Ad_Page.indd 1 6318 1104 AM The Complete Health Improvement Program CHIP emphasizes whole foods, plant-based eating, regular exercise and positive thinking. Find out if this regimen is right for you. 26 EMBRACING THE LIFESTYLE HEALTH WELLNESS 38 Breaking Through the Stigma 40 Mind Your Mental 42 Laser Treatment Postmenopausal Women 44 New Nonsurgical Breast Biopsy at NCH 45 Cardiac Procedures Come to Naples 46 Concierge Medicine 48 Modern Cannabis ON COVER 2 TOTI.COM JULYAUG 2018 Marcus Watts, owner of CrossFit Estero, embraces lifestyle stay healthy fit. Turn page learn more about program. 3_GM_JA18.indd 1039 3 61318 1133 8 10 12 14 18 22 PUBLISHERS LETTER COFFEE WITH Dr. Larry Antonucci TIPS ARTS All in Favor Naptime ... Best Remedy OUTDOORS FASHION PETS Bicycle-Friendly Travels Lose-the-Stress Fashions Unusual Pets Offer Comfort, Cheer 25 32 33 34 36 FOR KIDS Libraries Bountiful Benefits Kids WHATS IN STORE DO YOU KNOW Rx Success Whats Hot Southwest Florida Hospice Movement COASTAL COMMERCE TO YOUR Home Healthy Habits Life Coaches Encourage, Assist Get Stay Shape With Holes-in-the-Wall Special Spa Services 49 50 54 56 60 62 64 66 68 GETAWAYS Family Getaway a Happy Place BEAUTY TRENDS CHEERS Products Help You Look Refreshing Guilt-free RECIPES EPICURIOUS CROSSWORD BETWEEN LINES White Dorsey Deliver 92 94 96 98 104 A Guide Dining SW OUT ABOUT CALENDAR Getting Lost Islands Where Go What Do STARGAZING Norma R. Hagan OUR NEXT ISSUE In our SeptOct issue, we celebrate mans unlimited capacity creative expression. They say that art eye beholder, aim give you an eyeful it--painting, architecture, dance, music more. Plus, well be exploring design trends as fashion. If creativity your thing, issue will both satisfy inspire. GULF MAIN ISSN 1521-1207 published six times year by TOTI Media, Inc., P.O. Box 1227, Sanibel, FL 33957. 106 108 110 112 113 NATURES NOTEBOOK Audubons Crested Caracara COMMUNITY SERVICES PROFESSIONALS STAY TUNED Melody 4 AROUND TOWN Wellness Wonders 5 GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela J. Jaeger EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Elizabeth Grimm MANAGING EDITOR Mandy Carter OUTREACH MANAGER Emma Eldridge DIGITAL CONTENT ENGAGEMENT CONTRIBUTOR Kevin Haslam SENIOR CONSULTING Susan Holly CUISINE TRAVEL Patricia Letakis CONTRIBUTING David Acevedo Beth Luberecki VIDEO JOURNALIST, FITNESS WRITER Klaudia Balogh CREATIVE DIRECTOR Brian Stromlund GRAPHIC DESIGNER Dana Long PROOFREADER WRITERS Acevedo, Balogh, Samira K. 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No part publication may reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors are not necessarily those 6 7 HAPPY AND HEALTHY REAL WORLD s anyone who lives near--or often frequents--the beach knows, its easy claim spot on sands, mark it favorite, like ritual, visit soak up sights, sounds smells. Each trip shore, I marvel how beaches so clean cared-for they never me pause going into water. And doesnt matter island Captiva or populated shores along Fort Myers Beach even sands flanking Pier, all well-kept welcoming. Besides Gulf, there Caloosahatchee River various other waterways define Florida, bodies water also precious region. But world live in, guaranteed. Red tide outbreaks pollution threaten waterways, man interferes with nature under disguise progress. We fortunate have elected city county commissioners worked hard keep waters clean--and support governors office been successful. want thank them their efforts. see people moving drawn here stunning coastline--and temptation beachcomber lifestyle. As population grows, does areas need health care, which why vigorously addressing subject special section find ways listen interact family members friends real conversation get lost. pages 38-48. Topics such concierge medicine, new cardiac procedures, workouts foods complement Gulf Main feature story, Embracing Lifestyle. For heard CHIP, writer Chestnut reports promotes changes emphasizing food, eating exercise, thinking social connections. provided employees working counties school systems community hospitals. program offered area churches. todays world, CHIPs focus connections important than ever because growing use technology, leaves us concerns--sometimes forms isolation mental health. Real life goes beyond smartphone hands, number likes Facebook page, last photo uploaded text message. me, prefer warm comforting embrace, big hug from little child, face-to-face smiles laughter over ding my signaling arrival opportunity some human interaction, preferably dinner cellphones silenced, stimulating something should try doing often. Let know agree. welcome thoughts evolving community, care scene, anything Group Publisher, Media else sound off on. Email me. Id love hear TOP LEFT PHOTO BY NICK ADAMS PHOTOGRAPHY 9 GLENN MILLER Lee CEO talks Yankees, guitar heroes, highenergy cycling--and D --Dr. Antonucci, COURTESY OF LEE One myths can put away. This job 24-7. There no putting ont expect guzzling mocha nearest Starbucks. Highoctane, high-caffeine beverages arent his style. Hes Dunkin Donuts decaf guy usually has one cup-- cup only--every morning office. drink coffee heart rate gets busy, said. day doc habit 20 years. On winter spent time talking coffee, heroes Yankees. His provides view two Healths best-known buildings--Healthpark Medical Center Golisano Childrens Hospital Florida. charge facilities 13,000 scattered around locations. Last year, doctor replaced former Jim Nathan. However, wasnt plucked obscurity earlier work obstetrics gynecology. He had COO since 2011, side inherited huge job, considering larger system Health, youd travel Miami Tampa. witnessed close growth. When he started practicing medicine County 1983 what now was just Memorial Cleveland Avenue south downtown Myers. To think living College Parkway crazy thought, recalled. Over years acquired Cape Coral, Regional, Coast hospitals addition building Healthpark Golisano. growth hasnt stopped. Health-Coconut Point hopes develop full-fledged hospital. many Nathan answered questions led system. Now, No. after being 2. Until actually step shoes dont really realize demands admitted. Especially external relations perspective. So biggest transitions away lot day-to-day operations estimate spend 80 percent things overseeing operations. asked style contrasts predecessor. Having long different framework practiced gynecology 24 years, explained. go patient somewhere, whether Publix Donuts, connection patients. That didnt have. Continuing, elaborated, Similarly, relation medical staff. these physicians, certain level trust weve developed Floridas most high-profile jobs doubt challenges balance work. away, compartmentalize. hops Peloton bike, designed high-energy workouts, three four week takes lessons Saturday mornings. when 13 old 60s returned instrument, finds eases stress. Even pick 15 minutes, illusions hell play Eric Clapton Walsh. Im still beginner, admitted electric acoustic guitar. Mention brings back childhood memories played baseball boy glove junior high. Because father accountant players Yogi Berra, got meet baseballers, including stars era. picture first communion, suit, second grade. sitting Mickey Mantles lap kitchen table. came house. Those fond leading largest provider future. From far come arrived 1983. daily reminders transformation 35 Freelance Miller president Historical Society frequent contributor Media. 11 ANN MARIE OPHEL AN Dont feel guilty, good n China, workers allowed heads down desks hour-long nap. Spain, siesta midday break hours includes naptime. Italy, riposo during businesses shut enjoy lunch nap, interlude several afternoon. United States, hand, set aside napping. practice taking snooze afternoon bad rap U.S. nap thought lazy, unmotivated unenergetic--unless youre five 65, is. Studies proven labels wrong. fact, opposite true. Naps beneficial ways, helping restore alertness, enhance performance, provide rest rejuvenation. help improve attention cognitive abilities, says Jose Colon, sleep specialist Physician Group. moods, lower stress energize ones mind, adds Stacey C. Brown, M.A., LMHC, Myersbased counselor. study conducted NASA found memory performance benefits naps. Furthermore, University Michigan doctoral student LMHC Jennifer Goldschmied were less impulsive greater tolerance frustration waking 60-minute While hour take minutes invigorate productivity. prescribe napping multitude reasons, Colon. Not everyone napper, but still, same benefits. yoga advocates nidra, deeply relaxed state while reclining Brown. Although --Stacey Myers-based counselor STACEY BROWN, MA, do value rest, pay later grouchiness, inability concentrate, poor management, susceptibility illness disease, decline. rest. GOOD NAP Give yourself naptime limit. Anything sometimes interfere nighttime sleep. too late day. best between noon p.m. any deep, restful state. Almost every culture