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TOTI.COM MARAPR 2018 3_GM_MA18.indd 648 ARTWORK COURTESY OF FLORIDA REPERTORY THEATRE NOW Available West Marine our Fort Myers 3 12218 507 1018 WM_Patagonia_GulfMain-CapeCoralLiving.indd 8 10 PUBLISHERS LETTER MAKING WAVES Devoted Each Other-- Edison Sailing Center 22 12 16 18 20 32 54 ARTS Wonders Under Dock HISTORY Floats into Town OUTDOORS PETS SWFL Rowing Keeps Growing Beware of Dog Days Your Best Friend FASHION Attire WHATS IN STORE BEAUTY Whats Hot Southwest Products Help You Look 56 60 62 64 87 88 90 FOR KIDS SUP GETAWAYS CHEERS A Splashing Good Time Bloody Marys, Mimosas More EPICURIOUS RECIPES BETWEEN LINES Collateral Damage Guide Dining SW OUT ABOUT CALENDAR Place Full Watery Solitude Where Go What Do 100 102 104 106 108 STARGAZING With Norma R. Hagan NATURES NOTEBOOK BabcockWebb Wildlife Management Area TO YOUR HEALTH Workouts CROSSWORD COMMUNITY Going Gaga Galas OUR NEXT ISSUE Friends family all about heart, so weve packed this issue ideas tips better parentinggrand-parenting, senior care, healthy-living updates, schools learning, technology shopping, family-friendly travel, accommodations fun, pets much help you achieve very best those love. GULF MAIN ISSN 1521-1207 is published six times year TOTI Media, Inc., P.O. Box 1227, Sanibel, FL 33957. 110 112 113 SERVICES PROFESSIONALS STAY TUNED Silence Music Vice Versa AROUND TOWN Green Let Hunt Begin 4 556 5 GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela J. 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But we cant ignore real reason enjoy lifestyle. When look whole picture, realize its community--the people, organizations goodwill--that life sweet. Everyone community difference. Whether youre philanthropist whose generosity has helped maintain build treasured places organizations--Edison Ford Winter Estates, Sidney Berne Davis Art Center, Symphony, Alliance Arts, Arts ACT, Harry Chapin Food Bank, Hope Hospice, Lee Memorial Health N goodwill-- Foundation, Community PACE Girls, Heights Childrens Charities, Valeries House, Coast Building Industry Association--or resident job, whether sales clerk government official, volunteerism key creating cohesive life, should never taken granted. Showing appreciation others fast-paced, technology-driven world can often overlooked, simply because when task finished already moved next--and, sadly, close first door proper thank deserving recognition. So during season full swing, galas fundraisers plenty outdoor sporting events keep connected, I want salute efforts everyone community--no matter how big small. Thank do every day year. anyone wants support community, give suggestions, starting 108. Perhaps resting after taking water-based adventures such as fishing charter, kayaking swimming. Now youll stories propel your comfy armchair engage life. March April months there galore--so take pick. And Florida, please dont forget make it happen. Group Publisher, Media JANFEB PHOTO BY NICK ADAMS PHOTOGRAPHY 9 GLENN MILLER Ross Stephanie Webb remain dedicated bringing sailing SWFLs young people R oss were tucked away porch Bennnetts Fresh Roast coffee shop, short walk from Caloosahatchee Myers. Webbs, married 50 years, enjoying fall morning, sun dappling leaves adjacent trees they discussed center. Ross, 74, joked his half-century marriage Its temporary. Their marriage, however, began many years before 1984 opening center, which Webbs found. While chatted, sipped iced tea drank hot coffee, she said was half bold decaf. Makes my cardiologist happy, explained. heart happy. been making children happy than three decades. How kids have trooped center ventured water vessels International Dinghies, Optimists Lasers estimated least 12,000. Thats conservative, he then added. From inception, Centers mission, described website, way bring people. 250 boats instruction sailing. beginning modest. We borrowed eight doctor town, noted. program soon took off. Parents wanted their learn self-reliance. Kids enjoyed spending time water. original did return boats, admitted. Although sailings image sport middle upper classes, works teach parts community. offers outreach programs STARS Complex Quality Life located Dunbar, predominately black neighborhood. sense paying forward. If kid sailing, Center. turned child away, remarked. retired professional careers. Youngsters gain selfconfidence, along experiencing joy thrill open seas, participating courses. BRIAN STROMLUND calm waters around provide training environment sailors. LORI KEYS-CASTELLI pharmacist teacher. devote energies full-time said. Teaching far knowing differences between port starboard, bow stern, leeward windward. skills, Young apprentice sailors taught repair boats. just Of course, needs going. There veritable fleet volunteers afloat. anything, somebody respond Rosss calls. pick up phone, receives grants, also donations. run thing, As sat Bennetts porch, reflected timeless appeal. Peace freedom, being Maybe peaceful morning wife side. Freelance writer Miller president Historical Society frequent contributor Media. 11 Man Blue Suit DAVID ACEVEDO Martha Dodd paints what loves, combining passions beautiful V Sweet Dreams, Mermaids ery few artists portray imaginative worlds like can. impeccable control brush, transforms acrylics oils magnificent powerful scenes beauty. unicorns among protagonists her fantastic, pictorial tales. Born Columbus, Ohio, received great deal encouragement mother, Joan Waterson, pursue talents. Waterson art teacher visual artist well, thus sparked daughters imagination even further. Even though formal education art, found clever combine academic In winter 1983, obtained bachelors degree animal sciences Ohio State University. career equine physical therapist, working racehorses. During college, classes possible, use talents toward fulfilling Throughout continued practicing developing extensive body includes lovely underwater maritime subjects. 2010, started studying master painter Douglas Flynt, resides Florida. Mermaid Siesta She admires level realism achieved Flynt paintings, but does follow strictness process. am disciplined enough always methods, rule myself, break it, explains. impressive medium, demonstrated Marilyn Monroe piece donated ACT auction November 2014. lessons stay me, influence evident work, adds. trained Stephen Assael, approach painting contrasts Flynts approach, yet achieves incredible well. painted almost imaginable subject, including animals, flowers landscapes. Her versatility admirable. something particularly captivating portrayals. chose subjects, mermaids, interest fantasy states artist, work DAAS CO-OP Gallery Gifts spectator go beyond typical mermaid scene wonder story behind subject. Serene THIS AND OPPOSITE PAGE MARTHA DODD 13 Graceful Stallion Every it. --Artist Snowy Egret Plumella award-winning arts writer, curator gallery owner living Cape Coral. He University Puerto Rico, Mayagez Campus, owns manages Union Artist Studios Gifts. 14 no reference for, explains rely references, merge images mind create fantastic Surprise striking depiction young-looking mermaid, under dock, staring observer enchanting eyes. demonstrates remarkable composition style artist. allowing elements stand suggest situation. awake--I guess mermaids risky proposition, says. them overtly sexual, although definitely appeal, natural possible. warming herself late afternoon sun, busy fiddler crabs scurry about. Visual Ellen Bianchi knows Dodds artwork captures feeling paintings notes Bianchi, serves treasurer COOP. admired since exhibiting cooperative. fluid movement mastery these come On, variety options purchasing works. Collectors browse through hundreds exquisite purchase prints pieces various sizes. asked future plans, tells relied still do, able paint to. past had fortune travel world, inspiration. forward prolific certainly creations. 15 Planes no, trains automobiles yes W hen Thomas visited Myers, didnt fly town. Hardly. made initial trip 1885, airports airplanes here anywhere. It would another Wright Brothers flight 1903. So, planes out. Edison, world-renowned inventions light bulb phonograph, arrived 133 ago, drive here. paved roads, let alone cars. cars 38, remote cow town 349 hardy residents nestled long air conditioning, couldnt train--not outpost down peninsula. Yes, Transcontinental Railroad completed earlier 1869. possible cross America rail decade. 19 service extended west coast, bought property River estate. PHOTOS SOUTHWEST HISTORICAL SOCIETY connecting points north 1904. No, means transportation different ancient Calusa used pre-Columbian days Spanish explore 16th century. boat. canoes galleons Spanish, floated. arrived, place called County. area County carved created 1887. Much Edisons introduction explored Tom Smoots 2004 book, Smoot, lifelong spent researching book. previously wintered St. Augustine city bit brisk. heard settlement coast could temperate weather. To get across northern neck state Cedar Key rickety, primitive line. There, 15, boarded yacht Jeannette. captain Dan Paul. Paul skippered south Punta Rassa, was, Smoot wrote, largest cattle embarkation point state. intrigued reports bamboo river, back 20, His noted weekly Press, launched previous eventually became News-Press. included papers news item book About noon Friday last week ... elegant Jeannette Key, Capt. Paul, came passed miles, returned anchored. party consisted Above, steamboat named honor legendary inventor part-time right 1902 ferry passengers cargo Caloosahatchee. A. Ph.D., distinguished electrician, Mr. L. Smith, York, E. T. Gilliland Boston. later bride, Mina. They February 24, 1886, less month later, arriving aboard Manatee, citys scheduled steamboat. again 1887, 1888 1900. 1901, train service. steamer, B. Plant, named, ironically, pioneering business tycoon same name built railroad lines. Gorda. steamer put hauling ferrying By 1907 finally via train, but, out, electric launch Reliance. Now, visit, home remains vibrant tourist attraction everywhere, attached events, businesses. boat, option traveling 17 welcome Caloosa Club Association Naples BILL LEVY hether rowing looking continue doing exploratory see about, couple Club, CCRC, operates Harbour Coral, Naples, known RAN, calls Anthony Park Gordon Founded 2007, CCRC ages, according clubs president, Jon Hart. adults programs--which include school high kids, Learn Row recreational type, while geared competition. RAN formed 1993 willing accommodate rowers any level. Chuck Roth says, small, informal organization. Most some access joining. primary focus members, numbering adds visitors rowing. Argentina Sweden, attracts kinds Some private jet need hitch ride Interstate 75 offer Get Acquainted lesson 50, join club, deducted 150 membership fee. admits, everyone. weightlifting gymnastics beam. beat yourself want. Roth, 76, involved 1961 member 1971 national team. Hes quick mention why loves fitness. resident, grew Boston suburb Wellesley, adds, meditative. Being year-round. --Rowing officer Steve Jaron Jaron, officer, hooked got says hails Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania. 86 87. headed grad school. My friend if Id row him Schuylkill transferred North Jersey. picked 2004. doesnt himself breaks soon. total workout. compete age group class. CCRCs Hart features aerobic sport. low impact, jumping, tear knees parts. workout, helps women bone density. sees advantages rowing, addition only generally group, social SHELBY RUSSELL Pittsburgh 2007 know anyone. After instant network. mentions oldest collegiate United States, both local expose schools, Hart, club members. Besides programs, lot Meetup trying media plan attract rowers. some, event. opportunities financial aid women, notes. equivalent football regard. each Bill Levy freelance based Odessa, Texas. resided Photos show members Coralbased Guttieri Irene Balmforth below right. ANN MARIE OPHEL AN Keep canines hydrated boating, beaches parks M dogs love nothing ride-- important safe, dog jacket handle. That enables pull canine collar. strong swimmers, face problems, depending weather conditions, Karen Fordiani, public information specialist Domestic Animal Services. Dogs too noses especially prone burning. SPF spray recommended, Fordiani sunscreens specifically canines. Also, surfaces become protect feet shaded areas. Lastly, remember overheated. Bring fresh dish them, Fordiani. SunCoast DockDogs new swimming DockDogs, dock jumping. class, Can This, held Saturday a.m., cost cash. takes Shell Factory Park, 2787 Tamiami Trail Additional leagues available. further information, facebook.comsuncoastdockdogs 239-464-1859. OPhelan regular Dueling gaining popularity nation. Many left properly trained. At right, theres shade tuck under, BOTTOM RIGHT OTHER SUNCOAST DOCKDOGS 21 PATRICIA LETAKIS S sexy--or subtle-- eye-catching fashions lither figure-flattering swimsuit head shore marina. Asymmetric one-piece suits off-the shoulder tops--some convert halters. Patterns classic stripes again, lacy fabrics pretty florals add ladylike appeal swim fashions. reversible twopiece easily mix match. thats own, think color. Boat shoes bright shades nautical outshining traditional laced leather shoe. protecting stylish thanks hightech lightweight block solar rays cool skin. Topping list slimfitting brightly hued hoodies proud. COLOR SPLASH Virtues Color collection, off-the-shoulder 68 paired bottom 38 soft shirring sides. PLAY CODE high-neck suit Play collection crochet own sheer insets double rickrack 124. Featured Bayleaf. Sporty Code streamlined onepiece deep raisin sexy tie 98. BORA Bora ruffled halter converts strapless flirty 74. 58. affiliates cannot responsible changes, writing mistakes products2018 23 stock. ZAHA Combining one-shoulder asymmetric styling statement-making ruffle flounce, Karla Colletto wows Cherry red 306. Everything stores. These modern sunglasses Le Specs boast round shape, metal inlays gold Revo mirror lenses offering percent UV protection 79. Water. NO SMIRKING AZURA D Bigger floral showing swimwear, two-piece Azura Australia 92 72 shown Dove. REEL RELAXED DRESS Columbias lifestyle comes below-the-knee dress stretchy Omni-Wick fabric --perfect soleil. Shown White Cap blue 70. Solar Shade Hoodie Macaw protects 55. Cast Zero II Mamba uses sweat-activated cooling 60. CAST AWAY HOODIES DORADO BOAT SHOES white soles Columbia razor siping slash marks grip deck, leave marks. Grey Ice Emerald Sea 24 BEACH PLEASE Beach Please cotton pouch inches 9.5 Pura Vida water-resistant nylon lining contrast zipper 32. CHLOE Nothing stripe design. canvas espadrilles Sporto, company keeping dry waterproof 65. bikini Tommy Bahama two looks geometric paisley. Mare Navy, pairs string 78. tommy PAISLEY PARADISE BRETON STRIPE Breton Stripe sidetie classic, kicked coral accents breezy tassels. 96 Navy. COASTAL DUNES crisp Coastal Dunes 10-inch plaid shorts Kingdom 99.50 Emfielder Polo 89.50. 25 MARAPR2018 27 28 29 30 647 31 GINA BIRCH STACK GO WINE Want wine heavy potentially dangerous glass bottles Woodbridge stackers perfect. pinot grigio, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon blend, single-serving shatterproof cups lids, ready consume. 11.99 four BEER BLANKET Who koozie beer cozy blanket Rumpl 3-D hollow fiber synthetic insulation. stash pocket storage, webbing stirrup resistant. Perfect outdoors. WEARING Capture seaside memories indefinitely sterling silver wave bypass ring. custom sand world. Just location most sentimental you, creators dig bank one-of-a-kind ring accessory. 98 Suncatchers Dream AMAZING BARS Zing Bars nutritious, convenient snack pack heart-healthy fats, proteins, suitable diabetics, athletes children. Gluten-free vegan, delicious flavors sizes 1.76 ounce mini 100-calorie bars. minis, 8.99 size, 24.95 HYDROGEN BOOST essential extra health benefits, try HTWO Hydrogen Infused molecular hydrogen, boost endurance, reduces lactic acid fatigue, provides antioxidants. Especially athletes, pouches. seven pouches Oakes Farms Market, Adas Natural POCKET POD sturdy PodPocket carrying case Apple AirPod safe water, work. chic design precision molded high-grade silicone, secure charging. 19.95 Designed reducing pain providing nights sleep, pillow actually surrounded material choosing fiber, foam, feather. fill bladder inside desired firmness. scientifically proven 49.99 FLOATING PILLOW andor products 33 530 1_TOTI_MA18.indd CILETTI Jet packs boards feel superhero Y oure above clear Theres paddle. cage. cases, hands Youre bird over Mexico. closest flying--all Jame Bond movie, activity, popping Aston Martin shaken martinis. 007 experience backyard. really else, Dopslaff, SkyHigh JetPacks indescribable. Imagine floating pack. describe Dopslaff helping sky decade response great. fight response, proprietor hopes choose flight. boards. Either way, going superhero, basically high-powered backpacks Riders hold onto handles sticking sides safety. Then go. describes Ski customized reroute pumps, creates propulsion hose. board snowboard, powered gushing current literally skating seas. Confidence goes hang using Private one-on-one either hour hour. Safety equipment helmets, wetsuits, vests provided. Prices 89 half-hour session 139 149 279 easy, require little practice finesse. customers frustration, someone overthinking hard, steps help. Sometimes thanking me patient job. Im smile stuck it--and maybe believe it--but clicks. fact, guarantees time, second free. job deliver customer, Specifically struggle first. SKYHIGH JETPACKS James TOP required. old weigh pounds, hes 80s rents wakeboards, kayaks, standup paddleboards Skis. plans sunset dolphin cruises months. Ciletti lives Phoenix. Prior moving Arizona, worked NBC2 exciting photo video packages sure participants flights documented. 35 Cayo Costa Turtle enjoyable rom pitching tent, firing coals, listening crickets chirping, breathing salty sea breeze, camping unlike other. connection nature enjoys, chance swim, shell, snorkel, paddleboard, hike, bike more, proximity campsite. Here campgrounds camp beach, activity throughout CAYO COSTA STATE PARK pristine barrier island miles beaches, acres pine forests, oakpalm hammocks mangrove swamps. Located Pine accessible ferry, Captiva Cruises. 2,426-acre park affords wide birds, pods dolphins, manatees. early spring months, shorebirds Top left, hiking trails littlest Above opposite page, beaches. DEPARTMENT ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION terns, oystercatchers, Wilsons plovers snowy plovers, manager Chad Lach. rare indigo snakes sometimes seen sunny afternoon, bicycle rentals, trails, Trail, view Mexico amphitheater educational islands ecology history. tent sites, cabins reserved Reserve America, advance. gift shop ranger station ice, snacks, drinks basic items, firewood. Restrooms showers pictures footprints, 37 Campground truly families nature. --Rebekka Cline, development coordinator Sarasota Parks, Recreation Resources Nearby motorized non-motorized launches. campground stroll below. TURTLE CAMPGROUND Sarasotas tree-lined Campground, sites 39 vehicle hookups. beach. on-site host, horseshoe pits, picnic grills, restrooms showers, coin-operated washers dryers, Wi-Fi. free trolley Village--a worth over. rated No. nation TripAdvisor geoscientist coastal ecologist Parker Leatherman, Dr. Beach. Plus, village sightseeing rentals. campers playground ones, pier, volleyball court, areas, large pavilion rent, well meeting room seats 30. IF YOU Cruises Reservations required 11401 Andy Rosse Lane, 239-472-5300, Island 941-964-0375, floridastateparks.orgparkCayo-Costa 8862 Midnight Pass Road, 941-861-2267, SARASOTA COUNTY GOVERNMENT nature, restaurants, shopping Rebekka Resources. binoculars observe birds. migrating terns types gulls Cline. Additionally, diving dolphins cease delight. weekend entire weeks stay, theyre luck. Guests within 45-day period. Campsites payment reservation. established 1921 Campground. Today JOE YAPELLO Local extreme adrenaline rush H ave wondered neighborhood catch goliath grouper Is nearby capability 600-pound behemoths murky depths Have questions crossed Actually, probably enthusiasts quite often. call. Ben Chancey, enthusiastic clientele world-class Coral 2003. former wrestlingfootball coach transformed passion well-known charter Charters. mark rapidly growing industry big-game fishing. widely considered pioneer modern-day excursions. Thus Chancey filmed 2004, debut Fox Sports Channel. show, quickly popular TV networks shows, ESPN, FOX, CNN, Weather Channel Show. Chanceys roots traced toddler. father grandfather 1950s, recalls. dirt road Bartow fish Sound area. Ive Boca Grande old. Reserving patience strength landing larger game altogether. sailfish off east coast. Lexis dad, Ben, first-ever caught kayak. welcomes clients, regardless experience. coaching background, pride teaching skills novice angler regarding techniques species giant snook, monster hammerhead shark separates competition--and raises clients highest interesting bonito bait, order hook for. Smaller trout, jack redfish plentiful fun-filled trips reserving prepared happen bite Theyre intensity body. players Worlds Strongest competitors pulled feet--unable up. usually lend hand. CAPT. BEN CHANCEY 41 Gene Jensen, YouTubes Flukemaster Channel, grouper. wife, Angela, theyll bait Stuart. Below waters. --Capt. 42 Fishing Ultraskiff Raton. high-intensity tell firsthand huge top. 1,000 successful charters us, person land massive themselves else board. battle amazingly tough minutes, totally worn seeing ear-to-ear worthwhile. released fortunate anglers lucky enough, cameras rolling, end edition becoming Internet hit. not, opportunity witness natures amazing fish--officially Atlantic grouper--on reel, sun-drenched pressed against side all, satisfaction ultimate lifetime. wont proverbial tale. Charters, website contributing Bamboo Farm 25370 Zemel Road Gorda, 33955 43 Seventy on, Weeki Wachee mesmerize G orgeous gliding, stunning, balanced. Those ways dazzle Springs Spring Tampa. underwater, perform ballet moves synchronized music, audience 400-seat theater. surface basin springs, deepest naturally springs States. range things Buccaneer Bay Waterpark, riverboat rides watching wildlife ordinary. kind venue unique, John Athanason, marketing relations park. performing 1947, roadside attractions meant Wow--much GatorWorld Parks Wildwood Castle Homestead. nations attractions. recently celebrated 70th anniversary. accomplished hobby Lauderdale native Kristy playing flute. Emily Pataskala, archaeologist. Katie, Brooksville, fluent German. small feat, considering wearing tails, 74-degree Meet Stayce Miami, Training SCUBA certification, aid, CPR several Vintage photos 1940s. loved guests, kids. team close. Swimming together day, brings closer. spend personal time. favorite part. fellow mermaids. interested hearing Mermaids. area, knew of. once longer immediate plans. Ill 30-minute breathe hand-held hoses. process 1946, founder theater, Newton Perry. U.S. Navy man naval frogmen World War II. shows Little Mermaid, Monday Friday, Fish Tails, Sunday. again. performance different, Athanason slight variances performances, appearances occur. guests present turtles manatees interact WEEKI WACHEE SPRINGS 6131 Commercial Way Hill 352-592-5656, Shows a.m. p.m. Monday-Friday Tails 130 Saturday-Sunday Tickets Adult Children 6-12 Daily admission rides. 45 JACOB OGLES Far watercraft riders smooth Employees Holiday watercraft. flock WaveRunners coasts Estero vehicles idle, cluster jumps starts waiting tourists. law prohibits driving aquatic wildlife, wet mammals problem coming gathered happens tours, Jack Graddy, Sports. companies renting WaveRunners--or Skis, Sea-Doos watercraft--on guides lead tours bay sight itself. learned position path guests. this, bikes Party ocean rental items turtles, flora fauna nearly ecosystem. Tourists excited Melissa Tackett Marcum, went twice times. booths shops dot entirety Also four-wheelers ocean, exhilarating blasting wind ones reminiscent riding motorcycle-- comfortably steer craft--they commodities. Riding speed operating Eric OGildie, seeking rent equipment. CAPTIVA SANIBEL Adventure Kayak J.N. Ding Darling National Refuge fws.govdingdarling Thriller Yolo Watersports FORT MYERS Tours Rental Express Lani Kai lanikaiislandresort.comfort-myers-beach-excursions Salty Sams Waterfront Adventures BONITA, ESTERO NAPLES Kayaking Bonita Parasail Excursions CAPE CORAL Banana Tour Company Rentals gulfcoastkayak.comguided-kayak-tours Westin westincapecoral.comwater-cruises TIME Visitors WaveRunner HOLIDAY SPORTS Watersports. attractive sporty OGildie primarily Yamaha watercraft, stays sports water-sports say country waves. Or rather, lack Our calm, ride, Graddy geography plays major role. separating Mexico, positioning tucks currents. certain safety concerns smells alcohol someones breath, rest day. craft designed 500-pound weight limit. limit idle zones wildlife. Ogles 47 856 Moonlight Garden Estates pool filled tropical lilies. relaxation, reflection meditation C olorful koi frog lily pad, splash waterfall resonates background. garden sanctuary enjoy. notable gardens, unique EDISON FORD WINTER ESTATES gardens. One Lily Pond complex, study. third contemporary garden, butterfly Shoppe. added 1920s. pond plants night-blooming lilies, arrowhead Egyptian papyrus. likely space. Mrs. ornamental plantings intended moistureloving shrubs borders, lilies pond, Lisa Sbuttoni, vice visitor relations. Originally, number red, white, blue, yellow installed garden. occasional turtle, tadpoles, frogs tilapia, dragonflies butterflies edges. Biddle Shipman, Dean Women Landscape Architects 1933 House magazine. constructed 1920s Mina places. concept nighttime reflecting capture moonlight, explain Sbuttoni. pots flowering placed corner reflect moon. Nowadays, Garden, lilies--hybrids bloom progressively pink purple, Debbie Hughes, horticulturist. sculpture D.J. Wilkins. pollinator flit Hughes top, float Botanical Garden. Cascading flow Kapnick Brazilian pond. gardens centerpiece, mosaic, iconic landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. BOTANICAL GARDEN themed section garden--featuring representative theme. example, Brazil South Central platters, Danny manager. papyrus, dramatic subtropical species. Lea Asian sacred lotus, Aquatic Florida-themed varieties Scott lies limited specific theme, Cox Louisiana irises, bog plants, carnivorous pitcher plants. dragonfly damselfly nymphs translucent freshwater shrimp mosquito tadpoles alligator, Cox. 49 colored glide set jumble foliage lush oasis. SELBY GARDENS Selby opened 1975, 1978, Blaser, Blasers Nursery, stones quarry Tampa, Mischa Kirby, director communications. Notable travelers tree, angiopteris fern, climbing philodendrons foliage, Kirby addition, sculptures sitting Buddha appears overlooking pool. MORE INFO 2350 McGregor Blvd., 239-334-7419, 4820 Bayshore Drive, 239-643-7275, 900 Ave., 941-366-5731, Gardens. 51 BETH OLIVER SAIL Take class Americas ecreational activities bicycle, walk, tour, dine, relax on. learning sail Offshore School locations where two-hour lesson. adventurous enroll two- seven-day course earn qualifies graduate skipper feet. newfound accomplishment develop skill share friends, revelations experienced Colgate founded ago. Doris helm company, 140,000 Schools Fast Track Cruising couch captains chair week. JUSTIN FRIEDE sail. Colgates developed hosted flotilla vacations exotic ports campaigned 54-foot sloop, Sleuth, global racing circuit. teaches levels British Virgin Florida--Captiva Beach, downtown Petersburg. Sail, Performance Sailing, Bareboat Charter courses yachts catamarans measuring 40-50 Students marvel gazing gorgeous sunsets. Give newest Sailings Jeanneau 479. OFFSHORE SAILING SCHOOL 53 LUBERECKI Are lipstick lover cream fanatic place. issue, lowdown fabulous fragrances, luxurious lotions, must-have makeup everything in-between. Because laid-back surfer babe product junkie, thing feel. NEW NATURAL Soap following soaps, salt scrubs, butters ingredients gentle launching mineral line, Face. cosmetics 14-32 concealer, eye shadow lip gloss. Youll rosemary, green botanical extracts Baked Mineral Colour Tones Foundation Rouge Blush, emollients coconut oil, sunflower seed oil plantbased sources Lip Crayon Vanilla Bean Lipstick. line chemicals, additives, parabens gluten. locally stores Myerss District 239-226-9005,, Historic Tin City 239-352-7627 Fishermens Village Gorda 941-916-9260. FEED FACE Skinfood believes healthy skin food. cosmetic brand root itself food containing vitamins, minerals antioxidants outside. Freshmade Masks 13. wash-off masks feature cranberry vitality toning, lemon clearing brightening skin, watermelon soothing hydration. harness power produce edible Ulta Bell Tower Shops 239-334-0659,, Coconut Point 239-992-0361 Coralwood 239-458-3522. FINDING BALANCE issues might dealing with, objective YourGoodSkin restore skins balance. Start cleanser type dozen Moisturizing Oil-Lifting Make-up Remover Wipes 7.49 each, Brightening Exfoliating Wash 8.49 dull complexions Blackhead Clearing Scrub 8.49. apply Balancing Skin Concentrate 19.99, formula improve texture, tone evenness moisture levels. Follow Anti-Oxidant Day Cream 12.99 hydration damage ProVitamin Overnight 12.99, rebalance sleep. Walgreens CONTROL CURLS curly hair feels check Mixed Chicks products. Billing multicultural revolution, solutions curly-haired folks ages ethnicities. Conditioning Cleansing Co-Wash 10, creamy, no-lather hydrates removes impurities. Ingredients jojoba castor flexibility easy detangling. fast-drying, Curl Sculptor unruly well-defined, provitamin B5 soften moisturize tresses. CVS Target TAKE FIRST STEP Before sweep foundation reach Hard Candy Sheer Envy Mattifying Pore Primer Stick prep application. Formulated oil-absorbing powders sebum-fighting ingredients, primer reduce excess blurs appearance pores. matte finish whatever next. stick Hardy Walmart 55 EXPLORER MANDY CARTER Try stand-up paddleboarding fun together, consider fastest-growing paddleboarding. Known SUP, alike. Remember sweet paddleboard start balance forward, nose front spot, beginner paddleboarder, kneeling LEFT, LEFT measure adapt paddles. paddle correctly sized child. specialty paddleboard. idea paddling SAFETY TIPS First forecast. storm winds pop suddenly warning. stray shore. Paddle adult emergency arises. older, leash. Show themselves. 57 confidence, sit front, move until flat standing Apply logic positioning. recommended outings, busy. paddle, hand grips shoulder-width apart. Both arms straight board, aware heads switch venturing far, stability, stiffness, holding turning hesitant, beside adult-size paddles children, child-size Second, water--even pool--so onboarding, techniques. family. Be encourage Share excitement. now companions mom blogger blog acupful. com digital content engagement editor WHERE RENT GEAR 15951 Drive FMB Flyboard 18400 San Carlos Blvd. Kayaks 4120 NW Matlacha 1965 YOLO Board Port Marina 14241 Comfort Old Surf Shop 1311 Third Sunrise Paddleboards 2520 Federal Highway BUY Outfitters 20991 2360 Shadowlawn 58 531 59 hotels pools play yes, Fontainebleau Miami resort full-service cabanas premium amenities poolside spot. dipping oasis interactive childrens waterscape slide. 4441 Collins Avenue, 800-548-8886 4. Marriott Singer Resort Spa 2. Gaylord Palms Convention heated Kissimmee Everglades-inspired zero- 5. Seminole Rock Casino Hotel Vegas rock-star-inspired beachfront hotel pools. beautiful, lagoon ideal zero entry, shallow waterslide. infinity vibe--this tub mood lighting. 3800 Ocean Riviera 561-340-1700 marriott.comhotelstravelpbisg-palm-beach SOUTH SEAS ISLAND RESORT 1. ot equal--some fullservice pampered attention, waterfalls hidden slides, wrapped lazy river. year-round Sunshine State, capitalizing that, features. counted awesome, group. familys favorites. guest pass-- so, sneaking entry multilevel water-fun tree house active kid-friendly music games daily. adults-only serene atmosphere tubs. 6000 W. Osceola Parkway, 407-586-0000 Hyatt Regency lagoon-style pool, lap 5,000-square-foot Pool 140-foot corkscrew slide, Lazy featuring waterslides palm-tree-lined sundeck cabanas, lounge chairs covered trade shade. 5001 239-444-1234 3. 4.5-acre 182-foothigh waterslide, splashing mountain rocks, elevated jetted spa, restaurant. Way, Hollywood 866-502-7529 HYATT REGENCY COCONUT POINT 6. Legoland Retreat 2017 beachthemed, zero-entry Lego bricks addition. expansive sandy building sandcastles structure energy. dance parties, beanbag toss chalk-art competitions. Haven 888-690-5346 paradise crazy theme-park destination. Hilton 10,000 square guarantee main zeroentry winding grown-ups getaway, peace quiet adultsonly 6001 Destination Orlando 407-313-4300 9. Universals Cabana 7. Seas 8. Enjoy Seas. away. propertys pools, waterslides, tiki bar memorable 5400 Plantation 239-472-5111 pool--and wallets choice--is Orlando. reasonably priced spectacular tempt skip theme parks. cabana rentals tag. Courtyard, tower pad yard outside games. Courtyard river cannons. bar. 6550 407-503-4000 cabana-bay-hotel blogger,, managing temperature-controlled 61 wonderful brunch cocktails Produced Quebec, Tap 357 Grade Light maple syrup. brunch-time bloody Marys elaborate. CORK SOAKERS TAP getting text friends asking eggs Benedict French toast. 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Season generously cover parchment foil preheated oven 350 degrees. Cook hours tender pulls easily. Pull braising liquid pork. meat shred, aside needed. Pickled Onions onion, sliced vinegar sugar CABOS CANTINA TACO TEQUILA BAR Peel boil seconds slice -inch pieces. Heat degrees fry through. drain paper towels. sheets wax flatten form serving vessel. crispy. Once fryer, bowl. Pure cooked beans onion clove garlic, minced chilies teaspoon cumin powder Saut oil. cook minutes. heat blender. consistency. necessary. Pulled Pork pounds bone-in butt vinegar, pot stove. boil, pour onions. Arrange tostones platter. Dollop bean pure. pinch onion. Finish garnishing Cotija cheese chopped cilantro. 2226 St., 239-332-2226, MACADAMIA NUT MAHI Roys lobster shells fan Lightly saut onions, carrots butter. tomatoes, followed paste. shells. Stir paste evenly distributed. stock cream. simmer, stirring shells, shake strain chinois ladle. Blend batches immediately bath cool. mahi kosher Crust macadamia nut vegetable medium heat. crust down, searing golden brown. Flip cook. plate. slices braised bliss potatoes sauce. asparagus potato asparagus, Garnish chives. 26831 100, Promenade Bay, 239-498-7697, ounces potatoes, thick pieces, remove ends grilled, blanched sauted butter chives Lobster Sauce pound diced carrots, ripe basil quarts bodies, tamale, gills, separated ROYS 65 Matzaluna CHEF SALS BRONZED SALMON GUAVA BUTTER SAUCE 8-ounce salmon bronze seasoning cayenne pepper, powder, oregano, thyme olive spinach guava pineapple grapefruit cilantro, parsley, Dust seasoning, minute. minutes 450 separate Plate serve 1200 Periwinkle 239-472-1998, CRISPY SCOTTISH CROQUETTES salmon, preferably toro stalks finely shallot, tarragon Bchamel panko breadcrumbs breading, bowl Beaten Flour Panko together. cold teaspoons, shape quenelle, oval freeze freezer, prepare breading seasoned flour, egg wash breadcrumbs. Gently roll quenelles Refrigerate. Prepare 4-quart halfway croquettes approximately plate towels absorb fat. serve. Rumrunners peppolini mushrooms truffle tartar 5848 239-542-0200, 66 RUMRUNNERS 67 KEY B Breakfast L Lunch Dinner SB Sunday Brunch Banquet Facilities Entertainment Cocktails Beer Wine Vegetarian BLUE GIRAFFE Casual Excellence. relaxing browsing Sanibels shops, treat delicious, island-inspired Sit hand-painted tables inside, sample Cuban Sandwich lunch--its dinner menu, Signature Giraffe Cake Dinner, pan-seared crab cakes topped mango salsa, chipotle glaze. menu tempting omelets pancakes. Fishermans English muffins poached eggs, grilled hollandaise Come locals 2075 DOC FORDS RUM GRILLE Novel Cuisine. restaurant folk joined novelist Randy Wayne fictional character, best-seller sandwiches, salads entres. Dont mojito. 2500 Inn 239-472-8311, Not Member Problem inspired twist. signature lump bisque, Eastern, Western Southern Burger, empanadas beef seared cowboy steak. 949 Sand 239-472-3355, COW Bovine Bounty. pasta, joint, despite references. dinners choice, unless breakfast, Loaded Seafood Omelet. Check bar, drinks, homemade Mango Sangria ensure guide date. However, readers ahead detailed reservations visiting establishments. 2163 239-472-0606, 69 PIZZA Slice Paradise. tasty tradition years. Pizza famous Crusty Crust. Pasta, calzone salad popular. calamari bruschetta appetizer, miss daily 1619 239-472-1581, Than Ride Knowledgeable Friendly Staff Luxury Sedans Large Vans Event Transport AIRPORT LOCAL SERVICE LAZY FLAMINGO Cold Beer, Raw Bar. plumpest raw oysters, steaming hot-spiced peel-and-eat shrimp, incendiary Dead Parrot Wings. Buffalo wings bet. 239-472-4888 Four 6520-C 239472-5353 1036 239-4726939 12951 239476-9000 16501-B Stringfellow Bokeelia, 239-283-5959, LIGHTHOUSE CAF Breakfast. Residents decades, why. Frittata scallops crabmeat, Lets nice creamy chocolate cake me. --Audrey Hepburn 70 broccoli artichoke Alfredo Lighthouse Grouper Platter dinner, historic lighthouse walls. Call-ahead seating 362 239-472-0303, MATZALUNA Well-Smoked Italian. Five Cheese Gorgonzola, ricotta, hearts wood-fired pizzas. pastas, chicken, seafood veal menu. NORMANDIE SEASIDE AT WEST WIND Indulge Yourself. Bananaberry Toast Omelet caf Veggie Omelet, served Colombian choice artisan whole-leaf teas. Relax old-world Curry Chicken Salad Pressed lunch, list. 3345 239-472-1541, westwindinn.comnormandie-restaurant-sanibel PINOCCHIOS CREAM GEPPETTOS FOODIES Institution. 1980, Pinocchios handcrafts frozen confections batches. mecca palates, cream, gelato, sorbet, sherbet, yogurts custards repertoire, generous portions. Stop Krunch Dirty Dollar. Geppettos Foodies, sister gourmet Pinocchios, surprises authentic croissant baking. 239-472-6566, SANDBAR Welcoming. Trio, bronzed grouper, cake, favorite. steaks perfection palates. 2761 239-472-0305, 71 FISH HOUSE Tried True. entres all-day sandwiches fried baskets specialties, tuna rice seaweed salad. ordered broiled, blackened Jamaican jerked. Three 1523 239-472-7770 4685 Springs, 239-495-5770 320 239-765-6766, GRILL Color. Grill pub fare--juicy burgers, wings--and more. bartenders often-sought-but-neverfound feel, 703 Tarpon 239-472-4453, SPROUT Goodness. vegan vegetarian take-out delightful meals, smoothies juices Chef Nikki Rood 100-percent organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, farm-fresh creation, Smoked Paprika Hummus Sprouts. Another best- often, simple --Anthony Bourdain seller Vegan Lasagna. Sprout thy medicine quoting Hippocrates delectable offers. Baileys 2463 239-472-4499 SUNSET Floribbean Gourmet. chicken Caesar wrap. Morning Santiva Captiva, variations smoked cake. 6536 239-472-2333, SWEET MELISSAS CAFE Thing, Small Packages. Talmage prepares petite portions, diners multiple dishes, Grilled Octopus Mullet Fritter. 1625 Sanibel. 239-472-1956, THISTLE LODGE Victorian Rendezvous. Creative cuisine oven-roasted coquelet herb-crusted lamb rack yellowtail snapper mojo allure trappings, glorious views table. Casa Ybel Resort, 2255 239-472-9200, TIMBERS RESTAURANT MARKET Dine Favorites calamari, platters lump. market. 239-472-2722, TRADERS Shopping Experience. Traders emporium restaurant, entertainment Tuesday Thursday evenings. gumbo, macadamiaencrusted 1551 239-472-7242, 73 Nacho Madres Mexican. serape colors, piatas, terra-tiled floors adobe-style walls subtly gone border. 14970 239-472-0248, OLD FloridaNew American. Jason Millers changing centers bounty fish. Wines eclectic complement presentations, Sunset Room breath 239-472-5161 4, CROWS NEST Great Food, Fun appetizers, flatbreads, alwayspopular baked goat dip. savory uncertain. Eat dessert --Ernestine Ulmer 74 Saltimbocca, sage leaves, ricotta prosciutto-wrapped linguine. Crab Races, Thursday, hopping 239-472-5161, Story Continues. success, chain Whites character doors Resort. Docs Bread panko-fried dryrubbed ribeye. 239-312-4275, GREEN FLASH Rare Treasure. seat delightfully diverse Caf de Paris specialty, wine, Worcestershire, buttery herb topping. Venetian Platter, swordfish, tiger prawn polenta. Savory landlubbers, positively decadent 15183 239-472-3337, KEYLIME BISTRO Changes Fooditude. picket fence cheery canopies setting, Jimmy Buffett beat. walnut-crusted snapper, sausage peppers, escargots tomato. 11509 239-395-4000, LATTE DA COFFEE SHOP Upon coffees, extra-strong Red Eye Coffee, cappuccinos lattes tooth indulge scoops Queenies milkshakes sundaes. 11508 239-472-0234, MUCKY DUCK Quack Up. pint beers brewed combination grub. Visit beachside patio gazing. 11546 239-4723434, Greg Nelsons sushi choices rolls, sashimi, rolls select sakes. Captiva. RC OTTERS Otterly multitude daunting. Steamed clams, baskets, quesadillas meatloaf satisfy cravings. Diners dinner. 239-3951142, SUNSHINE SEAFOOD Inspired Bistro. charming, European touch. wood-grilled perhaps pecan-crusted Outdoor 14900 239-472-6200, balanced diet cookie --Barbara Johnson 76 77 BLANC Epicurean. Jenga, toasted bread modeled entre robata grill, Lamb Lollipops roasted reduction, SS, habanero Blancs Almost Entres, shared clean, ambience savor creations Chris Whitaker chef Jean Claude Roge, lift Blanc peers. Closed Sundays. 13451 Ste. 239-887-3139, BLU SUSHI Cobalt Cool. An outrageous highlight prefer steak chicken. 239-4891500 2262 239-362-2843, account. investments. --Bethenny Frankel 78 79 COURTSIDE STEAKHOUSE HARBOUR Beefed Refined wood, brass, leaded subtle steakhouse delivers tastiest butchers breed Angus steaks. Restaurant Hours Open Week Market 17260 Pointe 239466-4000, CRAVE Cozy Contemporary. Modern Breakfast, p.m., omelet variation Benedict. noon, dishes baconwrapped cedar plank plus hungry diners. crowd house, wait--but Off Boat, Freshest seasons, fishermen, crabbers trusted partners assure round. Specialty lobster, snow crab, stone shell king legs order. 15820 SKIP ONE SEAFOODS 239482-0433 EAT IN, OR SHIP 12901 239-4664663, DARUMA Wish teppan style, table Classic Japanese favorites tempura offered, combinations Nippon filet mignon teriyaki. 32917 1047 AM SkipOneSeafood_Ver2_MJ17.indd 13499 Cleveland 239344-0037 241 Street North, 239-591-1200 5459 Fruitville Sarasota, 941-342-6600, FIRESTONE fun. Brick wood warm atmosphere, tires remind Firestone. paella Grille tapas Sky Bar, Martini Saturday. 2224 239-334-3473, GARAGE details. dcor 1920s, Henry walked parts, burgers Model Low Carb-uretor. arugula mouth names Kona Big Wave Goose 312. 2207 239-332-3673, 80 Illuminati. honors namesake genius, display photos. steeped culinary tradition, potpie receiving raves 3583 239-936-9348, PRAWNBROKER Agent Fish. tried true. Salads, fish, pasta pleasing palates 1982. Soup accompany dinners, days. Early deals 4-7 booths, details seafaring vibe. 13451-16 239489-2226, UNIVERSITY Head Class. gets theatergoers 7790 Cypress Lake 239-4374377, love, --William Shakespeare Serious lIVe eNTERTAINMENT Happy Hour cape Prime Steaks Pasta YEARS 1428 Lafayette 239.549.8800 Mon.-Sun. 12p.m.-10p.m. E VI P ORA O 81 Sequel. story--a sequel. Matanzas banana leaf Texas baby ribs. 708 Wharf, 239-765-9660, BIG TAVERN Tackle Taste Buds. pizza Belgian waffles zesty maple-honey mustard. 10s juicy buildyour-own backfield toppings yummy melts steak, ham, bacon, etc., cod, Philly cheesesteak triple BLTs. stacked Reubens, pastrami, delish stromboli veggiemeat, appetizers Capes wings. choices, pita, wraps icy beverages. package misses game. night friends. 4703 Place, 239-257-1081, CENO Family History. spanakopita--fresh spinach, herbs feta, phyllo dough baked--or Marsala, understand drove George Lukas Ceno Grill. Order gyro souvlaki meal, feast Parmesan, disappointed resist cannoli Hour, M-F, 3-6pm. 1715 Parkway W., 239-549-2366, 1719 East, 239540-3673, 82 LOBSTER LADY Eclectic Shrimp Grits Bouf Bacon Wrapped Tail freshest fine selection landlubbers. market night. Units 3, 239-471-0136, MARKER Nautically Nice. woodfired draw Resorts boundaries. flatbread pizzas waterside terrace. 5951 Silver King 239-5415600, MONARCAS AUTHENTIC MEXICAN Authentically Delicious. Rich, surrounds peruse listing finest Mexican Sample Monarcas tequila tortillas chips inhouse, salsas pico gallo. Aztec Cocktail favorite, Only soup. --Ludwig van Beethoven 83 Huarache Michoacano, Michoacan corn tortilla beans, tomatillo tip 1604 SE 46th 239-540-9533, MONKEY STEAK Silly Name, Food. Nico Bogert passionate proof palate, selections Monkey, chop apple relish Rum Pepper Painted Grouper, Ahi Tuna Salad. earned eatery title Steakhouse Indoor available, offered nightly. 239-549-8800, NEVERMIND AWESOME EATERY Crispy Parmesan Truffle Wings Volcano Roll start. Hugo hand-selected Steak popular, fries, Kennebec potatoes. 927 239-471-0295, Casually Sophisticated. Rolls, Gouda cheese, mustard slaw, Carolina dippin wake palate. Scallops excellent entre, charred fennel sausage, Marconi almonds cider reduction. Matt Arnold expertise Choose save tiramisu. 3522 Del Prado S., 239-471-7785, DELI Heavenly Taste. Greek 84 Reuben Too dine take-out, catering array 2378 Surfside 239-292-2378, Like Home Philly. corned-beef hash, freshly bananas strawberries Carbons malted accompanied freshground breakfast. Pop cheesesteak, down. 25091 Bernwood 239-948-4123, PINCHERS CRAB SHACK Table. Fresh, cut-to-order fries made-fromscratch slaw decadently rich, cheese-and-crab dip full-on fruity, Multiple 28580 Crossings 239-948-1313 18100 239-415-8973 6890 239-463-2909 239-245-7049 10029 239-415-4040 5991 33914, 239-540-7939 Fifth Ave. South, 239-434-6616, 239-4955770 239-4727770 85 10801 Corkscrew 519, Estero, 239-495-3673, RODIZIO Steakhouse. Experience Brazil, rotisserie-grilled perfectly tableside Rodizio gauchos feijoada, black-bean stew, abacaxi, glazed-and-grilled pineapple. dessert. Friday-Sunday. 8017 Plaza del Lago Suite 101, 239-498-0018, RUTHS CHRIS Always Sizzling Success. Vaulted trey ceilings meticulously white-linen-covered mood. filets cowboy-sized rib eyes, juicy. creamed sweet-potato casserole. Point, 23151 239-948-8888, TARPON BAY New-Fashioned Classic. RegencyCoconut pay homage fishhouse. ceviche marinades. entres, Divers Spear, ponzu cilantro-ginger rice. 239- 444-1234, CRAZY Crazy freshest, best-prepared blackened, fried. regulars Firecracker Shrimp, Cakes, ever-popular Sandwich. better, partnered Blu Sushi franchise sushi. home, just-picked produce, squeezed juices, regional goodies Crazys pie, Randys recipe. here, indoor bocce 14700 N., 239-260-1070, 2718 945 battlefield DOUG GALLOGLY FORGE BOOKS hat lights, telephone car week, possibly forever Second After, Forstchen, struggling survive all-too-plausible nightmare scenario. Originally hardcover paperback Forge Books 2009, formats, audio CD e-book e-book. other, Col. Mathersons biggest worry correct 12th birthday. Pentagon, senses tension voice. dead. electrical device shuts passes, Matherson realizes hear traffic interstate. mother-in-law arrives Edsel working. outage--and fix. Suddenly, thrust needed cope. Civilized behavior survival descend medicine. police force hope tears joins leaders military normal assistance, townspeople pre-electrical age. Best-selling author Forstchen conceived frighteningly scenario small-town electromagnetic pulse attack research effects weapon knowledge history, gives in-depth society forced aftermath occurrence. ask Could Jackie. Ten Thousand untamed 1890s purchased 40-acre prehen Columbian mound bend Chatham River. Islands, Watson farmer, direction, sugarcane Pride Syrup, history markets hardest City. keeps schooner Gladiator. watery solitude ECO-TOUR saga supposedly killed alleged outlaw ex-spy Belle southern HOLAWAY Star. claimed temper Everglades stayed Dec. 6, 1947. 1.5 million Adolphus Santini Chokoloskee designated preserve. West. slit lived wilderness scrape Ed declared Heritage Site Bend. Nations Educational, Scientific Cultural employed handful Organization, UNESCO. cane harvest crops. drifters, waterway today Watsons Wilderness Waterway. maze mangroves Locals recall employees missing untrained eye, averages payday depth. Lopez Payday. remnants cistern frontier isolated, buggy Farther backcountry tricky navigate, GPS. Posseum Key. Darwins Arthur solitude, forgotten. Leslie Darwin, fifth-generation descendent scientist Charles Darwin. Darwin died Holaway naturalist 1977 legally shelling eco-tour 1995. Sound, Cabbage mentioning Edgar Watson. Thousands eye. 81st Annual Festival 1-3, 9am 500 worldclass show. Outside arrangements critters sale, demo tents judged artistic scientific displays. Admission donation suggested enter pass BaileyMatthews Museum 2173 239-4722155, Conch Mondays-Thursdays Saturdays, 630pm Fridays,7pm Sundays, 12pm evening Materials provided, 1242 239-673-6660, Mustang Exhibition 10am debuted 1964 success. sold. Mustangs, portion proceeds exhibition benefit restoration antique collection. 239-3347419, Improv Cafe 5pm Saturdays youth groups short- long-form improv suggestions audience. involved, setting player. Moe Auditorium, Performing 10150 Springs. 239-495-8989, Mic Night Press Wednesdays, Grab instrument, voice, gather Wednesdays 630- 930pm Night. 5789 239-542-0212, SoCo 14, 6pm cultural monthly Colonial receptions, vendors, Proximity venues conveniently allows self-guided walking lots parking Royal Square. after-party Theater, 10pm. 1400 84, 239-590-8645, Stars 730pm directly Olympic Games Pyeongchang, Korea--in all-new Germain Arena, 11000 Everblades Estero. 239-948-7825, Bike motorcycle music. Compete Slow Race. balance, biker gear, rock n 846 47th Terrace, 239-573-3128, Alexander Terrible, Horrible, Good, Very Bad 20-May 18, matinee bad terrible horrible honest, terrible, horrible, good, adaptation Judith Viorst sets 1380 239-278-4422, CFABS Presents Jonathan Edwards 2-3, 1971, song protest independence lyrics Sunshine, today, dancing. decades continues write uncompromising musical integrity. Hinman Night, Tribute Neil Diamond reproduces Diamonds vocal changes present. SanJan Theater 11515 SE, 239-389-6901, Artis-Naples Years 3pm 7pm centurys stage-musical moments unforgettable program. Featuring cast veteran vocalists, relive songs Rodgers Hammerstein, Sondheim, Webber Hayes Hall, Artis-Naples, 5833 Pelican Naples. 239-597-1900, Celtic Woman, Homecoming recording ensemble collective, Woman celebrates Irelands rich heritage. introducing talented singers musicians stage. Barbara Mann 13350 FSW 239481-4849, Ana Popovic 8pm Los Angeles-based Belgrade, Serbia-born guitar-player singer legion fans 239-3896901, Small-Stage Symphonies--From Copland Classics 7, Nir Kabaretti conducts Symphony Orchestra Cassia Drake, Jillian Prescott Awards winner, viola. Selections Coplands Quiet City, Stamitzs Concerto Viola Mozarts Major. ARTS, Schein 600 Dunlop 239-418-1500, 91 Tenors 8, Bruno Mars Puccini, trio Marcus Collins, Hagen JC Fisher country, classical, 239-481-4849, Stage Symphonies--from Church 15100 Wonderful Music--A Stevie Wonder 9, Along 10-piece authenticity Smith tribute Wonder, Bower Alex Richardson, Tenor fastrising tenor brilliant him, arias Baron. U. Tobe Recital FGCU, 10501 FGCU 239-590-1000, fgcu.eduCASBSMA Walk Fridays, talent. 855732-3836, Phil Dirt Dozers, Boys 22, Traveling Dozers California Surfin USA, few. answered Cameron Crozman, Cello 27, Crozman hailed Canadas leading cellists. praised versatility, expressivity technique. piano masterpieces. fgcu.educasbsma Schism--Tool Band 21, June 2001, Tool Madison Square guitarist Keith Williams, Angelo Rivera, bass player Sean Murray drummer Donald Pusateri decided band Schism. Lew Gatto Sextet Blakey Join trumpeter saxophonist celebrate legacy Jazz Messengers. Marty Morell, Jeff Rupert, pianist Richard Drexler bassist Brandon Robertson. 93 Bluegrass Theatre 29, 2pm fusion Irish, Scottish ballads jazz. bands Presented partnership Acoustic SWFL. 10091 239-939-2787, Basement Ladies Rise Men 1-April TuesdaysSundays, comedy men church basement ladies them. rooster henhouse F. Rizzo Certified Public Accountant Attorney-At-Law Master Law Taxation Voted 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2013, 2014, 2015 Tax Return Preparation Individual Partnership Corporate Comprehensive Business Counsel Accounting Services Islander 1974 Estate Administration Planning Returns General Condominium JD., LL.M., CPA Mamma Mia Through ABBAs greatest hits, comical Sophie, bride-to-be, search birth island. 239-2784422, Miracle Worker, Gibson 1-7, Tuesdays-Sundays, Inspiring true determined Helen Keller isolated silence. electrifying tale perseverance, friendship hope. Arcade 2268 239332-4488, Dolls Henrik Ibsen 1-10, Thursdays-Saturdays, stark unforgiving faade Nora Torvald Helmer dream happily security. risks reputation 1101 hiring lawyer decision soley advertisements. decide, attorney send individuals qualifications 239-395-0400 Fax 239-579-0547 94 95 husbands consequences test limits Tonight improvisational comedy. longform Wine, beer, sodas snacks - Springs., 239495-8989, Films Film Lovers Jake Shimabukuro Strings 2012 JapanUSA 5, foreign independent films. opinions discussion film. non-alcoholic beverages, popcorn Southeast, Sister Act 9-18, Fridays disco diva Deloris Van Cartier witnesses murder, shes protective custody convent. breathes blows cover. Soon, gang chase, newly sisterhood. 528 239772-5862, Kitchen Stories 2003 NorwaySweden 12, Cabaret, Masteroff 20-April 11, Cabaret explores dark tumultuous Berlins natives expats Germany slowly yields emerging Reich. Mature only. Cache Hidden 2005 France 26, Arsenic Lace 6-15, Saturdays,8pm Mortimer Brewster mad gene--but upside dear aunts poisoning lonely 239-772-5862, Gods 2010 FranceMorocco 16, Fall 2008 23, 97 Washingtons Teeth, Mark 24-May 13, Tuesdays premiere hilarious exploits beleaguered Bunion male council open. Heartfelt historic, farce proves divide strong. 239-332-4488, Odd Couple 27-May divorced slob invites boys cards. meticulous tense, wife. neat-freak decide apartment, patterns disastrous marriages reappear results Simon 32nd Juried Exhibit 9-31 Alliances juried entries exhibition. Opening reception 5-7pm. 239939-2787, Sanibel-Captiva Lions 35th Crafts Fair 16-17, Includes silent raffle outstanding artworks sculptures, services, certificates vacations. 239-472-2155, 11am 6-10pm, 11am4pm, galleries invite tour Downtown core Gardners 239-337-5050, GreenMarket 10-acre campus exclusive grown, cultivated foods purchase. gardening cooking chefs. Bazaar Hendry closed Open-Door Shoppes vendors. treasures trinkets. 1615 239-226-1220, Pet Fourth Butterfly Estates. Pets leashed owners souvenirs. Free, registration 1815 Fowler 855-732-3836, calendar attending events. 99 Astrological Forecast NORMA HAGAN, ASTROLOGER PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION THESE DATES Two moons--one Virgo Pisces, Libra Aries--will cause emotions rise significantly. moon Pisces action Pattys Aries sign project. Scorpio Taurus signs accomplish tasks. Mercury retrograde direct 15. ARIES MARCH APRIL planets employment careful urging Opportunities appear, ultra-careful do. vacation Personal Signs TAURUS MAY Saturn, planet rules trine meaning harmony, raise promotion. Venus, ruler, lesser benefic, favorable April. Jupiter, luck, greater aura favor GEMINI JUNE Mercury, April, ideas, situations quick, analyze super newspaper reporter forte reading, communicating. CANCER JULY moons accept Others projects answer questions--and help--but relaxation now, slow LEO AUGUST wondering clear. decisions trines Aries. coinciding influences advantage thinking VIRGO SEPTEMBER Saturn Capricorn, gotten easier. Worries seem diminished, heavens Consider how-to memoir. convey succinctly, writing. LIBRA OCTOBER promises Buy tickets--airline tickets relatives, theater tickets. zodiac Tauruses, Sagittarians Leos. SCORPIO NOVEMBER cycle, enrolling advanced subject familiar future. Medical style. case, ability ahead. favored. SAGITTARIUS DECEMBER celebrating freedom Sagittarius, Sags zodiacs fellows, booking countries strike CAPRICORN JANUARY currently sign, financially. study, school, special like. Capricorns, solid dependability, businesspeople negotiators. AQUARIUS FEBRUARY Uranus, interesting. Learning forte, lets discover, implement conquer desire PISCES now. dreams not. Mentally, figured surprise astrologer Federation Astrologers PMAFA. articles astrology magazines television Maury Povich 1972 Rico Air Force Aquadilla. 1976 office Virginia Virginia, horoscopes, read tarot cards pro bono Homicide Division. horoscopes card readings. reached 239-4726925. 101 WILLIAM COX resource recreation Fred C. Babcock Cecil M. WMA, ago receded. Indians occupied displaced invasion 1500s. 1914 Edward hunting preserve ranch. 1930s leased timber property. old-growth harvested lumber transported grades flatwoods 1941 sold 19,200 Commission Game Fish, Conservation FWC. WMA originally Webb, commissioner 1948-1953. encompasses 67,758 acres. mosaic habitats, 395-acre artificial ponds. habitats disturbed prairie, marsh, flatwoods. diversity communities endangered roller chopping, prescribed burning hydrological management, FWC mimic undeveloped expanses hydric looked Prescribed replicates fires seasonal lightning strikes. invasive melaleuca, cogon grass BabcockWebb. opportunities, horseback riding, fishing, hunting, birding, viewing, biking, hiking, shooting range, photography, scenic camping. Horseback attracted BabcockWebbs numbered traverse 1800s traveled cowboys searching wild cattle. Equestrians facilities calling 863-648-3200. Freshwater gasolinepowered, pier edge. marl ponds fishing--for bluegill, speckled perch, largemouth bass, channel catfish crappie--is conducted Lake, ramps nonmotorized kayaks. Catch release kept. Bluegill sought after, length. dawns Area. Hunting predominantly October mid-November. habitat management resulted deer quail. Field Trial bobwhite wagons. Yucca Pens Unit shotgun, rifle pistol practice. Biking twomile trail marshes frequented mammals, wading birds alligators. unpaved roads traversed foot, vehicle. driven season, extends mid-October midJanuary. illustrated maps Interpretive signs, western border Lake. Primitive season. Day, Independence Labor Luther Jr. Day. BabcockWebb, Birding, observations long. managed 140 avian observed Several listed threatened federally protected, red-cockaded woodpecker. Plan myfwc.comrecreation. daily-use permit. license myfwc.comlicense. photographer online Clockwise sandhill cranes, redcockaded woodpecker white-tailed deer. lakes acreage KL AUDIA BALOGH isnt exercise tones efore drowning workout goals resolutions sink lower priority list, dive benefits aqua fitness, aerobics. Think fitness breaststroke. First, misconceptions aerobics efficient training, seniors, According Disease Control Prevention CDC, studies mental benefits--from increasing joint relieving stress depression. Further, Heres splash, backyard blood muscles. aging gradual decrease muscle mass, occurs. study Journal Science Medicine older chronic age-related mobility. LOW IMPACT JOINTS gravity decreases bodys drops percent, research. buoyant effect relieves pressure joints muscles, cushion exercise. Hence, therapies arthritis, obesity osteoporosis disease marked fragile bones decreased density strength. STRESS RELIEF INCREASED MOBILITY STRENGTH 800 density, performed requires energy land. effort task, mobility, runners high, euphoric myth. empowered response. exercise, releases endorphins, feel-good chemicals act painkillers brain, leaving positive energized. hormone cortisol decreases, deeper better-quality recent pregnant responded sleep improved, subjectively terms latency, duration efficiency. DECREASED BLOOD PRESSURE hypertension pressure, stroke, CDC. condition control. Heart 12080. optimal range. Scientists 10week effectively reduced patients hypertension. constant circulate body, steadier rate pressure. EFFICIENT CALORIE BURNER burn calories lives, unfortunately components cardiovascular flexibility, lean ratio. increases minimizes impact resistance, full-body PERFECT HOT WEATHER threat exercising outdoors climate overheating. Exercising temperature activating muscles toning toe. 105 SAVE OFF PRICE ONLINE Year SUBSCRIBE FIND HIDDEN RECEIVE FAVORITE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION ADDITIONAL YEAR INSULATED LUNCH BAG. Word Reading Pleasure Bag exp. 53018 Online rates orders Web site TOLL FREE fax 800.472.0635 Gift subscriptions SubPage_MA18.indd 1119 1118PM 413 Cheers Fest shall receive. -- Francis Assisi 2, Saturday, schedule Vintner Dinners Collier counties. Grand Tasting, Live Auction Dessert Glow Quail Golf Country info, swflwinefest.orgschedule-of-events-and-dinners charity region. JDRF Gala Benefits Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundations Chapter Ritz-Carlton, jdrf.orgsouthgulfcoast outhwest all-important spring. excuse residents, snowbirds tourists dressed funds worthy causes--in festive Leading Inc.s Fest, 10th raised 18.7 began. Beneficiaries Golisano Hospital University, SouthWestern College, Girls County, Ronald McDonald Charities SalusCare Foundation. Fests Tasting Miromar Lakes Clubhouse. FOOD FEST Minds Matter--2nd Secret Wednesday, Shangri-La leehealthfoundation.orgkmm Magic Mangroves Conservancy Nature conservancy.orgeventsmagicunder-the-mangroves Kind Mariners Ball--Treasures Freedom Waters Yacht Star Developmentally Disabled Ritz-Carlton fddswfl.orggala Ball Spa, heart.orgheartorggeneral southwest-florida-heart-ball Bucket List Bash Cancer Catholic Diocese Venice cccollierc.ejoinme.orgemeraldball2018 Last inaugural Matter--Secret Gala. annual causes. FLICKR COMMONS CAROL ORR HARTMAN Bubbles, Baubles Gulfshore Playhouse Monday, gulfshoreplayhouse.org8th-annualbubbles-baubles-and-broadway Blues Coyote Supper heightsfoundation.orgblues IMAG GALA History IMAG, theimag.org2018-gala SanCap Cares--Island Celebration Sunday, Sanctuary upcoming celebration ALTERATIONS RITA 239.437.7482 11595 Kelly Rd, 211 Call Appointment Mon-Fri 239.433.2038 Serving ANTS BUGS PEST Servicing Over Environmentally Responsible Same Weekend Evening Service CSC AUTO REPAIR 16131-1 Ridge Auto Repair Mower Engine Exceptional Timely Experts CHILDRENS CHARITIES 239.472.4888 SanibelCaptiva TAXI Airport Passenger Transportation Events 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel CLAUDIOS MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Name Know Trust Termite Treatment Pest RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 College Sales Installation Security Alarm Systems AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom System Vac ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS 239.939.0077 CopierPrinterScanners Printer Supplies Print Cost Recovery MINUTE CLEANERS 239.466.5115 16970-1 Blvd Publix Thru Dry Cleaning Laundry Alterations Bedspreads Draperies Wedding Gown Specialists M-F 7am-7pm Sat 8am-3pm Work Done Premises 239.472.6188 2330 PHARMACY Locally Owned Faces Count Needs 239.472.0700 4301 SAN-CAP MEDICAL CENTER Practice Walk-In Clinic 111 ERIK ENT WISTLE Parallels Cages score Rauschenbergs canvases ilence strange bedfellows. blank working, emerges silence organized sound aural void. silence, too--such multimovement actual rests notated Ironically, pauses composers effect. noting, Beethovens begins short-short-shortlong motive eighthnote preceding difference perceived. Taking infamous 1952, titled 433. consists movements duration, labeled TACET. notation whatsoever. premiere, keyboard lid signify reopened end. piece, is, succession ambient noises produced randomly performance. air-conditioning unit heard, coughing murmurs audience, footsteps bewildered concertgoers deciding 433 exits. question conventions rituals, definition role composer parameters relinquishing chance. Concert hall recital norms scrutiny uncomfortable perplexed. cooperation given classical concert, background noise kept minimum Hence standard reminder cellphones devices concerts. Yet unwitting participant must, actively random sounds produced. sculpted vacuum composed. Cage inspiration Robert Rauschenberg, worldrenowned ties 2008. viewed Paintings 1951. now-famous panels appear blank. noted, changed displayed, shadows particles. parallels TACET demand viewers listeners departure norms. professors asserted philosopher rather composer. both, radical experiments meticulous, beautifully notation. sonatas interludes piano. seems throw Pianist, instructor musicologist Entwistle undergraduate Dartmouth College. post-graduate Washington Louis. doctorate musicology California, Barbara. ts carpet Guinness Patricks corner. federal holiday, remembrance patron saints, Patrick, swept States--and exception. Irish holiday Street. ancestry Ireland green. festivities. Block Street, hiding erhaps hide Easter grandchildren outside, house. exactly many. Possibly Well, division ups bit. zeros--hiding 4,000 Centennial Egg Hunt. attend must younger, basket collect eggs. hunt, therell additional Bunny appearance, too. journalist CULTURE VOLUME 4.95 VOL. NO. 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