tennis Club 64 Sanibel Island 66 Shell Point ON COVER Like modern-day punk-rock Robin Hood, beautiful fierce Angela Page simultaneously helping hand those need force reckoned with for mean oppress them. Rebel Cause, page 22. Cover photo by Jesi Cason. 2 TOTI.COM JANUARYFEBRUARY 2022 departments 10 8 11 12 14 PUBLISHERS LETTER MAKING WAVES Watching Over Water On Run Southwest Florida IN COMMUNITY You Can Do It KIDS Kids Rule PETS Doggone Shopping GULF COAST ZEITGEIST Never Too Late Become Beginner BEAUTY Beauty Trends ARTS Cause GARDEN Trouble-free Sapodilla STAY TUNED Celebrating Saint-Sans WHATS STORE Whats Hot NATURES NOTEBOOK Parakeets Parrots OUT ABOUT Blessing Stone Crab Fleet OUTDOORS Working Wonders 28 18 20 22 30 34 68 70 72 75 EXPLORER Birds Colorful Feather 82 H2...Om 86 90 106 108 110 111 112 CHEERS Restock Refresh Bar EPICURIOUS SWFL Dining Guide RECIPES WE LOVE Cooking BETWEEN LINES Capturing Everglades CROSSWORD SERVICES AND PROFESSIONALS JOURNAL Coming MarchApril Whether its gulf, river, or lake, near water easy Florida. In our issue, bring you things that water-related. 4 ers . tom l offer s u c eci lue etB r sp j o fo ift f A g age 1 p See GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela J. Jaeger CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jason Jones CONTRIBUTING DESIGNER Heather Strudgeon PROOFREADER Dan Whicker SENIOR CONSULTING EDITOR Susan Holly CUISINE TRAVEL Gina Birch Beth Luberecki VIDEO JOURNALIST, HEALTH FITNESS WRITER Klaudia Balogh OUTREACH MANAGER Emma Eldridge DIGITAL CONTENT CONTRIBUTOR Taryn Colburn SOCIAL MEDIA Issac Leach WRITERS Birch, Ken Burgener, Steve Corbin, William R. Cox, Erik Entwistle, Brian Holaway, Jeff Lytle, Luberecki, Myles Mellor, Kathy Montgomery, Dr. Randall H. 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Subscription price 24.00 one-year domestic subscription. Copyright Inc. All rights reserved. No part this publication may reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily Ten Ways Make Happy Yes, happiness attainable W Group Publisher, Media PHOTO COURTESY OF MEDIA, INC. ell, here we beginning 2022. Have started working resolutions New Year yet Did set goals I did, but people probably think main one just pie-in-the-sky thinking. see, have determined happy year, especially after witnessing so much unhappiness over past two years. What do Is doable purposefully happier last create happiness, does it always depend circumstances seems everyone hunt something they believe will them happy. Money usually first item list. If only had more money, could Yet, know money isnt really answer. Chasing actually robs once it, realize how true cant buy happiness. Certainly, stuff, material satisfy desire Ive been there, all. Remember excitement getting latest model tennis racket, new clubs, hottest mobile phone, some other toy Wasnt when finally hands experienced magic using Then there was pride showing off family friends. We felt while, shouldnt longer few days, season answer yes. tend accept fleeting moments eludes us. So, what Sure, is. But finding requires change thinking little discipline too. teach ourselves looking sports example. According RookieRoad.com, Top Rules Sports 1. Respect opponent. 2. Dont argue referee. 3. Listen coach. 4. Take health safety seriously. 5. Be team player. 6. Act mentally tough. 7. Enjoy wins, learn losses. 8. Strive great. 9. fun. 10. classy, follow etiquette rules. if apply rules everyday lives, experience Read through times, about going right now. They sense, dont Behind implication living When that, yourself, have. Youll find whatever out done. trained athlete, win because youve won before, winner. Speaking youll interesting stories current issue favorite magazine. 22, read Fort Myers punk rocker Page, found her channeling rebellious nature into nonprofit called Love Your Rebellion. As usual, here, were sure inspired reach pages. enjoy hearing you, us social media channels let think. behalf entire team, wish loved ones very prosperous BY ANN MARIE OPHELAN Red Cross offers variety aid CPRAED courses until help arrives. Lifeguards earn certification area pools IF YOU GO L OPhelan resident regular contributor Media. AMERICAN RED CROSS ifeguard training provide knowledge skills prevent, recognize, respond emergencies pools, waterparks, non-surf beaches. American lifeguarding program, automated external defibrillator training. Participants recognize cardiac, breathing, emergencies, including performing CPR, says regional communications director Siara Campbell. has conducting throughout country 100 Locally, organization provides Gulf Coast University. For locations, more, visit redcross.org call 1-800-RED-CROSS. Lee County Parks Recreation aquatic StarGuard lifeguard course. This course taught multiple during spring train lifeguards summer, aquatics supervisor Rapp. information, contact community leeparks.org. Nearby facilities include North San Carlos pools. Lifeguard also offered YMCA Myers. FGCU Aquatics Center 10501 Blvd. South, 239-590-7700 fgcu.edustudentlifecampusrecaquatics 1360 Royal Palm Square Blvd., 239-275-9622 ymcaswfl.org Community Pool 5170 Orange Grove 239-652-4520 leegov.comparkspools 8208 239-267-6002 Where get heart rate Edison Festival Light 5K N KRIS FEHLANDT LEE COUNTY PARKS RECREATION ow best outside pound pavement, sand, trails. There runs, tours, fantastic places aerobic exercise. Runners walkers alike reduce stress, lose weight, improve health, lift their spirits. Here selection activities where go distance. 5K, February 19, 2022, 5 pm edisonfestival.org run largest festival Florida--the Light. event draws 1,400 runners Downtown River District coordinated Track ftmyerstrackclub.com. BEACHES BIKE PATHS BonitaEstero Beach leegov.comparksbeachesbonitabeach Captiva sanibeltrails.com RUNSWALKS Park located southern tip Beach. Tour de January Packet pickup 630-8 am race tourdecape.net Shrimp RunWalk March 12, 9-10 fortmyersbeachshrimpfestival.comevent5k-run iN Learn like pro least aspire S outhwest athletes paradise. no lack enjoyed year-round here. Consider three areas popular activities-- swimming, tennis, golf--all which taking lessons. Since nearly everywhere look area, swimming almost required activity. affordable lessons children adults skill levels--at Register any Lehigh Acres, Myers, Pine GOLF Eastwood Course 4600 Bruce Herd Lane, 239-321-7487 cityftmyers.com1235Golf 3591 McGregor 239-321-7488 SWIMMING Acres 1400 W. Fifth Street, 369-8277 652-4520 5675 Sesame Drive, Bokeelia, 239-283-2220 Tice 4515 Glenwood, 834-4349 TENNIS Rutenberg 6500 South Pointe 239-822-0635 leecountytennis.com Oaks 18251 Pkwy., Wa-Ke Hatchee 16760 Bass Road, eight-lane heated pool swim children. Carlos, Tice, online attracts thousands players multitude both private public courts Association LCCTA programs partnership Recreation. Certified professionals five hardcourt facilities, lights night play. These Oaks, Rutenberg, parks. clinics accessible children, executive Lyn Bruner. course, often labeled Capital World, tries live title. addition countless dotting City owns professionally designed 18-hole Course. Both certified PGA instructors. Fun push limit kids, fun stuff includes swing, slide, kiddy pool. others, older adventurous, consists extremes ziplining, rock-wall climbing, jet skiing. levels Sky Zone top activity lists. With Air Court attraction, Fuel menu updates, upcoming events, exciting owner Jay Highley. basketball, soccer, volleyball springy, air-filled multicourt allows amazing tricks stunts. Ninja Warrior, Free Climb Rock Wall, Sky-jousting, Zipline, SkySlam, even Dodgeball excitement. Toddlers Little Leapers program dedicated attractions. After 9 pm, ratchets up. Blacklight, lasers, music transform jumping friends party evolves