embedded encourages restoration, nurturing relaxing. tend forget that, cost, explains specializes anxiety, depression management. She offers training relaxation, meditation yoga. adults--and children--can benefit naps, problems hormonal changes, apnea, vitamin deficiencies, impede patterns. These conditions resolved order better overall sleep, graveyard shifts, providers, police officers retail employees, must day, challenge adequate generally lighter quiet slowly organizations Google, PwC students hightech pods. decade, Ben Jerrys room, ice cream company believed makes happier productive employees. MORE INFO M.D. Group, OPhelan Sleep Florida-based 239-343-0762 2204 Brevard Avenue, 239-275-3900 20-40 10-minute power wonders alertness. cant opt meditate, read book feet up. idea let body mind break. lie all, short walk energy mood. home, creating own pod. comfy chair cozy blanket. lights pull curtains shut. soon associate environment this. DAVID ACEVEDO Young entrepreneurs bring vision up-and-coming town yna Swingler Anthony DAndrea meant together. met Chicago 1996, retail. Since then, couple inseparable, today, operate hippest, delightful stores Remedies Parlor. Tyna, born small Chicago, naturalborn visual merchandiser aesthetics none. Anthony, native Minneapolis, dedicated soul sense hands-on approach. peas pod comes designing presenting magnificent inventory vintage furnishings, accessories, plants, antiques, jewelry apothecaries customers. Their Parlor cohesive, appropriate and, simply, perfect. nestled Hough Street Evans historical Gardners Park. Named mayor Myers, Rev. P. Gardner, neighborhood retains early structures built administration 1800s. store playing role redevelopment commercial, cultural tourist hub, neighboring Butterfly Estates Wisteria Tea Room Caf. Tyna pronounced Tan-ya exactly planning changing opened parlor 2016. bachelors degree concentration architecture Columbia strong structure team. veteran business, uses her keen everything life. always talked opening store. It antiques interiors, mixing new, helped top owners shop, brimming furnishings eclectic home located merchandising, creates striking displays showcase goods PHOTOS THIS OPPOSITE PAGE took very approach retailers decided offer favorite things, curating where items could --Tyna Swingler, co-owner indoor space chock-full lovely items, shops line essential oils, alfresco garden ideal events monthly wine tasting. create collecting pieces throughout Before store, would tell living. Then ask design, loves great functionality. doors 2016, perfect destination spot, live, nearby Dean together, expert finding arrangements products attractive displays. Cleverly, exquisite shop focuses senses. wanted sensory overload, entrepreneurs, whose entire offerings include apothecary, jewelry, wine, beer bubbles. apothecary natural made States crafters retailers. pure blends consisting diffusers, sprays perfumes customized upon request. vendors all-natural, vegan superfoods, elixirs, tonics, teas bitters, say. Another irresistible product incense based pure, ethically sourced produced palo santo, mediation rituals, amazing scent home. gardens available rent small, intimate events. host winebubbles tastings once month. addition, house calls business needs. Parlor, eyes dart corner, nose deep scents floral, spicy smoky hints greenery, permeates thoughts, customer Pam Nollar, supporter beginning. tapping fingers across shelves touch fine making way gardens, before served libation, she concludes. million ideas future, only getting started. thousand possibilities everyone. town. More information award-winning artist, arts writer, gallery curator Puerto Rico Mayagez campus. founder DAAS CO-OP Art Gallery Gifts, Royal Palm Square 16 17 MANDY CARTER Hop bike safe, fun cost-effective CAPE CORAL SANIBEL ISLAND Many Island bike-friendly Designated 2014 Bicycle League American Bicyclists mission lead movement bicycle-friendly America bicycle paths through shady stretches commercial areas. BOTTOM LOGO BICYCLE FRIENDLY AMERICA B iking scary experience. Though cars whizzing terrifying, complicated dangerous seems choose well-planned route. Aptly named, leagues Friendly road map, assistance recognition states cyclists. communities, 76 universities, ranked states. lucky us, boasts Sunshine communities make cut Sanibel. Some wonderful cycling sites. Pick route hit discover wildlife, parks local businesses. Here routes start bicycle. 2015, City Coral received designation Community-Bronze Bicyclists. rating tiers Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum Diamond. 90 miles interconnected seven created highlight sites activities. Chamber Commerce Route, 17-mile trek traveling Veterans Surfside Boulevard southern perimeter north Country Club Boulevard. Along Harbour, Camelot Park, Tarpon Marina, Rotary Park Jason Verdow connects routes. Download maps 19 Throughout County, bicyclists pathways pedaling exploring. bikeleague.orgbfa Community-Silver, BICYCLING Like driving, Keep safe biking laws cyclists, worth brushthe Lighthouse Blind Pass. summer. ing basics. Most importantly main routes--Periwinkle Way wear headphones. Follow rules Drive--connect Rabbit Road, car. run traffic lights, yield Bay Casa Ybel Donax Road Put bike. pedestrians, sure Lundgren Boulevard, Ride city-appropriate correct lane turning. Exploring loop want. Choose adjust costIf Southfits type. effective--and places west Treat pass unnoticed Be adventure. lane, zone. County. website research destinations mom passion travel, wheels thanks approved popular blogger blog, mapped-out currently 400 recogand managing editor nized Communities Check 21 boss monitoring killer workout enough beauty sleep--just PATRICIA LETAKIS W hether class wrap eight ride 5-mile run, fashions look good. good, inclined skip workout. well-balanced means end workweek R R, lose binge-watching television show super-comfy robe--all long. YOGA ESSENTIALS Slip pair leggings specifically girl. Gaiams Meggan Print Karma Mesh Capri add splash color sleek black design. Anti-chafing seams moisturewicking fabric comfortable. Pair Kaleidoscope Reversible Yoga Mat 34.98, Gaiam. cheery pattern shapes hues, calm centering mandala print. Thicker mats inch, extra-cushioning, no-slip, gripping material keeps place pose. Available wellness devices market few ago, bigger designs loaded latest technology coming. newest Fitbit Versa 199.95 black, gray peach. fitness smartwatch hi-res screen personalized info--and coaches it--real-time stats post-workout summaries. Its water-resistant tracking laps, battery lasts days. Macys, Target Kohls. WRIST SUMMERTIME PEDALING bold, colorful celebrates Frances Coeur du Tour, Terry presents Tour Collection womens apparel. Soleil long-sleeve 89 paired Chill Short 139 functional fashionable looks. Perfect riding heat, UPF thats lightweight moisture-wicking properties. wide elastic-free waistband, leg bands four-way stretch pad saddle movement. nylon, spandex silicone allows seamless integration against shorts wont up--no bulge, pinch sausage effect. Order 23 GREAT NIGHTS SLEEP nights left anxious neighbors loud, Utopiats Breakfast Tiffanys Set rescue. iconic silk mask tassel earplugs block light sound--and cotton tuxedo shirt another glamour. THATS WRAP Can lazy weekend wrapped plush robe home--or treatments spa Luxe Robe 99 Plush Necessities dual layered. doeskin, super-soft brushed microfiber, lined soft absorbent long-loop cottonblend terry. Unlike one-size-fits-all garments, XS-3XL. Use websites size calculator sizing chart Colors aqua, pink, seashell, sandstone white. RUN LIKE WIND Ready Skort 65 Outdoor Voices dimension running wardrobe. perky 13-inch skirt silky smooth breathable liner underneath phone-storage pocket, complete hole classic white, tones blue shade. Key Bra 60, crisscross suppress bounce hidden storage compartment stashing keys cards. apparel Therapy animals birds, pigs, llamas--even rats hanks companionship, loyalty ability comfort dogs known friend. types fulfill role-- cats, rabbits, guinea pigs miniature horses. They, too, assist issues stress, anxiety depression. Pet Partners, Washington national scale, healing animals--which organization refers therapy animals. present animal registry registers following dogs, horses, llamas alpacas, rats. registration process demonstrating suitability species animal-assisted interventions. much variety pets range needs, Elisabeth Van Every, marketing strategic partnerships coordinator Partners. Domestic Animal adoptable cats. cats adopted Bland reports, Tess calico mix sort. Shes affectionate cat Ive owned, longer empty resident 5600 Banner Drive, 239-533-7387, animalservices Partners 345 118th Ave. SE, Suite 200 Bellevue, 425-679-5500, CATHY CHESTNUT informed pre-diabetic. recommended medications high blood pressure, sugar cholesterol levels. implored. told her, pills. Parsons slave prescriptions. Parsons--a master gardener runs programs Institute Food Agricultural Sciences Extension Office--began conduct serious learned chronic diseases reversed. LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE, MEDICINE FOOD. M --HIPPOCRATES ary conscientious food choices. vegetarian decades--eschewing meat except seafood. Yet wake-up call annual physical turning 60. MARY PARSONS Mary Mike Young, co-founders SWFL Veg Fest, showcases husband, Phil, discovered science-based Program, CHIP. plantbased participants weight, pressure bloodwork taken beginning course, end. lost pounds normal. Her dropped 225 149. fear diabetes, family. Parsons, raised Wisconsin, land dairy, whats hereditary habits. 