1_TOTI_MJ19_NEW.indd 1 33019 612 PM features 38 COMING IN FROM 44 48 Bering Sea in search of crabs. Joining him on the arctic adventure is Floridian Erik James Brown with his Chihuahua, Rico Suave. Deadliest Catch fame, plies frigid waters Capt. Wild Bill Wichrowski, reality TV star THE COLD OF BUTTERFLY GARDENS Find out where to see them, and which plants you should have your garden attract butterflies. gardens that welcome fluttering insects. Florida a butterfly capital, home both farms WONDERFUL WORLD Be surprised delighted by this short story about artist who truly connects nocturnal green heron. mesmerizing effects Sanibels wildlife an GREENER HOME GARDEN 52 55 58 60 Living Sanibel Captiva Inventors Gardeners Company Calling Remodeling Kitchens Bathrooms 2 TOTI.COM MAYJUNE 2019 3 departments 8 PUBLISHERS LETTER 10 GULF COAST ZEITGEIST The Exotic Island Life A Safe Place 12 COASTAL COMMERCE 14 Freshest Veggies 18 FASHION Congress Jewelers 20 Fashions for Coastal Lifestyle 22 ARTS Painting Like Masters 26 TO YOUR HEALTH Labels Lies 29 ON RADAR 32 FOR KIDS 34 PETS Keeping Up With Growth More Than Creative Outlet Looking New Best Friend 36 BEAUTY Beauty Trends 64 CHEERS 66 Put Cork It RECIPES WE LOVE 68 EPICURIOUS Whats Cooking SWFL Guide Dining SW 86 CROSSWORD 88 NATURES NOTEBOOK Double-Crested Cormorant 90 OUT ABOUT 92 EXPLORER Camping Style Sunny Adventures 94 Tarpon Bay Explorers 96 HISTORY An Invitation Past 100 CALENDAR Where To Go What Do 106 STAY TUNED Coming up JulyAug Humming Our State Song 108 BETWEEN LINES Judge Not 109 COMMUNITY 111 SERVICES AND PROFESSIONALS 112 JOURNAL ers . om offer t s cu cial e ue tBl r sp j o f ift 04 g age p See Taking care ourselves what JulyAugust issue all about. No matter or lifestyle, health most important thing have, will show best ways make healthier happier you. Information exercising, nutrition, mental health, just feeling good--thats has store 4 5 GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela J. Jaeger EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Elizabeth Grimm MANAGING EDITOR Patricia Letakis DIGITAL CONTENT Dana Long SENIOR CONSULTING Susan Holly CUISINE TRAVEL CONTRIBUTING David Acevedo Beth Luberecki VIDEO JOURNALIST, FITNESS WRITER Klaudia Balogh CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jason Jones PROOFREADER WRITERS Acevedo, Emilie Alfino, Balogh, Gina Birch, William R. Cox, Entwistle, Lori Goshert, Brian Haloway, Jan Holly, Letakis, Luberecki, Jeff Lytle, Randall H. 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All rights reserved. part publication may be reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily those 6 7 publishers letter L MAKING TIME YOURSELF istening my friends enjoying their retirement, I began question why they so stressed out, calendars overflowing appointments from morning night, havent scheduled time themselves. We know tomorrow here faster than we think. So whats daily routine running one appointment another volunteering incessantly difference come evening wonder youre exhausted energy gone As was pondering this, quote book recently read came mind. Yes, often write down quotes immediately inspire ones want research further deeper meaning. Whatever rightly done, however humble, noble. --Sir Henry Royce In previous letters, stated try live 8-8-8 rule. took paper pencil drew three columns notations as way soul searching would take me. Heres surprising summary made me realize it implement change. Hours Work Doing Things Myself work many more hours. did almost nothing myself. Sleep sleep less. Since doing simple searching, added meditation set aside hour afternoon online Spanish language course. For now plan can accomplished day delegate others. learned tackle complex tasks first morning--things require fresh mind time. approach, get done faster. But importantly, turned off notifications electronic devices avoid anxiety urge constantly check them every heard ding. missed any urgent messages yet. also started refrain helping others jobs them. too easy sucked into someone rather giving tools information do This actually allows finish own enjoy satisfaction comes reaching goal. myself, follow rule grandfather told There world cant do, need until it. And developed habit working something am able Its like baby learning walk, falls but eventually run. change, only happen. If new means moving beautiful neighborhood, touch Southwest Floridas top real estate agencies. page 52. youve already found right remodel bit, look inspiration 60. if armchair adventure, turn From Cold ride Alaskas waves Wichrowski fame. Think makes happy Group Publisher, Media treat yourself. You deserve TOP PHOTO BY NICK ADAMS PHOTOGRAPHY 9 gulf coast zeitgeist DR. RANDALL NIEHOFF Featuring unwelcome varieties well-taught philosophic compassion gives Casts round equal eye, feels lives O --From Mouses Petition Anna Laetitia Barbauld 17431825, prominent English poet, author critic ur Gulf Coast environment. packaged sunny, subtropical climate supports gorgeous array native animals. houses well-managed population non-natives aka exotics, fall two categories immigrants, flora fauna including humans year-round residents seasonal visitors botanical intruders roaming wild creatures whose ancestry born bred quite different setting. According Fish Wildlife Conservation Commission FWC, exotic species living outside captivity historically particular area includes people Calusa heritage. Most were brought humans--either purpose accident. pose threat when classified invasive. relief even though considered exotics place, long pay mindful around us, at home. non-natives, viewed eye feeling. They being watched Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area CISMA, goal educate public regarding invasive CISMA hotline 888-IVE-GOT-1 website floridainvasives.org links EDDMapS.org Early Detection Distribution Mapping System offering photographs these intruders. there smartphone app, called IveGot1, use identify report Finally, exercising compassion, joins FWC hold Pet Amnesty Days, allowing surrender illegal pets e.g., pythons, lizards, iguanas, hedgehogs, turtles parrots. keeps list responsible pet owners through screening process adopt animals in. Other sent zoos educational facilities. Rarely euthanized, according Christal Segura, environmental specialist Collier Country. Veterinarians available onsite evaluate surrendered critters. expresses philosophy motto, globally, act neighborly. Fred Rogers Mister Neighborhood fame concurred such motive and, casting whole affirm wisdom summed Adlai Stevensons travel together, passengers little spaceship ... preserved annihilation care, love give our fragile craft. Dr. Niehoff been leading life since 1991. 11 COAstal commerce PATRICIA LETAKIS help Lifeline Family Center, single young women unplanned pregnancies blessings Center offers residential program support, education, job training parenting classes, homeless crisis pregnancies. S ometimes things dont go planned-- especially young. Trying sense Windsor DienertRuth Graham challenge Bauder teenager woman however, pregnancy happens, gets complicated. Thats Coral. Earlier Ruth Graham, daughter evangelist Billy her Dienert-Bauder spoke fundraiser. mother-daughter duo shared stories experiences, dealing spouses infidelity divorce battling sons drug abuse embracing Dienert-Bauders teenage pregnancy. Besides experienced speakers, struggles books Every Pew Sits Broken Heart Step Into Bible Im Pregnant, Now Want Adopt, Dienert-Bauder. Their experiences sure resonate everyone had endure hardship lives, says Kathy Miller, president founder Center. heartache adoption, situations deals daily. 1996, nonprofits vision create approach different. comprehensive eliminate stumbling blocks stand pregnant becoming self-supporting childs birthday, she says. Affordable housing, transportation childcare provided along center managing editor Media. PHOTOS COURTESY LIFELINE FAMILY CENTER girls earn GED. provide professional counseling address root cause problem. symptom, Miller adds. addition program, outreach ministry adoption counseling, postabortion emotional spiritual healing, abstinencebased sex education middle high school students. Free testing, non-medical ultrasounds 24-hour pregnancy-crisis phone line services provides. Although success stories, shares One while college. She convinced continue abort baby. Her parents refused support her. move semester online, receive applying scholarships could education. While Lifeline, gave birth boy, whom chose parent. returned college completed four-year degree become RN, earned masters doctorate. Two years ago, married second boy girl husband adopted result foster parents. stresses seem worst happened you, very leads wholeness bright future. Dont panic. Call Lifeline. find additional resources choose child succeed. information, visit lifelinefamilycenter.org call 239-242-7238. 247 helpline 239-772-4673. 13 JEFF LY TLE Cultivating microgreens inside strip mall Lauren Chris Zimmer rack growing microgreens, thrive indoors infrared lights room grow Old U.S. 41 North Springs. nearby subdivisions. storefront Signal Plaza, anchored Caf. retired Army veteran couple launched indoor farm, Age Harvest, tiny vegetables known microgreens-- packed flavor nutrition. Compared traditional bean sprouts, tasty names wasabi arugula, lemon basil, cinnamon chocolate mint red Rambo radish kick notch. ideal--used raw, never cooked--as featured garnishes sandwiches, soups, pizza, fish salads. Microgreens deliver crunch, because eat plants--stems all. proven skill equipment vast quantities well full-sized leaf lettuce clusters. how market individual customers, big retailers specializing produce restaurants keep sustainable, helper far, albeit key one. Laurens father, Tom Lachner Bay, serial inventor entrepreneur, successes include precision surgical gear. he fresher safer after hazards arose romaine lettuce. He invent vertical horizonal crop racks, lights, irrigation dehumidifying used Harvest build Inside farm upright rack-growing areas, under lighting. LYTLE OTHER NEW AGE HARVEST Wasabi mustard sold plastic container lighting simulate photosynthetic power sun. same hydroponic marijuana industry. scratch over-the-counter parts. lighting, purplish glow, other ingredients water nutrients. start seeds embedded organic cloth, dirt, stays eaten. sell alive, puts legwork obtain local zoning permits state federal 15 agricultural licensing. Harvset qualified national Homegrown Heroes designation, recognized American Culinary Federation. Once chefs Zimmers say, back. business seeded Lachner-- successfully consumer-tested farmers markets storefront--proved good fit Zimmers, met deployed South Korea retiring Naples Carolina. per pack, weeks grow-- reach size conventional allowed going. Weve grow--and lot, say. Microgreens, radish, 16 OTHERS trays multicolored baked served raw microgreens. Lachner, father builder fact, system works test leafy produced 200 pounds week--way much sell--to enjoyment Caf charity clients. Nothing grown goes waste. Unsold microveggies dried herbs. future promising. ride, does global point no reason place produce. editorial host Daily News. IF YOU GO 25091 Bernwood Drive, Springs 239-206-7647 newageharvest.com 17 Exquisite creations jewelry designers piece great say sweetheart, mom Mothers Day At youll wealth outstanding pieces featuring diamonds gems sought-after international designers. brand-new Roberto Coin Salon, adjacent store, shoppers 18-karat gold collection each journey among cultures multiethnic influences. draws past creates overjoyed marry paradise community together incredible salon shop Via de Tornabuoni island co-owner Melissa Congress. expansion, devoted display space its ever-popular Sealife designs inspired sand surf. excited proud sees Scot premier Congress, fashions, SYNA Designers Dharmesh Namrata Kothari collaborate stunning simple, classic timeless, boring. Drawing cultural influences, beliefs assembled Syna collections earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings more. Youll unexpected gemstones vibrant colors, embellished diamonds, distinct unique brand. YVEL Rare pearls centerpieces Yvel signature designs. pearl selected beauty then enhanced natural emeralds, sapphires gemstones, white, yellow rose satin-finished gold. Sahara Collection rings, bracelets earrings focuses textured white diamonds. meant treasured generations. DE HAGO Among De Hago Power Color. palette rubies, emeralds combined mounted either platinum. Bands Love series elegant bridal diamond pieces. Each excellent craftsmanship meticulously microscope hand tools. ASHI soughtafter said Diamonds friend. Ashi, focus definitely jewelry. fashionable Lovebright affordable Silver Stones Collection, fine exquisitely crafted styles matching bracelets. Ashis newest Fusion presents nine cut emerald-cut dazzles eye. THIS OPPOSITE PAGE CONGRESS JEWELERS ROBERTO COIN style, whimsical fashion, Italian designer blends tradition modernity whether bracelet, necklace, ring pendant. Clean lines define pieces, attention paid strategic placement small ruby cast piece, making special. latest Salon store. Visit congressjewelers.com. 19 Laid-back, yet refined, clothes Pursuit favorite stores Pursuit, creating laidback, refined pulledtogether, boat restaurant. sland perfect name stylish boutique tucked Island. late 1980s retailer Valentino decided dream pursue life, brand born. stocked casual womens mens clothing nautical flair resort appeal. laid-back, pulled-together, Periwinkle Way, everything performance shirts pants Southern Tide Johnnie-O original Breton stripes Saint-James. Look dresses Sailor-Sailor slim-fitting Jag Jeans. Relaxed Tommy Bahama featured. popular Vineyard Vines sportswear collection, pink whale logo. Pursuits fashions prints fabrics warm weather. UPF50 sun island-inspired patterns striped T-shirts collared choices. Easy comfortable dresses, sleeveless full-sleeve fill leather sandals intriguing Jack Roger seller. Men polos, button-down gingham, shirts. shorts swim trunks lighter weight ideal climate. selection fun ball caps canvas shoes Toms, covered head toe. 2075 239-472-4600, islandpursuit.com Bahamas DANIELA JAEGER TOMMY BAHAMA 21 arts DAVID ACEVEDO Julie Griffin finds nature replicating masterpieces magine walking galleries Louvre Museum Paris. ambiance inspiring, hectic. Crowds tourists, selfie sticks phones, snapping pictures themselves near impressive Masters. Some walls painted magenta, golden ornate frames predominant. rooms brighter, windows overlooking iconic glass pyramids designed architect I.M. Pei. Then less popular, quieter sections artists painting copying centuries-old masterpieces. Academic Griffin, Fort Myers, Florida, still relishes amazing experience Louvre. ever artist, notes National Gallery Art Washington, D.C. Running Storm Caloosahatchee River After Hurricane Charlie JULIE GRIFFIN oils opaque some transparent. glaze over depth, used. --Academic People react project ask lot questions painting, explains masterful process, influenced French classics. became academic painter 1999. invited join class taught Myers-based Alliance Arts instructor Frank Covino. Griffins mother, Frances, insisted introducing Covinos style daughter--because knew technique looking for. right. attended death 2016. up, Tanglewood Elementary, Canterbury, Myers Middle High School, after-school art classes Myrtle Persons. bachelors University 1985, minor concentrations history marketing. That year, studied Italy eight months, focusing Renaissance Florence. 23 Thunder Boomer, 2016 oil 6x4 Bather Horns N.C., 2015 attracts ability capture intense colors images represent south --Art collector Lynn Wiltshire Cantisano Back artistic picture-perfect sunsets, rivers waterways, beaches. Attracted Everglades, adding prolific portfolio. medium choice oils, watercolorist. practices using drying inhibitors aid paint time, allow retouch project. used, plans return Gallery. produced. pays close smallest details, seascapes landscapes. advantage flexibility medium, devotes deal possible. produces oilenhanced photography, usually printed metal. peace harmony within Covino, true must fed nurtured inspiration. theory family matters day-to-day way, notes. stars moon aligned order paint, adds humorously. believes taking body, eating process. addition, dressage horse riding 20-acre Alva, Florida. enjoys Griffin. me, remarks. grew Lee County reminded offers--from shrimp boats fishing shacks sunsets storms. 2018, active member DAAS CO-OP Myers. 24 St. Catherine, 2018 Portrait Megan current collectors. Recently relocated Butterfly Estates Fowler Street cooperative gallery enables members learn practice venue. hometown endeavors. juliegriffinstudios.com. award-winning visual writer owner Gifts Union Artist Studios. Visual Puerto Rico, Mayagez Campus. 25 KL AUDIA BALOGH watch lists W hen Vani Hari old, candy addict, drank soda ate processed fast foods favor vegetables--until body landed hospital bed weak fragile. moment number-one priority. newfound healthy investigate really food eat, chemicals production. Changing diet wholefoods changed issues child--asthma, Author eczema, allergies--went away. several prescription drugs, zero today. My normalized, lost five 30-plus gained. younger. reading nutrition labels aspects buying foods. ingredient closely, continuous efforts led York seller, Food Babe sets expose misinformation thats Americans. points additives product contain. several, Mark Hyman, best-selling Heck Should Eat identifies 3,000 supply, tested safety, estimates average consumes year. theres assumption supermarket shelves safe. Unfortunately, case, says, explaining FDA Drug Administration approved before hit shelves, burdensome claims waste government resources, let manufacturer decide safe not. Even FDAs former deputy Haris book, Feeding JANFEB BOOK COVER VANI HARI 27 Consumers packaging. ADDITIVES AVOID Preservatives common examples sodium phosphate, nitrates, BHA, BHT TBHQ, cereals, crackers, snack cakes. MSG Used enhancer, fattening adverse reactions skin rashes, itching, hives, nausea, vomiting, migraine headaches, asthma, heart irregularities, depression seizures. additive should, industry likes much. Artificial Sweeteners These harm slowing metabolism crave sweets. aspartame, neotame, saccharin, sucralose, erythritol, acesulfame potassium K labels. Nutrasweet, Sweetn Low, Equal Splenda. sodas, candy, yogurt, desserts Knowing crucial hands consume hidden additives. mission tell truth eating. Lies, writes companies transparent following often, petitions. Subway agreed remove yoga mat chemical bread petition started, Kraft artificial dyes kids mac cheese products stormed headquarters 200,000 marketing terms front packages natural, diet, persuasive. advantage, banking bothering product. fitness commissioner once confessed Washington Post simply vouch safety Sodas contain sweeteners. expect us. recent regulations Department Agriculture percent threshold unintended presence genetically engineered GE modified organism GMO foods, higher 0.9 European standard. 28 BETH LUBERECKI students construction School District million renovation Lehigh Senior improve existing facilities add classroom accommodate 2,500 SCHOOL DISTRICT LEE COUNTY starts August, unveil serving Countys largest Junior ROTC program. renovations increase space, expand clinic redesign schools entry area. When completed, longer portable classrooms 2,545 students, County. Academy Digital introduce culinary academy train certify school. building certainly enhance principal Jackie Corey. us adequate needs be, portables spaces werent classrooms. think going exceptional campus eastern district seeing growth student populations. booming now, Treeline Avenue corridor, flying everywhere. preconstruction activities underway Gateway Lehigh. Actual begin spring 2020, opening August 2021. saw highest graduation rate 82.8 receiving diplomas. elementary planned site, likely later. Site summer school, January 2020. freshman established no-longer-needed opens opened Rob Spicker, assistant director media relations east-zone meeting expected east I-75. projects benefit half-cent sales tax narrowly passed county November midterm election. districts initial projections estimated bring 59 rising yearly total 754 years. funds initiatives, ongoing maintenance projects. revenue vital keeping need, Spicker. continually security. update security cameras happen instead five, anticipated revenue. Increases enrollment signs stopping district. 2018-19 stands 83,064 76,973 2014-15. 2023-24 projected 90,176 impact districtwide, into. hire enough teachers teach. bus drivers buses transport Another Graduation rates. 2017-18 percent. 4.1 level attained Several reasons account increase, districtwide 2020 revised early warning at-risk challenges faced arent speakers rolling mentoring road. 30 Plans ready expansion programs JROTC below left. diploma, income greater, Shellie Taylor, coordinator that, course diploma lot. Without limits do. rates whole, affecting connection community. Students graduate expectancies, Taylor. Theyre vote volunteer. Theres Sometimes tend lose sight Nokomis, based freelance frequent contributor Learn bethluberecki.com. 31 ANN MARIE OPHEL AN culture children camps children. Studio childrens drawing, pottery rts culture, pushed Reps curricula, elements Conservatory production Oliver, ages. Using paintbrush currently finishing run Harry Potter Cursed eye-hand coordination motor skills. Child Broadway. student, last summers Participating play helps develop decision-making skills Chorus Line, shooting television teach team building. Forming Orlando. Were encourage inventiveness. accomplishments, Jones. Those few lovers courses wonders Americans mixed media--and music lessons hula dancing organization reports involved classes--at variety four calendar, camp achievement least seventh-graders 12th-graders Broadway Palms resident choreographer actors SAT scores fewer classes. shows. partake possible, volunteers, instructors, STUDENT WHO IS INVOLVED degrees art, FOUR TIMES MORE show, Linda Loren Brandi Couse. LIKELY BE RECOGNIZED alliance campers ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT. League accepted competitive --AMERICANS Parks Recreation Cypress Lake BIG ARTS--you it, Program treasure younger theater express themselves, feel voice heard, offered one, Palm Dinner Theatre Children Couse professional, relaxed atmosphere Centers Springs, smaller-scale productions attention, worldwide Vogt, sales, culture. Year round, dance relations. Dance Around World, hooked might camp, youth Heather Roper. Repertory programming dance, Polynesian, options sculpting Bollywood African. careers adults. Also valuable fact centers everyday principles communication, leadership cultures. World Travelers building, Kody C. ages 11. LEFT ALLIANCE RIGHT CAPE CORAL STUDIO cook enroll Cookonomics International Cuisine. offerings numerous positive impacts. Many continued career artwork displayed galleries, Roper creative. Economic Forums Future Jobs Report problem solving, critical thinking, creativity demand OPhelan regular INFO 10091 McGregor Blvd., 239-939-2787 artinleee.org 900 Dunlop Road, 239-395-0900 bigarts.org 1380 Colonial 239-278-4422 broadwaypalm.com 516 Cultural Park 239-772-5657 capecoralartleague.org 4533 Coronado Parkway, 239-574-0802 capecoral.net 26100 239-495-8989 artcenterbonita.org 2268 St., 239-332-4488 floridarep.org 3410 Beach 239-533-7275 leegov.comparks 33 613 Local VIPs companionship rescue dogs--and vice versa Norman Loves dog Sidney rescued Humane Society. BOTTOM NORMAN BETSY CLAYTON helter dogs cats pets. loyal owners, spayed neutered, housetrained, up-to-date shots--and beat price. Ask anyone whos rescueshelter probably hear tale VIPS back alleys family, meet Sidney, 7-year-old Chihuahua mini-pinscher mix. Confections finest premium About Society shelter theyd spotted frightened shaking kennel, sight. day, obedient, well-mannered, calm owned, Love, takes him. service drags clothes. hes therapy dog, providing plenty comfort sitting lap work. companion, board. treats, development stage. Hes Love. 6-year-old bulldog mix Clayton family. streets Acres Betsy Norman, Clayton, communications government, Board Commissioners walked started. appearance thanks Commissioner Cecil Pendergrass. idea animal Domestic Animal Services commissioners meeting, photographed promote adoptable skinny, bit older heartworm disease, lovable--a trait didnt unnoticed Pendergrass Clayton. staff named Norm, replied loving, stuck. soon after, lovable clearly rough scars places prove Yet kind trusting people-- human meets. Normans resilience, optimism goodnaturedness improbable given looks. Arent fortunate cats, Bosco besties. --Sadie German, radio station 93X FM Tennessee Sadie Bosco, Chiweenie half. German acquired Wonderdog, via friend dog. Boscos car Clarksville, Tennessee, Germans hometown. Unbeknownst, adopted, explains. hang chance get. puppies. besties, Wilma 2005, homes misplaced signed Society, later Doghouse Rescue Academy. stayed temporarily house, theyve return. welcomed open paws, April, hosted ninth annual Fast Furriest 5K 1-Mile Walk Hammond Stadium CenturyLink Sports Complex Teeki, 12-year-old away rescues. previously multiple leg fractures. 12-pound pup mistreated reached her, shed flinch. loud, crouched. adds, pet, saving lives. shelter. save too. SADIE GERMAN 5783 Bayshore doghouserescueacademy.org infodoghouserescueacademy.org 2010 Arcadia 239-332-0364 gulfcoasthumanesociety.org 5600 Banner leegov.comanimalservices 35 trends issue, lowdown fabulous fragrances luxurious products, must-haves between LUXURY LESS Beautiful hair shouldnt cost fortune. behind haircare internationally singer, songwriter Thalia Sodi Adria Thalia. seven-piece salon-quality products--all 10--made proprietary blend ingredients, protein-rich coconut, agave, passion fruit, peony avocado extracts. Use shampoo, conditioner styling essentials volumizing spray foam repair damage, hydrate strands strength shine. Walmart stores. Tired usual suds shower Check handcrafted bars Myersbased East Riverside Soap. Made renewable, plant-based avocado, coconut grapeseed essential cedarwood, eucalyptus, lavender lemongrass, all-natural soap batch cold-process method. vegan, newer shampoo bars, sensitive-skin bar face activated charcoal clay draw impurities skin. Soap sells Franklin Shops downtown 239-333-3130, thefranklinshops.com. RAISING BAR andor affiliates cannot held changes, writing mistakes stock. SENSITIVE SUBJECT got sensitive skin, gentle is. Bliss Rose Gold Soothing Toner Mist mild calming rose-flower nourishing colloidal prevent irritation. makeup toner pick-me-up. mist moisturizes heavy residue, free parabens. Target option easily irritated Garniers SkinActive Water 3.99-11.99. Formulated types, allergy parabens, petroleum, silicones, microbeads, sulfates. collection--made naturally derived sources sugar beet rice--includes Facial Mist, Cleansing Milk impacting skins moisture barrier 3-in-1 Moisturizer during overnight 10-minute mask nourish Pick locations Walgreens. LOCAL BRAND Longtime Andrea Sarmiento wanted clients better quality expensive brands prices. locally Flawless Girl. liquid-to-matte lipsticks highly pigmented velvety finish. glide smoothly infused orange creamsicle cookie scents customers love. followed customizable foundation 45 blended match tone various needs, eyeshadow palettes coordinated, blendable shades night. salon, Lounge 239-936-2457, flawlessbeautylounge.com, hair, services. 37 all, scare Both coming --Capt. braving Sea, sometimes ALL CAPT. WILD BILL WICHROWSKI fan kinds himself Arctic temperatures, giant waves, hurricane-force winds-- Such Alaska Seattle ran sustained winds miles hour. Sixtyto 65-foot battered boat, knocking sideways causing engines out. basically righted itself on, recalls. scariest experiences. 39 bell deck minutes ringing. put on. --Deadliest crew Suave, joined Alaska. decades crab wheelhouse fear. afraid, terrified, completely control, window praying through. doesnt else. far cry temperate Costa Rica Mexico, spent fishing. years, plying Keys southern well. similarities offshore water, there, changes. WORKING LIKE DOG appearing Catch--the Discovery Channels Alaska--since 2010. Throughout countless crew, request lightly. Disneyland, labor-intensive planet. wouldnt minutes. asked yes Hed Browns Sandy Stilwell Youngquist, husband, Tim mutual friends. Tim, co-owns well-drilling firm, powerful 40 proudly freshly caught Alaskan king machinery. Sandy, owns Inn, Keylime Bistro businesses, bonded interest food. next know, Erik, carrying recalls Wichrowski. raised lived Rica. Wichrowskis crew--with Maybe intrigued him, Brown, laughing. finally agreed, headed months. Instead wearing flip-flops board shorts, sporting glove liners underwear beneath freezing Brown. disadvantages sure, trying cold amount ready. seen snow before, went beautiful, sunny weather force-fed coffee 30-foot rails, reports. His eyes times. guys normally grunt work, collecting trash washing dishes. furious, kept wasnt show. working, filming personality helped carry maybe performing needed. funny, interesting Ive guy improved. captain toward ship, FV Summer Bay. water. Suave wound much-loved crew. Here half members, loved seasick, sure. exit strategy case OK, wants anywhere am. On showing like, way. end, crabber having tender moments Rico. screen episodes air 2019. states. Youre figuring there. worked hard colder before. Clockwise left well-deserved break incredibly helm. RIDING WAVES career. Pittsburgh Navy graduating finished service, Sea. form location knows effort downfall hurdle over, through, stop happens. fix it--or sink. 42 northern Pacific Ocean, Kamchatka Peninsula neighboring waters. attitude nickname days wild, West, old knuckles elbows. challenges, challenge. Finding share ethic difficult hardest finding mindset perform effectively extended periods in, difficult. shows down. Catch, private charters groups, excursion auctioned earlier Wine Fest Childrens Charities. Key West-based Hemingway Rum Companys Papas Pilar, represents gear maker Grundns Livingston Lures. testing Livingstons caller trips company applications products. Lures crushing freshwater bass lures branching saltwater commercial catch phrase is, mousetrap. quest going, Only screen. exciting door opened, potential hands. pull off, Ill world. grateful doors opened. Floridabased 43 Gardens veritable Eden zebra longwing, monarch, peacock dazzle Wonderful dead. items dangling tree limbs wires screened wooden box Lovers Park, located Beach, resemble bark. light turquoise shaped eggs dead--until friendly park volunteer summons trail-bound hikers closer look. seemingly unremarkable chrysalises--a step fascinating fast-paced cycle caterpillars pastels distinctive chrysalises monarch Common buckeye Gold-flecked chrysalis Columnist Mike Malloys Dalmation, Crosby, inspects longwing. White HOW DO IT garden, Institute Agricultural Sciences suggests diverse plants. hardy drought tolerant, disease resistant pest resistant. sizes heights recommended. LEARN Education everywhere Kitty Fields, dengarden.com, instructs stages life. laid larva stage egg turns caterpillar cocoon pupa adult emerging. lesson detail personal normal classroom. Botanical Britt PattersonWeber credits butterflies direction. Studying anthropology linguistics Montana, swift, passionate shift internship Nature butterfly, flutters freely Key. 46 COMMON BUCKEYE, WHITE PEACOCK ZEBRA LONGWING PAMELA JONES-MORTON MONARCH THOMAS HECKER DALMATION MIKE MALLOY transplanted whisperer Yuki Mathes, 90, 13-year volunteer, collects chrysalises--as caterpillars--from gardens. visitors, name. Others wide-eyed educates transplants--affixed glue thread--hanging box. God bless visitor Isnt wonderful remarks another. regulars hatched butterflies, mating. Welcome gardening planting flowers occasional lucky fly-by. climate, hosts farms. 5-acre Butterflies Naples, nurtures ships United States Because lifespans constant zoo houses--and poignant special releases memorializing ones. method Mathes hobby portable. Garden, example, weekly supply winged beauties replenish house shipped Butterflies. arrive toilet paper, intern unrolls slightly formal changed, radar grade. Thomas Hecker Everglades Wonder CEO, expanding exhibiting. hardcore miss opportunity subject, rewards flowers, explains, boost prettier place. stressful 8700 239-463-4588 floridastateparks.org parks-and-trailslovers-key-state-park 4075 12th Ave., NE 239-404-0016 gulfcoastbutterflies.com Garden 4820 877-433-1874 naplesgarden.org 27180 239-992-2591 evergladeswondergardens.com dengarden.com ifas.ufl.edu Julian emerge pinned house. HOUSE NAPLES BOTANICAL MATHES scarlet milkweed, blue porterweed, tropical sage, beautyberry, beach sunflower coral bean. Also, websites nurseries lots advice. Malloy, column Saturdays always somebody devil somethings wrong, gardening, Hecker. recommended pesticides herbicides, sensitive. Which brings whisperer. sensitive, Japan, loves buys devour, refuses absolutely pick caterpillar. Too icky, uses chopsticks. 47 magic birds STORY LORI GOSHERT ILLUSTRATIONS DAVE HORTON olive pigment spread Callums expert swiped half-circle across canvas. brushstrokes revealed sea shell, limbs. smaller brushes, Callum coaxed perfect--for tourists--and satisfied sigh larger Shades viridian swirls lime. swipes crimson. shone breath. Was stroke ruin leave decide. washed long, slender breathing smell acrylic paints. tired of. Paints, Linseed oil. sea. mangrove swamps Lime Drive. glanced clock. 1100. sit backyard lunch. Sitting paintings--his beloved abstracts, wildlifethemed paintings souvenir shops co-ops Pandoras Hirdie Girdie. folded tall lawn chair, looked sun, closed eyes, waiting flood eyelids. band iridescent circles floated across, felt noticed raccoon staring feet afraid. gift. Hello friend, thought, again. Ever child, telepathy empathy, stronger understand thoughts--if thoughts. abstract ideas primal emotions danger, fear, hunger, contentment, distress, signals, savage urgency mating season. intelligent animal, connection. insects reptiles rodents. well, understood seemed intentions result, fear Along considerable talent gift secrets success, habitats sketch couldnt remember hadnt peers, combination caution sixth warned against speaking avoided labeled crazy. noticed, course, animals--that hidden. nudged, pushed, prodded veterinary difficulty. Working proximity distressed animals, mentally Callum. strain day. Luckily, decent income. R-r-r-ing leapt inches scrambled pocket offensive device, jumped bushes. shook swirling lunged still-ringing phone. greenery, hiss low roar propelled backward. Something today, rubbing sore backside. unpleasant encounters alligators presence. strong cold, murky swamp monster vibe impossible mistake. Suspecting robocall, frowned unfamiliar number inside. Before sunset, visited J.N. Ding Darling Refuge sketchbook. Bird selling shops, herons, egrets, ibises absent lately--probably alligator Plus, liked refuge. saying well-being seriously refuge holding funeral islands crocodile. saluted zeal. horseshoe crabs sketch. legend reincarnated spirits samurai warriors, wondered myth painting. 49 Hearing rustling sound left, notoriously wild. heron stared knowing wrong. closer, bird feathers. break--in radius bone wing, serious. quick recovery. CROW, volunteered, but, no, gently lifted settled basket bicycle, covering jacket. Would stay would. illegal. No, probably. But, himself, temporary doing. that. tried uneven pavement wide shallow box, table, corner, flannel sheet bark, placed digging kit, bound wing. Dinner. question, command. needed buy fish, handy. vegetarian manifestation gift, terrible nightmares meat enough, stock groceries. gulped sardines Baileys General Store. leftover pasta, chin contemplated houseguest. bowl plugged night bed. Unable sleep, checked resting awake. lay sink room. examined content healing change gauze binding yet, sat breakfast. enjoyed studying quiet guest. Green herons intelligent, hunt. stood foot tall, brilliant sharp, shiny black bill, green-black cap back, dark, glossy wings, reddish-brown neck stripe. Inspired, prepared model fish. quickly productively, disturbed sensations crawling boring awoke nervous itchy. staggered, blearyeyed, kitchen. imagination, sympathize sleepless caring feverishly wing mend, thrilled likenesses. abstracts. Inspiration flowed days. nights, increasingly horrible visions insects, desire stalk dark dart slimy, creatures. fourth overcome strange bought horrified disgusted nevertheless intensity craving increased sardine tin swallowed whole. shuddered slipped throat bolted third. abruptly lurched sink, sick, profound contentment bewildered stomach settled. Over days, worry health. losing weight, 50 mirror dropping from. thinner, pores, slight fever. unwell, fuzzy. reflexes, abnormally quick. morning, bumped bottle thinner edge, managed shatter floor. ardor indisposition accumulate material exhibit. anything, canvasses lifelike, injured guest corner healed. bandages care. imagined essence slipping fingers bones. dreamed hollow needles pushing inside, sprouting erupting black-green. discovered surrounded eyes. scream, hoarse kyow. mouth impaled bill. woke sweat, frantically clawing gasping bed, racing. minutes, pulled Kafka novel occupied morning. breakfast getting ready, doorbell rang. swore forgotten Greg borrow camera. neglected weeks, hoped Gregs seconds deliberation, hiding bird. Bad hell Thanks sleep. eaten rubbed itchy forearm. Whoa Is okay now. release Cool. Self-portrait heron, Callum, flustered. looks Really How know. brown, yellow. Well, picked Id good. cookout. package Boca Burgers freezer. Sure, sounds Great. Come six. carefully smoothly, deserted uncovered spreading wings trees. shivered jacket steps mangroves, glimpse vanished. side road wrapped arms knees, confused sudden burning ache chest. rested deep breaths. bike Emptiness enveloped door. crossed dreamlike moved table stepped lowered gingerly position, Goshert writer, essayist copy 51 Home JAN HOLLY Let pros R oyal Shell Real Estate Seas Properties lead pack properties paradise. agencies equally prospective buyers living. full technological assist digital offers. coverage. compounds, said, families who, visiting permanent business, inspires SOUTH SEAS SANIBEL CAPTIVA PROPERTIES ROYAL SHELL REAL ESTATE Customer Pollys calling card. Royal embraces mission, first, Polly said. measure Under leadership, employees, 1997, 160-plus offices Ocala No. brokerage trust us--repeatedly, super pleasure assisting purchase multimillion-dollar beachfront Prominent realtor Properties, Marty Stokes steeped childhood, lived, islands, purchased property 1900s. memories causeway built, routinely harvested coconuts limes, boar West deer plentiful, wistfully. Martys dad, Marty, Sr., Rabbit Road path, Edith, association Refuge, initiated protect loggerhead turtles. patrol beaches turtle nests--and exists, proudly. school--sporadically. dad military, Returning permanently 1969, calls dramatically incorporated, 1974, police department entire force. Bicycling mode lifestyle Captiva, 25-mile-long shared-use path cyclists. options. pointed canal-front properties, Gulf- bay-front homes, communities Dunes, Gumbo Limbo, Beachview. neighborhoods interior grandkids, homeowners access bicycle golf cart. Differentiating sister coastal easy. seascape tells tale. choppy dolphins Gulfside City picnicking, Bowmans Blind Pass spots serious shellers. 53 Buy reasonable. Prices spiking, up. --Marty Stokes, play, pelicans osprey diving lunch--island matched, wife, Joni, licensed broker, team. differences personalities edge. wise, affectionately. Together walk Jonis hands, transactions frictionfree. verbal agreements documentation. cautioned supply-anddemand situation wide, discrete estate. huge numbers boomers nearing retirement advice Islanders Causeway luminous views bay Gulf. Lighthouse site historic Beacon, built 1884. Turner crash continuously breakwater, Captivas accessed path. cyclists royalshellreal estate.com southseasrealestate.com. 54 LISA WILSON shortage Edison Ford Winter stepping else artifacts 1900s invention winter retreats world-renowned automobile magnate particularly families. interested architecture antique cars, science discover exciting. partnered Smithsonian Institution 2017 museum country SparkLab. activity stations hands-on exhibit--unlike exhibits Nestled 20-plus acres guesthouse pergola main SparkLab Towering Teeter Table, structures balance Wire Driver users toys motors, roll cable suspended above surface. Snap Circuits--a parents-- provides electric circuits LEDs, lightbulbs, disc launchers radio. Vertical Wind Tunnel participants objects fly wind. Soundscapes pathways marbles. Outside gardens, trees, shrubs bloom throughout trees planted specimens seen. world, countries India China. area, EDISON FORD WINTER ESTATES Visitors blooming crape myrtle inquisitive minds challenged Matt Andres behindthe-scenes tour botanic laboratory. fruit citrus Have shaving brush Did vanilla orchid Or perhaps rubber goldenrod topics specialty tours Wednesdays 1030 a.m. highlight botanicals scenes propagating nursery. Spring orchids, Edisons Mina. 1914 camping trip. Mina talked orchids. hung guests view level. Today, orchids--in color available. 56 4219 1226 Designed 1929 reflection pool captures moonlight, large aptly Moonlight Garden. property, growing--literally. restore caretakers cottage caf outdoor dining areas. future, relax citrus, River. grove paves relationships opportunities. partnering Universitys agribusiness partnership presentations lectures centered grove, agriculture Whether engaging buffs, new. Guided self-guided 530 p.m. Additional edisonford.org. Wilson, APR, 57 Time hether mother-in-law Michigan, guest, guests, town Buffalo week, appreciate gestures, Des Moines, theyre trip here. staying, towels, robe, conditioner, cozier dryer, nice soaps, magazines stamped postcards pen, Goodwyn. Virginia Browne Matlacha. Scented candles leaves log lovely touch, pretty pitcher filled hotel stay--for nightstand, --Wrenda Goodwyn, read. drinking glasses. Nightlights Spectacular Spaces room, appreciated advises Wrenda navigate easier, decorator firm considering Spaces. certified zone evening. Interior Redecorators mini flashlight Decorators associate. flashlights handy Goodwyn tips Set luggage outage. floor overlook bathroom note Wi-Fi password empty drawer inviting touches Goodwyns dresser under-the-bed drawer, closet suggestions extra toothbrushes, razors, hangers over-the-door hanger. extend surface toothpaste, cotton balls, swabs similar tray watches. forgotten--all remembering XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Keep rack. Light Gaspar Ballard Designs pillows. BALLARD DESIGNS items. final framed photo town, retro shot. Remember frame Lastly, staying yourself consider convenience--to guests. 239-949-1808 spectacularspaces.com experts investment worthy CORNERSTONE BUILDERS SOUTHWEST FLORIDA n old. Years expression kitchen remodels Irma repairs sampling professionals overview marketplace--and Gury, Cornerstone Builders cabinets, quartz countertops, layouts, oversized sinks, colorful backsplashes, built-in cooktops induction wall ovens replacing slidein ranges. for, direct finishes budget. Gury continues, subcontractors, company. customer control. deposits materials manufacture lifetime guarantees Updated kitchens baths purchasing value substantially. --Lisa dividend Absolutely, agent Jim Flack, John Wood perspective Existing sale tough competing unless update, baths. Eliminating granite countertops changing backsplashes significantly. Removing walls, feel. important. counters eliminating tubs totally recoup costs values, Flack Gary Hains, builds observes todays dated pricey, sellers resale. updated bath distinguishes updated. contemporary look--clean heavy, colors. contractor, Young, Classic Floors Bonita, kitchens, one-level porcelain shaker blues, BEATTIE DEVELOPMENT 61 greens grays cabinets areas handicappedaccessible. Young moves bathrooms. wood-look tiles floors black-andwhite contrast tile accent overall driftwood deleting altogether showers walk-in, organized storage. obvious-- personable people--they trust. exactly guidance. both. Does --Real 62 CLOCKWISE 2, CLASSIC FLOORS specialized Bruce Rosenblatt Housing Solutions. safety-minded homes. homes-- handles knobs arthritis barrierfree walk-in grab seats wheelchair access, emergency buttons showers. Paul Beattie, Coral-based Beattie Development, serves counsels homework afford versus custom urges timing remodeling moving, significantly disrupt cabinet styles, space-saving soft-close hinges, tons storage countertop Todays spacious creative task light. dollars resell value. Choices endless traditionally mundane lovers, soaking sophisticated spa models freestanding alcove, Showers bathtub large, benches, rainfall showerheads two, sleek hand-held inch space. 63 GINA BIRCH dos, donts corkage Left Cabernet vines Canard Napa Valley wine Side pride extensive limited-production wines deemed corkage. CORKAGE-WORTHY BOTTLES Donkey Goat, Lilys Nat, Very restaurant wines, cool block. sparkling chardonnay Alexander Valley, fruity mango pear sweet. flavors fig acidity. Reserve Sauvignon, 125 Fewer cases made, luscious cherry, plum clove spice aging potential. Really, worthy. 614 MIDDLE CANARD VINEYARD BYOB bottle, parties, restaurants. regard corkage, fee charged uncorking covers Harold Balink, Harolds wine. taken away, business. restaurateurs Balink hard-to-find labels, blends, selections cuisine, sharing experience. aficionados collections, herein lies conundrum. Corkage courtesy inalienable Grabbing grocery putting bad etiquette poor taste. Lets sentimental, anniversary abroad--these worth drink dish people. vintages small-production rarely lists. meal cooked home--no slam intended. wine, fee. Ginger roasted ducks hanging glass, salivating ordinary extraordinary pinot noir. extremely charges 80 bag. lowest bringing Vine free. opposite end spectrum, Blanc charge 30, waive bring. Concepts Pazzo, Chops, Saloon, Yabba Grill sliding scale second. Sails Naples. 25, climbs Co-owner Director Operations Corinne explore list, thought money. Michelle Jarvis, Mad Hatter agrees, Checking owned fees 15-25. baffled mere consumption, prudent present dos ahead. courtesies, hand, confirm service. assume. statement. packing, denied, vintage. fee--commonsense economics. taste sommelier steward. rare vintage, considerate gesture. forget tip servers. opening, pouring fee, bill list. drinks courteous, appreciated, Cheers Birch contributor. lover food, well-known 65 cooking SCALLOP RISOTTO Restaurant Hampton Social Recipe Corporate Executive Chef Francis Gonzalez Serves cup Brussels sprout ounces canola U-10 scallops teaspoons salt pepper cauliflower rice ounce chicken cream onions tablespoon ground Parmesan unsalted butter mushroom teaspoon sesame seed miso sauce tablespoons micro Flash fry seconds. Heat metal saut pan. Season pepper. Sear mahogany crust forms. Flip rare. plate. remaining separate Cook season Deglaze pan reduce ounce. Add onions. thickened. butter. mushrooms toss warm. Watch risotto brown. fried nested scallops. Garnish greens. Drizzle soy reduction dish. Mercato, 9114 Strada Place, 239-202-2038 thehamptonsocial.com thyme springs Kosher gallons beef broth shank Baguette Olive brushing Freshly Sherry vinegar 6-12 slices Emmenthal cups grated Gruyere Tie leaves, peppercorns cheesecloth butcher twine. Cut lengthwise. Lay slice grain soften Melt stockpot heat. pinch salt. Reduce heat low. sachet onions, stirring Scrape sides pot little. Continue 2-3 hours fully rich caramelized. scorch. caramelized stage, dry burn. shank. Simmer baguette -inch Toast soup salt, sherry tureens, leaving top. each. Scatter 1-2 tureens broiler bubbles forms thick crust. 365 5th Ave. South, 239-315-4019 thefrenchnaples.com LOBSTER-STUFFED HOGFISH Tale 8-ounce filets hogfish Stuffing pound lobster celery, finely diced onion, Pinch tarragon, chopped mayonnaise panko crumbs Mix stuffing divide 2-inch slit filets. stuffing. visible Sprinkle Parmesan. Bake 400 1229 Southeast 47th Terrace, 239-257-3167 fishtalegrill.com SOUPE LOIGNON Brasserie Rustique 7-inch-square Piece twine RESPECTIVE RESTAURANTS PAN-SEARED SCALLOPS MUSHROOM ORZO Veranda Salt butter, zest juice mushrooms, sliced spinach orzo garlic hot sear medium-golden brown sides. oven 130 internally, flesh milky firm. Finish beurre blanc sauce. spinach. orzo, wilted. Fill orzo. wilted zest. 2122 Second 239-332-2065 verandarestaurant.com SHRIMP CARBONARA vegetable crumbled bacon asparagus sauted kosher fettuccine flip pink. cream. bacon, asparagus, boils, creamy. pasta serve. 12901 239-481-0055 thefishandvine.com 67 epicurious KEY B Breakfast Lunch D SB Sunday Brunch Banquet Facilities Entertainment Cocktails Beer Vegetarian menu scotches, cognacs ports. Scott McDonald piano DOC FORDS RUM GRILLE Novel folk novelist Randy Wayne fictional character, best-seller salads entres. skip mojito. 2163 239-472-0606, sanibelislandcow.com ISLAND PIZZA Slice Paradise. Pizza famous Crusty Curl Crust. Pasta, calzone salad popular. calamari bruschetta appetizer, 1244 Sanibel. 239-472-5555, ilcielosanibel.com IL TESORO RISTORANTE Pasta Personality. A.J. Black feast atmosphere. Everybodys laughing, sipping inject spirit heart, heaps starting antipasto. together. Penne puttanesca capers rigatoni eggplant, ricotta cherry tomato ribs gnocchi pass seafood specials intriguing. Try cloudlike tiramisu. 2500 Inn 239-472-8311, docfordssanibel.com DUNES Member Problem twist. lump bisque Eastern, Western burger crisp empanadas seared cowboy steak. 1619 239-472-1581, islandpizza.net JAC GRILL Locally Sourced, Artfully Prepared. airy rustic details barn-style doors, Jac Philipe Schroeder seafood, chili-rubbed yellowtail snapper mascarpone shrimp, mussels menu. score Jacs spiced pork belly drunken ribs. 1223 239-472-1771, thejacsanibel.com. 949 Sand Castle 239-472-3355, dunesgolfsanibel.com CIELO sophistication evident tasteful decor menus. Start Blue Cielo-tini, gin curacao cocktail. appetizers PEI mussels, charcuterie. Entrees osso buco, Dungeness ravioli jumbo topping Wrap after-dinner 751 239-395-4022, ilteroso.com COW Bovine Bounty. massive omelets joint, despite cow references. dinners choice, breakfast, Loaded Seafood Omelet. bar, cocktails drinks, homemade Mango Sangria thejacsanibel.com LAZY FLAMINGO Beer, Raw Bar. plumpest oysters, steaming hot-spiced peel-and-eat grouper incendiary Dead 69 Parrot Wings. bet. Four 6520-C Pine 239-4725353 1036 239-472-6939 12951 239-476-9000 waterfront 16501-B Stringfellow Bokeelia, 239-283-5959, lazyflamingo.com LIGHTHOUSE CAF Worlds Breakfast. Residents decades, why. Ocean Frittata seasoned crabmeat, broccoli topped artichoke creamy Alfredo Grouper Platter dinner, lighthouse walls. Callahead seating 362 239-472-0303, lighthousecafe.com MALIA spending romantic Ownerchef Samsons dishes Grilled Swordfish rosemary seven saut, caramel shallots, sage peppers Melenzana Sausage Linguini sausage, San Marzano tomatoes fennel tossed hand-cut linguini. Golf Club, 1100 Par View, 239-4729222, maliafoods.com 239-472-9222, MATZALUNA Well-Smoked Italian. Five Cheese Gorgonzola, ricotta, hearts wood-fired pizzas. Fresh pastas, chicken, veal 1200 239-472-1998, matzaluna.net NORMANDIE SEASIDE Indulge Yourself. Located cozy lunch dinner. Bananaberry Omelet favorites Colombian artisan 70 whole-leaf teas. Relax cafes old-world Curry Chicken Salad Pressed Cuban Sandwich Sisson dinner flair, pair 3345 239-472-1541, normandierestaurant.com SANDBAR Welcoming. Trio, bronzed grouper, cake, favorite. steaks grilled perfection please palates. 2761 239-472-0305, sanibelsandbar.com FISH Tried True. entres all-day range sandwiches baskets specialties, tuna cakes seaweed salad. salmon ordered broiled, grilled, blackened Jamaican jerked. Three 1523 239-472-7770 4685 239-495-5770 320 Carlos 239-765-6766, thefishhouserestaurants.com typical pub fare--juicy burgers, spicy wings--and bartenders often-sought-but-neverfound neighborhood feel, popularity spot. 703 239-472-4453, thesanibelgrill.com SPROUT Goodness. Islands vegan gourmet take-out delightful meals, smoothies juices Nikki Rood 100-percent organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, farm-fresh creation, Smoked Paprika Hummus Sprouts. Vegan Lasagna. Sprout thy medicine quoting Hippocrates reflected delectable 2463 239-472-4499 71 SPOONDRIFT Bowls Please. Create bowl, Hawaiian poke--seafood cubes. diners base rice, greens, quinoa nachos protein anything ahi Next select toppings veggies crispy nuts quick, please. 2441 239-472-0875, sanibelspoondrift.com. SUNSET Floribbean Gourmet. lunch, Caesar wrap. Morning Santiva variations Benedict smoked cake. 6536 239-472-2333, sunsetgrillsanibel.com SWEET MELISSAS CAFE Good Thing, Small Packages. Talmage prepares petite portions, sample dishes, Octopus Mullet Fritter. 1625 239-472-1956, sweetmelissascafe.com. LD sweetmelissascafe.com THISTLE LODGE Victorian Rendezvous. cuisine oven-roasted coquelet herbcrusted lamb mojo allure trappings, glorious table. Casa Ybel Resort, 2255 239-472-9200, thistlelodge.com TIMBERS RESTAURANT MARKET Dine Favorites calamari, platters lump. market. 239-472-2722, timbersofsanibel.com TRADERS Shopping Experience. Traders shopping emporium restaurant, entertainment Tuesday Thursday evenings singer guitarist Danny Morgan, 72 icon. gumbo, pan-seared macadamia-encrusted grouper. L, D, C, 1551 239-472-7242, traderssanibel.com. evenings. traderssanibel.com T2 Opened Traders, delicious trendy tacos savory flatbreads, coastal-inspired mixology Sunset Elderflower Bloom, rotating craft draft beer selection, envy lively dcor. Outdoor seating, shop, anytime between. 2340 239-558-8919, T2traders.com. CANTINA Nacho Madres Mexican. Enjoy serape piatas, terra-tiled adobe-style subtly suggest weve border. 14970 239-472-0248, captivaislandinn.com CROWS NEST BEACH Great Food, Fun Take appetizers, always-popular goat dip. Saltimbocca, prosciutto-wrapped linguine. Crab Races, Monday Thursday, hopping 15951 239-472-5161, crowsnest-captiva.com Story Continues. Building chain Whites character 73 Resort. Docs Bread panko-fried dry-rubbed ribeye. 5400 Plantation 239-312-4275, docfordscaptiva.com GREEN FLASH Treasure. seat browse delightfully Paris specialty, Worcestershire, buttery herb topping. Venetian Platter, salmon, swordfish, tiger prawn polenta. Savory landlubbers, dessert positively decadent 15183 239-472-3337, greenflashcaptiva.com KEYLIME BISTRO Changes Fooditude. picket fence cheery canopies setting, Jimmy Buffett beat. eclectic walnut-crusted snapper, sausage peppers, escargots tomato. 11509 Andy Rosse Lane, 239-395-4000, LATTE DA COFFEE ICE CREAM SHOP Upon coffees, extra-strong Red Eye Coffee, cappuccinos lattes sweet tooth indulge scoops Queenies ice cream, milkshakes sundaes. 11508 239-472-0234, MUCKY DUCK Quack Up. pint beers brewed pond. grub. beachside patio sunset gazing. 11546 239-472-3434, muckyduck.com OLD FloridaNew American. Nelsons bounty sushi menu, adventurous choices rolls, 74 75 sashimi, rolls sakes. Wines complement presentations, Room breath Captiva. 239-472-5161 4, captiva-house.com. RC OTTERS Otterly multitude daunting. Steamed clams, baskets, quesadillas meatloaf satisfy cravings. Diners week 239-395-1142, SUNSHINE SEAFOOD WINE Inspired Bistro. charming, touch. wood-grilled pecan-crusted 239-472-6200, BLANC Epicurean. Jenga, toasted tower sauce, modeled game entre robata grill, Lamb Lollipops reduction, SS, habanero Blancs Almost Entres, clean, ambience savor Whitaker chef Jean Claude Roge, talents lift peers. Closed Sundays. 13451 Ste. 10, 239-887-3139, blancentertainment.com BLU SUSHI Cobalt outrageous prefer steak chicken. 239-489-1500 2262 First 239-362-2843, blusushi.com COURTSIDE STEAKHOUSE AT HARBOUR RESORT Beefed Refined wood, brass, leaded subtle sports theme, steakhouse delivers tastiest butchers breed Angus steaks. 76 77 17260 Harbour Pointe 239-4664000, marriott.com CRAVE Cozy Contemporary. Modern Breakfast, p.m., omelet variation Benedict. noon, bacon-wrapped cedar plank plus hungry diners. brunch crowd packs wait--but 239-466-4663, cravemenu.com DARUMA Make Wish teppan Japanese tempura offered, combinations Nippon filet mignon teriyaki. 13499 Cleveland 239344-0037 241 North, 239-591-1200 5459 Fruitville Sarasota, 941-342-6600, darumarestaurant.com Illuminati. honors legendary namesake genius, Edison, photos. tradition, potpie raves 3583 239-936-9348, edisonfl.com FIRESTONE levels fun. Brick wood atmosphere, tires remind Firestone. paella Grille tapas Sky Bar, Martini Bar Friday Saturday. 2224 239-334-3473, firestonefl.com GARAGE Taste Details. dcor 1920s, parts, burgers Model Low Carb-uretor. arugula Kona Big Wave Goose 312. 78 79 2207 239-332-3673, fordsgaragefl.com PRAWNBROKER Agent Fish. true. Salads, pleasing palates 1982. Soup accompany dinners, 4-7 booths, seafaring vibe. 13451-16 239-4892226, prawnbrokerfortmyers.com UNIVERSITY Head Class. theatergoers club 7790 239-4374377, universitygrill.net FORT MYERS Sequel. story--a sequel. Matanzas banana Texas 708 Fishermans Wharf, 239765-9660, docfordsfortmyersbeach.com ORIGINAL DOCK Authentic Shrimping Shanty. shrimping fleets base, eatery prides boat-to-plate shrimp. seasoning kicked notch cilantro lime, Havana Orleans-style barbecue. pizza edge spot linger cocktail volleyball, corn hole games. 2200 Main Beach. 239-463-3043, originalshrimpdock.com PARROT CARIBBEAN Tucked Salty Sams Marina, open-air 81 mingling sailors tie dock. Tropical rum runners, pina coladas mojitos conch fritters, curry crab, stack starters. Caribbean-inspired entrees platter, tango mahi crabstuffed Meat jerk Live weekends. 239-463-3257, myparrotkey.com TAVERN SPORTS Tackle Your Buds. Stop pizza. Belgian waffles zesty maple-honey mustard. Tens juicy build-your-own backfield cheeses yummy melts steak, pork, ham cod Philly cheesesteak triple BLTs. stacked Reuben, calzone, stromboli veggiemeat Capes wings. choices, wraps icy beverages. Tavern misses Open 4703 16th 239-257-1081, big10tavern.com CENO History. spanakopita--fresh spinach, herbs feta, phyllo dough baked--or Marsala, drove George Lukas Ceno Grill. Order gyro souvlaki meal, Parmesan, wont disappointed resist cannoli Happy Hour, M-F, 3-6pm. 1715 Parkway W., Coral, 239-549-2366, cenogrille.com 82 1719 East, 239-540-3673, fordsgarageusa.com LOBSTER LADY Eclectic Shrimp Grits Le Bouf Bacon Wrapped Lobster Tail freshest landlubbers. Units 3, 239-471-0136, lobsterladyseafood.com MARKER Nautically Nice. beyond Marina Village Resorts boundaries. flatbread pizzas breezy waterside terrace. 5951 King 239-541-5600, marker92.com NEVERMIND AWESOME EATERY Share Crispy Truffle Wings Volcano Roll start. Hugo hand-selected Steak Crust truffle fries, Kennebec potatoes. 927 E. 239-471-0295, nevermindcapecoral.com POINT Casually Sophisticated. Pulled Pork Rolls, Gouda cheese, slaw, Carolina dippin wake palate. Scallops entre, charred Marconi almonds apple cider reduction. proprietor Arnold expertise Choose 3522 Del Prado Blvd. S., 239-471-7785, point-57.com Just Especially Philly. cornedbeef hash, pancakes bananas strawberries Carbons malted 83 accompanied fresh-ground Pop cheesesteak, 239-948-4123, old41rest.com PINCHERS CRAB SHACK Table. Fresh, cut-to-order fries made-from-scratch slaw decadently rich, cheese-and-crab dip full-on fruity, coast. Multiple 28580 Crossings 239-948-1313 18100 239-4158973 6890 239-4632909 2360 239-245-7049 10029 239-415-4040 5991 33914, 239-540-7939 Fifth 239-434-6616, pincherscrabshack.com 239-4955770 239765-6766, RODIZIO Brazilian Steakhouse. Experience Brazil, dozen rotisserie-grilled meats, perfectly carved tableside Rodizio gauchos feijoada, black-bean stew, abacaxi, glazed-and-grilled pineapple. dessert. Friday-Sunday. 8017 Plaza del Lago Suite 101, Estero, 239-498-0018, rodiziogrill.com RUTHS CHRIS STEAK Always Sizzling Success. Vaulted trey ceilings white-linen-covered tables mood. cowboy-sized rib juicy. creamed sweet-potato casserole. Coconut Point, 23151 239-948-8888, ruthschris.com ensure guide date. However, readers ahead detailed reservations establishments. 84 85 SAVE OFF PRICE ONLINE SUBSCRIBE FIND HIDDEN RECEIVE exp. 63019 FAVORITE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION ADDITIONAL YEAR INSULATED LUNCH BAG. Hidden Word Reading Pleasure Bag Online apply Internet orders only. TOLL-FREE fax 800.472.0635 Gift subscriptions Across Famous mouse rainbow Bronze fishermans Sheltered Capped joint 17Relieves Artistic piece-togethers Restaurant, Valentines symbol Nation tulips Headlight sends Chemistry ___ pole clutch 36Handling Eventful period Timing actress Russell Truth alternative Down ____ Zedd Maren Morris song Personal codes conduct 4Whoopee Daytona 500 track shape Cousteau, FaceTime Mr. Potato accessory accustomed Zigged zagged 21Bother Arizona tourist soil Swiss Alpine abode brook Thinker, e.g. Miss Kate Earl Grey, Bards preposition 87 natures notebook WILLIAM COX Double-crested widespread cormorant America ts Florida--a branch, outstretched soak double-crested Phalacrocorax auritus, plumage structured underwater hunting, repelling heavy-bodied seabird, ranging span 4.5 feet. hook-tipped gular patch distinguished similar-looking anhinga heavier juvenile pale breast, upper parts yellowish patch. 1-year-old appears tawny underneath. flight rapid flight. flies goose-like V formation single-file traveling roosting foraging locations. swims swimming hunting America. observed Atlantic coasts, inland. inhabits saltwater. subspecies smallest. abundant During migrates climes breeds cormorant, occasionally inlets. colonial breeder nests Australian pines, cypress swamps, ground. Large colonies inland islands. nesting standing dead phosphate mine impoundments. Nests 150 Nesting peak occurring March August. brood earliest breeders oldest nesters. courtship complex, male chasing female, rapidly zigzag motion submerged splashing female vigorously dive vegetation, tossing female. Flimsy platform stick sexes hundreds egret nests. lined finer materials. breeding pairs monogamous incubating duties tending bluish-white 2.4 long. exchange incubation nest so. hatch asynchronously hatching apart other. altricial immobile, downless, fed. hatchlings cared fledge brooded maintain temperatures aggressively protected crows, gulls predators. regurgitated aquatic invertebrates, tureenlike colonies. deep, guttural grunts. feeds dipping. microscopic structure feathers wettable repellant. decreases buoyancy aids pursuit Hence, efficient swimmer underwater. secure surfaces manipulate swallow prey. catfish pectoral fins. fishermen fond landed. feathers, cormorants, anhingas, spread-wing postures posture cormorants whereas thermoregulation anhinga. populations declined 1800s mid-1900s persecution introduced Major declines again 1950 1970 pesticide abuse. strongly rebounded 350,000 Cox photographer ecologist williamrcoxphotography.com. 89 BRIAN HOL AWAY Cayo eddy Roosevelt till everyone, appeals history, mysteries, solitude, wildlife, seashells starry sky. experiencing pockets nature, need. attracted thousands spend Native Calusa. watchers, fisher Cubans maintained island. mullet, Cuba spring. homesteaders women. Today centuries. undeveloped west acres, 95 park. situated north Costas campground ranger station, system, cabins tent sites. campsites trails, ecosystems. slash pine forest observe plant abundance trails solitude. pointers success. pristine WHAT BRING Flashlights. headlamp hands-free batteries beforehand. basic, found, diminish factor. Newspaper beneficial fire Bug spray. warmer months breeze. citronella based. Citronella kit. HOLAWAY POINTERS TENT CAMPING Sounds exercise patience setup campsite. bag ants tent, closely angle. alarming sleeping 230 organized, bedding set. Having supplies pitch black. darkness ambient light, bonus stargazing. THINGS campfire. wrong one--both natives centuries ago. stars. farther city, sky alive. trails. diverse, quietude Collect marine mollusks lining nine-mile stretch beach. Get Smell campfire, listen osprey, stars, style. Holaway master naturalist shelling eco-tour 1995. Sound, Cabbage Key, 91 ituated launching seas surrounding water-sport rental possibilities dolphins, soar secluded shores cruise leisure bay. unique, operate ease bay, Jimi Batchelor wind direction speed determine route customers. memories, added. happy--to smiles faces. one-stop water-world kind. staffers safe, carefree. contact 239-472-2938, website, sunnyislandadventures.com. BOAT RENTALS Available rent vessels, leisurely pontoons speedy, centerconsole Fun-Deck Sun-Deck ultimate cruising sightseeing enjoyment. sightsee, swim, coolest visit--and avoid. bicycles land parasailing WaveRunner. Seating accommodates equipped standard Guard equipment, amenities Bimini T-tops, chests, charts, PFDs VHF radios. boating minimum requirements apply. superb, guides history. tales piracy centuries, recount restored houses, recall calamitous hurricanes region decades. WAVERUNNER WaveRunners thrill seeker opportunities excitement. cover territory navigate, face-to-face life--dolphins, manatees, few. GOLF CART BICYCLE exploration haunts beauties, cart go. carts island, vacation relaxing, kids, locals. STAND-UP PADDLEBOARD PARASAILING canoers kayakers, standup paddleboarding SUP lift, technology--the Hobie Eclipse. StairMaster, pedals steering navigation easy, maximum minimal effort. workout, Eclipse communion Drift solitude calmer Gulf, bayou adults alike relaxing workout. WAVERUNNER, KAYAK TOURS hopping. Paddleboard kayak stiller bayou. WaveRunner Useppa Sound. serenity skies Mexico Pass. state-of-the-art parasail wading transfers boats, onto dock adventure. Chutes aloft birdseye wonders--dolphins, turtles, pelicans. Supervised staff, fun--no required. restrictions Dry departures landings guaranteed, sunscreen towel. extensively 93 Join group enthusiastic sanctuary atch lush horizon witness manatee breach kayak. embed lifetime. tranquil kayak, paddleboard pontoon boat. paddle nation, declared Canoe Kayak Magazine. honored permitted stewards earth, explained Wendy Schnapp, general manager owner. concession Refuge. Bays knowledgeable informative offer. flourishes seagrasses habitat birds, crustaceans, shells tarnish environment relies upon paddle, kayaking, canoeing rentals, pedal kayaks Kayakers Commodore Creek, winding forest. Paddleboarders birds-eye Tours refuges conservation efforts. TARPON BAY EXPLORERS earth. peaceful enticing tram Drive Cruises Evening Aquarium Touch Tank presentation risers pastry lovers. Pontoon rentals angling Tram waters, grass flats marshes wish own, bicycles. closest operation habitat. nature-themed T-shirts, housewares, books, gear, much, floats bestow come. tarponexplorers.com 239-472-8900 information. EMILIE ALFINO plowing mules. Imagine prairie see--no bushes, scrub. dirt roads, imagine swarms mosquitoes seems removed present. tourists snowbirds beaches, sunshine, comfort. possible HISTORICAL MUSEUM VILLAGE stroll yesteryear Historical Above Period furniture fills houses. slowly, Lindgren 1963, resulting boom rightfully residents. farming was, tomatoes. fertile ship high-quality north, prized high-class establishments Waldorf City. hurricane railroads arrival killed Slowly, destination, fishing, seashells, relative isolation. rallied succeeded bid city 97 code destiny. rest founded 1984 Clarence Rutland village single-room museum. buildings Store 1927, Charlottas Tea Office 1926, Schoolhouse 1896. Added Burnap Cottage 1898, Glories 1924, Caretakers exact date unknown. 2012, Shore Haven 1926 Sears Catalog Kit Home. replica, Packing House, representing wharf Bailey exploring own. audio interest. Docent-led twice charge. Admission admitted Saturday holidays. Alfino executive Village. aerial 98 99 calendar WHERE Country Hank Williams Jr. performs Hertz Arena May Walks Runway, Citys Fashion Week, Berne Davis 17-18 Pinks Moving Toward Abstract exhibition 3-30. TANGO WATERCOLOR ARTISTS COUNTRY STYLE Jr., album 1964, fans voice, outspoken resume platinum albums, 3-30 Abstract, JoAnn LaPadula Sue Pink watercolors. describes herself abstractrealist feature scenes. texture muted palette. sbdac.com APPETITE CLASSICAL POP Beethoven v. Coldplay, end-of-season 24th Annual Boulevard Spend vendors, listening satisfying buds. fortmyersbeach.org HERTZ ARENA TWO SIDNEY BERNE DAVIS ART Doc Fords Tournament, hottest competition Tournament battle King. Teams anglers compete honor exclusive tarpon jacket, tarpons. Cash awards 25,000. tourney, celebrates documented rod reel Darlings 1885. dingdarlingsociety.org singles albums worldwide. songs 37th Time, hits Tradition Boy Can Survive. hertzarena.com Symphony. Coldplay energetic composer Steve Hackman. weaves Coldplays lyrics melodies symphony trio miked vocal soloists, combining musical dialogue commentary Beethovens score. 630 concert 730 Barbara B. Mann Performing Hall swflso.org FOOD FUN Collier, foodie fest event samples sating appetite, musicians, ice-carving demonstrations competitions chefs. happens Bayfront. tasteofcollier.com CREATIVITY DISPLAY 6-21 Land, Air, theme land, air. sponsored League, mediums depicting landscapes, skyscapes, plant. Awards Show Peoples Choice. View Leagues gallery. READY, SET, Dock Race, 43rd Races Villains. prize awarded interpretation, parade decorated canoes delights rowdy spectators drink, hoot holler cheer competitors paddling 3-mile division paddleboards. trolley designated parking pickup Crayton Cove. greatdockcanoeraces.com DAY TRIP Festival, Punta Gorda Consider I-75 Festival Music, lime specialties gelato fudge taffy cookies indulging pie Lime-A-Rita. thing, lime-scented salts soap. charlotteharbortravel.com FOOTBALL 12, June Fire, Fire. arena football A-League. players Manatee Neptunes Lakeland Tarpons 16, Sarasota Cats 2. rousing entertainment. July 29, league championship Estero. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING Fashionistas gather Runway. version Week--two exquisite parading catwalk, performances. Expect couture trending jumpsuits jeweled gowns. 101 ORCHID FEVER Through Gardens, Any understand. comedy neighbor threatening anothers prizewinning button, watching ethereal grow. neighbors well-established couple, disagreement longstanding ignites feud flower petals. Differences taste, class, privilege Theatre. DINE 30-June Sizzle, Ready Marco breaking bank Sizzle Week dining. menus twocourse lunches three-course reduced try. sizzleswfl.com MUSICAL MOMENTS Classical Jazz, classical jazz, interpretation genres. Gerhard Samide flute Pat Bracy repertoire jazz. JUICY 2-4 Watermelon summertime treat, watermelon spotlight festival Fleamasters Fleamarket old-fashioned fun, entering spitting competitions. entertainment, crafts games pony rides offerings. doubt, sinking teeth sweetest harvest celebration. fleamall.com PLAY CHAMP Swing Summer, Chamber Commerce welcomes Run Club network fairways. enter foursome, individually paired golfers. SEASHELL BASH Seashell Day, laden celebrate summer. Bailey-Matthews Museum, shell exhibitions guided walks. museums walk. shell-inspired events leevcb.com. shellmuseum.org MAY FORCE Stars Wars, Wars orchestra pop phenomenon. Symphony films. instruments musicians family-friendly encouraged dressed character. gulfcoastsymphony.org attending events. 103 104 105 ERIK ENT WISTLE Stephen Fosters Swanee hero Foster. composer, naturalness song, simplicity honesty imitate. --Aaron Copland composers 19th century think--how name, reputation Foster 1826-1864, referred Father Music. brief wrote songs, showcase uncanny gifts melody. Dreamer, Gentle Annie, Kentucky Jeanie Hair states official 1928, favorite, Folks 1851, 1935. story. Foster, Pennsylvania native, composing Home, two-syllable river incorporate lyrics. rejecting Mississippis Yazoo Carolinas Pee Dee River, Suwannee brother consulted atlas. altered spelling Swanee, Thus, ended Mississippi Carolina--or indeed name--had chosen differently. minstrel troupes E.P. Christy Christys Minstrels, composer. title edition Ethiopian melody, doubt purposes authenticity dubious depict wandering African slave longs plantation remain. clear wandering. words pains humanize slaves feelings romanticize plantation. Revisions consisting mostly removing dialect 2008, approval Memorial Pittsburgh. word substitutions performance. Despite problematic antebellum retained enormous arrangements-- printed, rudimentary accompaniment. Crooners Bing Crosby recorded interpretations Louis Armstrong, swing bandleaders Lunceford, violinists Fritz Kreisler Jascha Heifetz. 1939, Grant Still, today Dean African-American composers, little-known arrangements solo chorus. famed Czech Antonn Dvok created soprano, baritone, choir 1894 noted represented peoples feelings. observation remains legacy indelible continues landscape. Pianist, musicologist Entwistle received undergraduate Dartmouth College. post-graduate doctorate musicology California, Santa Barbara. teaches meaningful ndependent booksellers Southernmost great-reads 2018. paperback Silas House tackled ticklish LGBTQ midst evangelical anything-goes West. opinion compelling story, centering Asher, preacher. Following catastrophic gay rescues Ashers son, heart--and faith--in conform religious bitter custody 8-year-old Justin, preacher son fleeing difficulty plot, destination brother, Luke, abandoned ago Lukes sexual identity. revolves Justin sing. wiser father. acknowledges mother hearing, right, this. cobble quirky characters Asher friends, love, circle roots. sympathetic contentious layers. Justins adults-- speak truth. carbon emissions traffic Jacob Paul, Wisconsin downloaded app Nickel Ride. wait driver Ride ambassadors hired, part, familiarity riders insider CEO Judah Longgrear, 2017. accomplish Achievement programs. JA WAY Preparing entrepreneurs JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT NICKEL RIDE J une kicks Academy, weeklong juniors seniors basics operating successful volunteers in-class programs, job-shadowing economy, versed financial literacy, readiness entrepreneurship, Angela Fisher, 13241 239-225-2590 JASWFL.org. FREE Getting Y ou openair vehicle smiling, ride. vehicles fleet, Ride, hopes provider community-based ridesharing country, operates Gorda, Petersburg, cities Download App Google Play. 2401 thenickelride.com. Arbor holidays council invites participate planting. fundraisers undertaken clubs societies. horticulture avenues Gardener assists garden. sponsors Odyssey Mind stimulate questioning interpreting Myers-Lee Council premises Reference Library. members. fruits, roses, herbs, plants, bromeliads hibiscus. talks non-members, differing fees. clubs, societies, memberships upcoming events, fmlcgardencouncil .com 239-332-4942. Consider, SAFE Women basic selfdefense protective measures. attend attendees others, Active Shooter, criminals target person response, suspicious practices, Kim Swanson, crime prevention Sheriffs Office. Attendees Beautifying promotes societies beautify activities. Consisting affiliates, 1,800 members--but join. floral design methods suitable Learning horticulture--using beauty--is councils agenda meetings. Led chair Suzy Valentine, aim names, habits uses. meetings, monthly organizations Honorary Service Award, leaders commitment society, advancing goals council. educating, beautifying conserving County--in ways. instructed Peggy Lince. LCSOs self-defense about, lifes daunting news shooters sprees, LCSO Floridians schedule empower citizens. 110 MYERS-LEE COUNCIL SHERIFFS STAYING take-home reinforce presented. everyone--from employees managers, citizens, parents, adults--in targeted specific groups. specialists divided into--central, northGulf, south, west, Swanson. listed sheriffleefl.org. 239-258-3280 email communityrelationssheriffleefl.org. advance notice required, shorter accommodated. register EventsRegister tab Public 239-477-1340. 239.472.4888 SanibelCaptiva islandtaxi.com rideislandtaxi.com TAXI Airport Knowledgeable Friendly Staff Passenger Vans Luxury Sedans Transportation Events LOCKSMITH 239.472.2394 Way J-3 sanibellocksmith.com Locksmith 1976 Emergency Security Locks, Restricted Keyways, Locks Installation, Master Keying, Electronic Keypads, Rekeying Duplication ALTERATIONS RITA MINUTE CLEANERS 239.466.5115 16970-1 Blvd Publix 60minutecleaners.com 239.437.7482 11595 Kelly Rd, 302 239.437.6063 11200 Gladiolus cubesmart.com CUBE SMART SELF STORAGE CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel claudiospestmanagement.com ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS 239.939.0077 Serving Of accentbp.com CopierPrinterScanners Printer Supplies Print Cost Recovery 239.482.2213 239.574.8511 CULLIGAN Bottled Few Cents Culligan Aqua-Cleer system. fresh, man RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 College ronandsons.com Sales Installation Alarm Systems AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom Central Vac Much swfl Wednesday Easter end. snowbirds, month soft breeze, lanai breathe deeply--which doing, moment. Field G exotic. please, pythons. experts. plate honorable Cinco Mayo Watermelons galore Flea Market. riot speed-eating contest, spitting. Takes Midwestern childhood summers. complete sauntered Way. swear winked tennis underway. complaining courts Sunday, celebration--this moms. Eggs benedict porch, bougainvillea happy. M P dads VERY destination. Downtown forward strolling checking Adventure evening--someplace buzz lately, heading river. snowbird Minnesota, Michigan Ohio populous OMG, dramatic afternoon. Whitecaps Shorebirds hunkered reminder storm tonight. beach, necessary. soooo nights stormy seas. shells, ILLUSTRATION DROTLEFF Wow, rockin Hot dogs, cornhole, paddleboards--its happening crazy GM_Cover_MJ19.indd 712 MAIN VOL. NO. 4.95 USA Spins Baths Ramp Diamond Jewelry Artsy Camps Kids CULTURE VOLUME ALERT Why Read Published Display

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