dance club, marketing manager Mandy Carter. At kids multicourt. OTHER LOCAL FUN SPOTS Gator Mikes Family 35 NE 239-574-4386 gatormikes.com Holiday locations holidaywatersportsfmb.com Pink Shell, 250 239-765-4386 Best Western, 684 239-463-6778 Diamondhead, 2000 239-765-2252 PHOTOS ZONE adventurous try Warrior 14181 S. Tamiami Trail, 239-313-5448 skyzone.comfortmyers four-legged G oing shopping center lot Who doesnt love people-watch, windowshop, entertained socialize, check scents, nice walk. Plus, lets forget car ride there. Several malls welcome dogs host dogadoption events. Bell Tower home stores allow furry customers inside. Look dog-friendly stickers doors. Doggie potty stations available center. dog rules, belltowerfl.com petfriendly. Also, Humane Soci- ety GCHS hosts monthly adoption event, Yappy Hour, second Friday month 6 court Tower. gulfcoasthumanesociety.org information. Although service animals allowed Mall Mutts Thursday every 1130 am. ambassadors walk mall Wierima, relations coordinator. held Sheriffs Office Outreach Center--where starts ends. donuts coffee. Mercola Market dog-adoption Society events Miromar Outlets. partners organizing Mutts. HUMANE SOCIETY Daniels Parkway 41, 239-489-1221 4125 Cleveland Avenue, 239-939-5464 shopedisonmall.com 125 SW 3rd Place, 239-599-9400 mercolamarketcc.com DANIELA JAEGER DR. RANDALL NIEHOFF Try life boost Every see adult bicycle, despair future human race. --H.G. Wells O ur sunny Gulf-coast weather miles bike paths permit cycling surrounded folks pedal around, reliving youth creating hopeful futures. enjoying high disciplined workout clad sleek uniform savoring sensual delights lazy outfitted beach attire, encouraging childlike faces mounted wheels two, three, sometimes four. youre bike, engaging sport. term based old Middle English verb means divert. diversion normal routine re-creates self hence, recreation. Most riders winter shaky mount Theyre either visitors north havent biked since summer retirees pedaled decades--but proof becoming beginner again life-enriching do. While learning outdoor sport valuable benefits body, neuroscience studies starting practice indoors out, alone others alters enhances brain process activation-dependent structural plasticity. Even simple act throwing balls air catch changes gray matter brains processing center, white networked connections bind together. good news developments happen still remember chair sound effects younger ones, seniors begin practice, faster seem learn. Learning sport, achieve mastery, beyond itself. study ages 60 conducted Vital Longevity University Texas, subjects split groups. One group took digital photography quilting simply got together socialized. Those larger improvements cognitive areas, ranging episodic memory speed. activities, able more. Epstein notes his book, Range Why Generalists Triumph Specialized Nobel laureates, compared scientists, likely partake amateur actor, dancer, magician, type performer. Go outside, whether put feet pedal, sidewalk, around scientist would. Last February, example, volunteers annual shorebird survey counted 2,443 individual birds 25 species unexpected visitor all-white Iceland gull, nests Arctic. morning saw fivefoot-tall snowman sculpted sand. vicariously joyful re-creation growth games Olympics Paralympic Games Tokyo witness physicalmental development Olympians Beijing. motto modern CITIUS ALTIUS higher FORTIUS stronger. Such outcomes result insightful genius original Greek Olympics, demonstrated ranged athletics poetry, rhetoric, music. now, participants beginners grew willingness compete Latin, together, seek. aim win, regardless score, become better--physically mentally. Let begin... again. Ran Niehoff pedaling 1991. 19 BETH LUBERECKI give lowdown fabulous fragrances luxurious lotions, beauty must-haves, everything between GET GLOW mirror telling skin Youth Got Prevent-4 Pure Retinol products Bliss healthy, youthful glow. Deep Hydration Moisturizer 27 Advanced Skin Smoothing Serum feature ingredients amino acids, peptides, squalene, antioxidants smooth moisturize plus protect free radicals damage cells. Regular use helps appearance fine lines extra bounce. Suitable types, unwanted such parabens, phthalates, petrolatum. Find local Target stores. WASH AUSSIE WAY trip Down Under next wash face Sand Skys Australian ClayDeep Pore Cleanser 30. four-in-one gel namesake ingredient deep clean, eliminate oil, fight pollution, additional finger lime luffa plant gentle exfoliation, macadamia oil hydration, witch hazel refine pores. Its effort leaves fresh, clean skin. cleanser Ulta ulta.com, 239-334-0659, Cypress Woods 239-766-4107, Town 239766-4283 Coconut 239-992-0361 Coralwood 239-458-3522. BOLD BRIGHT Just winter, nails Nails.INCs Naked Neon collection 9.89 each four fully pigmented, highlighter-bright shades Street Sun Passage. Wear on-trend ombr eye-catching manicure. attention-grabbing polishes dry quickly, longwearing, percent vegan. Sally AGING GRACEFULLY Wrinkles down Reach Dennis Gross Ferulic Intense Wrinkle Cream 75. ultra-hydrating formulation retinol bakuchiol rejuvenate skin, rambutan increase skins elasticity lines, ferulic acid against radicals. Use daily hydrate firm smoother, softer complexion. Sephora sephora.com, 239-390-9889 inside JC Penney store 239-936-8101 COLIN ORION Rebellions defiant benevolence ALL JESI CASON PHOTOGRAPHY Florida, viewed lens visitor, world beaches boats, margaritas coconuts--which undoubtedly places, though, contains locals appreciate notice. Perhaps intriguing parts Rebellion LYR. several LYR champion defender marginalized communities beyond, arts pathway power. 80 artists hired identify women, immigrants, color, queer andor trans, low-income need, rocking onstage Babefest long hard wanted nature. want fuel me, did destroy me --Angela LYRs June 2021 zine 23 heart, brains, backbone LYR, Michelle Caraway, Annie Pritchard disabilities. Not underestimated, tight ship pushes accomplish meaningful communities. helm Page. she definition hero. Shes rock roll band--how cooler rebel, asked name came from. became 24 young age, before my teen rebel comes subversive maybe dangerous life. myself situations werent nature... meant quality herself. Being accompanied feeling outcast, comfortable stems falling uses resistance fight, instead letting life, says. Indeed, does. past, worked Coalition Immokalee Workers Southwest, chapter Showing Up Racial Justice Planned Parenthood Central few. Currently, ongoing Abuse Counseling Treatment, ACT. Annually, 500 copies therapeutic literary magazine, Zine, donated ACT, whose clientele survivors violence, sexual assault, trafficking. ACT artistry hip-hop collective NXVIX Equality distributes magazine self-care toolkit, rape crisis Zine Library, Neenies House, opened November 2019. permanent 150 art writing zines created members various quarter Spanish bilingual well, Hispanic community. library housed cultural emporium East neighborhood celebrated endeavors, however, fundraising notable among Babe- fest, Equality, Sonic Masquerade. mention cool band Her wonderfully loud aggressive, thrash punkgrunge Except You. Pages plate full, undeniably unapologetically clear biggest goal bigger impact serve providing opportunities employment, exposure, assistance, Providing building staff full-time part-time positions, seeking funding sources. 