18-session course cookbook, workbook textbook, pedometer, cooking demonstrations meal. definitely commitment rather have, diabetes asks. Ultimately, realized dairy processed And, notes, 27 28 MARCUS WATTS plenty junk fit umbrella. Seven on, active member group, organize Fest past younger should. better. explain nutrition continues. inside out. According Centers Disease Control Prevention, disease nations cause death almost 634,000 deaths 2016 alone. Diabetes landed seventh list, 79,535 attributable deaths. Other congenital defect someone with, universally understood prevented treated choices, Mayo Clinic reports. teaches reverse disease. potential manage prevent might experiencing, manager Reynaert-Randall, trains teachers statewide nationally. Reynaert-Randall clear cannot eat. facts presented experts--and backed 30 peer-reviewed scholarly reviews--speak themselves, point toward kicking meat, plates. Once say, it, roadblock people, explains. Whole grown--foods manipulation processing. fruits, berries, nuts, beans legumes, grains. grown, fiber low fat--those drive Reynaert-Randall. automatically precludes anything. better, situation. experience absenteeism contain insurance costs, Collier systems, Community Hospital. churches costing average 600. ATHLETE MAKES CHANGE Watts seem unlikely eater. professional basketball player co-owns Estero squat 435 pounds. ostensibly fiddle 2013 suffered clots, causing life-threatening pulmonary embolism blockage arteries lungs. shape life, recalls. ran faster recovered strenuous faster. Visually, looked pro sports college. Growing Army family, lived exposed culinary habits cultures, struck localness freshness quality drastic, says. month half crisis, stop checkups providers werent giving him info bacon-and-eggs kind guy, follows program, works regularly page. 29 Adas Natural Market Wattss go-to fresh greens, fruit burger patties, seeking. loading bacon eggs athletes diet checked perfectly. couldnt clots occurred, hes type person ibuprofen. informed. grips doctors orders did. coach, removed diet. able return training, stronger been. My went roof. inflammation, quickly 34. eye-opening experiment that. eventually gave fish eggs, too. eats nuts seeds, flaxseed pumpkin vegetables, almond-cashew milk, oatmeal, soy, tofu, beans, smoothies. throw watermelon blender iron. am breaking admits. totally kicked food. instance, whole-grain bagels, comprehend ingredients. five-ingredient rule. ingredients freelance explores hometown stomping grounds, unique. JULYAUG2018 pronounce identify ingredients, stays shelf. coached paleo diet, protein saturated fats butter. whatever need. identifies vegan, abstains products, vegetarian, anything--it causes dissension ranks. Everyone journey, matters, clients open minds adopt lifestyles. shorthand Standard Diet SAD. echoes understands prone default familiar used to, sums up, gain, Nothing choices plate difference. SIMPLE CHECKLIST, T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., son, Thomas M. M.D., researched groundbreaking book, China Study, 2005 revised launched Campbell Nutrition Studies, recipes, sample menus, transformational stories educational courses center lists wean Meat--Fish, poultry, seafood, red Dairy--Yogurt, cheese, half, cream, buttermilk Added fats--Liquid coconut oil, margarine, butter Eggs Vegan replacement foods--Vegan cheese meats containing oil Refined flour--All wheat flours Predominantly added foods-- Candy bars, snack cookies, cakes, pastries Beverages--Soda, juice juice, drinks, blended tea drinks Frappuccinos, chai similar sweetened Crucial Choices district hospital counties, public. comprised sessions lasting each, typically nine weeks. children lifestyle, instructor facilitator. tools GET FACTS Eat more--cookbook Live more-- Learn more--textbook Move more--pedometer Drink more--water bottle ReynaertRandall 239-768-0739 31 favor check branch help, reading contests writing m advocate public libraries, SUPPORT workshops. Digital learning programs-- LOCAL library cards LIBRARY cost home--targeted specific age them. leegov.comlibrarybranchesfm groups computer stations, Every resource allowing youngest learners endless options children. By boradapt skills online learning. rowing instead buying, youll extra storing lots books movies--and money save LONG-TERM BENEFITS Libraries, major city, Taking fun, short-term heap massive selection benefit. advantage libraries books. extras facets, showing information, arts, continuing education diversity matusually free everybody access ter. theres starting opportunities. teach conveniently FREE EDUCATION ENTERTAINMENT ALL dance parties after-school STEM science, engineering math clubs genealogy classes Lego-building sessions, trove Did large video childrens movies TV series Internet computers Regional Library. UPCOMING EVENTS AT FORT MYERS REGIONAL July 2, 3, 5, Rock Band teens. a.m. Aug. Bubblemania. soapy spheres tunes Lego Storms Tweens. Back School Party. summer Take goody bag back-to-school supplies. Aug Preschool Dance INTRODUCTION ARTS--AND CREATIVES supporters extends shared exhibits paintings, pottery, sculpture architecture. Authors sign readings. artists area, youngsters gain deeper appreciation communities. Summer activities Library Home. Part International Film Series. Teen Anime Drawing Fan Club. Time Butterflies. STORY TIMES WORKSHOPS 9, Story Time. ages. 10, Toddler Tales. ages months 11, Storytime. 12, Baby Rhyme birth months. Workshop Basic Skills Mixing Music. FOSTERS LITERACY IMPROVES ACADEMICS approaches story times, programs, homework BEAUTIFUL THOUGHTS Uplift encourage loved Beautiful Thoughts postcards. card features inspiring quote dreamers, thinkers, writers project 24.95 pack cards, GINA BIRCH TWISTED GURU picking mat challenge. Twisted Guru hand-sewn fabrics India. said artisan sews blessings dreams each one. Namaste. 69-169, CHIC SHADES protect intense sun, it. fashion-forward Backstage MVMT looks hot, polarized lenses cool vision. MILKADAMIA trying Milkadamia tasty alternative. Gluten-free, soy-free, nonGMO milk substitute macadamia nut calcium milk. deliciously flavors unsweetened vanilla latte da. Flavorwise, nuts. 3.98, Walmart TURTLE CAPS caps purchasing Shelly Cove ensures protecting sea turtles well. Ten net profits purchase low-profile hat treatment rehabilitation sick injured turtles. 26, PUBLIC andor affiliates held responsible mistakes stock. 1_TOTI_JA18.indd 1036 Providing global SAMIRA BECKWITH hroughout Hope Healthcare, phrase wish sooner. expression needless suffering help. America, reasons palliative hospice within journey. committed physicians remain hopeful next intervention extend regulations qualifying individuals families request imminent, understand Despite fact formalized originated 1960s centuries, misunderstandings roadblocks much-needed care. issue. People receiving delegation National Partnership Innovation NPHI, traveled Oxford, England, join leaders Kingdom collaborative included rich exchange ideas. countries share feelings universal. At representatives U.K. united hope models generated summit campaign. inspired expand outreach efforts interacting patients dealing life-changing illnesses final chapter community. core easing pain symptoms. team caregivers comfort-- physical, emotional, practical spiritual. England Journal shows prolong Palliative complex conditions. complements plan relief effects treatments. Asking journey providing Medicare Benefit incredible gift. birth, event. lifes filled love. originators movement, Dame Cicely Saunders, stated you, can, die peacefully, until die. Today, motivated powerful idea. fully--even especially Hopes Beckwith Healthcare. HOPE HEALTHCARE KEVIN HASL Treating customers Pharmacy Reggie Mathai staff Mark, Kenneth Nicholas DANIELA JAEGER sland celebrated tion fulfillment. follow-ups, seeing 2017, serving residents pharmaceutical answering time. Mathai, caring people. philosophy pharmacys staying treat objects industrys turnover technicians, number, Thats thing. Myself, personally, according Reggie. tends applying Golden Rule. How Well, possibly can. Reggies compassion length rough personal bonds share. principle. owns breaks