features 32 37 CIELO CELEBRATES 10 YEARS This popular Sanibel restaurant isnt resting on its laurels. It has upped game in both the kitchen and dining room. BEYOND FLORIDAS BEACHES 42 Four inland destinations--Tallahassee, Lakeland, Arcadia, Streamsong--beckon intrepid traveler who longs for more than a sandy shoreline. 46 50 AN EVERYTHING-FLORIDA DINING EXPERIENCE Deep Lagoon Seafoods recipe success found place Southwest Florida, where it now up to three locations counting. CUSTOM CLOTHING DELIVERS For men looking perfect fit, Fort Myers Naples offer options custom tailoring. THE CUTTING EDGE OF NATURE At Wood-2Art, Mike Komar builds one-of-a-kind natural wooden creations furnish home or office. SPECIAL SECTION 54 Food with View 56 Keeping Green 60 A Perfect Pairing 64 Walk Right Up Nature 4 TOTI.COM NOVEMBERDECEMBER 2021 departments 20 12 14 16 18 24 26 30 PUBLISHERS LETTER GULF COAST ZEITGEIST Vive la Compagnie MAKING WAVES Beyond Fast Events Pencil In BEAUTY Beauty Trends ARTS The Lightest Ink GARDEN Longin Longan STAY TUNED Musical Journey, Part II WHATS IN STORE Whats Hot Florida CHEERS Fill your Glass Brands that Give Back RECIPES WE LOVE Cooking SWFL EPICURIOUS Dining Guide BETWEEN LINES Real NATURES NOTEBOOK Wildlife Tracking OUT ABOUT Every Shell Tells Story FOR KIDS Eating Out Kids PETS Dogs Drool Desserts COMMUNITY Worldly Tastes Filling Gaps Music Education CROSSWORD SERVICES AND PROFESSIONALS JOURNAL xx 68 70 72 87 88 90 92 94 96 100 102 Coming JanFeb 103 104 issue is all about adopting an active outdoor lifestyle. Well help you find ways enjoy areas wonders, whether do by going quiet hike, playing round of golf, hitting tennis ball, paddling kayak, participating something little extreme. 6 ers . tom l s u c eci lue etB r sp j o fo ift f 02 g age 1 p See GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela J. Jaeger CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jason Jones CONTRIBUTING DESIGNER Heather Strudgeon PROOFREADER Dan Whicker SENIOR CONSULTING EDITOR Susan Holly CUISINE TRAVEL Gina Birch Beth Luberecki VIDEO JOURNALIST, HEALTH FITNESS WRITER Klaudia Balogh OUTREACH MANAGER Emma Eldridge DIGITAL CONTENT CONTRIBUTOR Taryn Colburn SOCIAL MEDIA Issac Leach WRITERS David Acevedo, Emily Benson, Birch, William R. Cox, Erik Entwistle, Hamilton, Brian Holaway, Luberecki, Myles Mellor, Kathy Montgomery, Dr. Randall H. 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Subscription price 24.00 one-year domestic subscription. Copyright Inc. All rights reserved. No part this publication may be reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily those TRADITIONAL TOGETHERNESS Make holidays unifying affairs he wonderful holiday season finally here Are excited I hope so. time set aside our many anxieties refocus higher things. That can sometimes hard, know, so let me provide some encouragement. Remember have always been togetherness. Its putting differences enjoying closer relationships. Most traditions built foundation community. Families friends get together celebrate, whole communities. Many people havent gotten out much these past couple years--we know why--so maybe visit community tree-lighting, attend concert, back church, just treat yourself special dinner festive decorations during shopping. Sharing family other lift spirits reenergize you, dont discount social benefits season. Maybe someone needs friend right now, company. Why invite them share Create new togetherness making purposeful connections others giving precious gift time. Our world really that, think will begin see we common realize. Of course, rules safety, first. My encouragement comes from pages favorite magazine. There stories entertain inspire annual winding down ahead improved year. Group Publisher, Media PHOTO COURTESY MEDIA, INC. Need inspiration renovated Cielo celebrating 10th anniversary. Check story make plans meal. We also articles might give fresh shopping ideas-- clothing, artistic wood crafts, wine chocolate, trips destinations, more. Dive in, Whatever celebrate holidays, my rediscover ways. unity. Doing ensure end peace good carry us into healthy strong 2022. wish families blessed promises prosperous future--another which grateful. gulf coast zeitgeist BY DR. RANDALL NIEHOFF Those eat together... man travels over search what returns it. --George Moore Irish novelist, dramatist, critic his old song 1818 was taught at boys summer camp when gathered hall first meal together. away families. Asked hold milk glasses high as if were toast ready rock side chairs, leaned loudly lyrics Let every fellow join song. compagnie Success each pass along. vive lamour, Hey growing sense feeling reinforced launched second verse along... Thanks musical sentiments, ties bind began work their magic Three generations preteen campers, teenage counselors, adult administrative staff communicating, food tasted better, nights scary, enthusiastically jumped daily activities life no longer like strangers but rather teammates. Such sorely needed between days, especially travelers descend islands line along Gulf Coast November December. matter categories describe try define person age, race, class, gender, etc., process building bridges instead walls folks quite simple step 2 take turns talking listening face face. You even need rousing Step 1. word companion two Latin words com panis bread. What kind doesnt matter--both favorites conversation starters. locals understand opportunities provided sitting consume either sea swamp. native South, John Dozier tells brought English bride reunion. bit apprehensive, she unfamiliar number things discussed gathering, including consumption frog legs. they taste asked one cousins. Well, explained, sort alligator. Welcome 2. Today society living circle gathers holiday, learned read write oneroom schoolhouse could next takes virtual classes pursue degree. Heres rundown widest generation gap history Greatest Generation born 1910-1924 Silent 1925-1945 communicated via formal letters face-to-face conversations. When Baby Boomers 1946- 1964 came along, preferred means communication telephone and, later, email. Gen X 1965-1979 went full email texting Millennials 1980-1996 media primary forms communication. Z 1995-2012 communicates almost exclusively using screen hand-held devices. charismatic joyful professional chefcooking teacher, Julia Child, summed best way involved involve food. Good eating company marks civilized living, agree Without them, wed savages. Ran Niehoff gathering dine dialogue since 1991. 13 ANN MARIE OPHELAN From curbside delivery, well never easier L ets it, come easy. busy days work, home, responsibilities. Instead stopping fast-food drive-through, convenience store, heating leftover leftovers, there great choices there. One convenient option meal-delivery service. Lean North offers fully prepared meals microwaveable containers. They deliver everywhere Springs, Coral, Estero, Myers, Naples, Lehigh Acres, Punta Gorda. cooked onsite organic meats freshest ingredients. Meals available delivery picked location eaten explains president Dayana Espaillat, business years serving 11 years. dietary considerations advantage such weight-loss programs, ala carte options, pound, plans. menu rotated few signature customers love--Thai Chicken Jasmine Rice, Turkey Lasagna, Parmesan Spinach Pasta among favorites, according Espaillat. addition prepping delivering, catering services office lunches, events, parties, say, Offer guests healthier option, sacrificing flavor, fresh, healthy, fullyprepared throughout Florida. LOOKING VEGAN TAKEOUT ON SANIBEL Sprout 2407 Periwinkle Way, 239-558-4003 facebook.com The-Sanibel-Sprout-330552636956607 GREEN APRON CAF Offering smoothies, soups, sandwiches, salads, sweet stuff. PHOTOS LEAN BOX rotated, variety choose from. accommodate various needs. winter months, Apron changes salads based availability seasonal fruits vegetables. Harvest Salad, Caf provides strive meet demands nutritional customers. prepare dishes several different accomplish goal, says owner Katie Biondi. eat-in lunch 771 Airport Pulling Road prepared-meal pickup delivery. Both menus include items gluten free, protein, ketogenic, vegan, vegetarian, dairy free. Because selections change weekly recipes, entres most item Balsamic Lemon Quinoa Bowl, plan Salmon Rockefeller cauliflower mash, Also Salad. spinach salad made roasted butternut squash, potato, carrots couscous, candied pecans, cranberries, served homemade honey Dijon dressing. 15 Winter baby kale spinach, pomegranates, sliced dAnjou pears, red cabbage lemon vinaigrette dressing, Prepared-meal pick choice delivered If live outside deliverypickup area, caf ships locally nationwide. arrive cold oven ready--there cooking Catering Company Baileys heat-andserve four 47.99 eight 94.99 people. These feature entre, chicken parmesan spaghetti meatballs sides salad. Call next-day pickup. OPhelan resident regular contributor Media. Executive Chef Charles Boyd sous chef Brandon Winslow Sundial Beach Resort present check CROW executive director Alison Charney Hussey proceeds Taste 2020. MORE INFO Road, 3, 239-631-5655 greenaproncafe.com 4432 Hancock Bridge Pkwy., 239-656-0358 theleanbox.com 2477 239-472-1516 sanibelcateringcompany.com Islands ClamJam scheduled volunteers animal ambassadors Biscuit, gopher tortoise, Mina, horned owl, Crawls. BOTH PAGES aste celebrates 40th year, entire month November, restaurants diners select items. portion purchasing any directly benefit Clinic Rehabilitation CROW. bringing Crawls weekend, Hussey. group partner event sponsors, located restaurants. Since 1968, helped nearly 4,000 sick, injured, orphaned wildlife patients information further details crowclinic.org. coming soon another tasty wont want miss 2022 Seafood Festival, January 29 am 7 pm 5 pm, Coral. Guests music, educational CROWs 2020 winner Best Dessert category Spoondrift Island Bowls. former education outreach director, Rachel Rainbolt, veterinarian Robin Bast. seminars kayak fishing, craft vendors, featuring local seafood clam chowder, grouper, smoked fish. prefer burgers nuggets delicious selection too. family-friendly kids activities, climbing, bounce houses, rides. More clamjamswfl.com. 17 BETH LUBERECKI issue, lowdown fabulous fragrances luxurious lotions, beauty must-haves, everything PERFECT YOUR PORES Wish pores werent prominent Try BlissDisappearing Act Niacinamide PC Pore Vanish Shrink Blur Serum 19.99. Suitable skin types, intensive formulation includes ingredients niacinamide form vitamin B3 strengthen skins protective barrier, mushroom rose canina extracts reduce oiliness tighten minimize appearance pores, green tea extract balance protect free-radical damage. should results go by, youll getting parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, petrolatum. Find serum complimentary pore-reducing toner Bliss Target stores. STICK TO IT multitasking Urban Decay Stay Naked Face Lip Tint makes look go. Packaged compact, twist-up stick thats easy stash purse travel bag, longlasting formula seven shades subtle touch color cheeks lips. vegan tint infused fermented kombucha marula oils keep moisturized glow. Ulta Beautys Bell Tower 239-334-0659, ulta.com, Cypress Woods Shopping Center 239-766-4107, Town 239-766-4283 stores Coconut Point 239-992-0361 Coralwood 239-458-3522. RESPECT RINGLETS Care curls Krastase Pariss targeted Curl Manifesto Set 39-64. expertly formulated products manuka moisture shine patented cementing ceramides reinforce weak hair within. collection hydrating shampoo, lightweight conditioner, nourishing mask, frizz-reducing leave-in cream, multiuse scalp oil, curl-enhancing -defining gel curl-refreshing spray, designed hydrate tresses while strengthening defining weather Studio RK Salon 239-489-4144, studiorksalon.com Cre8 Spa 239-458-2704. PARTY READY photos get-togethers. Flower Red Carpet Secret Eye Bright Palette 13.79. Available fair, light, medium, deep, palette priming balm prep undereye area. Two blendable caffeine-infused concealer mix cover dark circles pigmentation. Then finish off setting powder microfine pearls, brightens under-eyes soft-focus type effect youre picture-perfect. CVS DAVID ACEVEDO tattoo studio blends metaphysical creative INK Light Hand Tattoo Healing Arts shop west downtown yet First Street neighborhood. heres very place, West healing energy converges creativity spirituality. Crystals, potted succulents, dreamcatchers, artwork, artistry books greet upon arrival Arts. talented Ananda War created amazing tattoos opening her doors August 2019. crystal desire foster art communities blend. War, ability create control own schedule only important, pivotal. decided studio, realized wanted gentle possible senses impact neutral beneficial possible, whose goal host workshops team professionals offering artistic, metaphysical, holistic reiki, interior design, graphic massage, divinations, acupuncture. ideas day-to-day experiences world--with aspects, hybrid mixing crystals esoteric visual arts brings power elements conscious varying degrees intensity, chair birds, crystals, clouds, buildings, adds artist. quick acknowledge her, mentoring collaboration received artists tattooers world, continues push myself hone craft. Among these, Erin La Vallee, Lopi, Andy Howl, Felicia Marshall, Colin Orion, Jay Gardner, Shannon Misitano, Matt Lawrence, Savannah Leslie. Others admire afar too list, Dillon Forte, T.Radz, Cui, Squire Strahan around top, ink master, deeply inspired expressing spiritual concepts through symbolism. Salvador Dali inspires weird out, Carl Jung guides explore how consciousness overlaps collective compare significance symbols cross-culturally, whereas Jai Dev Ram Dass witness, mission, War. possible. --Ananda sees tattooing co-creative clients. young entrepreneur struggled pandemic closing months. strange everyone, industry, feels industry overlooked left regarding reopening closure procedures. As first-time owner, feel survive anything after grateful clients patiently awaiting reopening. Danielle Renee traveled Port Charlotte worth minute, Renee, enjoys stones, books, specialty inventory shop, sleeve-length flower- mandala-inspired tattoo. Everything positive vibe space addictive, concludes. Wars road, traveling conventions doing guest spots studios. Although satisfied 21 serene space, intended clear relax mind, before session. cross-culturally. creatively capable doing, still room improvement growth. artist, describes style illustrative surrealism. She likes convey loves contrast longevity clean linework. Making mandalas sacred geometric pattern meditative her. started 2012 under mentorship best-known Howl GalleryTattoo Myers. He trained street artist whatever client asks me, adaptable black gray tattoos, process. 22 paintings display studio. balances deep breaths self-affirmations. Being mother year-old easy, counts husbands help, understanding rest family. Remembering perfection imperfection within imbalance strength continue, admits. Acevedo award-winning writer founder DAAS CO-OP Art Gallery Gifts Union Artist Studios. bachelors degree University Puerto Rico, Mayagez Campus. IF YOU GO 2150 W. Street, Suite A1, lighthandarts.com Hands open Saturdays, 2-5 pm. appointments, lavallee17gmail.com lighthandartsgmail.com. 23 ERIK ENTWISTLE unassuming fruit grows H ave ever tried longan Until moving had heard small, round, unassuming-looking fruits, spotting Farmers Market, some. And theyre yard. Only commercial production 1990s, recent Floridas tropical landscape, sure gain popularity. similar well-known lychee, being members soapberry Sapindaceae. longan, however, neither large nor juicy smooth dull tan opposed dramatic, pinkish-red bumpy-skinned lychee. Moreover, less pronouncedly perfumed having musky resembling cantaloupe. Despite appearing ugly stepsister distinct appeal. appeal ritual hand. First, crack brown skinshell fingernail simply use fingers squeeze split stem exposes white, translucent flesh fruit, eyeball, seed visible inside enhancing effect. Indeed, name derives Cantonese term dragon eye. After admiring eyeball appearance, pop mouth, tongue separates discarded desired, empty shell halves. Turns neater cherries, staining pits nowhere go, lychees, leak juice tends cling seed. With us, ourselves planting tree, resembles quality farmers market uneven. planted Thai named Biew Kiew, obtained FruitScapes Nursery Pine Island. Growing trouble trees actually soil pests, mind considering adding tree landscape. foremost size 30- 40-feet tall, wide growth habit requiring recommended 25-foot spacing plants. Once consider staking gets established, ours toppled windstorm propped up. taller, ripening become reach require ladder andor pruning saw assist harvesting. Fruits ripen once August, idea freeze whole. one, remove freezer stand minutes run water thaw shell. frozen sorbet-like treat. Speaking harvests, varieties produce erratically, skip fruiting entirely. example, produced 2019 Fortunately, wait. Pianist, instructor, musicologist Entwistle lives teaches Sanibel. writes Tuned column hobby vegetables sustainable gardening methods. 25 stay tuned W Traveling music hat stroll bustling Paris, gaze upward Pragues Vysehrad Castle Vltava River, cruise Mediterranean ports call Palermo, Tunis, Valencia, spend relaxing evening gardens Alhambra Spain--all span hour Physically preposterous, yes, imagination app, embark enticing tour cueing following works An American Paris George Gershwin 1928 Homeland Bedich Smetana 1874 Escales Ports Jacques Ibert 1922 En el Generalife Nights Gardens Spain Manuel de Falla 1915 nationalist subtext, wherein composer elevates homeland, often political implications, informs Romantic period beyond. previous SeptemberOctober described vicarious trip Venice Mendelssohns gondola songs, derived specific places point composers direction so-called program 19th century. plethora programmatic compositions emerged era trend Mendelssohn develop travel-inspired works, followed. diverse pieces listed here, listeners observe approaches taken centuries writing places. top list Gershwins tone poem, series impressions musically Roaring Twenties. specifically, noted, purpose portray visitor strolls city, listens noises, absorbs French atmosphere. noises actual taxi horns, hand-picked U.S. New York premiere. horns famously brisk moments, inject humorously dissonant notes realism score. Later, shifts blues reflect visitors homesickness, subjective, romantic approach inner feelings loneliness ebullient, outward experience Parisian spectacle. ambivalence Smetanas symphonic poem Die Moldau German, river flows southern central Bohemia. unabashedly nationalisTOTI.COM 27 tic father Czech idealizes land, legends, region. depicts scenes flowing passes countryside, reaches climax historic Vysehrad. beyond-- Sibelius Finlandia, Tchaikovskys 1812 Overture, Chinese Yellow River Piano Concerto, polonaises mazurkas Chopin. nationalistic contrasts Iberts Escales, emphasis exoticism evokes foreign stereotyped characterizations. case, did rely solely imagination, done related wife honeymoon. Their Palermo signaled tarantella, Tunisia snake charmer plaintive tune oboe, Valencia familiar Spanish folk-music motifs abound strongly marked Iberian character. entertaining postcards far cry earnestness seem superficial tourists visits lands. last piece remain Spain, composer, Falla. movement piano orchestra entitled transports Granada. Like exotic-sounding early 20th-century piece. exotic element linked palaces ornate designs Islamic heritage, jasmine-scented gardens, same homegrown Andalusian music. Ibert, overt nationalism Smetana, evocations sound, words, yielding melancholy mystery--a beautiful complete day. occasion listen playlist, encounter certain recall already enjoy, asking questions intentions points view How does relate nonmusical, And, importantly, why succeed fail move ErikEntwistlereceived undergraduate Dartmouth College. earned postgraduate performance Washington St. Louis doctorate musicology California, Santa Barbara. 28 GINA BIRCH HOT COCKTAILS Keurigstyle coffee brewer, hot cocktails instant. Cask Kettle broken ground flavorful pods spices alcohol, creating Spiked Dry Cider Blonde, Irish, Mexican coffees. 14.99 caskandkettleusa.com WINE PRESERVER preserve bottles until more, Repours technology 750 ml bottle packet easy-to-use stopper reacts oxygen eliminate keeping oxidizing. 9.99 pack repour.com NECK HUGGER Whether stiff neck spending front computer, Huggaroo helps ease discomfort relieve tension. plush, heated wrap cordless weighted stays about. unscented soothing lavender. 29.99 huggaroo.com SIPS, DRIPS, CHIPS bundle goodness Grace Farms naturally sweetened herbal teas Sips, bean Drips, chocolate chip cookies Chips Silvia Baldini. Proceeds environmental, social, gender parity causes, female famers entrepreneurs Ethiopia, Colombia, Indonesia. gracefarmsfoods.com PROTECT VALUABLES Tuck timepiece Mara Watch Jewelry Roll Smythson safe traveling. fashionable accessory glossy crocodile-style embossed leather soft suede lining. Remove padded roll fit watch styles bracelets. 565 smythson.com MATZO flavorful, crunchy matzo flats, chips, bites Matzo Project flavors Everything, Harissa, Salted, Cinnamon Sugared. kitschy packaging stereotypical Jewish grandmother phrases as, Would kill Eat something, skinny. 15.99 Fresh Market ECO-FRIENDLY KNIVES Bio Series eco-friendly ceramic knives Kyocera, Japanese known blades. ergonomically shaped handles material sourced sugarcane. grip complement ultra-sharp white zirconia 24.95 - 54.95 Publix Whole Foods markets cutlery. kyocera.com SERIOUS SCOTCH Scotch lover Aberfeldy 18-year Limited Edition Single Malt Whisky. aged Cte-Rtie casks, lend raspberry, lingonberry, currents. rare vanilla butterscotch finish. 119.95 COCKTAIL GUIDE Tantalize recipes book, Marlin Bar Cocktails Tommy Bahama. contains Bahama drinks appetizers, tools, tips, techniques. chapter dedicated rum. 40 tommybahama.com HOLIDAY TABLESCAPE Setting table begins linens. Loom Table tablecloths, napkins, runners myriad fabrics, colors, sizes. Even better custom-sizing tool allows plug dimensions fit. loomandtable.com MAPPED FLASK Told ideal flask enthusiast commemorate sentimental place. 1,000 iconic states District Columbia, engraved six-ounce stainless-steel pocket flasks. 29.95 welltolddesign.com HANGOVER HELP Magic Bullet healthful great, morning party. superfoods amino acids, double duty mixer standalone sipper support liver function prevent morningafter misery. 3.99 Winn-Dixie drinkmagicbullet.com CALENDAR Start engagement calendar tickle wanderlust. Workman Publishing, Places Before top-selling Plan week planning adventure. wall calendar. 16.99 workman.com 31 C E B R AT S Y D U N G PA M , FAV O RC team, General manager Marcus Preece, Melissa Akin, assistant managers Ksenia Perevozchikova Grover NICK ADAMS, decor main strives bring in. ielo anniversary lot changed years, thing hasnt. highly regarded virtually category, ambience service drink. 2019, sky Italian biggest aesthetic history. Very people, able appreciate renovations, mostly because global pandemic. Fast-forward returning island enthusiasm hunger thoughtfully cuisine attentive pleasing stands mile entrance, striking surrounded lush foliage sign reading Cielo, Fare, Fun Drinks. typical restaurant. resort casual sophistication. contemporary Asian influences. manageable refined overwhelming, focusing variety. Local fish specials, plant-based Attention given vegetarian percent free slight modifications. greeted sculpture dapper Rutherford. warmest greetings general Preece. 2013, Preece career hospitality London, working bellboy school. His eagerness noticed him, quickly moved helping banquets, prep, eventually hotel management. relocating Chicago, honed skills Marriott Corporation managed Trattoria No. opened Third South Fifth Avenue Campiello Lurcat. breathes service, apparent leave Cielo. dined pandemic, horseshoe-shaped bar. sits near entrance cozy haven true cocktail. Bartender Urbelis Certified Spirits Specialist CSS constantly concocting delectable 33 bourbon island, says. Anywhere 35 rotate. bar added renovations. Seared U-10 Scallops, Applewood Smoked, Bamboo Pancetta Jam temperature-controlled 34 INTERIOR FOOD DISH IVAN SELIGMAN, smoky bourbon-based cocktails. stocked standards, unique small-batch bourbons, nice ryes, offerings fresh. Youll numerous lesser-known cordials discover. cocktail elevated ice. Ice break drink size, shape, clarity. Wineemotion machine keeps lovers love. Containing typically higher-end selections, dispensing two-, four-, pours. Not tasting flight, patrons small glass ordering exterior garden. modern-looking, world. chic. seat vibrant surrounds building, colors inside, dcor. Chairs linens accented green, purple, white. light flooring energy. Akin leads experienced kitchen, skillfully preparing plating dish. Take, temperaturecontrolled colorful artwork crowd favorite, Rutherford center. Locally themed walls. BELT VENUS ounces rum ounce Strawberry Campari pineapple syrup Combine shaker, fill ice, shake cold. Pour hurricane glass. Garnish wheel strawberry. Wash, hull, roughly slice 8 strawberries. strawberries nonreactive container. Place container refrigerator steep days. Strain TOP personality, contributes regularly 36 LEFT RIGHT VISIT TALLAHASSEE DESOTO COUNTY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT LAKELAND CHAMBER COMMERCE STREAMSONG twist traditional caprese House-made slices mozzarella rolled basil, then sliced. nod molecular gastronomy, pinwheels topped pearls containing balsamic reduction explode flavor. calamari appetizer, squid steak batons, dusts fine flour, flash fries them. Sweet chili sauce mango puree add combination sweet, spice, flare. Cashews sprinkled salty, garnish. scallops signature. Crusted fennel bamboo rice dollop pancetta jam, presentation heads. dish arrives bell-shaped glass, clouded smoke infusion removed, comforting, aroma wafts across table. Diners protein land tender grilled filet beef peppercorn demi-glace, succulent rack lamb Moroccan-style. Wagyu standout. mixture wagyu pork, guajillo-tomato freshly grated cheese. Cielos pastry desserts, salted-caramel mousse cake airbrushed edible gold powder. Considering look, combined legendary says, Theres nothing else tend agree. Beaches TAKE DRIVE INLAND DESTINATIONS ARCADIA lorida famous miles coastline, worlds beaches. While lions attention, locals, shoreline, destinations charming towns adventure waiting discovered. Quite drives opposite theme parks Orlando. rarely pulling refueling relieving. stop, own. galleries vintage shops pinball studios video lounges. railroadsquare.com Historic Capitol Museum original 1902 capitol fascinating facts memorabilia. Exit current express elevator 22nd floor panoramic city. flhistoriccapitol.gov Mountain bike 700 trails, runs Cascades Park. biking rentals Apalachicola National Forest spots. biketallahassee.com n route headed Georgia Alabama, state capital State politics college sports. exudes charm puts bed theory flat. rolling hills canopy drives, emerging culinary scene. Divided districts Collegetown, Midtown, Art, area culture. stop Mississippi Blues Trail. Nicknamed Trailahassee hundreds hiking, running, horseback riding city embraces enthusiasts. Numerous lakes exploration, recreation relaxation. Edison GETTING THERE Flights 200, press time, connected Atlanta. drive I-75 approximately hours. WHERE AC Hotel Tallahassee property overlooking Park, spot concerts events. Home citys hottest rooftop bars, Charlie walking distance capitol. marriott.com EAT WHAT DO Railroad Square funky lumber warehouses converted eclectic left-brain thinkers 38 Il Lusso sophisticated steakhouse downtown, big-city feel. looks tastes exquisite, illussotlh.com 1920s-era plant Serving regional fare, bathed pays homage residents, Thomas Edison. edisontally.com vision, porch, moss-draped oak trees. big portions Southern flair, Sunday brunch outstanding. table23tally.com Biking Tallahassee. classic example town motorists breeze through, DeSoto County, Arcadia southern, western, real cowboys rodeos cattle ranches, citrus groves, Watermelon Festival. People wealth antiques district. embarked massive revitalization project performances 1906 Heard Opera House. Peace adventures well-equipped camping RV Myakka Park Morgan exploring. hosts fairs. About RSW, Palm Blvd. 31. Or exit Oak Inn Bed Breakfast housed 120-year-old structures survived fire 1902. Restored floors, ship. oakparkinnarcadiaflorida.com Deli noteworthy Cuban. Regulars rave macaroni m.facebook.comOakStreetDeli Airboat Magnolia Grill casual, old-school fare. magnoliaseafood.com Ros serves breakfast classics modern twist. splurge baked goods. Made daily, house bag later. rosecafeandbakery.com Rodeo attracts riders country. Canoe Outpost. organization claims oldest largest canoe outfitter. canoeoutpost.com swamp buggy tours sought-after Upriver Adventures. Horseback upriveradventures.com peacerivercharters.com grown state, country competing win national finals held Las Vegas. arcadiarodeo.com 39 College Frank Lloyd Wright structures. Joinery gourmet brewery Lake Mirror sushi, ramen, tacos, pizza, burgers, based, thejoinerylkld.com Mister Fish Lakeland landmark sorts. 1968 walk-up shack Morton giant cornmeal-breaded sandwich hush puppies, coleslaw, lima beans, collard greens, www.misterfish.org long I-4 corridor, lived shadows larger cities east Orlando Tampa. population 120,000, town, charm, square surrounding Munn On Saturdays roads close park bustles Super Markets, College, Detroit Tigers spring training, guess name, lots lakes--38 exact. aviation events country, Sun Aerospace Expo. spring, museum year-round. architecture design enthusiasts droves. Hollingsworth Wrights buildings Polk Theater beautiful, ornate, restored vaudevillemovie palace. Films shown roster performing arts, concerts, ballets, polktheater.org for. worldwide birders. shoreline swans sent Queen Elizabeth 1950s. lake overpopulated species, swans. Just hours 17. Fans interstate I-4. Nineteen61 modern, Latin-fusion square. artful wood-fire grill cooking, exceptional. nineteen61.com Terrace Tapestry Collection Hilton, recently Deco heart Amtrak train station, promenade. hilton.com streets Downtown Curb Market. overing 16,000 acres region County Bone Valley, Streamsong dream destination. mined phosphate Mosaic Company, covered vegetation teeming Tall dunes landscape southwestern minimalistic lakeside lodge jaws megalodon uncovered property. Enjoy nature world-class sporting clays, archery, tennis, golf courses architects considered bucket-list anyone links. arrive, settle awhile. Pork chop Restaurant Fifty-Nine. circuitous multiple county wind orange groves farms Lakeland. shy ACCOMMODATIONS BOTTOM Rooms appointed spacious, ranging 530 1,167 feet. lodge, rooms above Blue Clubhouse parties wanting space. streamsongresort.com Fifty-Nine elegant Clubhouse, prime meats. humidor cigars, scotch, Makers Private Selection. Valley Tavern, Black seating. tuna nachos towering favorite. Little Payne Creek Lager, crafted Motorworks Brewing Bradenton. Fin Feather resorts newest comfort Florida-inspired cuisine. Think crispy fish, pheasant pate, short ribs truffle grits, meatloaf, situated south Golf courses. Bill Coore Ben Crenshaw Tom Doak Gil Hanse. Bonus shacks courses, smokes meat day golfers mouthwatering brisket beer. Bass fishing said big. expert guides, hooks bass weighs pounds inducted Fishing Hall Fame. AcquaPietra resemble European grotto oasis. treatment therapeutic pools, temperatures. reference International starting point. contributor, exploring uncover hidden gems, beaches, food, drinks, 41 EVERYTHINGFLORIDA Chili Rub Tripletail PHELAN FAMILY BRANDS REAGAN RULE DEEP LAGOON SEAFOOD EXPANDS SOUTHWEST FLORIDA KYLE PRILLMAYER KEVIN ROONEY coastal postcard views boats sunsets. fourth construction, reputation inviting slogan Social. detail ease, allowing sensory journey eyes palette. felt concept saying, Grant Phelan. Stone Crabs Chill 43 Marco Pelican Bay IS GODS GREATEST ROOM. --Tony Phelan Hogfish festooned photography official photographer Alan Maltz. ocean sky-blue tabletops, meant evoke vacation. parents, Tony Kathleen Phelan, concepts, Pinchers, Texas Tonys Rib Brewhouse, House, Phuzzys Boat Shack, Crab Company. 2016, Phelans knew winner. Reviews became demand Gods greatest room, Tony. backyard away. love other. 44 expand ended partnering MarineMax corner McGregor AW Bulb finished product boaters waterfront dockage easily accessed boat. followed fall Esplanade Shoppes again resonated seafood. relocated Marketplace Bay. Casey Key Sarasota--again sunset views. Nic Hartzer in-house market, updated fusion marketplace oysters United States daily. Lagoons gulf-caught hogfish, snapper, jumbo shrimp, scallops. Signature Tripletail, Grouper Oscar, Cedar Plank Salmon, Tropical Mahi. paired satisfying libations. extensive, knowledgeable problem recommending pair plentiful discerning craft-cocktail enthusiast, Violetta Fizz muddled rosemary cucumber. experiencing seafood, location. raised frequent deeplagoon.com 8777 Tamiami Trail, 239-880-3337 14040 Blvd., 239-689-5474 760 Collier 105, 239-235-7497 45 Custom-made clothing ones personal style. Well-fitted, precise, flattering OPHEL RON BRODEUR ven finest stores, clothes exactly all, one-size-fits-all apply variations body sizes shapes. happens drape, flatter wearer. Custom-tailored better--a precise materials, distinctive look. CARVELL FINE APPAREL, FORT MYERS Custom formalwear occasions suits, jackets, trousers, vests, jeans, Brodeur Carvell Fine Apparel. clothiers Ron Rob operate Carvell, retail clothier holds certification master Tailors Designers Association. 2003, specializes mens clothing. To achieve customizes carefully measured precisely made. meeting for, outfit, patterns, details, Brodeur. measurements head toe. profile pictures posture traits learn nuances design. customer jackets pants fits improvement. Based experience, numbers records applies garment specifications. fitting necessary adjustments fittings calls. fittings. existing say lost gained pounds. Now office, clients, attending eventsgalas, again, suits comeback, start finish, unlike fabric choices, doing--so doubt Instead, extra tell story, show additional picture, bond. Thats worthy five-star review. happily foreseeable future. Fiigon, Apparel 47 purchases sports coordinating shirts worn collar. Men versatility wear jacket dress Items cross-worn jeans trendy Slim modern-fit garments two-button peak lapels, vents, flap pockets, flat plain bottoms, popular. months considerations, thanks charity galas swing. reason freshen wardrobes pieces. weight perhaps subdued spring. fall, weights affordable online startup entered market. prompted simplified points, grow younger significant is, seeing fabrics person, sale. essence, rushing order problem. paramount Joseph Wendt outfitting JOSEPH WENDT CLOTHIERS, NAPLES correctly places, taking account posture, shoulders, height, weight, preference slim, classic. personalize thread buttonhole lining choice, build wardrobe lifestyle buying whats offered hard bold patterns. Brodeur, co-owner WHY GOOD CHOICE 48 CLOTHIERS Wendt, Clothiers designing providing men. Using top-notch tailoring, level personalized creates distinguished gentlemens wardrobes. range executives athletes coaches. customized everyday pieces, dressier out. got lifestyle, preferences, shows outfit. best, Joey Vin DePasquale, wines hand-crafted shoes. gorgeous cashmeres, linens, stylish layer sport coat. renowned shoemaker, handcrafting Outside apparel, curates small-production wines, handblown glassware, gifts, accessories--all family-owned businesses. Walk-in lifelong alike atmosphere store. Wendt. 13499 S. Cleveland Avenue, 185, 239-931-4000 brodeurcarvell.com 386 Broad 239-530-0070 josephwendtcc.com truly bespoke hosting storefront browse Upon request, Italy highest-quality materials. Within weeks, receive coat shirt tuxedo. values enlist redoing wardrobe--from toe--to decades understands importance mastering detail. client, crucial meets style, desired color, fabric, integrate seamlessly behind achieving manifests unparalleled priority relationship. blend at-home emphasize materials tear. selects finishes trend, tailored layered transitional looks. Fall OTHER AREA MAKERS Mens hand-tailored leve Rickey 281 239-280-0266 eleveebyrickey.com womens formalwear, occasions, prom, tailoring Remys Tailor 15245 5, 239-433-5522 remystailor.com 49 JEFF LYTLE Work progress Wood-2Art LY TLE Cutting Edge woodworking bug inherited heeding advice arent seriously younger. fulltime partnership showroom Metro Parkway, hive industry. shining sample cool Loren Design jewelry store Not-so-coincidentally, advice. Komars showcases outer edge shape retained milled straight, lumber. tables desks artisan pizzas playground sliding boards. Wood tones spiced liquid plastics. slabs apart reassembled color. Logos alma maters imbedded. ike Master Disaster Captain Chaos worked insurance adjuster specializing hurricanes catastrophes. 51 partners turn dining, coffee, conference tables, desks, bartops, vanity tops, lamps, planters, fireplace mantels, staircases, accent walls, built-in centers, ceiling beams, cabinets. apt slogan. So cant buy. Scotty Marshall table, Parkway. husband, contractor knows applying colored epoxy countertops, swapped selected slab inventory, later product. art, would dcor--industrial, farmhouse, contemporary. edge, last. Donna Pearlstein cabinet entertainment centers Mercato. Her live-edge air plant. challenge filling ceilings feet high. wishful picture magazine, results--her edge--are absolutely gorgeous. fantastic Hes perfectionist. hesitates unusual request customer. Theyre unusual--one kind, Stories provenance customers, raw Hurricane Irma, felled Ford Estates. 52 MIKE KOMAR Irma Estates furnishings free-form milling slabs, Michigan, owns course constant replacement. Classes tutor novice hobbyists graduate charcuterie board diploma. movement. According Hardwood Information AHIC, increasingly decorative trend. Originally re-create log cabin western AHIC reported, edges unfinished richly figured knotted surfaces perfectly urban interiors. model nestled niche boutique businesses sell timber specifications, sums passion edge. wood, universal language, wake morning, unique, furniture anymore. Lytle retired editorial page editor TV Daily News. resides Springs. filled examples Team loyalty designs. 53 EMILY BENSON PierSide Grills Taco fried diced tomatoes, guacamole, cheddar rom platters wings Famous Blowfish Bar, Celebrating Beach, Nestled Square, Pier, destination grab dinner, scenic waves alongside beachgoers. 1996, magnet famed vacation spirit, managing Martin York, beside pier direct Mexico, piping grill, prides itself relaxed fun caters generations--mom dad, grandma grandpa, babies. happy childrens menu, indoor seating, beach steps away, theres everyone Chetwin staple history, finetuning pleases palates vast Original World Bread. Floridian types cheeses, artfully blended garlic butter, onion, vine-ripened chopped olives. bread spread house-made marinara dipping sauce, Bread longtime shares. fact, adds, ordered 200,000 Other Crispy Crunch Shrimp pepper cherry Wrap Burger Deluxe shrimp. enjoyed PIERSIDE GRILL FAMOUS BLOWFISH BAR Outdoor seating overlooks Pier. concoctions. indoors sunshine patio, seats 150. Parrot, Storm, Razzleberry Sunslider. continued evolve remains rooted values. ages unforgettable views, Benson organizations home. 239-765-7800 piersidegrill.com Open 1030 Cant accessible beach-lovers webcam 270-degree paradise. Architects builders eco Corban 45,000-square-foot Lutgert Professional largely facade. JOSHUA COLT FISCHER avid M. Corban, principal architect focus sustainability. practice address needs, environments climate, culture, ecosystems. accredited LEED Leadership Energy Environmental Design, widely used rating system Developed nonprofit Building Council, consists systems designers owners environmentally responsible. Corbans projects Children Families, independent school Golden Gate Gold Certification Center, completed slated Certification. uses shade fins cantilevered third 90-foot continuous windows decrease use. focuses sustainability Gerneth, Kirsten Perez, Christian Alonso firm. usage, grounds incorporate xeriscaping, landscaping requires irrigation. thought site. core utilities build, undeveloped extended, thus impacting habitat. Nearby site, public transportation, restaurants, grocery plus, site adjacent residential neighborhoods, residents walk drive. encourage cycling Corban. bicycle parking shower changing CORBAN ARCHITECTS FISHER constructed previously occupied structure, redevelopment, fewest major structural component--concrete. concrete paint, stucco, plywood, waterproofing eliminated. comprised windows, aluminum. open, eliminating finishing blocks, manufactured 500 project, reclaimed cypress donor center photo. 57 responsible reducing fossil fuels transportation. Furthermore, metal framing, rebar, post-tension cables, stairs, recycled. During 75 waste--concrete, metal, aluminum, cardboard-- 80 daytime electric lighting lessened. Roof overhangs sunlight radiant heat glare, decreasing usage. Modern, high-performance entirely energy-efficient comfortable Another consideration heat-island effect, phenomenon cause increase temperature. reduced temperature shading lot, reflective roof, retaining parking, Water conservation plan. cycle underground stormwater vaults allow rainwater captured returned aquifer street. restrooms low-flow toilets low-flow, touchless faucets. environment, low VOC volatile compounds, increasing allergic asthmatic reactions. Plus, Daniel Wayne Homes roofs, overhangs, Hardie lap siding efficiency below. upcoming Bayshore Wine Venue, club Naples. centerpiece all-glass 58 DIANA TORDOROVA chiller system, efficient component registered LinTree Medical, 22,000-square-foot medical private club, builders, Myersbased Homes, environment topmost homes Dodrill. incorporates low-e low-emissivity films two-foot shade. Metal roofs solar radiation excellent insulation. recycled material. chooses install conditioners appliances. greener, panels, insulating attic, replacing older cooling systems, CFLs compact fluorescent bulbs, turning heaters 120F, upgrading models, irrigation timers rain sensors, shrubs structure. 5961 Northland 1, 239-466-3955 danielwaynehomes.com 1042 Sixth North, 239-234-2500 davidcorban.com Lin Tree Medical expected completion. 59 HOLLY HAMILTON hef Harold Balink, Harolds Norman Love, internationally acclaimed chocolatier, chef, Love Confections, legends. teamed charitable Fest nonprofits Community Cooperative, audiences virtually. sat chocolate. chefs talk Chefs Balink tastings. NORMAN CONFECTIONS HB Weve forever, Covid started, approached opportunity Zoom predominant schools, guys sharing fun--there laughter session, couples Zoom, reactions up, us. advanced sommelier Court Sommeliers. pulled Rolodex grape chocolates. Mostly, nailed --Harold HAROLD BALINK NL groups reconnect instant hit. Truist merger combining BBT SunTrust banks, connect couldnt in-person dinners Imagine lockdown, distancing, delivers high-end handcrafted, artisanal chocolates welcome experience. education, socialization weve missed, together, virtual. Hamilton HH Lets pairings. selecting single-origin BLACK line. dropped experimenting wines. marriage Sometimes, comparing contrasting flavor profiles. Ask Norman--hes scientist Im laughing. Laughing incredible expertise Playing matchmaker foods careful pairing. Confections. --Norman 61 Ive wino foodie beginning. executed count, stories. nobody stealing scenes, shorts. reopens newly renovated, expanded Norman, youve facility sales. return causes dear hearts, flexible continue options. Workshop theater Luminary led events--one girls night sold Florida-based storyteller partnerships. fruits--the grapes cocoa beans. acidity fruits. accentuate chocolates, reasons pairs nicely Identifying characteristics underlying flavors. similarities geographic influences Generally, bitter high-cocoa sweeter obviously regions treated, fermented. soil, sunlight, rainfall, elevation. play part. similarities, though, tremendous. roles winemaker maker. pairing, port Confections 97 El Salvador. Normans fan, wound fan pairing high-percent red. mass, taste. sugar, tough taste, bitter. brandy sugar tongue, sync marry beautifully. popularity, consumer appreciation ultra-premium exciting consumers adventurous resourceful innovative. match heaven. Award-winning Wines stage explorations 62 bets hiking Lakes hen hikes, environmental gem walks walk. greenspace testing trails job ardent trekker. attraction Lovers Springs Koreshan spectacular Bowditch Mile Cove Ecological Preserve Granted, lacks Grand Canyon-style terrain, mold camping--especially amid rainy summers--but hikers opportunity. neighborhoods pretty wooded tempt 10,000 Starting Lee nearby Cullums Trail trails--plus bats, bees, tortoises, butterflies, Imperial River--next YMCA Kent scale, bounty long, beach. Nesting osprey abound. Ranger Bryan Kaczmarek hike-bike trail. MARK NEKIC LOVERS KEY STATE PARK Calusa Mound definitely recommend Moses. 2.5-mile path winds woods canals wading manatees, dolphins. Moving northward, Bays scrub aquatic preserves Broadway bonus lesson religious cult settled late inspection. Koreshan, canoes kayaks launch Archaeological base Indians 3,000 ago. Paeno, guide outfitter CGT Kayaks Key, kayaking Great Blueway wise hike alligators, crocodiles, rattlesnakes, moccasins, coral snakes, widow spiders, bears, panthers, bobcats, eagles, osprey, assorted mammals. poisonous caterpillar. Paeno shares venues, Matanzas Pass Heritage Randell Research Cayo Costa Captiva. Meanwhile, yields interesting woods, lakes, ballfields, disc playgrounds, dog parks. amphitheater, east, campus 3.3-mile trail wildlife--a laboratory. Hikers hit jackpot paved enough joggers strollers meandering butterfly garden miniature ride way. medieval reenactment festival eye-opening surprise. Six Slough Preserve, boardwalk 3,500-acre oasis Shores neighborhood Canyonstyle camping-- JOHN DEVEREUX TOM LIPSKY 65 Scrub Scenic Captiva dome Planetarium, 105-acre Nearby, Alva 770-acre Caloosahatchee Regional mountain Powell Prairie Pines. north designated Birding strike rich. Ding Darling Refuge loads handling cars, hikers, bikers soaking scenery. wheelchair-accessible Drive, four-mile, one-way road refuge. draws Bailey Tract, Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation SCCF, Shipley SCCFs Homestead Preserve. standout Shared Use Path linking pathways Lighthouse Blind Pass. bulges venues--perhaps surprising steeped development Fever loop 340 access Del Prado Boulevard flowers, trees, birds Flats northwestern Harbor jogging, Joe Stonis Bernice Braden Rotary Glover Bight Now, loosen boots. Time rest. hike. CLOCKWISE WILLIAM SEGUIN JEREMY VALCICH PAENO Key. 66 Your twice giving. gifts family, friends, co-workers. donations--especially toys children need, struggling families, underserved party enjoyment producers reap financial charities, foundations, brands twice, donations affiliations. BEN WINES Wagner fifth-generation winemaker, creator Belle Glos, brand vineyard-designated pinot noir. labels, Wines, Kid Hungry, campaign childhood America. Through Bottle, Help initiative, Hungry May 31, Californias coast, noir Sonomas Russian Valley. Barbara berries rich lush. chardonnay balanced pineapple, apple, spice. GEODESY Geodesy Judy Jordan establishing J Vineyards Sonoma. around, vineyard barrel mission that. successful winery vision scholarships women field agriculture. Oregon, noir, Sage Ridge Vineyard Napa. 2018 luscious Bordeaux blend, mild tannins. happen night, fantastic, so, REDWOOD EMPIRE WHISKEY whiskey Sonoma Northern giant, majestic redwood grow. brand, gives land. Redwood Empire Trees Future. sold, planted--more 225,400 far. produces whiskeys, Pipe Dream bourbon, nutty, woody, peppery Emerald Giant rye cinnamon Lost Monarch straight spicy, vanilla, caramel, pepper. VICE Vice small-production, organic, biodynamic, Tri Blend. Winemaker Malek Amrani, member USA Triathlons amateur supports Triathlon limited-edition wine. sales goes furthering foundations transforming swimming, biking, running. Laurent, malbec, cabernet franc, pomegranate hint leather. Each sip Pinot Noir Ros, Pride Edition, Trevor Project, crisis intervention suicide prevention LGBTQ youth. ROAMING DOG Featuring paw print label, obvious observer affinity dogs. Roaming Dog, Columbia Blue, scruffy hound roamed vineyards stayed. animal-loving donate Society Prevention Cruelty Animals ASPCA. Dog ros, Riesling, chardonnay, enjoyable sauvignon aromatic starts Jolly Rancher, blackberry. MCBRIDE SISTERS SHE CAN McBride sisters developing difficult mentors, impossible Can Sisters Collection. canned scholarship fund. Established initially assistance, mentoring, leadership coaching arenas business. Canned refreshing Citrus Coastal Berry spritzers, ros. JORDAN Sally pioneering vintners Alexander ownership business, son established funds. disadvantaged health initiatives. Organizations supported Heights chardonnays silky sauvignons understated top. Burgundian deliciously acid. alone, contributor. personality 69 teaspoon garlic, minced tablespoon vegetable stock tablespoons cubed cup arugula chiffonade 1-2 burrata Pappardelle pasta cups all-purpose flour salt 3 egg yolks bowl, salt. Add yolks, egg, water. Mix speed dough hook ball. dry, handle. sticky, Divide equal parts. lightly floured surface, one-fourth rectangle -inch thick remaining covered. Loosely fold lengthwise thirds. Cut crosswise strips. Unfold gently Gently arrange single Augustine Stew Claw Serves Sofrito stew virgin olive oil ripe peppadew peppers, cloves rosemary, datil sriracha crab tips shrimp Lobster mussels cured pork belly Halved tomatoes Salt Lump meat, garnish scallions, Heat saut pan simmering. peppadews, rosemary. Cook pan. blender. caution pureeing liquids. well. Stir stock. cool. saucepan oil. Toss lobster, sauting mussels, belly, tomatoes. Keep open. Slowly sofrito. simmer minutes. Serve rice. lump scallions. 221 9th 239-231-3912, theclawbar.com Margherita heirloom tomato halves ginger apple stick. Bolognese towels least dry. Blanch boiling salted till al dente. aside. toss times. Deglaze boil. flame, butter swirl melted thickened. reserved pasta, arugula, basil. Season Top burrata. already-made pappardelle 1244 239-472-5555, cielo-sanibel.com Colleonis veal, beef, sausage medium yellow onions celery cans paste sprigs finely kosher Brown strain fat. veggies garlic. deglaze wine, paste. Next herbs seasonings. Simmer hours, stirring occasionally. 12731 239-208-3114, colleonis.com juniper pink peppercorns gin 5-7 tonic Dash grapefruit bitters Edible flowers optional Put peel, cucumber, wineglass. gin, water, pouring stir twice. flower cheers. Point, 23150 Fashion 101, 239-947-2203, GT Bahamas peel thin cucumber raspberry Apple Pie Cocktail ABC Liquors Honey Coopers Bourbon whisky beer sugar. Run rim dip mix. ice combine whisky, 71 Lunch Dinner SB Brunch Banquet Facilities Entertainment Beer Vegetarian BAILEYS GENERAL Sanibels Headquarters. fullservice hardware produce, plus deli, bakery stocks gluten-free Store Spa. Rosse Lane, Captiva, 239-472-2374 Spa, 1451 Middle 239-395-6016 baileys-sanibel.com Creative Cuisine. sophistication evident tasteful impressive menus. Cielo-tini, blue curacao appetizers PEI charcuterie. Entres osso buco, Dungeness ravioli catch topping list. after-dinner scotches, cognacs ports. Scott McDonald p.m. DOC FORDS RUM GRILLE Novel folk joined novelist Randy White fictional character, bestseller entres. Dont mojito. 2500 239-472-8311, docfordssanibel.com GROG SHOP Cigars, More. liquor, liqueurs, beer, Center. walk-in cigar Arturo Fuente, Macanudo, Cohiba premium brands. Grog Shop party-planning specials 2485 239-472-1682, grogshopsanibel.com epicurious Cow ISLAND COW Bovine Bounty. omelets joint, despite cow references. unless breakfast, Loaded Omelet. bar, Mango Sangria 2163 239-472-0606, sanibelislandcow.com LIGHTHOUSE Worlds Breakfast. Residents decades, why. Ocean Frittata seasoned crabmeat, sauted broccoli mushrooms artichoke creamy Alfredo sauce. Platter lighthouse Call-ahead available. 362 239-472-0303, lighthousecafe.com MATZALUNA Well-Smoked Italian. Five Cheese Gorgonzola, ricotta, hearts wood-fired pizzas. pastas, chicken, veal menu. 1200 239-472-1998, matzaluna.net NORMANDIE SEASIDE Indulge Yourself. Located Wind 74 dinner. Bananaberry Toast Omelet Colombian whole-leaf teas. Relax cafes old-world Curry Salad Pressed Cuban Sandwich lunch. extensive B, L, D, SB, BW, C, 3345 33957, 239472-1541 310, normandierestaurant.com. Color. pub fare--juicy baskets spicy Buffalo wings--and bartenders oftensought-but-never-found feel, popularity spot. 703 Tarpon 239-472-4453, thesanibelgrill.com THISTLE LODGE Victorian Rendezvous. oven-roasted coquelet herb-crusted blackened yellowtail snapper mojo allure trappings, glorious Casa Ybel Resort, 2255 239-472-9200, thistlelodge.com TIMBERS RESTAURANT FISH MARKET Dine Do Favorites calamari, cakes lump. Be 239-472-2722, timbersofsanibel.com TIPSY TURTLE Relaxed Stylish. airy rustic barn-style doors, cocktails, margaritas mojitos mimosas martinis, headline Starters crabcakes ahi nachos. Tasty sandwiches steaks housesmoked ribs, desserts. Childrens 1223 239-472-1771, tipsyturtlerestaurant.com. TRADERS Experience. Traders emporium restaurant, Tuesday Thursday evenings singer guitarist Danny Morgan, icon. gumbo, pan-seared macadamiaencrusted grouper. 1551 239-472-7242, traderssanibel.com me. --Audrey Hepburn Normandie Seaside T2 BISTRO Favorite. Opened dishes, tacos savory flatbreads, coastalinspired classics. rotating draft selection, envy lively lunch, anytime between. 2340 239-558-8919, T2traders.com CANTINA CAPTIVA Nacho Madres Mexican. bright serape piatas, terra-tiled floors adobe-style subtly suggest gone border. 14970 239-472-0248, captivaislandinn.com 76 diet bank account. investments. --Bethenny Frankel CROWS NEST BEACH Food, Get always-popular spinach-and-artichoke dip, entrees Saltimbocca, sage leaves, prosciutto-wrapped linguine. Live excitement hopping. 15951 239-472-5161 423, crowsnest-captiva.com. Continues. success, chain Whites character Seas Resort. Docs panko-fried dry-rubbed ribeye. 5400 Plantation 239-312-4275, docfordscaptiva.com KEYLIME Changes Fooditude. picket fence cheery canopies setting, Jimmy Buffett beat. walnut-crusted escargots cheese tomato. 11509 239-395-4000, LATTE DA COFFEE ICE CREAM ... coffees, extra-strong Coffee, cappuccinos lattes tooth indulge scoops Queenies milkshakes sundaes. 11508 239-472-0234, 78 MUCKY DUCK Quack Up. pint beers brewed pond. grub. Visit beachside patio gazing. 11546 239-472-3434, muckyduck.com OLD HOUSE Old FloridaNew American. Greg Nelsons plenty breakfasts flair. presentations, Sunset Room breath BF 421, OldCaptivaHouse.com. OTTERS Otterly American.The multitude daunting. Steamed clams, baskets, quesadillas meatloaf satisfy cravings. BLD 239-395-1142, SUNSHINE Inspired Bistro. charming, touch. wood-grilled salmon, pecan-crusted goat 239-472-6200, BIMINI BAIT SHACK Tiki Hut. thatched roof upper deck, vibe, entertainment. Daiquiris offerings. plates grouper shucked oysters, smoker. started. 17501 Harbour Pointe Dr., 239-360-2248, biminibaitshack.com BLANC Epicurean. Jenga, toasted tower modeled entre robata Lamb Lollipops reduction, Octopus SS, habanero Blancs Almost Entres, shared clean, savor Chris Whitaker Jean Claude Roge, talents Blanc peers. Closed Sundays. 13451 Ste. 10, 239-887-3139, blancentertainment.com BLU SUSHI Cobalt Cool. sushi outrageous highlight chicken. 239-489-1500 2262 St., 239-362-2843, blusushi.com BROADWAY PALM DINNER THEATRE Than Show. show, 450-seat theater, 100-seat box Off Theatre, 120-seat Royal 30-seat Sabal lounge lobby. Shows Broadway-inspired musicals edgy theater. Evening matinee buffet plated Friday Saturday. Tickets purchased online. 1380 Colonial 239-278-4422, broadwaypalm.com LYNQ Linking Global Music. dimly lit cavernous 82 vibe. Clusters sofas mingling. international poke bowls all-American burgers. Handcrafted specially Lynq Mules, breweries drinking nights. 16230 Summerlin 239-204-9345, lynq.life TWISTED VINE Exceptional Dining. certified Angus innovative entrees. Extensive Courtyard 2214 239-226-1687, twistedvinebistro.com Sequel. story--a sequel. banana leaf ribs. 708 Fishermans Wharf, 239-765-9660, docfordsfortmyersbeach.com Especially Philly. corned-beef hash, 84 pancakes bananas Carbons malted Belgian waffles accompanied fresh-ground breakfast. Pop Philly cheesesteak, hands down. 25091 Bernwood 239-948-4123, old41rest.com RODIZIO Brazilian Steakhouse. Experience Brazil, dozen rotisserie-grilled meats, carved tableside Rodizio gauchos feijoada, black-bean stew, abacaxi, glazed-and-grilled pineapple. forget save decadent dessert. Friday-Sunday. LD 8017 Plaza del Lago 239-498-0018, rodiziogrill.com RUTHS CHRIS STEAK Always Sizzling Success. Vaulted tray meticulously whitelinen-covered mood. petite filets cowboy-sized rib eyes, juicy. Choose creamed sweet-potato casserole. Shops 23151 Village 239-948-8888, ruthschris.com date. However, readers detailed reservations visiting establishments. 86 Explaining inexplicable genre task explaining Any erstwhile authors bizarre unmatched weirdness union. latest entrant Thing Tyler Gillespie, April Press admits embarrassed from, undertakes Man memes insert humanity qualify crazy Floridians. tracking case woman Woman Repeatedly Slapped Grandmother Rejecting Friend Request Facebook. finds halfway Ft. Lauderdale. truth, complicated headline. basically squabble, fueled escalated. Grandma pushed, granddaughter pushed back, called cops. outlets amplified story. elder-abuse felony charge judge. mended fences. But looms lives. Gillespie middle dispels notion cracker good-for-nothing. Here rancher Cary Lightsey, ranchers mid-1800s. cracker, hardly description. conservationminded rancher, steward pave ranching state. stops--from Gatorland Everglades Holiday Florida--are Floridians alligators reptiles squeamish. introduces reader pizzeria Evan Daniell, python pizza featured publications, Geographic. Griffith attends Repticon Tampa characters Reptile People. him Crutchfield, amounts money reptile mail-order convicted smuggling endangered animals. Man, Gillespie. encapsulated feared breeding wielding machetes. today Crutchfield standing Commission, raise efforts, lectures education. Yes, wacko, relates wit knowledge native, COX Learning signs camp, hunt, track dad uncles Oklahoma. spent pursuing wonders outdoors recreationist, ecologist, photographer. confident tracker art. teach photography, continually amazed existed. not-so-long-ago past, key survival. tracks death. Game potential predators harm loss todays learning fulfilling adventures. puzzle. consider, prints strides, droppings burrows, habitat lucky abundant diverse. species mammals here. Some encountered eastern cottontail, marsh rabbit, squirrel, Virginia opossum, otter, feral hog, raccoon, nine-banded armadillo, cat, bobcat, coyote, dog. mammals, amphibians, reptiles, insects, invertebrates observe. animals widespread dispersed habitats, discover travel. disperse distances areas. bear panther mates. Panthers 200 400 miles, depending sex. Male white-tailed deer females mating Finding measuring pictured book deceiving. conditions slightly mud, wet sand, dust. Count toes, nails register not, measure width length hind heel mark. Tracks similar, determining alone. Following figuring is. By stride next, straddle total trail, walking, trotting, galloping, hopping, Cox ecologist williamrcoxphotography.com. narrow choices. panthers inches, comparison, bobcats 11.25 inches. measurement definitive determination. inches versus 5.4 interpreted properly determine presence species. Examples scat droppings, feathers, skins, scrapes, rubs, scratch bite whammy lays, beds, rutting, nests, squirrel middens, skeletons, wallows, roosts, rookeries, etc. Along recognizing tracks, important Panther bobcat scrapes scent posts wide, wide. indicate territory felines passing through. bears whammy, scratch, activity. Bite usually feeding canine teeth parallel anywhere ground. bullets grazed tree. Bears climbers, climb raid honeybee hives sleep. particular skill originated Pleistocene escape predators. tracking, refer Animal Ian Sheldon Lone 2001. paperback resource. CAPT. BRIAN HOLAWAY walked, sand feet, day, moment ome occupational hazard, hazard occupation. Either searching seashells fundamental barrier decades. shelling treasures. Conversations seeking shelled ferry mainland. shells many. scallop orangish purple knobs deeper-water shell, wash 2007, all-day charter year--a grandmother, daughter, grandkids. tent five-year-old girl literally washed wave immediately grabbed siblings mom envious. anymore, manages shelling. Sometimes book. beloved classic, Lions Paw Robb White, 1946. tale involving boat then-wild beaches find, shark eye, moon condition, stunning. circular eye middle. holding hand satisfaction. Minnesota, Nancy Johnson, fondness one. Shark ears, paws soughtafter IMAGES Germany planned June 2014. groundswell carpet Costa. walked shells, spotted huge didnt German English, smiled celebrated--a language. prize circumference palm date, found. shellers ear. December 1996 sheller treasure hunter anchor 56-foot sailboat week, ear, off-white ranges dime quarter. ship Brazil. Wherever ears. tells--the find. Reeve Lindbergh, daughter Anne Morrow signed mothers Gift Sea, Brian, did... Capt. Holaway naturalist eco-tour 1995. charters Sound, Cabbage 91 ordeal Left Pieces Eight Pirate Cruise Salty Sams Marina afterward Parrot Caribbean Grill. Pinchers parent attest, challenging. bored, mess. relief understands. parents concession arcades loud, larger-thanlife atmospheres, ones. adults Caribbean-inspired chow fingers, cheese, pizza--all beverage. flip crayons. High chairs distraction activity picturesque Marina. VanDenabeele, marketing Sams. addition, intrigued all-ages Cruise, leaves marina fun-loving pirates plastic swords, VanDenabeele. Sams, t-shirts pirate-themed memorabilia on-site Ship Store. Pinchers. beyond, hungry families--especially question kids--besides favorites--is brightly Alfie Oakes, Seed Table, PARROT CARIBBEAN PINCHERS SEED TABLE colored, appealing free--with paid dogs, cheeseburgers, Drinks smiley included. popcorn hit, Rooney, VP marketing. games crayons occupied, while. Booster treats bakery, cream smoothie kiosks, playground. securely checked themselves eating. Menu steaks, sandwich, quesadilla. day--French toast, pancakes, burritos-- purchase boosters Main 239-463-3257 myparrotkey.com pinchersusa.com Locations 28580 Crossing 239-948-1313 5991 Silver King 239-540-7939 10029 239-415-4040 2360 239-245-7049 18100 San Carlos 239-415-8973 6890 239-463-2909 239-434-6616 4835 Immokalee 239-310-7333 oakesfarms.com TIPS EATING cater kids. Arrive starving. 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Peanut cupcakes Grooming pet food--raw, canned, kibble, dehydrated--with artificial flavors, accessories toys, yummy delights, grooming. jump joy biscuits, cookies, donuts pamper pets wonderland pooch. crisp, comforting cranberry-scented spritz warm cranberry. packages brushing bandana. baths, beforehand. 4947 Tamami N., 102, 239-596-3644 smilindogbakery.com 20000 204, 239-676-9569 woofgangbakery.com ELSE GET TASTY TREATS 3512 S., 239-542-9663 beachdogfl.com DipidyDawg Gourmet Boutique 21301 430, 239-949-9885 dipidydawg.com Paws 630 239-395-1464 islandpaws.com 12695-1 239-267-9818 frommfamily.comr2590 Pet 9114 SE, 239-947-2222 thepetfoodmkt.com 95 lthough please palate. plate huevos rancheros, aglio e olio, bowl ramen noodles, here--from in-between. DeRomos sprung atmosphere--with Mediterranean-style columns tall cascading fountains--gives Tuscan villaggio attracted out-of-towners ingredients, sourced. tirelessly roots, Rosemarie A. 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Afterward, Promenade 26811 Suites 140 148, 239-325-3583 deromos.com 4805 239-335-2222 mykababvillage.com mrtequilasrestaurant.com 1661 11, 239-233-8228 3785 East, 239-262-2582 3126 239-304-8629 2700 12, 239-431-5378 8847 239-592-4992 nambanaples.com 862 Lafayette 239-549-7799 paesanositalianmarket.com 99 Conceptual rendering MOHER RENDERING COURTESTY MUSIC EDUCATION CENTER t infancy Amaya, responded positively rattles Raffi Bach, danced, recalls Moher, could. Amaya issues, abilities blossomed. developed ear voice lessons. school, eagerly participated chorus, youth band, recitals. outlet, friend, diligently demo CD teacher Leigh. venues. Sandra Moher countless researching Amayas future pathways. visited schools post-secondary programs accommodated neurodiverse students, Rhoda Bernard Berklee Institute Special Needs BIAESN Boston. worlds--an outstanding commitment excellence adapt teaching strategies Sandra. visit, Mohers founded program, inclusion neurotypical students Leigh generously Artis-Naples. Covid-related impacts innovation, student participation grew. blind opera tenor, Andrea Bocelli. generous supporter challenged individual, reality. 501c3 comprehensive individuals differences, autism spectrum disorders, pragmatic communication, anxiety-related disorders context neurodiversity. holds, dreams follow due Mohers. integrated programming interested acquire 21,000-square-foot full-time culminating two- four-year certificate BIAESN. Phase dormitory. groundbreaking dormitory, development. contact vice Jennifer Clark JenCSWFLmusic.org 239-205-8258 swflmusic.org. 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NO. 4.95 VIEW RELAXED FUN ATMOSPHERE CREATIVITY TATTOO ARTISTRY CHOCOLATE PAIRING WELL-FITTED, PRECISE, FLATTERING CULTURE FASHION VOLUME Published Display

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