26 adage goes, talk talk, pretty information loveyourrebellion.org. Orion artist, musician, tattooer, writer ERIK ENTWISTLE handsome landscape Recently developed varieties sapodilla improved fruit, smooth, nongritty texture notably sweet taste brown sugar malt. growing excellent Alano Makok. implies, tree source sappy latex chicle. score bark pick unripe white, sticky chicle immediately flowing. bit trivia, used chewing gum Aztecs Maya. Chiclets brand named made. Sapodillas said fruiting within seven planting, sounds wait. planted, couple producing. Once production begins, challenge knowing harvest fruit. fruits varying size produced difficult tell ready pick, rarely fall own, covered dozens ripening months. room handsome, exotic grows trouble consider planting Manilkara zapota. native Mexico, America, Caribbean now cultivated tropical subtropical regions world, own. evergreen makes specimen, at, wind resistant, require maintenance, easily pests diseases threaten it. maintained smaller easier harvesting, save space, likelihood toppling hurricane. fruit looks identical relative, mamey sapote, belonging Sapotaceae family. should confused, similar texture. sapote resembles potato pumpkin texture, redolent spiced, baked pear. eat would kiwi, slicing half scooping flesh spoon, making discard large black seeds. TOP BOTH PAGES wont soften desired stage edibility days picked sit kitchen counter ready, too soon ripen properly. tree, watch scaly, rough surface scurf indicating readiness harvest. Another sign stop increasing size. Some trial error expected habits highly tree. quite grow must rank choice care absolutely delicious fruit--just mind oozes trim branches Pianist, instructor, musicologist Entwistle lives teaches Sanibel. He writes Stay Tuned column hobby vegetables sustainable gardening methods. 29 enigmatic French composer Saint-Sanss household word United States pronunciation merci, internet. Yet hundreds works Western classical musics famous, symphonic poem Danse Macabre 1874 signature opening discords solo violin, biblical opera Samson Delilah 1877, magnificent Symphony No. 3 Organ Symphony, grand zoological fantasy Carnival Animals 1886. listen work SaintSans, given privilege interacting historys greatest musical minds. comprehend level possessed. began piano composing early childhood, made debut Salle Pleyel Paris concerti Mozart Parisian street Beethoven. confithe Camille dence pianist church Saint-Merri, Paris, churches organist, 185357 PETIT PIERRE 1831-1909, RESTORED ADAM CUERDEN BOTTOM RIGHT DAVID ILFF, LICENSE CC BY-SA 3.0 ast marked centenary death romantic 1835-1921. occasion normally usher renewed interest fresh assessment historically important figure. encouraged personally re-engage long, intentional, hiatus. pandemic, squelched large-scale performances might otherwise materialized. lost opportunity unfortunate, remains enigma, generous legacy largely awaits universal recognition. Portrait 32 Beethoven sonatas encore. 13 entered Conservatory organ composition, career touring concert pianist, serving decades organist Pariss famed Church Madeleine. His friend Franz Liszt, him perform declared instruments proponent. composer, similarly prodigious, stylistically pigeonhole he balance modernist stances Berlioz, Wagner earlier achievements Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, having tastes music-loving France time. coalesces aspects kind all-inclusive eclecticism, yielding neither avant-garde nor backward-looking, States, famous. Animals, famous pieces, showed composers sophisticated sense humor. breathes own terms--brilliant, charming, deeply beautiful. familiar Saint-Sans, refresher start listed Among commissioned Philharmonic high-profile 1886 London premiere podium. arguably masterpiece gave give, wrote completion. accomplished, never That same creation another essential staple concerts Animals. instrumental suite delightfully explores kinds humor revels silliness. exceptionally good-natured wears thin, lovable heard ago. spare himself hijinks, Macabre, composed earlier, misquoting extensively movement entitled Fossils. 31 pianists ensemble, carry lions share music, end treated carnival, scales middle piece. animal depictions laughs, demonstrates achingly depiction swan, cast cello melody pianos. Apart piece YouTube video featuring cellist Yo-Yo Ma currently views. approached SaintSans watched irrelevant fashion, displaced modernism generations, Stravinsky Debussy. Ironically, ended outliving compatriot Debussy, taken altogether direction. continued compose sudden attack December 16, 1921. Despite anachronistic style, later touching lyrical, miraculously conveying depth relatively means. woodwind oboe, clarinet, bassoon swan song, metaphorical. final Album Leaf Opus 169, recalls melodic masterpiece. Unconscious accidental Perhaps, less striking. ErikEntwistlereceived undergraduate degree Dartmouth College. earned postgraduate performance Washington St. Louis doctorate musicology California, Santa Barbara. Island. GINA BIRCH CHUNKY BLANKIE Part Bedsure Home, luxurious, large-knit blanket bold, homey, last. 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INSULATED FOOD JARS Keep food beverages perfect temperatures outdoors Bklyn Bentos stylish line stainless-steel jars. vacuum technology double-walled insulation maintains beverage exterior condensation. 17.9921.99 bklynbento.com EASY RAIN GEAR fashionable alternative bulky rain gear, Rainraps pashmina water-repellent active wear. boating, sporting camping, reversible garment travel pouch tucks handbag, backpack, suitcase. 65 rainraps.com SINGLE-SERVE COFFEE Craving hot cup-o-joe boat camping Kahawa 1893 single-serve coffee packs rich Kenyan minutes steep. From third-generation female farmer, eco-friendly supports farmers though customer tipping program. 16.93 kahawa1893.com SAUCY Simplify barbecue one-and-done, small-batch artisan sauces. Eldas Kitchen, range flavors, vegan friendly, gluten-free, contain preservatives, MSG, high-fructose corn syrup. eldaskitchen.com HAVE AERATOR, WILL decanter aerate flavor. Slip Aervana aerator press button top. compact matching corkscrew pouch. 79.99 aervana.com 36 Sea, Sea KEN BURGENER --Moslih Eddin Saadi. prolonged blast ships horn announces leaving dock. imaginary pages, tips wildlife sailing world. 20s, Nassau Harbor ship. rare back 70s, generated fat, whitehaired guys disembarked headed town. laughed them, God becomes 40 Now crossing oceans cruises, guys, pointers spotting cruise. traveler observation bird wings. CAREFREE BIRDINGKEN First advice Get pier early. way scout port. estimate sightings occur sitting still, waters calm, water. moored, yards away shallow fish feeding. boarding, deck, 200 point, assess figure focus attention. Investigate decks select preferred viewing areas. mind, closed maintenance. Stationing yourself stern rear bad points. switch sides directions, something, gone sight. bow front coming up, windy. Many bow, when. Decide stand day spot railing. binoculars way, already equipped watching deck drill. docked sharks cruising shallows meal, rays water, schools entertainment. Alaskan seals icebergs floating harbor. eyes peeled sky sea rewarded sighting bald eagle, masked booby, seabirds. lookout months warmer port ocean. weigh 3,900 pounds slow movement, During mating males mate female--its real lots splashed air. post chart nautical map cruising. picture passing islands--good sightings. land fly number hundreds. glaucous-winged gull hops ride. hesitate scope prime spots prepared observe nearby fishermen, pay attention boats. dock, creates huge underwater tidal wave, bringing mud, weeds, food. harbor waiting meal. moves sea, cross distinct entrance zone, harEarly risers colorful sunrise backdrop bor. Depending tides surrounding observations. freshwater mixing saltwater. current, is, eating moving waterway. Notice fishermen boats close area. Lots caught current. natures smorgasbords located. Leaving channel, pass reefs, marine home. turtles breathing surface. point picking speed, stay side sun. action. Finally, approaching open ocean, requiring mode observation. Wrecks haven sealife optimal viewing. Dixon Cove Honduras Tulum, dolphins, whales, cargo sank fish. Often dolphins waves half-mile Also circling playing waves, move grab 49 dolphin porpoise grouped families oceanic far unusual creatures--the ocean sunthe Mola mola. My encounter river dolwith strange phin families, containing island coast species. porAll looked poise fins, eyes, gills. breathe, seeing head tail, possibility. body flattened laterally. Adults whale typically 545 2,205 specific whale-watching excursion, pounds. sunfish tall possible sight standard dorsal ventral cold fins extended. whales eggs vertebrate, unusual. 300 one, yell, WHALE Everyone thing rush windows look. jumps jungle Sargasso Sea. again, hero yellow weeds drift lower hull Atlantic, stretching habitat acts giant predator, motivates creatures. shore, wade handful. Watch shake, amazed wind. crabs, out--for Sarsometimes hundred coopergasso weed, except swims. ating. 41 frigate, red-tailed hawk soaring above cruise, blown aboard ship--or smart residence attracted night, seen types birds, mourning doves sora, secretive waterbird marsh. continent. smartest peregrine falcon. crow-sized falcon earth widespread raptor widely reaching mph characteristic high-speed dive, fastest animal. captain told Europe America. hang upper unsuspecting by. great tactic, then strike bird, knocking retrieves victim, rigging dine. stops along ample viewing, ship-sponsored excursions Ship educated Eared grebe Steller cruises. guides extraordinary amount feed creatures paid see. bad--good animals, happens decide instead, hire street, tips. farther go, cheaper taxis, customers. knowledgeable price. But, beware claim expert. pays plan ahead tours. Contact 42 Author Burgener ship-- advance, idea experience. websites reviews trips run. countries bus docks. inexpensive around. planning, return port, be. fulfilled expectations, jealous travels newfound knowledge. Next expert Dutch Antilles Rif Anna Bay Curaao. name, spelled Riffort, translates Reef Fort. traveler. sailboat tour Audubon, Dragonfly Expeditions, AAA, Greyhound, Road Scholars. founder Carefree Birding. Spotting Here, humpback surfaces. Orca 43 GIVING BACK THOSE WHO GAVE STEVE CORBIN WWII veteran Dick 98, Flight. 45 September happened glance skyward bright World War II-era biplane overhead, chances history making. passenger restored Stearman biplanes, aircraft aviators war. Operation Flights, founded 2010 Darryl Carol Fisher family, honoring military veterans. To date, 5,000 vets flown cost free, flights funded sponsorships donations, support volunteer pilots, crew members, maintenance administrative staff. pilots barnstorming across country, stopping towns meet veterans families. 20-minute flight preceded ceremony introducing describing records stories. climb open-cockpit memorable 1,000 Great seated safely securely open-air cockpit. nervous Id plane glad day, wonderful job feel special. 46 offering adventure-ofa-lifetime heroes, known Greatest Generation. stopped Field mainly Retirement Community, beautifully seven-cylinder 1943 biplane, Spirit Wisconsin. purchased crop duster sat storage. Missouri, Carolina, Tennessee Roland Garlinghouse, aviator enthusiast. locally vintage gatherings country. neighboring retired naval squadron. 47 fall. honored short takes off. 48 flight, signs tail biplane. adventure-of-a-lifetime Flight 98-year-old Point. war 84th Army Infantry Division Railsplitters, 333rd Regiment, sergeant. Battle Bulge survivor, Bronze Star recipient, led police platoon ended. ride, finishing honor. plane. dreamflights.org. Corbin contributor, longtime loves exploring state uncover hidden gems. donations supported Veterans WWII. barnstorm Teacher Todd Callahan directs student piloting drone School. TODD CALLAHAN Potential drones, cars JEFF LYTLE 51 Drones command robotic helicopter, Ingenuity, achieves powered Mars Detroit continues reminiscent 1960s-era cartoon, Jetsons Amazon inches closer delivery via unveiled stunned Minutes 2013. sponsored Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Daytona BSHS offerings Callahan, Force colonel navigated massive B-52 bombers. stick years, grades, explains, college credits commercial license 55 pounds, special certification. Nearly 140 students cluster academic interests Drone piot navigate indoor obstacle countywide JROTC competition testing agility. Aerospace simulators. courts. 52 PUBLIC SCHOOLS prepare football field. calls licensing drive car, gigs tracking criminals, punishing enemies, estate photography, telecommunications checking conditions cell phone towers. Web searches turn inspecting offshore rigs, turbine blades, smokestacks, dirty jobs drones ideally suited. Collier Mosquito Control examples use. Patrick Linn, pilot director, detect alligators swamps employees work, map, inspect mosquito habitat, report data aircraft, insecticides. story I, teacher target practice. weapons, portrayed 2015 movie, Eye Sky. Student Tyler Swan displays 53 space practicing skills. THESE SCHOOL PROGRAMS SHOULD HELP PREPARE REGION INCREASING WORKFORCE DEMAND. THIS SYNERGY BUSINESS PLUS EDUCATION CAN EVENTUALLY CREATE SMALL AERO-TECH CLUSTER REGION. --Amir Ferreira Neto, cars, says, away, todays timing BSHS. Amir assistant professor economics University, cites warehouses Wayfair, promise speedy delivery, international commerce Airglades airport Clewiston. logistics businesses packages containers, collecting items, doing inventory, Neto school region workforce demand, continues. synergy business education eventually aero-tech region. Meanwhile, Federal Aviation Administration FAA licenses studied designing, building, programming devices. learned remotely steer adjust speeds safely--avoiding buildings, populated paths. agility contest Junior ROTC. Public Schools TV show captures demonstrating solder circuit board finished product--even formation acrobatic skills, lead full-scale, advanced aircraft. curve went opposite direction, know-how adding aeronautic fundamentals lesson plans. 54 aviation. certifications. enroll specifically curious. say drawn fields days. applications particular. class member teeming fishing holes, attaching baited rod. prospect earning college-level principal Estes parents input 2018. endorsed academies medical care, aerospace. joined pains promising completing understands cheers reason attraction options choices students, beams. STICK AEROSPACE CURRICULUM THREE YEARS, GOOD GRADES, EXPLAINS, COME AWAY COLLEGE CREDITS COMMERCIAL DRONE PILOTS LICENSE. Lytle editorial editor Naples Daily News. Millions invested grounds, LY TLE Rear renovated clubhouse Colonial COLONIAL CLUB B Clubs surge golf, pickleball, distancing expansions, facelifts, upgrades amounting multimillion-dollar industry newcomers, expects up-todate services. maintain reputation capital States. Gatess designbuild firm, Gates Springs, leader progressive state. Typically club needs renovate ten basically Covid-19, bubble pertains dining, socials, fitness, etc. combined, transformation sorts, fitness casual renovations fresh-air systems, summary recent construction eye, exerts community-wide economic spending materials. Palmira amenities year. holes redesigned, resodded. 8.2 project replacing aging wooden bridges bulkheads walls, contouring, irrigation drainage greens, tee boxes. lead-up makeover Palmiras aptly Vision 2020, 822 households sharing budgeted 4.9 stand-alone gym expanded bocce shaded spectator shop. usiness booming clubs. 57 breezeway Golfside Grill Shadow clubhouse. Existing communitys Renaissance repurposed crafts, card rooms, highlighted poolside bistro full dining bar out. Valencia added first-ever meeting, pickleball complex. National golf- caf. Estero, Wood 5.2 million, 9,000-square-foot indoor-outdoor venue 260 seats. folding-glass door sunset sushi bar, pizza oven, fire pits lounge seating. completed four-year, renovation reimagination courses. overhaul nine rebuilt stadium effect 5, seating 250. redo tag 17 million. Countys Lake Club, rebranded itself Wilson design. reports 3.5 bunkers, fairways, tees, stone former members. game respect history, Hall Fame char- president Scott left, artist Christopher CR Obetz Patty Berg tribute 58 SHADOW WOOD CYPRESS LAKE SOUTHWEST FLORIDA HAS MAINTAIN ITS REPUTATION AS CAPITAL UNITED STATES. ter Gene Sarazen, sportswriter Herb Graffis. 6.5 16-year-old clubhouse, 1,800 square internal 1,500 roof Sunset Grille room. doubled Dirks, membership upgrades, par 3s, 54, Bobby Clampetts Impact teaching academy, high-tech gear analyzing swings. complexes. accounted 2.5 4.5 upgrade. Doug Thrasher, Palmetto-Pine Coral, dollars historic property tender loving care. chipping putting added. Wooded pruned LINE country-club investments executive, Phil Wood, CEO John Properties, weighs Due factors influence values impossible homes value X invests redoing reality demand communities, jumped bandwagon. keeping Joneses end, somewhere prevalent enabled well-known builders architects substantial overall so-called remodels cases, literally tear buildings rebuild, interior remodeling moderate additions present structures, build spas centers. Distinctive feel, but, adds, fundamental design respected aboard. Bocce upgrade mostly 1970, decorating dining. Mediterra Naples, expansion experiences. 40,000 60,000 feet, welcomed wood flooring, Tavern, terrace. ballroom galas weddings RENAISSANCE Academy 59 Outside dinning Clubhouse. MANY ARE EXPANSIONS, FACELIFTS, UPGRADES AMOUNTING MULTIMILLION-DOLLAR INDUSTRY OWN. guests, updated garden sunroom intimate celebrations, Max Deboer. twist aside employees, cafeteria, library, phone-charging stations. Fairways, Travis Snyder Bonita, complete regrassing summer. greens course--featuring holes--will enlarged redone dwarf grass mowing lengths, putting. Upgrades Fairways Bobcat Caf, mascot, furnishings patio nestled amid Vines residential community, 32-yearold undergoing 4.4 redesign expansion, following 26,700-square-foot 2,000 17,000 transformed restaurant TWO MEDITERRA BELOW PALMETTO-PINE GATES RENDERING ESTERO Refreshed Rendering HISTORY Amid emphasis new, inextricably linked history. venerable shape 1916 natural scene. lone Historic Trail Pensacola Jacksonville Key West. 1959, population 50,000 gladiolus farming cash cow, plans countys venue. 1962, opening, lucky guests per round, according website. coastal accents colors, Meg Stepanian, director. Historical elements, backside terraced seating, tables, west wing shop, facility, courts, studio, locker upgrades. existing formal furnishings. comment general Joseph Iafe, foresees reopening, apropos time--thrilling lifestyle unfold eyes. Clubhouse resides Bonita. 61 FAIRWAY OR COURT welcomes ways sun vacation islands. And racket. Guests Inns Sanibels properties included reservation duration resort stay. So urge strikes hit links court, exercise friendly competition. Henke, three-time winner, sharpen breathtaking abundant challenging hole, Henke. Resort discounts rental apparel. SERVE IT DINING DETAILS spend volleying plenty options. complimentary access recently resurfaced Har-Tru desk assist scheduling Blackwood Academy, instructional clinics, camps, abilities. skill, game, fun, academy happen. paradise, Nick Blackwood, cofounder Academy. concierge match guest partner appropriate level. didnt racket vacation, equipment available. temporary entitles addition, Inn on-site An 2002 resulted newly authentic experience, Room assortment salads, homemade soups, sandwiches, burgers, entres, hour cocktails p.m. discount purchases calendar dinner parties, trivia nights, outings, resorts, theinnsofsanibel.com dunesgolfsanibel.com. 949 Castle 239-472-3355 dunesgolfsanibel.com 1973 Designed Mark McCumber Bermuda Greens TifEagle Holes Par Tee marker 5,606 yds ratingslope 68.8129 II 5,249 mens 67.5120 ladies 72.4138 III 4,913 66.1115, 70.4129 IV 3,997 62.0105, 65.5109 V 3,207 yds. 59.696, 57.694 Amenities Practice green, carts fees Memberships memberships Full Sports, Social, Corporate. TEE DUNES 5,600-yard ten-time winner McCumber. laid styles layout, amidst preserve sanctioned Audubon Society. well-maintained framed foliage. eye alligators, Players advantage professional hone games. Lessons Nolan Play round stunning setting Natural Choice anibel embraces wild side, protecting celebrating assets. philosophy holds Club. unique backseat nature, operator Drew Donnelly. Golfers choose abundance secondary. Resorts gorgeous, semi-private smack-dab paradise undergone landscaping irrigation, offset efforts, fertilizer usage. superintendent Chad Kithcart layout function environmentally sensitive tract, acres wildflowers. Donnelly fixture family-owned -operated wife, Mary. holidays weekends, chance sons manning drop raking bunkers SandPro. surprised you. Nothing greet lush ensure captivating round. attractive. plans, full-family 30-day memberships. often--and participate golfers staying Resorts, definite perk. proud partnered receive Customer priority club. full-scale service--on golfer non-golfer islands weeks refreshing game. proud. extension succeeded. Freelance Active Military Opened 1972 Formerly Beachview Ray FentonTruman Marker Options Blue 70, 6,321 yards, 70.1133 White 5,818 67.6115 Gold 5,150 64.3115 4,586 62.1110 SANIBEL ISLAND LYNN SCHNEIDER Golfing Eighteen challenges rewards n passion--the smell grass, crack ball, lovely chip shot cup. Point, Floridas continuing-care retirement satisfies passion Nestled wildlife, all-grass driving range, short-game glass-fast pristine, divot-free boxes fairways. winding hazards, tees Points 71 championship Gordon Lewis, Naples-based architect Located Beach, Fitzpatrick, Hill Canton, Massachusetts, brings accomplished background profession, playing, teaching, managing. Sean Balliet, expertise Accuracy key Fitzpatrick. ability ball hitter, ultimate riskreward option. Coastal Commons tournaments Open, fundraiser Legacy Foundation Ladies activities. Larsen Health Center, blends health-care services, state-of-the-art skilled nursing rehabilitation impress consistency upkeep courteous, staff, Weinstein, managing Weinstein Wilkes Financial long-time Open sponsor. SHELL POINT AT GLANCE Lewis Seashore paspalum turf TaylorMade 18th Annual April 8, landscape. replaced roughs. Before deciding management analyzed seashore handsdown choice. vibrant green salt-resistant ubiquitous combats unavoidable salt intrusion. hardy, self-repairing tolerant seasons slightly temperatures. planted thriving. shop TaylorMade, Ping, Callaway demo equipment. carries clothing Vineyard Vines, FootJoy, Antigua, Sands, Bette Court, Tail, others. quick bite, Breezeway Caf conveniently adjacent breakfast flatbread deli To-go selections under sprawling amenities, Seagrape Salon, discounted reciprocal Members designated spots, unlimited balls, preferential complimentary, climate-controlled storage USGA handicap service. Member salon retail purchases, apparel merchandise, bags. series tool game--or balls. Community. Above carpet golfers. RETIREMENT 17500 239-433-9790 shellpointgolf.com 67 WILLIAM COX Escaped pets populations U.S. ories, parakeets, parrots, macaws Psittacidae. 322 black-hooded aka nanday parakeet temperate regions. pets, import--hundreds brought 1960s 1990s. escaped released purpose, wild. adapted trees plants moved states native. Psittacidae diversity Massive destruction unregulated endangered conservation BirdLife International 94 threatened, threatened. therefore unprotected. potential impacts habitats Agricultural reported borders approximately 15 parrot pests. agricultural astonishing fauna. Knowledge understand California. illustrate 3.7 common ranges 7.0 16.0 inches. Psittacids generally large-headed unnoticeable neck legs. arboreal, meaning regularly utilize trees. zygodactyl toes forward backward. beak dexterously branches. Their bills curved, sharp, thick, short. articulate Cox photographer ecologist Visit williamrcoxphotography.com. powerful tongue handling seeds, palm nuts, muscular positions sheared remove sharp bill. Nandayus nenday monk Myiopsitta monachus released, accidentally intentionally, late 1960s. Others observed rose-ringed parakeet, redcrowned parrot, orange-winged white-winged yellow-chevroned mitrid redmasked budgerigar. confinement 1969 Petersburg, grown Bayonet Tampa Sarasota. coasts Florida--in Bradenton, Lauderdale, Miami, Augustine. favor urban suburban sites royal palms Mexican fan palms, nest noisy flocks birds. parakeets perched feeding medium wingspread inches, blackish bill face, reddish thighs, light blue breast, tail. blackhooded parakeet. house weekly, calling loudly evening roost sites. vegetation, flowers, pine cones, acorns, fruits, mango material. cavities telephone poles snags. nesting habits, America eggs, incubate 21 fledge Keys. CAPT. BRIAN HOLAWAY delicacy Spreading flowers dock blessing M ideas emerged barroom talks, day. emerge develop worthy idea. conversation Bottom turned crab fleet. outpost comfortably found. rum runners, pot smugglers, outlaws, century. enough, city mangroves Mexico road mouth Barron Chokoloskee Bay. Population 425. surprise crabbing originated enterprising today crabbers 300,000 season, runs May gets gathers bless else frog-jumping coconut guava cake week City. Tod Dahlke, proprietor Hole Wall Pizza City, talking bar. asked. reply, seawall tonight fleet traps Dahlke intrigued. born. organized successful event. Rod Gun waits River. Soon crabs low murmur diesel engines purring another. boat, Kit Kat, pulls alongside seawall, followed Strictly Business, seawall. tied procession by, sprinkling flower petals petal spread, clergy asks heads pray bountiful safe games, festivities frog contest, coveted, controversial, contest. ARDELEAN, FACING PAGE Prize-winning entries organizer example independence, fortitude, grit. Long eaten leaping crosses finish line, blessings come. Capt. Holaway master naturalist shelling eco-tour 1995. charters Sound, Cayo Costa State Park, Cabbage Key, Captiva. KATHY MONTGOMERY Wonder Gardens hands-on educational appeal ages. Old thrives WONDER GARDENS hat tucked behind Old-Florida-style wonder Gardens, 85-year-old roadside maintaining rightful restaurants, condominiums, retail. Step discover destination enhanced enjoyment generations heavy melts Vacation camps educate global environment. surroundings Lorrie Dale, supporter quoted 2020 Report. Piper originally Reptile 1936 built transporting tourist Miami. botanical exhibits grew, attractions changed reflect wider guests. faded 2014 residents formed saving sold development. three-acre property, operated Gardens. Visitors interact Golden Pheasant Pavilion. horizon, improving grounds facilities. --David Rahahtih Webb lorikeet pavilion, nectar squawk greeting Parasols courtyard. leadership Webb, exhibits, programs. ninth-generation Floridian, atmosphere central do, Webb. step Shoppe, stocked toys homage rescued, rehabilitated, nonreleasable reptiles limited inhabitants overfed, color-coded plastic cups alligators. exhibit, lively parrots metal umbrellas, greeting. right, hold not, worry, ibis peacocks roam park, birdfeed. rest pond, aviaries, pavilions, wrought iron solarium birthday parties. TIM GIBBONS CIRCLE Juvenile gators star attractions, theres Wild join flamingos ducks fed Flamingo 73 fee, lorikeets, participants. otter grotto domes otters cave walls. lagoon juvenile filter marsh naturally returned lagoon. Victorian-style structure ornately crafted panes, collected solarium, tea fundraisers. Webbs enhance gardens levels, updating operating procedures. accreditation Zoological ZAA, sources survival flamingo breeding Montgomery 27180 239-992-2591 wondergardens.org 74 Sou th d i re t es w est eb JASON BOECKMAN prothonotary warbler songbird prominent chest. wooded streams lakes. White-eyed vireo thickets. WHAT BRING BIRDWATCHING roseate spoonbill spoon-shaped legs wading. field Binoculars Hat Comfortable shoes Sunscreen Portable folding 76 DING DARLING WILDLIFE SOCIETY, KENT JAGER PAUL MCKENNEY R oseate spoonbills, egrets, herons, tricolored herons--all wading birds--are spectacular, prized migrates avocet, curved striking orange plumage summerfall northern states. Sometimes avocets arrive plumage, fade typical feathers. By so, migrating harder-to-spot mangrove cuckoos lowland habitats. contrast, pelican wings spectacular flier. cuckoo LEFT CHERI HOLLIS BILL FISCHER duck splash color. 77 scrub-jay strong wingspan majestic climates, mountains plains Canada. beauties preserves, parks, sanctuaries. pelicans, Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge overhead pink refuge Critical Area Painted buntings, vivid blue, yellow, feathers, migrate 78 BIRDS lovers, audubonswfl.org Caloosa Bird caloosabirdclub.org. Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary dense brush. yellow-colored warblers, songbirds spring, Six Mile Slough Preserve prefer wooded, swampy birdwatchers dream sidebar, best. Known worldwide birdwatching mecca, 245 migratory residential. Darling, parking scene migration celebrations. brightly colored scarlet tanagers--a songbird--and painted buntings fragmentation lots, explains Toni Westland, supervisory ranger. four-mile Drive refuge, Saturday Thursday, driven, hiked, hiking biking trails accessed drive, Indigo Education Boardwalk, twostory tower end. 79 SITES 375 W, 239-348-9151 corkscrew.audubon.org Bunche 18201 Morris 239-839-7062 leegov.comparksbeachesbunche Delnor-Wiggins Pass 11135 Shore 239-597-6196 floridastateparks.org Harns Marsh 38th 239-368-0044 myecwcd.netharns-marsh J.N. 239-472-1100 fws.govrefugeJN_Ding_Darling Lakes 7330 Gladiolus 239-533-7575leegov.comparksparkslakespark Directly south Wyndham Garden 239-765-0202 fmbgov.com964Little-Estero-Island-Critical-Wildlife-A Rotary Environmental 5505 Rose 239-549-4606 capecoral.gov 7791 Penzance 239-533-7557 sloughpreserve.org egret medium-size heron birding osprey, anhingas, cormorants year-round. Birding tide Visitor guided 90-minute tram recommended Tarpon Explorers 900 239-472-8900 tarponbayexplorers.com H2...OM yoga welldocumented. Exposure mental health. spaces oceans, lakes, ponds, wellness. connected elements universe--water, earth, fire, airwind, etherspace--on body. result, Vibe Yoga Lindsay Smith combine stand-up paddleboard SUP retreats Coco Loco retreats, wth session beach. conclude luxury picnic VIBE YOGA adds dimension asana Zen sunset, location combining STAND PADDLE paddleboards rather mat. Because moving, studio. wondering why someone wobbly paddleboard, alone, Smith. all, enough poses solid ground question, try, looks, landbased doesnt. delightful invigorate Lorraine Ladish, Viva Fifty, celebrates 50, 13. running injury com- instructor accommodate retreats. BEACH RETREATS reasons vibe relaxation. 84 pleted hours Covid-19 kept inside, decided sanity. over, paddleboarder. base moving. focused one. new. Yogas paddleboard. teachers Ladish. perspective, Ladish feels retreat. Taking Loco, people. yoga. Crystal Gray, Illinois-based teacher, coach, speaker, retreat Rica. pandemic impacted count travel, Facebook six-night yogis relax unwind. beach, therapy project, meditation. connect people, learn, Gray She Smiths 20-year hospitality seamless, walking distance meals participants, accommodating requests gluten-free dishes. catered Smith, fitting VibeYogaSWFL.com. MORE INFO 13461 Parker Bldg. 2, Suite 204, Ft. 239-221-6195 VibeYogaSWFL.com 85 Wines spirits breathe liquor cabinet holiday plunder officially zipped rest, retrospection, restocking. Between visits hosting draining physical energy, supplies well. restocking brands basics, upon inspection, arent basic VODKA Vodka mixed anything, distilled rye potatoes grapes. Cash distillation process, billing farm-to-bottle spuds add vodka, particularly Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic. hurts besides mixers nondrinkers giving bodies reprieve holidays. Dhos organic farm distillery Oregon, gin, calories alcohol. tonic. 24.99 CONSIDER RESTOCKING NEW BRANDS YEAR. IMAGESPHOTOS SPECIFIC BRAND VINEYARD GIN, NONALCOHOLIC RUM Rum quintessential spirit. silver sipping. Dark, barrel-aged rums cocktails, substitute bourbon, sipped neat ice. Dominican Republic, Brugal 1888 aged bourbon sherry casks. woman rummaking rum, smells dried cinnamon. Cinnamon palate cloves, vanilla, honey. lingers nicely. BOURBON Bourbon Manhattan, fashioned, toddy, sipping evenings Brothers Bond appeal. actors Ian Somerhalder Wesley, Salvatore Vampire Diaries. fans spirit filming, ended, crafting smooth-yetspicy blend theyve rye. Actors Wesley launched Straight Whiskey 87 WINE Wine entertaining, socializing, doubt favorites, stepping comfort zone wines Bordeaux high-priced subareas understand. Thats Lgende in. Produced world-famous Domaines Barons Rothschild Lafite, entry-level average consumer prestigious Bordeaux. Saint-Emilion, Pauillac, Medoc, approachable cabernet sauvignon merlot. Blanc mineral, blanc smillon, climate cuisine. 19-54 Alto Adige Italian wines, mind. names foreign pronounce, outstanding best-kept secrets bulk production, pinot grigios Italy. Gewrztraminer outstanding. reds, Huck Am fruity, schiava lagrein, range. Hofstatter nero floral cherry spice. alpine style. 88 Duckhorn, secondary label, Decoy, produce wellknown merlots Napa Valley. Below, Duckhorns iconic Palms Discount Merlot often-maligned grape revered. Month, Grape Minds podcast. favorites Duckhorn Decoy 25. Valley wineries merlot, finesse. superb find. Washingtons Columbia Valley, LEcole merlot cab franc petit verKimberlee Nicholls welldot spice, received Markham Vineyards. Supry verdot sauvignon. dusty acidity. wine. fourth winery 1980s. Hopper House elegant splurge La Jota Howell Mountain rage, why. leaner, structure. oftenoverlooked, food-friendly hand. Sweet Treat Moscato wildly cloyingly sweet. Centorri Brangero Piedmont Italy winemakers. effervescent flavors peach Superb spicy shipped Dalla Terra Winery Direct. Cheers discoveries Year. contributor. lover food, drinks, time, personality 89 KEY Breakfast Lunch D Dinner SB Sunday Brunch Banquet Facilities Entertainment Cocktails Beer Vegetarian Food Beverage CIELO Creative Cuisine. sophistication evident restaurants tasteful decor impressive menus. Start Cielo-tini, gin curacao cocktail. appetizers PEI mussels, calamari charcuterie. Entres osso buco, Dungeness ravioli jumbo lump topping Wrap after-dinner drink scotches, cognacs ports. McDonald 1244 Periwinkle Way, 239-472-5555, cielo-sanibel.com 2500 239-472-8311, docfordssanibel.com GROG SHOP Cigars, Spirits More. liquor, liqueurs, beer, cigars, cozy Bailey Center. walk-in cigar humidor Arturo Fuente, Macanudo, Cohiba brands. Grog Shop party-planning weekly specials delivery. 2485 239-472-1682, grogshopsanibel.com COW Bovine Bounty. omelets pasta, beef joint, despite cow references. dinners choice, unless breakfast, Loaded Seafood DOC FORDS BAR GRILLE Novel Local folk novelist Randy Wayne fictional character, bestseller salads entres. skip mojito. epicurious Lets creamy chocolate me. --Audrey Hepburn Omelet. Check Mango Sangria 2163 239-472-0606, sanibelislandcow.com JERRYS FOODS Serving fullservice grocery incredible meat seafood department Captiva, 7am9pm. Jerrys lunch, dinner, 7am8pm. featured items. Gluten-free bread buns request. beers Coquina Coffee 7am4pm. commitment excellence. Customers priority, exceptional. market deliver perishables, convenience, pricing, local, organic, in, order sanibelgood2go. com 1700 239-472-9300, jerrysofsanibel.com LIGHTHOUSE CAF Worlds Breakfast. Residents classic decades, Ocean Frittata seasoned shrimp, scallops crabmeat, sauted broccoli mushrooms topped artichoke Alfredo sauce. Or Lighthouse Grouper Platter 92 Foods pictures lighthouse Call-ahead 362 239-472-0303, lighthousecafe.com NORMANDIE SEASIDE Indulge Yourself. West Wind lunch dinner. Bananaberry Toast Omelet Colombian whole-leaf teas. Relax cafes old-world Curry Chicken Salad Pressed Cuban Sandwich lunch. flair, pair extensive B, L, D, SB, BW, C, 3345 33957, 239472-1541 310, normandierestaurant.com. GRILL Color. pub fare--juicy baskets Buffalo wings--and symbolic words inadequate. Alan D. Wolfelt Normandie Seaside bartenders oftensought-but-never-found popularity 703 239-472-4453, thesanibelgrill.com THISTLE LODGE Victorian Rendezvous. cuisine grouper, oven-roasted coquelet herb-crusted lamb rack blackened yellowtail snapper mojo allure trappings, glorious views table. Casa Ybel Resort, 2255 239-472-9200, thistlelodge.com TIMBERS RESTAURANT FISH MARKET Dine Favorites fried calamari, platters cakes lump. Fresh menu. market. 239-472-2722, timbersofsanibel.com truly effective medicine. --Joel Fuhrman TRADERS Experience. Traders restaurant, entertainment Tuesday singer guitarist Danny Morgan, icon. gumbo, pan-seared macadamiaencrusted grouper. 1551 239-472-7242, traderssanibel.com T2 BISTRO Favorite. owners dishes, trendy tacos savory flatbreads, coastalinspired classics. rotating craft draft beer selection, list envy Floridian dcor. Outdoor gift anytime between. 2340 239-558-8919, T2traders.com CANTINA CAPTIVA Nacho Madres Mexican. serape piatas, terra-tiled floors adobe-style walls subtly suggest weve border. C 14970 239-472-0248, captivaislandinn.com Story Continues. Building success, chain Whites character doors Seas Resort. Docs Bread entres panko-fried shrimp dry-rubbed ribeye. 5400 Plantation 239-312-4275, docfordscaptiva.com 96 diet bank account. Good investments. --Bethenny Frankel KEYLIME Changes Fooditude. picket fence cheery canopies setting, Jimmy Buffett beat. eclectic walnut-crusted snapper, sausage peppers, escargots cheese tomato. 11509 Andy Rosse 239-395-4000, LATTE DA ICE CREAM Upon Time ... wide coffees, extra-strong Coffee, cappuccinos lattes tooth indulge scoops Queenies ice cream, milkshakes sundaes. 11508 239-472-0234, MUCKY DUCK Quack Up. pint brewed pond. combination grub. beachside gazing. 11546 239-472-3434, muckyduck.com OLD HOUSE FloridaNew American. Chef Greg Nelsons changing centers bounty promises breakfasts creative choices, flair. complement presentations, breath away. BF 15951 239-472-5161 421, OldCaptivaHouse.com. 98 RC OTTERS Otterly American.The daunting. Steamed clams, baskets, quesadillas meatloaf cravings. Diners BLD 239-395-1142, SUNSHINE Inspired Bistro. caf European touch. wood-grilled salmon, pecan-crusted goat salad. 239-472-6200, BIMINI BAIT SHACK Giant Tiki Hut. thatched vibe, Daiquiris wine, offerings. lovers plates grouper freshly shucked oysters, juicy burgers ribs smoker. started. 17501 Harbour Dr., 239-360-2248, biminibaitshack.com BLANC Epicurean. Jenga, toasted sauce, modeled entre robata grill, Lamb Lollipops roasted garlic rosemary reduction, Octopus SS, habanero Blancs Almost Entres, shared contemporary ambience savor creations Chris Whitaker chef Jean Claude Roge, talents peers. Closed Sundays. 13451 Ste. 10, 239-887-3139, blancentertainment.com BLU SUSHI Cobalt Cool. outrageous highlight menu, diners steak chicken. 239-489-1500 2262 St., 239-362-2843, blusushi.com BROADWAY PALM DINNER THEATRE More Than Show. show, place. facility 450-seat theater, 100-seat Off Broadway Theatre, 120-seat 30-seat Sabal lobby. Shows Broadway-inspired musicals edgy childrens theater. Evening matinee shows buffet plated option Saturday. Tickets online. 102 levels. nourishment soul love. Giada De Laurentiis 1380 239-278-4422, broadwaypalm.com LYNQ Linking Through Global Music. dimly lit cavernous vibe. Clusters sofas encourage mingling. goes poke bowls all-American burgers. Handcrafted specially Lynq Mules, breweries adventure. Live nights. 16230 Summerlin 239-204-9345, lynq.life TWISTED VINE Exceptional Dining. downtown freshest seafood, Angus innovative entrees. Extensive boutique glass. Courtyard parties 2214 239-226-1687, twistedvinebistro.com FORT MYERS Sequel. story--a sequel. Matanzas banana leaf Texas baby ribs. 708 Fishermans Wharf, 239-765-9660, docfordsfortmyersbeach.com 103 Home Especially Philly. corned-beef hash, pancakes sliced bananas strawberries Carbons malted Belgian waffles fresh-ground breakfast. Pop Philly cheesesteak, down. 25091 Bernwood 239-948-4123, old41rest.com RODIZIO Brazilian Steakhouse. Experience Brazil, dozen rotisserie-grilled meats, carved tableside Rodizio gauchos feijoada, traditional black-bean stew, abacaxi, glazed-and-grilled pineapple. decadent dessert. Friday-Sunday. LD 8017 Plaza del Lago 101, 239-498-0018, rodiziogrill.com RUTHS CHRIS STEAK Always Sizzling Success. Vaulted tray ceilings meticulously whitelinen-covered tables mood. petite filets cowboy-sized rib steaks juicy. Choose creamed spinach sweet-potato casserole. Shops 23151 Village 239-948-8888, ruthschris.com date. However, detailed reservations visiting establishments. 104 cooking Onion Grilled Cheese Restaurant Twisted Cheesery Serves slices sourdough cheddar ounces provolone gouda onions ounce butter pickle spear kettle chips Onions tablespoons butter, diced onions, julienned tomato paste puree chicken cup broth 3-4 thyme sprigs bay Salt pepper skillet iron, heat. Add cook caramelize. Stir paste, puree, base. Continue stir bottom pan burn. Cook completely caramelized. deglaze pan. herbs. soup simmer. Turn Season pepper, drain broth, reserve sandwich. Place bread. remaining half. onions. Close sandwich spread evenly. flat-top pan, golden melted. Serve spear, onion dip, chips. 2795 Davis 239-417-4466, twistedcheesery.com Pumpkin Crme Brle Standard egg yolks cream granulated tablespoon vanilla Preheat oven 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Separate whites. cracking bowl. yolk breaks, dish tomorrow. bowl, scoop yolk, whites slowly slide fingers pinch holding with. break fingers. sauce heat cream. pumpkin, whisk thoroughly. separate sugar, combined. dash lemon juice binder, depending reacts mixture simmer, towel nonslip step. Slowly sugar. Whisk pouring significant other, hands. initial tempers scramble. oven-safe baking stainless steel crme brle , ramekins fill covers height ramekin. baking, extremely crucial process. Fill dishes bake Set 30-minute timer, rotate timer. done barely wiggles shake Note ovens heattime vary, brle. cooled, classically caster torched brled melt caramelize torch, continuous circular motion torch color form. happens, serve. dig fast, hot. 1520 Broadway, 239-219-6463 5031 239-931-1240 thestandardftmyers.com Mix sour smooth. aside. taste. Form patty burger grill. temperature. Layer cooked bacon, creamcream mixture, cheese. lid warm seconds shredded potato. Repeat warming Finish like. 330 Ninth S, 239-262-1127 Vanderbilt 845 239-631-8298 brooksburgers.com thin layer milk foam. pizzazz whipped caramel drizzle 4548 Matlacha 239-283-4447, facebook.com theperfectcuproastery Crunchy Fingers gluten Otters 14-16 filet cut 2-ounce strips Cajun-style teaspoon olive almond substituted starch Pour juice, marinate minutes. Heat medium-high starch. Gently single oil. brown. much. Drain paper dressing side. Dipping remoulade tartar combination, dressing. 11506 captiva-island-restaurantrc-otters-eats Maple Spice Latte Perfect Cup espresso gourmet syrup maple About steamed 16-ounce mug quickly syrups blended. Next, steam frothing urn. Pro wand espressosyrup Twice Baked Potato Burger Brooks Burgers brioche bun, lightly buttered 8-ounce hamburger bacon slice chopped chives strawspotato fries 107 bETWEEN nne McCrary Sullivan Genzen intrepid explorers. spent paddling trekking vast adventures. coffee-table-size Everglades, filled grit spirit, photos wilderness. book outgrowth first, guidebook Paddling Wilderness Waterway. researching Master Naturalists, encountered like-minded souls whom fellow adventurers, authors realized, write. Only preface, introduction, acknowledgments voices. culled interviews Everglades. Donna Buckley, winters houseboat volunteers, guiding redirecting campers, rescuing beached doing. Skip Snow, biologist spends pythons, bats Tony Terry, law enforcement resource protection Constance Mier, documents lens, traveling canoe Rougle, sail hybrid kayaksailboat Hazel interviewed old-timers, fortitude Truesdell, Waterway, shares memories 60s Ralph Miele, 1939 ranger Service, poachers, fighting fires, monitoring aerial tours octogenarian Wanda Brown Townsend relives kayak Fakahatchee childhood uncle Phinnes aunt Ada. lived born island. leave till wasnt nothing Townsend, LaBelle, Chokoloskee. moved, reward hear faceted, boils quality, conveyed mesmerizing pages characters, Vivian Oliva, fishes silence. noise Traveling rhythm Everglades..., subtle wilderness... 109 SAVE OFF PRICE ONLINE SUBSCRIBE website Online rates internet orders only. Across 1Whinnies Pretty 8Trouble Tropical lizard Credit-card perks Trash receptacle Grow Palomino Clydesdale Very Went helter-skelter angle Challenging rapids, berry 27Grinder Anglers 33 Pilots guess, abbr. Farms cattle Waltz, e.g. horse 2Beginning Sopranos channel Poem Oars Bull 7Nightfall Busts museum, Tire necessity Certain 14None Drizzles pours 17Close Masked mammal wheel spinners purchase, ___ attractive Lamprey, Tooth Wren hen Lead-in loss glance, Soda container PUZZLE E Hidden Word SAN-CAP MEDICAL CENTER 239.472.0700 4301 Sanibel-Captiva 239.472.6188 2330 Ridge Unit PHARMACY 239.472.4888 SanibelCaptiva Islands islandtaxi.com rideislandtaxi.com TAXI ANDRES LANDSCAPE LAWN CARE 239.887.1233 FREE Estimates Licensed Insured Fertilizer Mulch Native Plants SERVICE 239.482.2213 239.574.8511 CULLIGAN 239.472.2125 HR Towing ASE Complete Mechanical Repairs sanibelservicecenter.com ALTERATIONS RITA 239.437.7482 11595 Kelly Rd, 122 Quality Years Call Appointment Mon-Fri 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel claudiospestmanagement.com CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Name Know Trust Termite Treatment Pest RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 College ronandsons.com Sales Installation Security Alarm Systems AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom System Vac Much 239.939.0077 accentbp.com ACCENT PRODUCTS CopierPrinterScanners Printer Service Supplies Print Cost Recovery Management swfl Monday slooooow champagne toasts firepit moonless sky. stars twinkling theyre worth, though. Thank Valentine, dark salt--my favorite. recovery, Im Headed Dazzling dawn Has anyone noticed beacon steady light, blink How festivals Well, granddaddy involves crabs. inflatable lawn decorations breezy Plenty flattened, tattered Santas lying post-holiday apocalypse. blinked whole packed northerners hibernate. Wednesday sumptuous weekend, hibernation whack court. defend pickleballers total mode. Were Boat Show machines. OK, admit season. pranayama help. everybody relax. machines, tried-and-true Grady task Sound. Beware canals, however. transom J cleaning boat. claw marks prove JANFEB MAIN VOL. NO. 4.95 YEAR, BOOMING REBEL CAUSE PUNK-ROCK ROBIN HOOD RESTOCK REFRESH VETS CULTURE FASHION VOLUME Published Display

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