ill, wife, originally thing cold, pharmacy, adverse IF GO purchased competing franchise. hurt pain, After own. 2330 Ridge well, not. bond 239-472-6188 2007, says, tweaked conwith Monday Friday, cept, focusing client serchains, Saturday, vice, pairing companys current dropping Closed Sunday updated busifranchise, matched ideologies. individual choice point. ness year. prescripHis dedication shows. prescription earns Yelp Facebook. pharmacist considerate, wrote. forgot card, called pharmacy prescriptions filled. island. referenced excellent service attentive staff, despite busy was. user vast. Much big-box number. Glad here, concluded. pharmacists, happy advantage. true feeling percent. dietary non-pharmacological vitamins. doctors, pressed rush visit, deal theyre through. pleased serves. beginning, around, locally go, pretty strong. looking increase automation expedite serve efficiently, due renewal. Were upping game improving service, once, quickly. Well recognize in. talk sterile unfortunately, see--a wall telling comfortable questions. barriers improve. digital content 37 ARMANDO LLECHU firsthand account familys behavioral hen holding newborn baby, imagine innocent child issues, happens often, childhood. lifetime cases begin 14. Unfortunately, stigma surrounding onset symptoms conversations become well-adjusted adults reach full potential. strike happened mine. Thirteen Tamara, A.J. amazing, defiant old, acting aggressively, hitting biting. behavior worsened, began locking himself room pulling drawers toys. remember coming Llechu son wife crying A.J.s belongings garbage bags garage throwing room. door hinges repeating behavior. frustrated parenting scoured advice, yet figure parent four-year-old child. adorable impossible manage. needed neurologist tests. time, feared chemical imbalance require psychiatric Following tests, however, said, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD, borderline most. then world-renowned psychologist. booked advance, cancellation enabled appointment. Three visits psychologist board Tamara third ready discharged parents, worked. behaving us. angry peace home--so 13, tall weighs brother Christ. isnt coolest dude know. aggressive, household today--I law enforcement him. waited seeking contending today. believe initially refused admit problem, whereas cancer ailment, sought immediate treatment--and kids deserve. sad reality 70 juvenile justice kids. broken repair. stigmas fix problems. diagnosed intervention, place. support, change world. chief administrative officer Health. A.J., Aidan, Arianna Andrew. 39 6418 621 PM KL AUDIA BALOGH hush-hush anymore e rollercoasters emotions health, neglected. common misconception either genetic unpreventable. Heres spoiler alert Neither well-being well-being. closely interconnected. licensed believes is, Am not, Whatever reason be, event itself respond Noticing signs overcoming opposed overreacting Todays society largely neglected topic. counseling done reduce stigma, Brown terminology signs. difference letting consume introduce balance, noting her. Why nation Being constantly norm, focused happening values productivity, forward paying adding although productive, recreation, inward evaluating yourself. regain stability nutrients needs optimal brain function. romance, spending gatherings. Balance work, important, overdoing underdoing negatively affect two, Finally, suggests 5,000 yoga, mindfulness, referred spirituality, refer religion, believing Theres misinformation overwhelming reason--you first. Our busy--busier realize--but practice. days relentlessly, finishing task already next, leads crashing burning guilty unproductive decide moment. MENTAL CHECKLIST Six essentials achieve NUTRITION smart meals--healthy fats, fiber, vegetables. EXERCISE Incorporate activity least week. Make night. MEDITATION Practice minutes. Try guided meditations YouTube download Calm Headspace apps PLAY ROMANCE nourish relationships. WORK deserve yourself, 41 SUSAN BENNETT MonaLisa Touch restores vaginal ts painful topic women about. atrophy, thinning walls, dryness, burning, intercourse lack muscle tone. About affects breast survivors undergone hysterectomies. Caroline, women. 55-year-old mother underwent hysterectomy ago prepared hot flashes, tiredness dryness occurs menopause. nobody intimacy. young now, estrogen form pill effects, Rex Stubbs, obstetriciangynecologist Physicians Primary Care option survivors. calling life-changing. laser promises Caroline husband believers. changed treatment, results. given before, experienced overwhelmingly results, Fleishman, obstetrician-gynecologist high, statistically significant improvement symptoms, itching intercourse. anesthesia downtime patient, Stubbs Fleishman. Touch. in-office procedure OBGYN Consultation appointments Patients undergo brief promote production collagen, thickens skin, increasing moisture lubrication vagina required, spaced weeks apart. Insurance cover treatments, 1,800 three. annually. obstetricians-gynecologists trained administered hundreds reporting delicate subject, solution--and Bennett guest 9021 1265 Viscaya Parkway, 239-477-5650 43 Intact BLES minimally invasive N CH Lesion Excision System BLES, biopsy. diagnosing lesions preventive mammograms, Sharla Gayle Patterson, director risk increases longer. happy, BREAST SCREENING RECOMMENDATIONS Screening--looking evidence appear--is key stages. Unless gives instructions, follow screening recommendations Know breasts 20s. Have mammogram, 40. Depending developing history, additional mammograms Source 2010 Foundation Education Research MFMER. MIDDLE BRIAN TEITZ OTHER SYSTEM clinical examination performed 20s 30s, yearly using wand surgery general anesthesia. tumor seconds ultrasound imaging capture basket. incision closed bandage, minimal bleeding, scar, fatigue lowered infection risk. primary benefits, pathologists potentially evaluate lesion margins portion. malignant tumors benign Patterson biopsy, certainty benign. system, spare unnecessary surgeries alleviate anxiety. implants dense image clear. behind microscopic marker machines fall Medtronic, worldwide medicaldevice company, September 2017. particular choosing surgeons skills, Suzanne Foster, vice Medtronic. partner board-certified, fellowship-trained surgeons. 12th country invited technology. logged BLES. Imaging radiologist Priyanka Handa, spearheaded 11181 Blvd., 2220, technique Center. Handa breast-imaging fellowshipFor appointment certified 239-624-8120 Board Radiology. Heart unveils Structural S Watchman Implant procedure, alternative ometimes, Warfarin AFib caused Institute--already among valve brought surgical nationwide--recently announced Dinesh Sharma, cardiologist, specializing electrophysiology, Mount Sinai cutting-edge procedures York. introSharma duces transcatheter aortic replacecause stroke flow ment TAVR, noninvasive aorFOR sluggish. Clots forming tic stenosis, implant, pouch upper chamber atrial fibrillation 399 9th St. N., heart, appendage, fully comprehenNaples implant Watchman, sive 239-624-4200 plug, valvular diseases, seal appendage transfrom catheter, chamber. Recovery Solomon, bed cardiothoracic surgeon. overnight stay, discharged. expanded amount, depth surAccording prescribed gical goal--offering thinners, weeks, echocardiogram perthe spectrum comprehensive cardiologists chal- formed ensure complete. confirmed, thinners discontinued, lenging outcomes. aspirin regimen. Candidates TAVR stenosis intermediate- high-risk tolerate Warfarin, Coupatients. equivalent madin, Eliquis Xarelto otherwise survive openfor longtime use, surgery, falls outcome, issues. Instead chest requiring restop catheter quest evaluation inserted groin artery. candidates Solomon VanesYork sa Russino, ARNP-BC, developStructural er, performing coordinator. involved report initial FDA results approval, private trials proSharma, cedure thinners. introduced. ANDY OAKES-LOTTRIDGE restoring doctor-patient relationship news confusing. Regardless political spectrum, argument Affordable Healthcare Act, answers regarding future face States. sees patients, seen reimbursement incentivize--indeed, forcedoctors solvent. duration visits, mere each. serves 3,000-4,000 quantity incompatible practice, volume resulted predictable decrease quality, satisfaction doctors. solution all--or --my partners 1990s, simultaneously Seattle, Washington. Creative partner, Gary Pricedissatisfied status quo, opted insurance-based invent reduced panel hundred thousand, increased 30-90 established direct financial relationships eliminate conflicts interest re-empower boutique medicine. Doctors L. West OakesLottridge Price administer Private GARTH FRANCIS grown outlying practices corners thousands mainstream land. schools curricula, pathway career momentum continues build, accounts simple model. lofty enjoyed constrained degraded government insurance. receive payments companies, industry. uncompromising unhurried respectful setting interest. short, patient. Imagine question, schedule unable having guide maze specialists hospitalists, selecting compromises excuses. Welby, alive emphasize prevention proactive rates hospitalization emergency utilization, saves money--a money. model everyone, dreamed ofhaving truly treated. relationship. So, prognosis healthcare air, excellent. Thanks model, outstanding continue bright F.A.A.F.P., physician offices Bonita Springs Visit 47 Things marijuana November passed amendment constitution treating illnesses, months, legislature measures implement regulate marijuana, requirement qualified miracle becomes physician, obtain state-licensed dispensary. Liberate purpose certifications legally cannabis. Jacksonville, Naples, Port Charlotte Beach, plans further expansion beyond. founded strongly therapeutic properties Daniel Reid, executive officer. decades, medical-marijuana broad Americans access. quite different, commonality physician. MISSION STATEMENT Donald Ketterhagen, COO, Robert Brueck, Ketterhagen standing Linda RN. Reid points Mission Statement Management debilitating required enable highest standard operating, marketing, related services brand. highly effective access, scientific research, sanctity doctorpatient relationship, professionalism, expertise ethics. CAN MEDICAL MARIJUANA HELP covers cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, HIV, AIDS, post-traumatic disorder, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Crohns Parkinsons multiple terminal illness, nonmalignant comparable listed above. mantra Legal, Started Help, Reid. certification steps overwhelm typical category certify explicitly named law. Prospective interested Liberates process, locations, 61518 1123 Coping Heat summers blazing temperatures spoil fun. Heed advice experts outhwest marked calendars. weather marches Northerners jackets, lingers long, seemingly forever, sweaty bear refusing go. seasons meteorologically astronomically. Meteorological June 31. Astronomical calendar, Sept. 22. definition regions interminable summers. temperature considered warning impending heat stroke, untreated, exhaustion turns stroke. Schultz case reached 114. immediately cooled, outcome Mark Tesoro analyst, educator injury knows dangers. Dehydration exhaustion, urges higher May 24, Heck, dip below degrees Oct. 11. visitors humidity seriously, experts. pediatric relentless teaching importance hydration, drinking fluids anybody outside pleasure. ample case. 1954, football coach Bear Bryant brutal Texas camp. Kelly Lytle quoted author Dents Junction Boys, 1999 fastest whip deny boys water, Dent sports. mentality by, term exertional describe heat. stresses. Parents sweating appearing disoriented shouldnt act. 9-1-1 immediately, kid cooling immediately. Symptoms seriously. notes sporting athlete hydrated, happen. Bad happen quickly, situations where, adds, starts scorching trifled heeding dog enjoyable safe. Two practitioners far-reaching impact L isten game, tennis tournament Olympics, likely saying, Excellent Such words encouragement instill confidence, pride--which turn perform athlete, action encouraging coach. principles coaches, B--whether change, income marriage. Essel , M.S. Tollefson, Ph.D. DR. BILL TOLLEFSON RIGHT ESSEL Essels booksellers. nearly impacts lives, celebrities Jenny McCarthy Kenny Loggins. author, speaker, radio host, Based reach. combines qualities attributes heralded Psychology Today verified worlds Focus Slay Goals, February 30-minute introductory session terms compatibility client. Then, syncs, plan. leadership age. varsity Syracuse 51 622 Tollefson counselor, earned coaching traditional methods hed using. University, position declined. successful transitioning psychology. 1990, walks goals, theyve coaches. Boca Raton. seminar methods, mindset effectively therapy, 52 recover trauma, abuse disorder. assists kinds clients, finances blog, videos. authored booksellers, self-help DVDs. rewarding--not myself O w o h r l C ur Premier Executive Center, 5237 Summerlin Commons 234, 941-266-7676, 1627 30th St., 239-349-2209, Bamboo Farm 25370 Zemel Punta Gorda, 33955 941 505-8400 53 LEVY strategically planned Lehigh-based gym get--and stay--in shape, answer. Dylik, Bloodline Lehigh Acres, accomplishes things. personal, group, high-intensity class, exercises running, squats, pull-ups. rolled package. Dylik warm-up. planned. Everything works. gyms intimidated others do, equipment. Here, athletes. participate. sort pushing activity. Corey Voiselle, Acres agrees. gym, bored routine, challenging variety. Looking local, CrossFit. moved Buffalo, York, brother, Zach. aspects, discussed. pants sizes. Freddy Twon judging standards. Athlete Patty Brawl competition participates dumbbell Voiselle attest improved aspects confidence gym. driven worry condition, inches weigh 300 weights intensity accommodate respect, Owen N, adds. train guests. athletes, 239-849-2442, such. out, commitment. else, CrossFit, see. begin, Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday, attend Friday off. trial Levy Odessa, Saturdays 930 Texas, previously BLOODLINE CROSSFIT 55 Small restaurants impressions ole-in-the-wall restaurants--you smaller beaten path--used greasy fried ham sandwich. so. rethink eat healthier fare, trend healthy, organic, foods. delicious fare. H CAF Tucked industrial park Southeast 10th lies gem there, somehow fits Caf YOU, cozy, eclectic, shabbychic restaurant outdoor dining. breakfast gluten-free available, authentic espresso coffees freshly bread. Avocado Smash seller smash ripe avocado feta onto toast choice, season salt, pepper, tahini chili flakes optional, olive squeeze lemon, Marlies Laaper, Sydney. month, fine-dining experiences, six-course tasting dinners dinners. Clockwise Corals glutenfree caf prides Baked Butternut Onion Salad. Sprout communitybased patrons rave desserts chef Nikki Roods gourmet burger. SPROUT Vegetarian innovative cuisine emphasis fresh, non-GMO ethnic dishes breakfast, menus Sprout. casual Periwinkle Baileys Shopping 57 why--along menu Portabella Paradise burger, Japanese Brussels sprouts, juices, smoothies desserts--there collection purchase. unique goods, fragrances, vitamins minerals. community-based guests friends. passionately careful mindful transform mood lifestyles, Rood, Sprouts chef. WAY Pine Stringfellow Road. juices quiche day--and Thai Chicken Wraps strive Neil Dundas, example, Dundas greens establishment. Indoor seating patio to-go orders. produce bins. strives items. freshbaked Islanders tourists. 1423 SE 239-600-0966, 10731 Bokeelia 305-619-0149 2463 Way, 239-472-4499, 58 OPHELAN 59 Local spas massage rejuvenate leave glowing assages timeless popularity. vital healthy. touch, release oxytocin--a hormone fights naturally chemicals dopamine serotonin activate pleasure regulated. Day spas, offering Swedish facial. confident, plus total wellness. dermal layer skin needle eyes, eyebrows lips. Permanent makeup application convenience routines simpler stressful. DERMAPLANING exfoliation dermaplaning consists scalpel gently scrape dulling dead cells. removing excess vellus hair, hold dirt hair heavier darker. HOT STONE THERAPY relaxation placing stones body. stone aims melt tension, ease stiffness circulation. Additionally, lava shells steamed towels massage. REFLEXOLOGY Reflexology primarily hands target heal sciatica, digestive problems, migraine, asthma, psoriasis fatigue. maintain relieve PERMANENT MAKEUP micro-pigmentation cosmetic tattooing. colored pigments deposited 610 spas. CRE8 Salon 814 diVine 865 4th South, Pampering Places Lounge Five locations MedSpa 13831 Metropolis Ave., Oya 2426 2075 Tween Waters Inn 15951 tween-waters.comthe-spa Spada 13161 McGregor Orchid 2180 W. First spaservicefort 61 Y ou sitter vacation. build vacation RR. combination location removes stresses newly divorced mom, spring reconnecting kids, recharge reset fast pace modern dynamic brings, greatest facing today opportunities complacent everyday unintentional distance. Reconnecting connect disconnect schedules worries. wellness-focused getaway bonding trip. hotels beaches, surroundings reconnect. ventured Treasure Coast. enjoying together mean amidst beautiful, quaint sand, consistent waves sky peaceful Hutchinson strolling streets Stuart, Americas Happiest Seaside Town Coastal Living magazine Located Old Floridastyle treasure naturally. components Oceanographic Societys above acres trails wildlife displays, stingray pavilion right. FLORIDA OCEANOGRAPHIC SOCIETY reconnect Fruits Roots Stuart Shores Resort pool, resorts Drift Kitchen Bar oceanfront resort inviting base CALMING ACCOMMODATIONS FRUITS ROOTS MAYFIELD secluded eliminates usual distractions. Jensen fall, contemporary coastal vibe atmosphere, proved luxury 3793 NE Ocean amenities 772-334-1950 dining destination. right, hotel, did meals seaside Juice Stuart. relax pampering hotel spa, complimentary newspaper, chilled CONNECTING NATURE guestroom floor refreshing ANIMALS helpful surprise. 890 772-225-0505 Adults attraction plain temporary escape view. challenges. 710 S. Colorado spirit parents ecosystems 772-678-6627 minds. Next research. melts turtles, hand-feed stingrays revitalize, ones, relaxing mangrove trails. feel-good calming getaway. GETTING PAMPERED EATING vacation, avoid crash bloating overeating enjoyable. 63 BETH LUBERECKI Are lipstick lover fanatic lowdown fabulous luxurious lotions, must-have in-between. laid-back surfer babe junkie, beautiful feel. sunny biking, blister chafed ruin Instead, Body Glides balms. Apply Foot Glide balm 4.997.99 blisters sore spots original 4.99-14.99 anywhere clothing rub chafing. SPF sunscreen 9.99 address once. formulations sweat resistant allergen-free, plant-derived all-day protection. TSA-friendly sizes balms RUBBED WRONG SKIN SMARTS probiotics Now skin-care routine Merle Normans Skintelligent line. Start Cleanser exfoliating gel cleanser seeds buff cells, A, E. Moisturizer Toner hydrate environmental stressors. combined resveratrol, aging, extracts alpine willow herb ginseng, tighten appearance pores. three-step Norman studio 239-454-9933, summertime proper lacking sun protection, Garnier SkinActives Moisture Bomb, Antioxidant Super 16.99. parabens petrolatum long-lasting hydration goji berry, E pomegranate. lotion locks hydrated barrier UV rays problem causers healthier-looking skin. drugstores CVS Walgreens. option, Peter Roths Max Mineral Naked Broad Spectrum UVAUVB Protective Lotion 38. all-mineral zinc oxide titanium dioxide harmful rays, sunflower extract antioxidant universal tint naked, tones. Sephora Coconut 239-390-9889, STOP SUN DAMAGE CONTROL cancer. overabundance photodamage, premature aging wrinkles, discoloration loss elasticity. Prevention action. damage done, Mad Hippies Hydrating Nutrient Mist 19.99. minimizes photodamage face, arms Plant flavonoid hesperidin reduces discoloration, sodium hyaluronate plumps moisturizes, ginkgo biloba anti-inflammatory, brightens wrinkles. Spray softer, supple Hippie Vitamin Shoppe stores. Show lips swiping Kiss lip 3.99. Made comfrey extract, glide smoothly kisser, boat--they sunburned tropical oh-so-Florida lime, orange, mango. tube Earth stash purse, car 239-226-0006, LIP SERVICE Cutting calories cocktails libations cold refreshing. fruits season, sugar. thirst-quenching, fruity cocktail maintain, bikini dilemma--how cake easiest lo-cal simply vodka club soda lemon lime. caloric count 70, depending agrees mixers no-cal lemonades Sparkling Ice flavored waters. Purity Vodka Sweden distilled specially copper gold, refined filtration necessary. Packaged sophisticated glass topper, slight floral note. nice dirty martini--talk low-calorie classic. Titos American-made fave. slightly pronounced, approachable, suited mixer. festive pool parties. calorie culprits umbrella-like crafting cocktail. margarita kiss intake estimates push 600, glass. mixer Stirrings 5-Calorie Margarita Mix tequila ounce. Ultimate Skinny recipe ounces mix, 1.5 Casamigos Blanco Tequila, shaken poured rocks cuts white spritzer. liquids dilute Fill three-quarters Moobuzz Pinot Grigio Berry H2O Lemon Drop Martini slice citrus melon. pinot Paso Robles soiree. PURITY BERRY parts berry mixed berries piece zest highquality Combine pitcher sit, refrigerated, hours, overnight. Serve strained ice. Spring Thyme LEMON DROP MARTINI twist garnish Rimmer, moisten rim twist, rimmer mix. shaker vodka. Shake strain martini Garnish enjoy. SPRING THYME ounce Cointreau Botanist Gin thyme Lightly muddle bottom shaker. Add remaining coupe Pretty Girl PRETTY GIRL Ron Barcel Gran Rum lime agave basil ripped Splash sparkling rum agave, double Pour Collins cava. leaf edible flower nasturtium orchid. Birch contributor, drink, well-known media personality 67 Recipes 6-8 cipollini, peeled shelled English thick-cut lardon bunches Preheat oven degrees. Remove chicken brine pat dry. Brush butter, salt pepper sides cavity. perforated rack sheet tray. roast Half cipollini tray roast. Toss shucked reserve. oven, allow 5-10 half. potato mousseline peas. thyme. 365 5th 239-315-4019, OVEN ROASTED CHICKEN, POTATO MOUSSELINE ENGLISH PEAS BACON LARDON Chef Vincenzo Betulia Serves 2-4 Brine honey bay garlic cloves tablespoons peppercorns rosemary sprigs bunch parsley lemons Bring boil. cool. cooking. Potato Mousseline Idaho potatoes, pint heavy pound stick Salt taste Simmer potatoes salted tender pierced knife, Meanwhile, separate pot. tender, remove ricer bowl. mixture taste. Roasted chicken, 3.5-4 pounds, brined Cooking French Brasserie Rustique NEW ENGLAND SCALLOPS Ed Vozzella Grill RESPECTIVE RESTAURANTS U-10 scallops, tablespoon garlic, minced cups panko crumbs seafood sauce Grill, Prawnbroker Timbers Chopped Melt garlic. Cook tender. Cool crumbs. saut pan, 325 Roll scallops crumb covered brown pan. sauce, baking dish. cook Top chopped serve. 7790 Cypress Lake 239-437-4377, Emulsify high-speed combined. frisee supreme oranges. Tangy Cranberry Gastrique vinegar cranberries star anise vinegar, sugar, cranberries, zest, saucepan boil Strain temperature. Cap refrigerate use. Assemble Plate Slice seared duck fan 1-inch cube polenta. orange segments vinaigrette polenta garnish. Finish cranberry gastrique drizzle outer plate. Resort, 2255 239-472-3145, DUCK SALAD Wolff Thistle Lodge Polenta instant vegetable broth crumbled shredded Parmesan sun-dried tomatoes sliced kalamata olives flour Boil boiling, stir simmer stirring frequently heating element feta, Parmesan, tomatoes, basil. Stir evenly pour greased pan circular- squareshaped container diameter spreadpress evenly. firm refrigerator minimum hours. Cut mixtures slices approximately coat flour, shaking excess. Fry floured nicely browned drain paper towel. ANGELOS ARUGULA SUMMER 1-2 Mona Lisa organic wild baby arugula balsamic oranges dried bleu crumbles cherry washed grilled Wash dry amount desired, repeat amounts dressing mixing. Transfer dish slices, crumbles, breast. 7091-17 239-939-5344, Sear Duck 5-6 Muscovy Score -inch intervals. searing golden caramelized. aside. Simple Citrus Vinaigrette shallot, finely champagne teaspoon grated Kosher ground Frisee, torn 69 KEY Lunch Dinner SB Brunch Banquet Facilities Entertainment Cocktails Beer Wine BLUE GIRAFFE Casual Excellence. browsing Sanibels numerous shops, delicious, island-inspired Sit handpainted tables inside, atmosphere Cuban Sandwich lunch--its menu, Signature Giraffe Cake Dinner, featuring pan-seared crab cakes topped mango salsa, chipotle sweet glaze. tempting omelets pancakes. Or Fishermans Benedict muffins poached salmon, spinach hollandaise sauce. locals Blue DOC FORDS RUM BAR GRILLE Novel Cuisine. folk joined novelist Randy Wayne fictional character, best-seller sandwiches, salads entres. mojito. 2500 239-472-8311, DUNES Member Problem twist. signature lump bisque Eastern, Western Southern crisp empanadas pulled beef cowboy steak. 949 Sand Castle 239-472-3355, IL TESORO RISTORANTE Pasta Personality. Black Italian feast atmosphere. Everybodys laughing, pasta sipping wine. inject heaps flavor antipasto. finest Italy Penne puttanesca capers rigatoni eggplant, ricotta tomato ribs gnocchi specials equally intriguing. cloud-like tiramisu. date. readers ahead detailed reservations visiting establishments. 751 239-395-4022, MARAPR 71 COW Bovine Bounty. pasta, joint, cow references. unless consider Loaded Seafood Omelet. bar, homemade Mango Sangria 2163 239-472-0606, PIZZA Paradise. tradition Pizza famous Crusty Curl Crust. Pasta, calzone salad popular. calamari bruschetta appetizer, miss hour. 1619 239-472-1581, Lets creamy chocolate --Audrey Hepburn 72 73 LAZY FLAMINGO Cold Beer, Raw Bar. plumpest raw oysters, steaming hot-spiced peel-and-eat shrimp, grouper incendiary Dead Parrot Wings. Buffalo wings bet. Than Knowledgeable Staff Luxury Sedans Large Vans Event Transport Four 6520-C 239-472-5353 239-472-6939 12951 239-476-9000 waterfront 16501B Bokeelia, 239-283-5959, LIGHTHOUSE Worlds Breakfast. Residents why. Frittata seasoned crabmeat, sauted broccoli mushrooms artichoke Alfredo Grouper Platter dinner, pictures islands historic lighthouse walls. Call-ahead available. AIRPORT 239-472-4888 362 239-472-0303, MATZALUNA Well-Smoked Italian. Cheese Gorgonzola, ricotta, hearts wood-fired pizzas. Fresh pastas, veal round menu. 1200 239-472-1998, NORMANDIE SEASIDE WEST Indulge Yourself. Bananaberry Toast Omelet more, bowl Veggie Omelet, Colombian whole-leaf teas. Relax old-world Curry Salad Pressed lunch, extensive list. 3345 239-472-1541, westwindinn.comnormandie-restaurant-sanibel PINOCCHIOS ICE CREAM GEPPETTOS BEACH FOODIES Institution. 1980, Pinocchios handcrafts frozen confections batches. mecca 74 foodies please palates gelato, sorbet, sherbet, yogurt custard. 130-plus generous portions. Stop Krunch Dirty Dollar. Geppettos Foodies, sister Pinocchios, surprises croissant baking. 239-472-6566, SANDBAR Welcoming. Trio, bronzed grouper, cake, favorite. steaks perfection palates. 2761 239-472-0305, Good --Anthony Bourdain 75 FISH HOUSE Tried True. entres sandwiches baskets specialties, tuna rice seaweed salad. salmon ordered broiled, grilled, blackened Jamaican jerked. 1523 239-472-7770 4685 Springs, 239-495-5770 320 San Carlos 239-765-6766, GRILL Color. pub fare--juicy burgers, wings--and Youll bartenders often-sought-but-neverfound bar feel, popularity spot. 703 239-472-4453, Goodness. takeout meals, daily. Rood 100-percent gluten-free, non-GMO, farm-fresh creation, Smoked Paprika Hummus Sprouts. Lasagna. thy uncertain. dessert --Ernestine Ulmer quoting Hippocrates reflected delectable offers. 239-472-4499 SUNSET Floribbean Gourmet. Caesar wrap. Morning Santiva Captiva, variations smoked cake. 6536 239-472-2333, SWEET MELISSAS CAFE Thing, Packages. Melissa Talmage prepares petite portions, diners dishes, Grilled Octopus Mullet Fritter. 1625 239-472-1956, THISTLE LODGE Victorian Rendezvous. oven-roasted coquelet herb-crusted lamb yellowtail snapper mojo allure trappings, glorious views 239-472-9200, TIMBERS RESTAURANT MARKET Dine Favorites calamari, platters lump. adjacent market. 239-472-2722, TRADERS Experience. Traders shopping emporium restaurant, entertainment Thursday evenings. gumbo, macadamiaencrusted grouper. 1551 239-472-7242, 77 T2 Opened Traders. trendy tacos savory flatbreads, coastal-inspired classics. mixology Sunset Elderflower Bloom, rotating craft draft selection, list envy lively Floridian dcor. seating, gift anytime 2340 239-558-8919, CANTINA CAPTIVA Nacho Madres Mexican. Enjoy serape colors, piatas, terra-tiled floors adobe-style walls subtly suggest gone border. 14970 239-472-0248, CROWS NEST Great Food, Fun appetizers, alwayspopular baked goat dip. Saltimbocca, sage leaves, prosciuttowrapped linguine. Crab Races, hopping 239-472-5161, Continues. Building continued success, chain Whites character South Seas Resort. Docs Bread panko-fried shrimp dryrubbed ribeye. 5400 Plantation 239-312-4275, GREEN FLASH Rare Treasure. seat browse delightfully diverse de Paris specialty, 78 Worcestershire, finished buttery topping. Venetian Platter, swordfish, tiger prawn Savory pork landlubbers, positively decadent 15183 239-472-3337, KEYLIME BISTRO Changes Fooditude. picket fence canopies setting, Jimmy Buffett beat. walnut-crusted snapper, peppers, escargots tomato. 11509 Rosse Lane, 239-395-4000, LATTE DA SHOP Upon coffees, extra-strong Eye Coffee, cappuccinos lattes tooth indulge scoops Queenies milkshakes sundaes. 11508 239-472-0234, MUCKY Quack Up. beers brewed pond. grub. beachside sunset gazing. 11546 239-472-3434, OLD FloridaNew American. Greg Nelsons centers bounty fish. sushi adventurous rolls, sashimi, specialty rolls select sakes. Wines presentations, breath Captiva. 239-472-5161 4, RC OTTERS Otterly daunting. Steamed clams, baskets, quesadillas 79 1037 meatloaf cravings. Diners dinner. 239-395-1142, SUNSHINE SEAFOOD WINE Inspired Bistro. charming, European touch. wood-grilled perhaps pecan-crusted 14900 239-472-6200, BLANC Epicurean. Jenga, toasted bread tower modeled entre robata grill, Lamb Lollipops roasted reduction, SS, habanero Blancs Entres, clean, ambience savor creations Chris Whitaker Jean Claude Roge, talents lift Blanc peers. Sundays. 13451 Ste. 239-887-3139, BLU SUSHI Cobalt Cool. An outrageous steak chicken. 239-489-1500 2262 239-362-2843, COURTSIDE STEAKHOUSE HARBOUR RESORT Beefed wood, brass, leaded subtle theme, steakhouse delivers tastiest butchers breed Angus steaks. 17260 Harbour Pointe 239-466-4000, CRAVE Cozy Contemporary. Breakfast, p.m., omelet variation Benedict. noon, baconwrapped cedar plank attract hungry diners. brunch crowd packs house, wait--but 12901 239-466-4663, DARUMA Wish teppan style, table Classic favorites tempura offered, combinations lobster Nippon filet mignon teriyaki. 13499 239-344-0037 241 North, 239-591-1200 5459 Fruitville Sarasota, 941-342-6600, FIRESTONE levels Brick wood tires remind Firestone. paella Grille tapas Sky Bar, Saturday. 2224 239-334-3473, 81 GARAGE details. dcor 1920s, Henry Ford walked parts, burgers Model Low Carb-uretor. egg mouth names Kona Big Wave Goose 312. 2207 239-332-3673, EDISON Illuminati. honors legendary namesake genius, Edison, display photos. steeped tradition, potpie raves 3583 239-936-9348, PRAWNBROKER Agent Fish. tried Salads, fish, pleasing 1982. Soup accompany dinners, Early catch deals 4-7 booths, nautical details seafaring vibe. 13451-16 239-489-2226, love, --William Shakespeare 82 83 UNIVERSITY Head Class. theatergoers Sequel. story--a sequel. Matanzas Pass banana ribs. 708 Wharf, 239-765-9660, BIG TAVERN SPORTS Tackle Taste Buds. pizza. Belgian waffles zesty maple-honey mustard. Tens juicy build-your-own backfield toppings cheeses yummy steak, pork, cod Philly cheesesteak triple BLTs. stacked Reuben, calzone, stromboli veggiemeat Capes wings. wraps icy beverages. Tavern package misses Open night 4703 16th Place, Coral. 239-257-1081, CENO History. spanakopita--fresh spinach, herbs phyllo dough baked--or Marsala, drove George Lukas Ceno Grill. gyro souvlaki meal, disappointed resist cannoli Hour, M-F, 3-6pm. 1715 W., 239-549-2366, 84 85 1719 East, 239-540-3673, LOBSTER LADY Eclectic Whether Shrimp Grits Le Bouf Bacon Wrapped Lobster Tail freshest landlubbers. Units 239-471-0136, MARKER Nautically Nice. woodfired pizza draw Marina Village Resorts boundaries. flatbread pizzas breezy waterside terrace. 5951 Silver King 239-541-5600, MONARCAS AUTHENTIC MEXICAN Authentically Delicious. Rich, carved surrounds peruse eat, waste badly. --Anna 86 bank account. investments. --Bethenny Frankel listing Mexican dishes. Sample Monarcas Mexico, appetizer. tortillas chips inhouse, salsas pico gallo. Aztec Cocktail Huarache Michoacano, Michoacan thick oval corn tortilla onions, tomatillo tip 1604 46th 239-540-9533, MONKEY STEAK Silly Name, Serious Food. Nico Bogert passionate proof palate, selections Monkey, chop apple relish Pepper Painted Grouper, Ahi Tuna eatery title Steakhouse nightly. 1428 Lafayette 239-549-8800, NEVERMIND AWESOME EATERY Share Crispy Truffle Wings Volcano start. Hugo hand-selected Steak Crust popular, truffle fries, Kennebec potatoes. 927 239-471-0295, 87 POINT Casually Sophisticated. Pulled Pork Rolls, Gouda yellow mustard slaw, Carolina dippin wake palate. Scallops entre, charred onion, fennel sausage, Marconi almonds cider reduction. proprietor Matt Arnold lIVe eNTERTAINMENT Hour cape Prime Steaks 3522 Del Prado Blvd. S., 239-471-7785, PARADISE DELI Heavenly Taste. Greek Reuben Too dine take-out, catering array party hit. YEARS 239.549.8800 Hours Mon.-Sun. 12p.m.-10p.m. VI G P ORA OR V 2378 239-292-2378, Just Philly. corned-beef hash, pancakes bananas strawberries Carbons malted accompanied freshground breakfast. Pop cheesesteak, down. 25091 Bernwood 239-948-4123, PINCHERS CRAB SHACK Table. Fresh, cut-to-order fries made-fromscratch slaw decadently rich, cheese-and-crab full-on fruity, coast. Multiple 28580 Crossings 239-948-1313 18100 239-415-8973 6890 239-463-2909 2360 239-2457049 10029 239-415-4040 5991 33914, 239-540-7939 Fifth 239-434-6616, 88 623 239-4955770 10801 Corkscrew 519, 239-495-3673, RODIZIO Brazilian Steakhouse. Experience Brazil, dozen rotisserie-grilled meats, perfectly tableside Rodizio gauchos feijoada, black-bean stew, abacaxi, glazed-and-grilled pineapple. dessert. Friday-Sunday. 8017 Plaza del Lago 101, 239-498-0018, Only soup. --Ludwig van Beethoven RUTHS CHRIS Always Sizzling Success. Vaulted trey ceilings meticulously white-linen-covered filets cowboy-sized rib juicy. creamed sweet-potato casserole. Shops Point, 23151 239-948-8888, TARPON BAY New-Fashioned Classic. Hyatt Regency-Coconut homage fishhouse. ceviche cooked marinades. entres, Divers Spear, Asian ponzu cilantro-ginger rice. 5001 239- 444-1234, CRAZY Crazy best-prepared blackened, fried. regulars about, Firecracker Shrimp, Cakes, ever-popular Sandwich. Fish partnered Blu Sushi franchise sushi. prepare just-picked produce, squeezed regional goodies Crazys pie, Randys recipe. bocce court, area. 14700 Tamiami Trail 239-260-1070, Age glasses counted. --Unknown 91 SAVE OFF PRICE ONLINE Year Years SUBSCRIBE FIND HIDDEN RECEIVE FAVORITE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION ADDITIONAL YEAR INSULATED LUNCH BAG. Hidden Word Reading Pleasure Bag exp. 93118 Online apply only. Web site TOLL fax 800.472.0635 Gift subscriptions Across Trees coconuts Frogs Tanning Shore eagle Oceans __ 2001 Clooney film Double sculls pairs Creeks Atlantic, Fishing equipment Concerning Bird plumes Fine Muff Resolved girl Down Popular Samples cocktail, Oars cousin dog, Wind cools beach, Lugs Alligators Served fancily boat Landscape, e.g. Northeasternmost st. Opposite dep. airport Required guitar, SubPage_JA18.indd92 6218 312 93 mysteries BOOK RANDY WAYNE WHITE TIM DORSEY 25th per Doc jumped White, March, Caribbean Rim, hero Bahamas--primarily Andros Cat Island--where pursuit missing bureaucrat interest, themselves treasure. guys way, willing kill novels, weaves history ecology interesting. Diehard fans always. buddy Tomlinson, amusing latter-day hippie, appealing characters entertaining tellers tales. certainly sips punch. Tim Dorsey, absolutely nuttiest involves wackiest mysteries. Pope Serge, Dorseys clueless crazy-smart hero, literary tour considerable trouble. Serges search Reese, hiding afraid witness murder friend mentor, Darby, aka Beach. this, Darby Kenny, write writing. reader. heeded conversation--admittedly completely conversation--with avid readers. undoubtedly draws detailing storys exciting finish. friendly wink Serge graffiti bathroom Delray bookstore Remember novel Twelve Mile Limit Should Limit. wrote 2002. asks Darby. books, question breathe 95 couples 24-hour tomorrow overheard. travelers head upstairs centuries--its path ends awake downstairs McCarthys dock Cabbage Key. Causeway built. mail delightful. ferry mail, islanders recommended--and maybe gathering ECO-TOUR Bloody going. excitement boats arrived. fulfilling stroll begins. trail. oak trees reveals oclock HOLAWAY butterfly orchids. climb charter birds-eye 45-minute Pineland Cayo Costa State Island. air fills motor houses anchors side. winding workweek. Costas mostly undisturbed--a shipped transported rail. solitude, handful shorebirds. privately owned getaways. narrow channel Lodge, disconnected minds, ourselves pelicans welcoming committee. oclock, connected nature--while tied assortment shells. picnic wonder wed requested leave. feel--with regretfully ends. stepping followed vast lawn pulls McCarthys. slowed sit gazebo down, smells fresher birds Around screened lanai, Memories dock--and fresh. again watch sunset--one sunsets Cloud reflections Capt. Holaway naturalist shelling eco-tour 1995. planet. charters Sound, dips, Key, North nightcap. Conversations watermen lodge Keys Sound CAPT. 97 WHERE WHAT Crystal, Cirque Soleils ice, Germain Arena 12-13. MUSICAL REVIVAL Annie, musical, comic strip Little Orphan 1924 2010. Broadway 1977, productions delight audiences since. Annie theater. orphan Sandy stage Theatre. newfound billionaire Oliver Warbucks songs Tomorrow, Hard Knock others. FAMILY HOLIDAY LIGHT UP SKY Fourth elaborate fireworks. Fireworks, Dazzling fireworks ignite heavens celebration Independence Day. View majestic spectacle shore Adventures holiday cruise explosive pyrotechnic RED, Parade old-fashioned patriotism parade floats decked red, blue. Later dark MATT BEARD CIRQUE DU SOLEIL WINK Freedom Downtown kicks patriotic car, truck motorcycle show. Families entertainment, crafts vendors, activities, ops Captain America. chili-dog-eating competition, sponsored Tavern, blockbuster evening. viewing sandy CIRCUS 12-15 Daring acrobatics fluid skating show, Crystal. rink Arena, troupe defies gravity spectacular moves territory artists, fusion circus extreme skaters high-octane flips jumps neck-breaking speed, poetic pas deux aerial ribbons. surreal revolves imagination self-discovery. SEXIEST TICKET ANNIE WATSON Me Honeys, demand, Glam Bam Burlesque strut stuff Sidney Berne Davis Arts Honeys Latin kick Miamis Sophia Luna, reigning queen Latina Hispanic Festival. glittering costumes sexy vocal stripteases, ladies deliver burlesque show--theatrical worthy applause. 7. Jazz concerts Hotel Golf Late Night Brass TBone Hamiltons Easy Revue 18. chair. TUTTI FRUTTI 14-15 MangoMania Tropical Fruit Fair, Sink teeth festival fruit. Freshly picked Haydens, Irwins, Kents, Keitts varieties grow lychee, carambola, longan, papaya sapote, unusual resembling persimmon pudding. Held German-American Social juggling pie-eating contests. mango-inspired hats musical performances event, crowning queen. JAZZ IT 14, concert watery lovers chairs blankets stake Watkins Lawn. Brass, vocalists horn rhythm sections, treats audience Earth, Fire bands. 18, entertains crowd. jazz, funk NAPLES HOTEL GOLF CLUB Fair 14-15. blues, Orleans-style band jumping. SOULFUL DIVA Greatest Love Whitney Houston Show, Singer churchs gospel choir soared pop music, claimed best-selling tragic 2012. legends rarely fade African songstress Belinda Davids, competed hopefuls tribute singing divas around-the-world Show. Barbara B. Mann Performing Hall, staged choreography, six-piece promise revered hits Will You, Woman, Wanna Somebody chartbusters. LAST COWBOY STANDING 27-28 PBR Pro Gaining popularity, Professional 101 Bull Riders televised CBS networks eager Touring Division spectators riders grab rope compete entertain courage techniques. participate sport hail Australia countries. WHO DOGS 31-Aug. PAW Patrol Pirate Adventure, youngsters. Patrol, animated scored preschoolers Hall. Expect pups interactive efforts, dancing pirate boogie solving Alisson Souza Brazil 27-28. ANDRE SILVABULLSTOCKMEDIA.COM puzzles maps. Marshall, Dalmatian, Rubble, bulldog, giggles tots audience. TEENAGERS STAGE 10-12 High Musical Jr., rousing Disney Channels 2006 Musical. Members Youth Theater rehearsing comedy. soundtrack charts inspiration films, 3. Jocks, Brainiacs, Thespians Skater Dudes roles high-school auditioning rivalry modern-day teen drama. PROVOCATIVE 16-19, 23-26 Repossessed, Alliance winner Janet Bruce Bunch Play Contest. playwright Lam delves probably biotech companies control propelled discuss Q producing artistic Taylor performance. calendar attending 103 moon Cancer partial eclipse helpful. Aquarius August eclipse, Leo unexpected news. Pisces discussions keel. Mercury retrograde decisions 19. Astrological Forecast NORMA HAGAN, ASTROLOGER PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION THESE DATES ZODIAC SIGN ARIES MARCH APRIL Mars, ruler, energy, enthusiasm determination, frame readjust classes, organizations. enjoys buying neighborhood. optimistic different. TAURUS MAY eventful Think want, initiate actions Jupiter Venus, trines Uranus. planets surprises. GEMINI JUNE Mercury, 26. direct, rely receive. Whenever time-out period CANCER JULY Cancers empathy. desire help--and casseroles need--make Of ruler days, projects accordance whichever occupies. emotional. LEO AUGUST happiest sunshine. Any golf, swimming walking Plan friends, Sagittarians Leos. active, VIRGO SEPTEMBER Virgo planner. Youre calendar. meticulous specifications, stringent. critical fussy, relax. LIBRA OCTOBER discontent Friends concern, worried SCORPIO NOVEMBER Yours sign. rulers assigned Mars ancient Pluto newer planet Scorpio. Scorpio rulers, Together aptly powerhouse Hillary, SAGITTARIUS DECEMBER freedom-loving changes. spontaneously foreign excitement, surprising adventures--and preparation Youve zodiacs imaginations, it--youre now. CAPRICORN JANUARY serious, work-oriented, no-nonsense person, particularly Starting supremely favored opportunities, builder AQUARIUS FEBRUARY fixed sign, stubborn. however. judge accomplished fields, granted. inventive best. PISCES lunar 27, solar eclipses--one 11--certainly cautious. Eclipses dramatically cancel Hang loose astrologer Federation Astrologers PMAFA. articles astrology magazines appearances Maury Povich 1972 Navy Air Force Aquadilla. 1976 Virginia Virginia, horoscopes, tarot bono Homicide Division. horoscopes telephone 239-284-0272. 105 WILLIAM COX Federally threatened appearance, crested caracara black-capped eagle. udubons plancus audubonii widespread species, neotropical distribution. vernacular eagle, buzzard. scavenger raptor falcon. falcon subspecies Arizona, chance observe roads south-central ranch country. p. estimated 500. conservative surveys. Wildlife Service federally Orlando, breeding concentrated prairie region near Okeechobee Kissimmee floodplain. Osceola, Okeechobee, Highlands, Hendry, Glades DeSoto counties. adult body, crest crown, head, black-and-white barred neck, pink facial legs. female male. Juveniles brown-and-white streaked neck. legs yellow. acquire plumage flight tail wide, subterminal wing tips. Historically, nested Johns River, prairies. conversion habitat sugarcane farms, groves residential development, adapted nesting pasture vegetation cabbage palm hammocks. sloughs ephemeral wetlands. caracaras 3,000 acres, radius 1.2-1.9 nest though ranges reported 1,500-6,300 2.3 9.8 nest. home-range core. Significant result leaving nonbreeding season. occur range, abandon altogether. nests placed single palms prairie, tree height feet. Nests rarely, cypress trees. falconid constructs gathered material, sticks, vines, grass weed stalks. 2.2 1.1 deep. Alternative 0.3 mile other. cycle encompassing building, laying, incubation, nestling post-fledging dependency periods. Clutch eggs. