features 36 42 A TELEPHONE ROMANCE When the phone company broke up in 1984, it brought two employees together a lifelong love story. Living different parts of country, Ed and Annette cultivated their romance over before marrying 1991. Now has found home on Sanibel. DONT LET THE SUN BLIND YOU Sunny Southwest Florida makes us all want to spend lot time outside, but comes with caution Keep your eyes protected. Overexposure ultraviolet rays can lead any number health vision issues. No need curtail outdoor activities just dont forget sunglasses. 46 50 SHANGRI-LA SPRINGS This 100-year-old Bonita Springs resort been through many reinventions, never strayed from its mission as center for hospitality, tranquility, wellness, vitality. The beautiful property Old U.S. 41 is hidden delight visitors. REACHING FOR BLUE ZONE embraced Blue Zones Project. Starting Naples 2015, idea spread now Collier County into Lee County, where several communities are adopting healthy habits areas world people most likely live long happy lives. SPECIAL SECTION 56 Embarking Health-Care Journey 58 Home Run Health Care 60 Innovation Helps Millennium Connect Patients 62 PPC Celebrates 25 years Medical 64 Immediate Results 66 NCH Healthcare 2 TOTI.COM JULYAUGUST 2021 departments 18 8 PUBLISHERS LETTER 10 GULF COAST ZEITGEIST R 12 14 MAKING WAVES Keeping Community Members Safe Curbing Elder Abuse Year-Round Events Save Summer 16 BEAUTY Beauty Trends ARTS Masters Street Art 21 PROFILE Get Outside Have Some Fun 24 26 28 ON RADAR Weight, Weight... Dont Tell Me Path Detoxification Eyes It 30 MEMORIES Beating About Bush 34 WHATS IN STORE Whats Hot 68 CHEERS Best Sippers 70 RECIPES WE LOVE Cooking SWFL 72 EPICURIOUS Dining Guide 88 NATURES NOTEBOOK Floridas Gentle Giant 92 90 OUT ABOUT Shellers Come Different Varieties KIDS Musts 94 PETS Its Working Dogs Life 96 BETWEEN LINES Sucker Born Every Minute 98 CROSSWORD 100 COMMUNITY Connecting 103 SERVICES AND PROFESSIONALS 104 JOURNAL Coming SeptOct We celebrate capacity creative expression. Plus, well be exploring design trends, fashion. And if you looking right venue I do, this issue will both satisfy inspire. 4 ers om ffer. t s cu cial o ue tBl spe e j or 6 ift f g age 9 p See GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela J. 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Subscription price 24.00 one-year domestic subscription. Copyright Inc. All rights reserved. part publication may reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily those Zoomed In, Out Elucidation our W Group Publisher, Media PHOTO COURTESY OF MEDIA, INC. read about health, learn TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, Internet, even ask Siri it. But what does really mean In 1948, World Organization WHO defined way state complete physical, mental social well-being merely absence disease infirmity. Of course, passed an updated definition was needed, so 1986 described resource everyday life, objective living. positive concept emphasizing personal resources, physical capacities. tend think ways-- mental, spiritual, emotional, financial, name few--and categories, no surprise we often neglect some while trying do better others. Sometimes, that lifestyles. get busy see doctor only when feel something very wrong. Worse yet, ignore signs needs improved because... well... were too deal That puts pressure doctors other medical professionals. cant expect them keep doing part. also goes watching loved ones. How help helping ourselves Think happens computer tech gadgets stop working correctly. As soon app program glitch, Internet connection down have important Zoom meeting, take quick action. Are fast body shows symptoms problem At least options still meeting find workarounds until device repaired. one mind. falters, there workarounds. previous publishers letter, explained how decided turn off my notifications after health. operate way, great relief getting buzzing sound blinking light announcing new message every few minutes. realized distracted was, at iPad much. After half Covid-related changes work online habits, Im ready cut back team meetings. going reduce amount they up, Ive heard friends business partners planning same. call zooming out. allowed meetings rule days form distractions. For sake scale back--and maybe relearn meet person. addition benefit overall wellness. elucidates wellness being optimal individuals groups. say focal concerns realization fullest potential individual physically, psychologically, socially, spiritually economically, fulfillment ones roles expectations family, community, place worship settings. Wellness requires good zoomed out Why zoom healthier lifestyle Whatever looks like wish stay and, so, own balance well-being. gulf coast zeitgeist BY DR. RANDALL NIEHOFF Gulf Coast Florida, July August red-letter months rest recreation. If vacate normal abode, empty blocks regular schedule job, school, maintenance, etc. relax, explore fun. old adage rings true play Jack dull boy Jill girl. duty Ours culture dominated belief value life measured much done each day--that who determined do. wonder seeing otherwise bright carrying stress, resulting maladies such depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, heart trouble, alcohol drug addiction high divorce rates few. Recently, young woman leading seminar stress management. She walked around room glass water her raised hand. Most participants guessed would query half-empty half-full, no-- she asked everyone guess weighed. Then went point weight didnt matter perceived load did, depended held minute, hour, painful ache arm day--call ambulance. longer lifted, heavier becomes. Her clear carry burdens time, becomes more difficult on. You put awhile picking again refreshed, able handle time. closed session following recommendation Each day, much-needed Rx late afternoon, burdens. Do evening bed. Youll lift come morning. weekend arrives, periods rest, honoring appointment. Turning two-day marathon chores hobbies prescription exhaustion, RR. moderns actually owe balancing RR ancient Hebrews Biblical tradition sabbath--the seventh day week set apart sanctuary Called queen week, labor practicing gratitude creation engine worship, celebrating best clothes, visiting ones, reading, singing, dancing, filling senses nature food contemplation quite opposite dour forced time-out lengthy church services practiced Puritanical traditions Christianity. more, historians first century Common Era aka A.D., among gave birth Rabbinic Judaism early Christian Church, customary men women mini-sabbaths during week--a break 20 minutes anywhere three five day. People nap, read, think, pray, perhaps chat neighbor then reinvigorated, return tasks. am reminded poster hung office frequented depicting stool these words Sometimes sits thinks... sometimes sits. Ran retired since 2008, taken turns sitting ANN MARIE OPHELAN Two organizations watch youth elderly PROTECTING Children full wonderment curiosity unfortunately, unintentional injuries falls, burns, poisoning, drowning, choking car accidents. These types number-one cause death children United States. Although keeping watchful eye wander away, something, late. Kids dedicated protect injuries. group affiliated larger nonprofit, Worldwide, families kids safe injuries, according website. organization works 400 coalitions States than countries childhood incidents. offers free classes, which virtual. hosts child-passenger safety technician courses firefighters, law enforcement, nurses Class size limited. Other classes include two-hour car-seat instruction, caregivers course receive seat. LOOKING virtual SAFETY TIPS Find tip sheets various sleep class. goal topics safekids. decrease numorg safekidsswfl.org. Check Facebook page ber infant deaths pertaining information unsafe practices, explains events facebook.com Sally Kreuscher, coorsafekidssouthwestflorida. dinator. class covers principles newborns infants, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome SIDS Shaken Baby Syndrome, provides practices using cribs pacifiers. Additionally, performs in-person inspections. installed life-jacket loaner stations throughout borrow jacket year, participates heatstroke press conference dangers leaving hot cars. representatives go schools, summer camp camps provide education ATV Safety Sam robot, kind Florida. recently partner coalition members distribute vital information. Families drive pick bags topics, Kreuscher. uses bus wraps convey messages safety. travels schools educate riding ATVs safely. CURBING ELDER ABUSE older Americans victims elder abuse, exploitation estimated million--or ten. 23.5 percent cases unreported reluctant report abuse because shame embarrassment. Department DCF Adult Protective Services protecting vulnerable adults neglect, self-neglect enabling disabilities remain community. Far often, silent robbing seniors enjoying golden fullest, says Natalie Harrell, communications director SunCoast Region DCF. sexual, psychological emotional however, result TOP TWO PHOTOS SAFE SOUTHWEST FLORIDA failure senior adequate food, shelter, care protection. Neglect committed someone person trusts depends on, family member, friend caregiver, Harrell. Also concerning financial funds assets. population growing, imperative pay close attention issue. encourage Floridians involved local effort raise awareness SIGNS OR NEGLECT Bruises, broken bones, burns indicators Unexplained withdrawal unusual depression situation Unattended loss REPORTING suspect abused, neglected exploited, immediately. Reports made anonymously investigated confidentially DCFs program. Hotline 1-800-96-ABUSE1-800-962-2873 Report reportabuse.dcf.state.fl.us myflfamilies.comservice-programs adult-protective-services MORE INFO Headquarters 2415 North Monroe Street, Suite 400, Tallahassee 850-487-1111 myflfamilies.com 9981 S. Healthpark Drive, Fort Myers 239-343-6199 safekidsswfl.org Year-round MAKE IT TO MARKET Looking enjoy music, stunning art, backyard farming, taste artisanal foods, check one-of-a-kind gifts fill shopping bag plenty locally grown produce GreenMarket, hosted Alliance Arts Myers, Saturdays pm. theres shade, camaraderie community-- perfect setting bite Desiree DeMolina, manager Alliance. Furthermore, yoga lovers warrior poses, dogs mountain poses Om Grown--GreenMarket Yoga Nicole 930 am. Bring mat. popular GreenMarket takes year-round--rain shine--but especially nice relaxed months. information, contact Saturday Arts, 10091 McGregor Blvd., Myers. 239-939-2787 artinlee.org. GreenMaket year-round event featuring fresh produce, foods yoga. BOTTOM ALLIANCE CHECK CARS Car finest automobiles Cars Coffee, Shops Surfside 2354 Blvd. summer. Among 300-plus sweet rides view Mustangs, Camaros Corvettes. Part pleasure mingling eclectic share passion And, cup coffee. occurs 11, September 12, 239-849-0267 facebook.comcapecoralcarsandcoffee. upcoming dates. 15 BETH LUBERECKI issue, give lowdown fabulous fragrances luxurious lotions, beauty must-haves everything between STAY Before next beach pool tube Block Star Invisible Daily Sunscreen Bliss 19.99. super-sheer, lightweight, mineral sunscreen truly lives invisible name, blending absolutely chalkiness, white cast greasiness. With silky finish lavender scent, broad-spectrum SPF protection cruelty-free vegan. Target stores. MULTITASKING SUNSCREEN multitasker, try Garnier Green Labs Serum Cream Collection 30. one-step option offering helps simplify morning routine, lightweight formula wont leave residue face. available formulations address skin 21.99 Hyalu-Melon hyaluronic acid watermelon smoother, hydrated Pinea-C vitamin C pineapple brighter Canna-B B3 cannabis sativa seed oil less oily fewer imperfections. serums drugstores, grocery stores mass-market retailers. RAISING BAR jet France summer, bar French-milled soap Pr de Provence bath decidedly Continental feel. quad-milled bars--for smoother richer lather--are pure, natural ingredients enriched shea butter. Available scents honey almond, theyll make shower escape. Market Earth downtown 239-226-0006, marketearthstore. com carries selection soaps 2.50 9.75, hand 15.95 lotion 15.95. SUSTAINABLE ALL-INCLUSIVE Hey Humans line cofounded actress Jada Pinkett isnt another celebrity brand. affordable, gender-neutral products--which includes deodorant 4.99, wash 5.99, 5.99 toothpaste 3.99--is sustainability inside naturally derived, packaged completely recyclable aluminum paper. scent coconut mint apple matcha, appeal everyone. products exclusively SMILE PRETTY Show lips Freeman Beautys Lip Dip 2.49 each. fun fruity formulas solve pucker problems. Reach Nourishing Raspberry tinted balm moisturized plumper-looking lips, Exfoliating Kiwi mask scrub softer Hydrating Pineapple sleeping extra hydration. Ulta locations Bell Tower 239-334-0659, ulta.com, Cypress Woods Shopping Center 239-766-4107 Town 239-766-4283 Coconut Point 239-992-0361 Coralwood 239-458-3522. 17 DAVID ACEVEDO Artsemble Underground paints town S outhwest changing. thriving arts community presence becoming notable. massive, vibrant murals--on buildings, fences public places--bringing intrigue passers-by. prominent creators street art artists Cesar Aguilera Weaver, founders Underground. bring everyone, Weaver describe it, people. duo wants businesses attract traffic murals, sculptures events. Since met 2014, collaborated numerous organizations, 2016 formally established LLC. wanted forge all-immersive multimedia assembly experience ideas could created institution gallery hinders process final output, Weaver. emerging platform level paths, united reach higher levels, adds Aguilera, sees use instrument change instead commodity. imagine create comfortable again, spectators, process. Many places uncomfortable special school degree understand inspiring everybody, indoors outdoors. staples scene. graduated graphic animation School Communication Carolina, produced multiple He founder underground warehouse called Epicenter Circus United, famous Battle contests fundraising nonprofits. Weavers fine displayed Sidney Berne Davis Center. originally Quito, Ecuador, curator Centers Grand Atrium Capital Underground, front colorful creations Coral, city that, recently, had little showcased. JESI CASON PHOTOGRAPHY underwatergalactic scene behind Sydney IF CAN IMAGINE IT, CREATE IT. Gallery. 2015 recipient Gulfshore Emerging Leader award wearable brand Paionia, discarded materials technology sustainably conscious effort. River District commissioned 2014 monthly events, popularly known Mystery Walk nights, started project alongside muralist Erik Schlake. Their intention successive strong nonprofit organizations. challenged paint hours streets competing grand prize. Reggae Fest along Jamaican reggae artist Ky-Mani Marley, Bob Marleys son. pop-up inaugurated commercial space District. artists, performers musicians extravaganza. believe mural. 19 MANY PLACES NORMAL PEOPLE FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE ART, LIKE THEY NEED SCHOOL DEGREE UNDERSTAND 2019 exhibition entitled Pictorial Conversations Opus opened extraordinarily talented, collaborative dynamic collective, centers recreation supervisor Julie Gerhard, worked closely coordinate event. enthusiasm promoting contagious. mural commissions continued last including request walls Hall historical building. More tribute fallen officer Julian Keen unveiled Lehigh. Gallery Lounge doors March renowned display, there. artsembleunderground.com. Acevedo award-winning visual writer living owner DAAS CO-OP Gifts Union Artist Studios. bachelors University Puerto Rico, Mayagez Campus. earlier year. creating meaningful murals--as ARTSEMBLE UNDERGROUND JEFF LYTLE Former parks Fran Mainella JULIA KROEKER count silver linings dark pandemic cloud There sense neighborliness others errands. renewed appreciation essential workers. reawakening Play. news national champion play, Springs, brings credentials. Mainella, 74, served system under Governor Jeb moved manage his brother, George W. Bush. roles. Later helped ongoing Play Coalition Clemson University, bringing experts land planning, architecture, psychology, medicine more. continues demand lectures across country conservation boards. crusade promote hit ever took root spring 2020, daily elective activity curtailed permitted socially distanced exercise. fools multipurpose bike partner. Walking bicycle riding, example, keys observes outside became synonymous virus. big picture seizing window opportunity benefits, says, adding, happier, safer Look restaurants, concerts, plays dances. Open-air camping, observes, soared popularity. So did motor homes insisted traveling safely possible--taking bedrooms them. believer deficit disorder, outdoors innate calmness solemnity, fights loneliness, lake side. real person, instructs. Just antidepressant. explain broad choosing anything enjoy. second tour Everglades National Park. chief Park Service Mainellas views eagerly supported Katie Moses manages Lovers Key, month 2020. reopened, stated were, says. visitors excited. professor SouthWestern State Colleges campus, weighs Play, particularly child development, relates. Obviously, struggled pandemic, ever. Being shown anxiety, disorder. increases cognitive functioning, fosters interaction benefits Unfortunately, drags spending computers Kelly L. Bushy, associate applied psychology Hodges footnote From aspect, whether adult, tell cannot disrupted exercise routines, closure gyms fitness centers. beaches closed. However, brief. Parks reopened encouragement distancing. began levels 22 TRENDY TOURS MIDDLE NATIONAL PARKS OTHER VOICES mascot greets South Carolina. PLAY COALITION game, avid golfer. sit quietly bench eat. One mantra aimed waste spent studying. stranger largerthan-life situations. job terrorist attacks 2001, place, putting charge security museums landmarks Statue Liberty, myriad icons Washington Mt. Rushmore. latter added infrared sensors backs carved stone heads detect would-be saboteurs. affinity developed assemble open Key 1980s. voice audio recording welcome center. Lytle editorial editor TV host News. Springs. 23 radar KATHY MONTGOMERY Weight lecture judgment. facts. Obesity worldwide reached epidemic levels. ages overweight obese. third Americans, height, poll Harris Interactive, market research firm. Approximately obese themselves medically threatening category overweight, nearly 40 morbidly respondents. numbers lie. mass index BMI, compares gender age. calculator.netbmi-calculator. BMI 25-30 considered above study Rand Corporation obesity links illnesses poverty. diabetes disease, 230 diseases disorders linked weight. weight-loss worth record billion, obvious interested changing Lori Casey documented taking selfies. surgery, lost 160 pounds LORI CASEY whole industry convince lose quickly, Rishi Ramlogan, surgeon Surgical Healing Center, specializes bariatric surgery comprehensive management marathon, sprint. buying crazy supplements stuff arent healthy. exercises harm ourselves. Ramlogan nonmedical reasons surgery. common issues patients blood pressure, type diabetes, arthritis, obstructive apnea, fatty liver, cholesterol. inability participate tying shoes, children, fit amusement park having seatbelt extender airplanes. 265 heaviest, stopped weighing herself know gaining. problems, cholesterol, congenital kidney edema. ago, pounds. medication kidneys function better, resolved. breath, anxiety things. Still, dramatic improve According Disease Control, modest 5 total improvements cholesterol sugars. Following keeps follow-up appointments off. tips losing eventually become habits. Fad diets brief sustainable. Trust credible professional Food choices must intentional require planning. Schedule appointment work, same importance. To enough sleep, consider start sleep. plans struggle. choices, maintain weight, consistent disciplined, forming routines. feeling Montgomery writing facing years. SURGICAL HEALING CENTER EMILY BENSON Pharmacys natural-health consultant Stan Headley educates customers behavioral whole-body cleansing youre sluggish, constantly fighting colds allergies, stomach fritz, toxins culprit. Toxins enter sources environmental pollution cleaning processed excess internal bacteria, unresolved trauma. Headley, Pharmacy begin overload body, damaging impacts. Theres correlation harmful effects poor conditions, While impossible avoid, boost bodys ability eliminate system. detox naturally, liver remove encounter. incoming surpass livers them, build up. toxic burden occurs, independent compounding pharmacy serving area BOTH PAGES CYPRESS PHARMACY Incorporating vitamins health-care routine detox. personalized packs tailored needs. compromised, heart, brain, skin. periodically restore function, turn, best. seen well-designed detoxification digestion, metabolism clearer thinking, energy, enhanced blood-sugar blood-pressure control lab results. shares boosting Take approach. Achieving maintaining mind, spirit. Kick journey making lasting changes. Seek supervision. pharmacist determine suitable current prescriptions, holding accountable. pharmaceutical-grade products. quality intake key success. Pharmaceutical-grade manufactured strict validated purity potency. Incorporate supplements. Antioxidants B, C, E beta-carotene liver. Herbal milk thistle benefits. Probiotics colon support Maintain healthful diet. Eat mindfully problematic diet burden. Exercise. Studies show efficient detoxing naturally. Track Use scoring compare allows visually appreciate body. path high-quality frees drivers seat Benson native Floridian enjoys region home. Childrens Charities Eye Institute Golisano hen Eleanor Ellie ONeal born 2018, weeks premature, weighed pound, ounces. Doctors parents, Christine Brendan, comfort resuscitating daughter. painted survived, face multitude complications--cerebral palsy, brain bleeds, blindness, might all, They said chance me hold her. parents fighters, experienced complications uncommon tiny premature babies. lower gestational greater risk severe, sight-threatening blindness retinopathy prematurity, ROP. suffered bleed diagnosis aggressive Without treatment, Jessica Kovarik, pediatric ophthalmologist Hospital treated injections laser avoid retinal detachment. expected impairment, defied odds today vision. active, blonde three-year-old blue neonatal intensive unit NICU developmental clinic. future celebrates birthday Child Armando Llechu Wine 2020 ONEAL FAMILY opens, ensuring access ophthalmology Charities, whose fundraiser Fest, pledged 3 million institute Kovarik joined hospitals, areas, ophthalmologist. assistant examination rooms, wait nine Otherwise, travel Tampa, Miami Sarasota treatment. point, triage urgent problems things wait, physician ophthalmology. stressful patient families. expanded moving space. Currently, treat buildings roughly weeks. four reducing times. collaboration hospital. Walter, 7, sudden loss, caused optic neuritis, rare condition impact Early intervention treatment restored Walters eyes. Another girl sensitive cry sunlight. providers relieve pain, abnormalities cornea prescribed steroid drop, warm compresses lid scrubs. entirely now, Shauna Berry, Golisano. runs beach, proper diagnosis. exam swollen nerves malfunction shunt hydrocephalus. discovered, he rushed neurosurgery. exam, malfunctioned. growing Were excited, modern equipment. coming. grateful generous this. money donated 2009. institute, visit LeeHealthFoundation.orgGolisano. Rendering GOLISANO CHILDRENS HOSPITAL 29 TANYA HOCHSCHILD African haven elephants magine bush. dawn begins silence. melodic bird summons sun, rises distant hill, washing slopes rosy pink. lone, wrinkled, battle-scarred elephant wanders history, memories reflected clouded His trunk glides upward toward leaf, plucks finesse guides mouth. close, ecstasy, gourmet savors succulent choice. hurry. remaining way. Foraging necessity. flown Africa look Addo Elephant Park, thicket, savannah, forest grassland. proposed expansion sweep Indian Ocean marine preserve. Visitors sight Big Five--elephants, buffalos, rhinoceros, lions leopards--but whales dolphins. roam free, ancestors, slaughtered thousands ivory. docks Deep River, Connecticut, banks Connecticut U.S., destination hundreds tons ivory, shipped 19th 20th century. Piano playing middle-class homes, piano keys, factories nearby Ivoryton, Connecticut. shipment ivory Conservationists strive Africas leopards. Ivoryton 1954. plastic norm. constant ebb flow compassion cruelty animals Africa. Eastern Cape, situated, teemed game settlers arrived trade began, hunters wagon routes hinterland coast. Dazzles zebras, prides lion, towers giraffe herds buffalo blesbok galloped free--and galore. By 1800s remained hundred elephants, retreated deep thorn impenetrable thickets. but, quest water, trampled farmers destroyed crops. 1920s running battle resulted administrator Province commissioning Major Pretorius, hunter soldier, rid farming menace 120 dropped rifle. outcry demanded elephants. 1931 surviving 11 herded newly proclaimed dissuade sanctuary, boreholes sunk. Today 600 descended original 11. Because inbreeding proTOTI.COM 31 protected land. portion tuskless females population, tuskless. males retain tusks. holes parades highly watched sashayed single file hole afternoon tea. Ungainly youngsters slid muddy banks, coaxed mothers trunks approach water. comical baby preferred insert rock seemed drink minerals salty Older siblings gently pushed returned kid soda fountain. Teenagers twined swayed, skipping rope. drank copiously, sucked mud sprayed jets backs. acts sunblock. gent stood away group--perhaps guard--and alternately crossed uncrossed legs postures utter patience. Pratt, Read Co. manufacturer tusks imported 32 IVORYTON LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, IVORYTON, CT., E.D. MOORE COLLECTION Once quenched thirst cooled off, side touching another, babies waited shade. Occasionally lifted sniff neighbors back. Clearly communicating another. peaceful, hurry leave, though aware us, warthogs waiting waterhole, enormous tortoises, slow progress watched. Eventually, matriarch turned amble one, herd lumbered glimpsed slowly, framed orange sun. dinner evening, stars sparkling vault southern sky, spoke led realm, undisturbed haven, beyond politics, injustices, human strutting fretting. reconnected eternal nature. Hochschild freelance Africa, grew 1981. author novel, memoir, anthology poetry biographies nonagenarian residents Myersbased Shell Retirement Community. 33 GINA BIRCH MAGIC DATES Dates natures candy base nutrient-dense snack bites. walnuts, cacao, cravings sugar. variety flavors dipped chocolate, vegan dairy-free. Three-pack sampler 30, magicdatesbites.com HEALTHFUL JERKIES Paleovalleys meat sticks mind--they non-GMO grains, corn, soy dairy. beef grass-fed cows turkey pasture-raised birds. pack flavor organic spices. Theyre easier digest, thanks fermentation meat. Four-pack 20.99, paleovalley.com SOFASTUD Solving lounging couch SofaStud spillproof holder slim paddle slides cushions. circular holds 12-ounce can, bottle cups glassware. 9.99, sofastud.com MOUNTED MASSAGER Vertiball mobile, wall-mounted massager affix seconds almost surface. Adjust height accurately tight spots trigger points hard-to-reach back, neck shoulders. 49.99, vertiball.com HANDS-FREE Juggling wallet pulling suitcase airports nightmare. crossbody case Smartish built-in credit cards IDs essentials within easy reach. Styles straps range casual classy, depending mood taste. 29.99, smartish.com FREE SPIRITS Mocktails popularity, spirits crafting nonalcoholic cocktails level. Made resemble bourbon, gin tequila, Free Spirits designed B amino acids. 37, drinkfreespirits.com SUMMER PROVENCE certainly channel vibe dress Rungolee. feather-light cotton fabrics feminine style, released pattern style soirees. 279, rungolee.com TENNIS ANYONE Ashby Club Court fashion pieces transition tennis court, lunch Sporty classic, scoop-neck ribbed waistband inches long, leg. 128, clubandcourt.com EGALIT TOTE stylish, woven basket boating, picnics markets. Mer-Seas motto baskets embroidered expressions serve reminders loving. translated, French word galit means liberty equality. 79, mersea.com Lulus, shoplovelulus.com JK Collections, Naples, jkcollections.net PATRIOTIC BOARD SHORTS Stand red, board shorts SA Feather-light four-way stretch, material water-repellent drawstring comfort. convenience, pockets zipper pocket 64.99, safishing.com SIDEWALK ART escape entire Doodle Hogs sidewalk chalk stencil kit reusable stencils rainbows, avocados, vibes pineapples. colors washable nontoxic. decorating driveways, parking lots. doodlehog.com GUESS An educational pass road trips, Guess games Skillmatics allow players questions guessing item card. contain hints clues teach facts animals, modes transportation Collect seven win. 13.99, skillmaticsworld.comguess-in-10 35 Hendrick garden house DANIELA JAEGER Romance Telephone FRANCESCA BLOCK story government ordered System Companies monopoly telecommunications unassuming regions together. Hendrick, 45-year-old sales executive minted Southwestern Corporation, himself bind. intended describing divestiture structure. Nonetheless, designing client interface separate entities Company, despite recent breakup, reluctantly Growing eldest Irish-Catholic Philadelphia, approached assignments make-it-work attitude. head team, forging relationship toughest client, West. 1986, Telcordia Technologies planned historic St. Simons Georgia, companies rented golf top executives regional companies. event, list attendees names, stuck him Annette. Hers female among, describes, bunch curmudgeons used king hill. Annette, promoted eight large Catholic rural Minnesota, accustomed shattering ceilings. pursued mathematics college, followed MBA, hired Company engineering role. confronted men, phenomenon familiar. 37 Bubble Room Captiva Island 1990, trips couple Denver 1993 whom learned named Ed, confidently said, Thinking today, memory remains remember statement, smile, like, guy swift. conversation evolved remembers asking choose West Both claim yesterday, jokes, We, referring company, West, you, Eds Technologies. interaction, quickly discovered seemingly challenges. thinking nuts. gotten animosity palpable. destined failure, reflects short is, failure. companions. lived New Jersey, based Minneapolis. Throughout fiscal Denver, conferences, work-related eat co-workers, alone, stories upbringings remark surprising similarity experiences, geographical differences. couldnt night reflecting differences urban America, yet instant, values-based communicate. attribute calls shared culture, thinks that. Tevye Fiddler Roof talks tradition, reflects, notion sort stream experience. trip, calling dinner. felt date, neither why ED ANNETTE HENDRICK 38 dating. adamant meals werent adds, end, agree, blended. natural, either searching for. Annettes lights playful smile me. Not dating, assigned full-time Jersey. Minneapolis, maintained long-distance relationship. Luckily, remarks laugh, telephone basically free. Much benefited luck, serendipitous blessings. accepted assignment dating half, offered rotational position brag accomplishments, notes highest-level technical company. after, officially engaged. fairly process, teases, chimes in, Objection well. restaurant calm Chicagos Navy Pier, breeze coming Lake Michigan, asked, claims question simply hypothetical, confident Chicago, to. proposal came later 1991, eager vows official. married home, building engagement. always nest. relationship, Jersey later, retired, fulfill dream. 55, enrolled relocated Hampshire. Science Applications International SAIC years, Las Cruces, Mexico, practice Hendricks Concord, Hampshire 1998, attending Christmas Yorkies Coco Zach 39 wedding Minnesota 2010 finally good, 2013. unpredictable, jokes statement. gets bored easily new, remarks, I, part, along. On wholeheartedly president San-Cap Catholics serves responsibilities treasurer Historical Museum Village. homeowners association member Catholics. Sanibels Housing Resources former vice Isabels Mens Society. believes together, mastered greet busy. Tarpon Bay cruise giving family. marriage, grandchildren great-grandchild sewing blankets anticipation. puppies, Kobe Piper, prepare 30th anniversary, love. loves husbands infectious humor. likes wife. reflects. Even errand, missing. resident student Princeton studying journalism, affairs, international relations Chinese. Mardi Gras fund raiser pair Yorkies, Piper Kobe, Nina Burt conducts monitoring subtle ELMQUIST EYE UV Month. Protect sunny loridians sunshine long. greatest Trevor Elmquist, board-certified ophthalmologist, military veteran fisherman, spends eye-related risks endless sunshine. Thats recommends mindful steps Floridians, outdoors, Elmquist Coral. Fishing favorite pastimes, critical limit overexposure. long-term overexposure radiation melanoma cancer eyelids, conditions cataracts, macular degeneration small growths eye. propelled requiring repair damage. Yasaira Rodriguez, Group, fishing regularly cautions 43 Clockwise left Burt, Sarah Eccles-Brown, Kate Wagner, E. Rodriguez Group. offices medical, surgical, cosmetic emergency eye-care services. lobby office. reviews results test patient. optometrist managing exam. Comprehensive 44 protective eyewear. suns intense, sun cement sand, Protecting exposure practice, importance rays. Mild temporary inflammation, causing sunburned. inflammation sensitivity light, redness, excessive tearing dry, drops cool mild symptoms, severe prolonged eyes, notes. Good should round continue clearly come. Eye-care bad, significant specialists offer sun-drenched beyond. UV-blocking attire minutes, sure wear broad-brimmed hat Be strongest Limit timeframe. deceived clouds haze thin clouds. cloudy. damage retina due solar radiation. Never directly Everyone Sun affect members. sunglasses role characteristics ensure maximum American Optometric Association advises 99-100 UVA UVB Screen 75-90 visible light. close-fitting frames prevent sides. perfectly matched color distortion imperfection. lenses gray recognition. Manufacturer labels protection, sunglasses, Sunlight safety, yearround golf, tennis, swimming confidence. Left fish, direct 45 OPPOSITE Shangri-La mystery history gates BONITA HISTORICAL SOCIETY Al Capone, sacred source growth hotel vitality development built developer Harvie Heitman 1921 Hotel. acres accommodate buyers west. Society, 1920 177 residents, featured miles paved four-and-a-half-mile shell beach. labeled Mecca Tourist Land Promise Settler. Electric town, streetlights installed, cattle stops placed ends roads. smart businessman, probably accident hotel, Avenue, main highway, Charlie Strader, past Society narrator annual walking tours Southern Railway 1922, Tamiami Trail, completed 1928, connecting Tampa Miami. popularity secured, Hotel Great Depression, sold Brochure mid-century versions property. 47 ownership transitions renovations, lushly landscaped sat gates. iterations owners 48 ERICA BARLEY LEFT HANNAH BJORNDAL Haverfields Walter Mack Cadillac extensive renovation renaming Villa Bonita. acquired Charles Gnau, osteopath springs. spring-fed statue Maiden date Calusa Indians place. 1964, R.J. Cheatham purchased hygiene. obtained diplomas naturopathy, homeo- pathic medicine, osteopathy science metaphysics. interest conducive peace renamed spa inspired book Lost Horizon James Hilton. Hilton paradise Perhaps desire longevity attracted guests Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Jackie Gleason Buddy Hackett. Unconfirmed Elizabeth Taylor, Lucille Ball Madonna. 1993, Leo Dahlman bought developing first-class resort. background management, grandeur. frontage decades, frequent society Strader component gives allure. fell foreclosure purchase Lama Hana intent restoring landmark boutique spa. site, Oak Creek flowing certified species trees, Mysore fig trees. trust obtain certification Agriculture Weddings bookings track 2011. Then, storms challenges stalled plans. creek, condos else, takeaway--that pause farm-to-table Now, 100th booked. offered, sporadic sales, on-site supply restaurant, abundant harvest. property, outpacing 2019, propertys busiest weddings. popular. atmosphere, inherent landscaping character, atmosphere charm, peaceful oasis. interesting region. RIGHT LETTERS CO., LLC picturesque backdrop Couples pose tree. 49 Z ZONES PROJECT Reaching Zone yes LY TLE Charter 51 52 Project phenomenon, 225,000 730 County. BAY CAFE AT BEACH BZP launched expectation grassroots focusing sponsor, System, largest provider. been, Deb Logan amazing. inspiration well-being, Logan. witness individuals, worksites, associations faith-based embrace Power sidebar 55 powerful. Eileen Connolly-Keesler, CEO Foundation context. hard projects amazing hasnt let mission. endeavor Geographic longest happiest. Natives environment, lifestyles studied. Author Buettner data magazine articles series best-selling books. movement touches 57 communities, chapters Hawaii Worth, Texas, bigger Floridas. comparing Gallup polling launch. ranked No. America row, compared 73 previously. gathered FGCU starting spread. thrilled Bonita, Individuals farther north engage hoping expand future. hope funding, possibility. Nolen Rollins distinction connect Esteros Legacy Church Chamber Commerce. alignment scriptural neighborliness, embracing worthwhile missions purposes. membership, notes, meant doughnuts menu gatherings. BZPs chamber, explains. publicist Becker sends gets. encourages weekly tours. Twin Eagles, arranged wholly lifestyle, bedclothes, towels furnishings. Romi Hayashi, co-owner Caf Beach, Zones-designated items veggie wraps, burgers bowls repeat customers. reports. Also, younger December 2018. Young eating food. Healthy Elementary School, Hayashi pre-pandemic walk-to-school exams. students principal Robert Cooper. Residents Copperleaf Brooks BENTLEY VILLAGE Vi Bentley Village, worksite, chef Joel Hetrick cultivates herbs vegetables. 53 nugget advice residents. Veg promotes Riverside Moai Launch Mall Executive Director Paul Hiltz, bocce, pickleball classes. Our chef, Meyer, menus socials, Anna Laabs, marketing director. season invited Bike Medic encouraged clubhouse versus driving. season, box activities. Walks loop neighborhood, superintendent, Dore-Smith, Golf Course well, move charitable foundation 54 POWER PRINCIPLES Cafe Ribbon Cutting Celebration charities accent lifes purpose. Bay, Activities sugar-laden beverages chair yoga, tai chi, dance seminars plantbased cooking demonstrations--for Breakfasts Want Raw Foods Rookies. Project, states Elke Kauder, thriving, active tools resources NCH--whose originated Hospital--says timely optimizing resilience explains, safer, stronger Researchers behaviors. Principles focus wisely, knowing purpose belonging easy, happier. 1.Make unavoidable environment. 2.Know 3.Downshift less, down, vacations. 4.Eat 80 full. 5.Eat veggies, 6.Drink red wine 7.Create network. 8.Connectreconnect religion. 9.Prioritize --Blue info, bluezones.com southwestflorida.bluezonesproject.com. JENNIFER FAIRFIELD-WILLIAMS Health-care Destination paves M Fairfield-Williams contributor covering evolution IMAGES MILLENNIUM PHYSICIAN illennium Physician introduced newpatient outreach Health, focuses prevention guide journeys. Helping physicians patients, streamline processes, primary-care Kevin Kearns, seamless possible join reaching preventive programs Like passport. Preventive Passport simple one-page checklist staying round. measures discuss providers. visits, screenings, tobacco screenings. Patient Norma Fernandez care. passport reminder, follow supposed scheduling talking about. visits convenient higher-risk Millenniums telehealth service, MPG Connect, provider computer, smartphone tablet. complement services, walk-in imaging centers, labs, coordination setting. provider, depersonalizing healthcare, innovation face-to-face physician. ways existing Kearns. metaphor section Covid-19 Strike Team protects Anthem trail respectfully quiet JetBlue matching t-shirts cheers loud VIP box. Groups Team. Invited Boston Red Sox throw pitch, recognized training honor, Day. smiles excitement brighten shadows storm douse game. amazing, Amy Washinsky. What here Millennium, RN Amanda Simone. vaccines testing. snap selfies cheer players. Sox, hoots Stacy Cohen. feels wonderful, weve done. contrive fancy instead, knew best--care patients. powerful consisting RNs clinical administrative staff, run testing sites pandemic. tide workers administering much-anticipated vaccines--hundreds doses available. Theyve nights weekends workload. Under guidance Washinsky, efficiently Years Eve received vaccine frontline tested workflows perfected implemented strategies scheduled vaccinated possible--all adhering honored l-r Melinda Talton, Simone, Leanne Michie, LPN. pictured Cohen, represents snapshot state, nation RN, administers vaccine. social-distancing guidelines storage distribution protocols doses. clarifies Washinsky clinics. frontlines exhaustive efforts Teams vaccinating During workers, Hugo Myslicki, states, proud backbone realize sacrifice, Suzanne, customer service aside families, save us. heroes. First coronavirus, against strength dedication power grand-slam victory vaccination Middle photo, Simone Talton. 59 LIZA FERNANDEZ Virtual Clinic. IMAGE SIDES O Breaking Records Ground end rooms overloaded. ultimate initiative unnecessary urgent-care emergency-room Demetriou innovative sets apart. no-barriers treating definitely trend of. Clinic Tampaarea initial pilot phase, statewide. economical trip room, effective, n heels success deploying 500-plus statewide, once rallied rolling first-of-its-kind Exceptional doesnt happen pm, officer, Alejandro PerezTrepichio. transcends evolves Using proprietary virtually extended hours, region, addressing acute-care issues, sniffles sprains. admits Nektarios Demetriou, D.O., wonderful urgentcare emergencyroom records. differentiator market. rapid adaptation assures Perez-Trepichio, always. NBC2 Sarasotas SNN television 61 SUSAN BENNETT Local physician-owned reaches milestone Pediatrician Butler Family Dean Traiger Internal Tracy Vo D r. Mary Yankaskas discussion possibly practice. holidays hospitals anyway, logical step. merge recalls. Those discussions Nathan agreement Landefeld 1996 Physicians Primary PPC. 25th -managed 270 providers, Lehigh Acres. Yankaskas, gynecologist influence insurance hospital acquisi- tions. well-known independent, merger enabled providing strived pediatrics obstetrics gynecology. ob-gyn division separated Premier Womens 2019. Let promotional slogan decisions personally, decisions. nonphysician-owned groups, knowledge rather knowledge, employee retention high. Twelve My PPC, husband, too, Monica Sebastian, 25-year LPN Medicine office, outside. JODICE INSPIRED doctors. convenience efficiency, diagnostic, laboratory In-house laboratory, X-rays, CT scans, ultrasound, therapy Washington, DC-based Committee Quality Assurance patient-centered model strengthens doctors, reported Castle Connolly Ltd., nations physicians. won awards Heart improving controlling II diabetes. plan grow expand, letting APR, CPRC, Bennett Marketing L.C., Media. 239-275-5522 ppcswfl.com 63 WILLIAM CARRACINO, M.D. IMMEDIATE RESULTS records digital form, requesting standards sharing electronic federal Interoperability Information Blocking Final Rule required 21st Century Cures Act. Act mandate systems, apps devices. effect April immediately release record. EHR MyChart app. LEE compliance mandates Leehealth MyChart, mychart.leememorial.org. rule, labs except HIV, radiology pathology, psychotherapy designated proxies portal. note review interpret, confusion frustration alike. systems recognize opportunities increase engagement understanding of--and with--treatment regimens. readily empower better-informed decisions, outcomes satisfaction. todays concern privacy private secure priority. application fully compliant laws privacy, latest encryption caching encrypt automatically. Unlike conventional email, messaging securely logged securely, account Healths telemedicine Through telemedicine, conveniently homes. safe, high-quality, compassionate groundbreaking professionals talk shifts informed enables life. MediaLeeHealth.org. Health. 65 ALLISON SILVERSTEIN Expanding HEALTHCARE SYSTEM N CH facilities two-story, 41,000-square-foot outpatient facility acre parcel Trail. floor freestanding department ED--a 12-bed, full-service room. Open per comprehensive, life-saving smaller version hospital-based ER, discover quicker. typical staffed clock physicians, personnel trained medicine. Next door Imaging, Imaging MRI, CT, 3D mammography, ultrasound X-ray imaging. facility, houses primary specialty offices, advanced surgical suites, orthopedic endoscopy Surgeries performed general, orthopedic, gastroenterology urology. adolescents, elderly. 24040 Trail area. physicals, acute vaccinations, preventative yearly well-woman exams, sports draws EKGs. Gastroenterology consultative newest hydrogen breath testing, capsule hemorrhoidal banding. south CEO. award-winning, Estero. center, Beach Road, five-star NCH. top-quality Hiltz. continuing nationally please nchmd.org. System. 67 L ight, refreshing low calorie--three descriptors commonly seeking adult go-to humidity temperatures approaching triple digits, makers beer, attention. Weve favorites, guaranteed quench thirst, hanging pool, out, throwing soiree relaxing lanai. Brewing Company. FORT MYERS BREWING COMPANY SPYKD HARD SELTZERS ingredients, nothing artificial. can. Flavors Cucumber Clarity kombucha, cucumber botanical Sunshine tropical mix mango, lime, vodka kombucha. 23.96 four-pack seltzers exploded youll crafted spiked winning awards. tasting, watermelon, cherry limeade, strawberry mojito, lemon lime orange. sugar, carbs calories, near-perfect beverage brewery SWEET TEA VODKA KOMBUCHA COCKTAILS kombuchas. readyto-drink marry effervescence kombucha premium Sweet tea signature south. lineup Firefly Distillery infusion plantation, sweetener Louisiana sugarcane. cutting sugar diet, Skinny Tea Truvia calories 1.5-ounce pour. DEWARS PORTUGUESE SMOOTH Scotch thing mind summertime folks Dewars embarked intriguing partnerships cask-finished spirits. Portuguese Smooth eight-year-old blended scotch finished ruby port casks. spice warmth whisky fruits sweetness port--apricots, cherries, vanilla honey. mixed ginger ale, fashioned ice. RED, WHITE, ROS SPARKLING Lighter reds ideal 2018 Sea Slopes pinot noir Sonomas Ross Vineyard Winery selection. Give slight chill black cherry. Thin Mints Girl Scout cookie surprisingly Oregon outstanding gris, Firesteed Cellars entry example. round, medium-body fruit, melon California, Unshackled Ros Prisoner blend noir, syrah, grenache mourvdre begs sip--ros citrus acidity crisp finish. Organic vegan, Corvezzo Prosecco fresh, aromatic tastes glass. Italian aromatic, peachy, acidic refreshing. buy. 13 WRECK BOOZIE FREEZIE Nothings freeze pop. childhood, Boozie Freezie Wreck grown-up twist. rum, agave, fruit purees. Sweetened primarily monk calorie concentrated Brisky Frisky Daiquiri, Glacier Margarita, Rocks VodkaBerry Snow. Packs 12.95. contributor. lover drinks media personality FROSTY LEMONADE ounce Vodka ounces chilled juice teaspoons syrup Handful ice Pour Vodka, tea, blender. Add handful smooth. Serve wedge, preferably Mason jar. 69 bread crumbs teaspoon pink Himalayan salt coarse ground pepper chopped garlic dried oregano Olive White Mix crumbs, salt, pepper, garlic, splash olive bowl Coat bottom saut pan heat. Roll veal bread-crumb mix. Saut brown. reduce. Remove skewer expose layered ingredients. Place salad pasta desired. 2112 Second 239-278-0211, brunosofbrooklyn.com TIPSY SPICY SHRIMP RECIPE Restaurant Tipsy Turtle Serves 7-10 shrimp, peeled deveined cloves minced shallot, Sriracha tablespoon butter whatever drink, grigio, sauvignon blanc, Heat oil. shrimp sear Next, add shallot. Sear sriracha. Deglaze wine. Turn heat butter, incorporating crunchy bread. 1223 Periwinkle Way, 239-472-1771, tipsyturtlerestaurant.com middle, lengthwise medium plum tomatoes, diced Sopraffina ricotta Del Pastaio grated Parmigiano parsley, Salt sliced eggplant heated oiled pan. Lay flat layer eggplant, scallion, varieties ricotta, parsley. tightly roll RUTHS CHRIS BARBEQUE Ruths Chris Steakhouse canola 1620 plus green onions dry tablespoons Worcestershire sauce Tabasco cayenne paprika salted cast-iron skillet burner cook aside. minute. volume half. Worcestershire, Tabasco, paprika. Shake Cook Reduce VEAL EGGPLANT INVOLTINI Brunos Brooklyn slices four-ounce scaloppini, pounded scallions low. Cut chunks slowly pan, shaking melt Continue shake melted. toss coating heating through. Point, 23151 Village 101, Estero, 33928 239-948-8888, ruthschris.com pepper. Shops, 13499 Cleveland 239-437-6046 10035 F100, 239-288-4068 Mercado, 9110 Strada Place, 239-631-8964, burntwoodtavern.com garam masala vegetable Spray grill 350 degrees F. chops marinade temperature. chutney. smoking sizzle sides Finish 300-degree oven Mint Chutney pound jar mango chutney processor prefer spicy. cold. 4270 21, 239-919-8830, 21spicesdining.com ASIAGO CRUSTED CHICKEN Burntwood Tavern eight-ounce boneless chicken breasts eggs all-purpose flour panko plain Asiago Parmesan cheese kosher cracked Whip cheese, flour, egg mixture crumbs. Lightly achieve uniform thickness. Dredge breast egg, completely. nonstick chicken, BABY LAMB CHOP Spices lamb cleaned bones Marinate refrigerator overnight Dijon mustard cilantro paste lemons, juiced 71 KEY Breakfast Lunch Dinner SB Sunday Brunch Banquet Facilities Entertainment Cocktails Beer Vegetarian epicurious scotches, cognacs ports. Scott McDonald p.m. 1244 239-472-5555, cielo-sanibel.com DOC FORDS SANIBEL RUM GRILLE Novel Cuisine. folk novelist Randy Wayne develop fictional bestseller sandwiches, salads entres. skip mojito. 2500 Inn 239-472-8311, docfordssanibel.com GROG SHOP Cigars, Spirit More. liquor, liqueurs, cigars, cozy shop Bailey cigar humidor stocked Arturo Fuente, Macanudo, Cohiba brands. Grog Shop party-planning assistance, specials delivery. 2485 239-472-1682, grogshopsanibel.com BAILEYS GENERAL Headquarters. hardware store covered. meats seafood, deli, in-house bakery coffee bar. stocks gluten-free delivery, catering service. Store Baileys Sundial Resort Spa. 2477 239-472-1516 Andy Rosse Lane, Captiva, 239-472-2374 Spa, 1451 239-395-6016 baileys-sanibel.com CIELO Creative sophistication evident restaurants tasteful decor impressive menus. Start Cielo-tini, curacao cocktail. appetizers PEI mussels, calamari charcuterie. Entres osso buco, Dungeness crab ravioli catch jumbo lump topping list. Wrap after-dinner Cow ISLAND COW Bovine Bounty. massive omelets fish pasta, joint, cow references. dinners choice, unless breakfast, Loaded Seafood Omelet. bar, drinks, homemade Mango Sangria 2163 239-472-0606, sanibelislandcow.com 74 Lets creamy chocolate cake --Audrey Hepburn LIGHTHOUSE CAF Worlds Breakfast. classic why. Frittata seasoned scallops crabmeat, sauted broccoli mushrooms topped artichoke Alfredo sauce. Or Lighthouse Grouper Platter dinner, pictures islands lighthouse walls. Call-ahead seating 362 239-472-0303, lighthousecafe.com MATZALUNA Well-Smoked Italian. Five Cheese Gorgonzola, spinach hearts wood-fired pizzas. Fresh pastas, seafood menu. 1200 239-472-1998, matzaluna.net NORMANDIE SEASIDE Indulge Yourself. Located Wind Bananaberry Toast Omelet breakfast favorites Colombian choice artisan whole-leaf teas. Relax cafes old-world Curry Chicken Salad Pressed Cuban Sandwich lunch. Enjoy island flair, L, D, SB, BW, 3345 33957, 239-4721541 310, normandierestaurant.com. 76 Your bank account. investments. --Bethenny Frankel Normandie Seaside GRILL Color. Grill pub fare--juicy burgers, spicy Buffalo wings--and bartenders oftensought-but-never-found neighborhood feel, spot. 703 239-472-4453, thesanibelgrill.com THISTLE LODGE Victorian Rendezvous. cuisine grouper, oven-roasted coquelet herb-crusted rack blackened yellowtail snapper mojo allure trappings, glorious table. Casa Ybel Resort, 2255 239-472-9200, thistlelodge.com 78 TIMBERS RESTAURANT FISH Dine Favorites fried calamari, platters cakes lump. adjacent 239-472-2722, timbersofsanibel.com TURTLE Relaxed Stylish. Light airy rustic details barn-style doors, appeal. cocktails, margaritas mojitos mimosas martinis, headline Starters crabcakes ahi tuna nachos. Tasty sandwiches tacos, steaks housesmoked pork ribs, desserts. tipsyturtlerestaurant.com. TRADERS Experience. Traders emporium entertainment Tuesday Thursday evenings singer guitarist Danny Morgan, music icon. gumbo, pan-seared macadamiaencrusted grouper. 1551 239-472-7242, traderssanibel.com T2 Favorite. Opened Traders, delicious dishes, trendy tacos savory flatbreads, coastal-inspired classics. mixology Sunset Elderflower Bloom, rotating craft draft beer selection, envy unique lively dcor. Outdoor seating, gift shop, lunch, anytime between. LD 2340 239-558-8919, T2traders.com 79 Crows Nest Bar Grille CANTINA CAPTIVA Nacho Madres Mexican. inside, serape colors, piatas, terra-tiled floors adobe-style subtly suggest gone border. 14970 Captiva. 239-472-0248, captivaislandinn.com CROWS NEST Food, filled appetizers, wings always-popular spinach-and-artichoke dip, entrees Saltimbocca, prepared sage leaves, prosciutto-wrapped linguine. Live excitement, hopping. E, 15951 239-472-5161 423, crowsnest-captiva.com. Story Continues. Building success, chain Whites character Seas Resort. Docs Bread entres panko-fried dry-rubbed ribeye. 5400 Plantation 239-312-4275, docfordscaptiva.com KEYLIME BISTRO Changes Fooditude. picket fence cheery canopies setting, Jimmy Buffett beat. walnut-crusted snapper, sausage peppers, escargots baked tomato. 11509 239-395-4000, LATTE DA COFFEE ICE CREAM Upon Time ... wide coffees, extra-strong cappuccinos lattes tooth indulge scoops Queenies cream, milkshakes sundaes. 11508 239-472-0234, MUCKY DUCK Quack Up. pint beers brewed pond. combination English grub. Visit beachside patio sunset gazing. 11546 239-472-3434, muckyduck.com OLD HOUSE FloridaNew American. Chef Greg Nelsons bounty fish. promises breakfasts flair. Wines presentations, away. BF, 421, OldCaptivaHouse.com. RC OTTERS Otterly American.The daunting. Steamed clams, baskets, quesadillas meatloaf cravings. Diners BLD 239-395-1142, 81 SUNSHINE SEAFOOD WINE Inspired Bistro. charming, caf European touch. wood-grilled salmon, pecancrusted goat salad. 239-472-6200, BIMINI BAIT SHACK Tiki Hut. thatched roof upper deck, vibe, entertainment. Daiquiris rum wine, offerings. plates grouper freshly shucked oysters, juicy ribs smoker. party started. 17501 Harbour Pointe Dr., 239-360-2248, biminibaitshack.com BLANC Epicurean. Jenga, toasted tower sauce, modeled entre robata grill, Lamb Lollipops roasted rosemary reduction, Octopus SS, habanero Blancs Almost Entres, enjoyed clean, contemporary ambience savor Whitaker Jean Claude Roge, talents Blanc peers. Closed Sundays. 13451 Ste. 10, 239-887-3139, blancentertainment.com BLU SUSHI Cobalt Cool. incredible sushi outrageous highlight menu, tasty diners steak chicken. 239-489-1500 2262 St., 239-362-2843, blusushi.com 82 BROADWAY PALM DINNER THEATRE Than Show. show, 450-seat theater, 100-seat Off Broadway Palm Theatre, 120-seat Royal dining 30-seat Sabal lounge lobby. Shows Broadway-inspired musicals edgy performances childrens theater. Evening matinee buffet plated Friday Saturday. Tickets online. 1380 Colonial 239-278-4422, broadwaypalm.com LYNQ Linking Global Music. dimly lit cavernous vibe. Clusters sofas mingling. offerings poke all-American burgers. Handcrafted specially Lynq Mules, breweries drinking adventure. select nights. 16230 Summerlin 239-204-9345, lynq.life Sequel. 84 story--a sequel. Matanzas Pass banana leaf Texas ribs. 708 Fishermans Wharf, 239-765-9660, docfordsfortmyersbeach.com Especially Philly. corned-beef hash, pancakes bananas strawberries Carbons malted Belgian waffles accompanied fresh-ground reason breakfast. Pop Philly cheesesteak, hands down. 25091 Bernwood 239-948-4123, old41rest.com RODIZIO Brazilian Steakhouse. Experience Brazil, dozen rotisserie-grilled meats, tableside Rodizio gauchos Try feijoada, traditional black-bean stew, abacaxi, glazed-and-grilled pineapple. decadent dessert. Friday-Sunday. 8017 Plaza del Lago 239-498-0018, rodiziogrill.com STEAK Always Sizzling Success. Vaulted trey ceilings meticulously whitelinen-covered tables mood. petite filets cowboy-sized rib tender juicy. Choose creamed sweet-potato casserole. ruthschris .com date. readers ahead detailed andor reservations establishments. 86 COX Poor powerboats threaten manatee Trichechus manatus latirostris ecology millions subspecies T. walrus-shaped mammal flat, rounded tail, undifferentiated flipper-like limbs brown external ears deeply cleft lip bearing stiff bristles. Inner membranes cover underwater, snout valves submerged. manatees relatively mammal. Adults average feet weigh 1,000 3,000 lengths feet. Males females. Calves darker lighten days. herbivore feeds seagrass plants shore freshwater. eats teeth continually replaced worn forward fall covered sand. intestines 130 Bacterial digestion cellulose intestine processes fiber protein. gas buoyancy muscular movement. lungs length, replace air breath. percent. submerged resurface surface however susceptible injury watercraft collisions. tolerate marine, brackish freshwater habitats. prefers currents below hour. shoreline vegetation feeding grounds inaccessible tide. ranging coasts, estuaries, outlets sea, bays, lakes rivers. winter restricted springs warm-water Hundreds rely Light, Port Islands Matlacha Isles. wintering Homosassa Crystal Boca Grande, Riviera near Titusville, Johns Spring. survival rate reproduces slowly. wife observed concentration Spring Volusia temperature mating, occur fall, breeding female. mates underwater 4.5 Females breed successfully gestation period endangered threatened habitat turbidity, herbicides, industrial pollutants, eutrophication, tide, etc.. Cold-water increased human-related manatee. mortality collision blunt trauma propeller scars, boats inboard motors propellers diameter. Smaller manatees. wounds scars propellers. enforce boat speed zones. Public counts plight gentle giant waters. Cox photographer ecologist williamrcoxphotography.com. 89 Slow, speedy, methodical CAPT. BRIAN HOLAWAY P Seashells, seashells Up shapes sizes Others treasured surprises seashells, eople witness, search for, relish collect walk, listen shellers creeds, countries, sizes, ages. sheller shelling. shells, color. Behind collection sheller. approaches finding Maybe categories here, own. shelling--it technique, pace. SPEEDY SHELLER SLOW one--the walks pace soaks in. far, shelling far go--it shells slow-paced usually goods. Slow guides. SITTING settle pile sift LYNN SCHRIEBER speedy though, speeding treasure. brisk walk lying other, looked raced by, coveted junonia, overlooked. Zen sheller, rummaging pile. experiences joy mini reaps rewards uncovering prized Finally, newer participant pursuit advent media. treasures posted bonnet, angel wings, paw junonia. guide, shelling, crown jewel, combing beaches. be, smelling air, listening caress textures valuing washed ashore. quote Anne Morrow Lindbergh meandering forth meets sea reward anxious, greedy, impatient. dig impatience greed, lack faith. Patience, patience, patience teaches. Patience lie empty, open, choiceless beach--waiting sea. --Anne Capt. Holaway master naturalist eco-tour 1995. charters Pine Sound, Cayo Costa Cabbage 91 HEAD LAKES PARK, Lakes amenities 279 acres. 158 turtles, birds wildlife abound. picnic shelters, playgrounds, cycling trails, equipment, splash-pad features, rentals, garden, fragrance Tim Engstrom, Government specialist. 7 dusk week. treats Whistle Stop Ice Shoppe. Regional Railroad train Covid-19. Metered parking. 7330 Gladiolus 239-533-7575 leegov.comparksparkslakespark. 279-acre COUNTY RECREATION SALTY SAMS TAKE PIRATE CRUISE, Hop aboard 65-foot Spanish galleon replica, Pieces Eight, swashbuckling SPLASH NAPLES ZOO Aboard interactive comedy adventure awaits Salty Sams pirate Mexico. 90-minute All-Ages Pirate Adventure painting, games, cannon fire piracy ago. plank, Kastan warns wink. 2-13 Parrot Caribbean ticket. Ship memorabilia. adults-only cruises parties, weddings celebrations. Cruise, Main Beach. 239-765-7272 floridapiratecruise.com. SLIDE INTO SPLASH, CAPE CORAL Splash Waterpark. Pirates Cove youngest. water-play structure slides, hydro storm, blasters Thrill seekers 264-foot-long Thunder Bump, steep bumps riders airborne, general Sandra Greiner. X-celerator steepest, fastest extreme attraction. slide chute speeds mph. 14-acre am-5 pm October 10. Slide Nights, sunset. Thankful Thursdays responders, police, EMTs, nurses, teachers discount ticket four. Fridays parent grandparent admission childs admission. Active military, disabled veterans reservists ID contract one-day accompanying personnel. Senior discounts passes Parking car. Waterpark, Santa Barbara 239-574-0558 sunsplashwaterpark.com. waterpark waterslides, pools rides. SWING ZOO, 43-acre Zoo lions, tigers begun 1919. paths Gardens giraffes, monkeys anteaters, residing exotic plants. zoo demonstrations, animal encounters feed animals. Discounts AAA members, on-site. zoos Camp WILD Campers adventures behind-the-scenes blast friends, Courtney Jolly Goff, relations. Programs old. Gardens, 1590 Goodlette-Frank Naples. 239-262-5409 napleszoo.org. YOUR WAY MUSEUM, BAILEY-MATTHEWS SHELL MUSEUM Bailey-Matthews accredited museum devoted solely mollusks shells. Guests aquarium specimens world. touch spokesperson Stephanie Muddell. programs, permanent exhibits, exquisite identify admission, AARP Museum, 3075 239-395-2233 shellmuseum.org. OPhelan 1984 mollusks. 93 FMPD Officer Ezra Padgham K9, Wotan, died rear police Lord. undergo minimum 480 training. K9s ome naps, occasional chasing sticks. work. enforcement. Police CCPD, Sheriffs Office LCSO K9 units perform tasks, sniffing drugs explosives patrol. CCPD consists dog teams--handlers dogs. Sgt. Justin DeRossos dog, Dallas, honor Dallas officers killed sniper 2016, dual-purpose locate narcotics suspects missing persons, DeRosso, K9. Training Department. POLICE DEPARTMENT Lord accompanies patrols. Below, appearances Here, Ida Baker High School. originate Europe old, five-month school. completed, handlers Canine NPCA Afterward recertify workday done, handlers. attached him. house, DeRosso. Department, five-year-old patrol detecting explosives, Padgham. Patrol suspects, people, evidence apprehend fleeing felons. Padgham, 480-hour Law Enforcement requirements. Detection additional teams annually NPCA. trains readiness. fetch playtime. jobs, specialties, units, team. seek donations expenses costly veterinary bills, equipment training, donations, agency. K-9 Unit 1100 Cultural South, 239-574-3223 capecops.com 2210 Widman 239-321-7700 nonemergency fmpolice.com 14750 Six Mile Parkway, 239-477-1000 sheriffleefl.org 95 boom lessons collapse 1920s, assimilate History seems repeated itself 2008 recession housing bubble burst, economists worry brink bursting postpandemic. Sun, Christopher Knowlton compelling argument unbridled beginning War ending, decade Depression. wrong wouldnt Depression bust, dynamite detonator, writes. parallels ignore. calamity, 1929 overleveraging estate factor economy responsible crash, argues forcefully, beside point. unputdownable real-life, larger-than-life characters ignited boom. Chief Carl Fisher, saw vast Addison Mizner, rich Merrick, Gables D.P. Davis, poured fortune Tampa. Flagler ball railroads empire stay. Rounding fascinating supporting characters, advocate Marjorie Stoneman Douglas Barron Collier, holdings countrys billionaire. Real candy, lining buy, unseen, undeveloped promised paradise. Prices rose unsustainable highs, agent ran suckers. Blinded none visionary developers survived fortunes intact, ended dead pet monkeys, race cars, airplanes, mistresses, tendency hyperbole, flamboyant reading nothing, promise become. SAVE OFF COVER PRICE ONLINE Year SUBSCRIBE FIND HIDDEN RECEIVE FAVORITE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION ONE ADDITIONAL YEAR. Hidden Word Reading Pleasure Online apply internet orders only. website TOLL-FREE fax 800.472.0635 Gift subscriptions Across Sandy constructions Boardwalk vista Pulsing energy Cube Wranglers alternative Enjoys College ending Hesitant expression Tag ___ powerhouse buy souvenirs, Cellist Yo-Yo Making avian 28B-ball Mediterranean spanner Rabbits cousin Artists studio Smell, Down Flow irregularly 2Picture Sheltered inlets Bench player 6Foliage Mandarin Persian siamese Bit physics stones Urge Holds Type rabbit 27 vexation 29Landscape car, affectionately Bathroom ad Rogers abbr. PUZZLE enforcement engages citizens hanks safe. involved. example Explorer program, responsibility, duty, law. running, affairs Patrick OGrady. operational CCPDs Right Thing recognizes given thing, collecting toys underprivileged litter chores. adults. Twice Citizens Academy, enrollees attend 10-week volunteer unit. situations, volunteers traffic, waterways, Red, White, BOOM celebration 4. volunteering saves dollars deeds. Youth League citizens. SHERIFFS enforces academy 12-week reduced-size 600-915 cost attend. Classes enhance understanding, communication LCSO. Highlights presentations SWAT, aviation, major crimes, corrections, economic crimes. Demonstrations operations, bomb squad. Participants gun-safety Gun Range. NPD insight demonstrations hands-on exercises. canceled, 2022 naplesgov.compolicepagecitizens-police-academy. schoolaged reinforce behavior self-esteem. law-enforcement agencies public-safety workshops, Recreation 3880 Sanibel-Captiva Road 239-472-0345. mysanibel.com. LCSOs Academy first-hand Citizen 14-20 Athletic PAL social, cultural, recreational Volunteers Policing Cadet establish recruits careers. organizes youth. fitness, self-esteem, learning skills Nestor Montoya. Teen Driver Challenge Explorers career exploration archery implement youth-oriented sheriffs Challenge. 355 Circle, 239-213-4844 naplesgov.compolice 102 Pkwy., 800 Dunlop 239-472-3111 mysanibel.com DepartmentsPolice-includingEmergency-Management SAN-CAP MEDICAL 239.472.0700 4301 239.472.6188 2330 Ridge ANDRES LANDSCAPE LAWN CARE 239.887.1233 Estimates Licensed Insured Fertilizer Rock Mulch Native Plants SERVICE 239.482.2213 239.574.8511 CULLIGAN 239.472.2125 HR Towing ASE Certified Complete Mechanical Repairs sanibelservicecenter.com ALTERATIONS RITA 239.437.7482 11595 Rd, 122 Call Appointment Mon-Fri 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel claudiospestmanagement.com CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Name Know Termite Treatment Pest Control RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 Parkway ronandsons.com Sales Installation Security Alarm Systems AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom Central Vac 239.939.0077 Serving SW accentbp.com ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS CopierPrinterScanners Printer Supplies Print Cost Recovery Management swfl Already hearing bombs tonight impatient revelers. 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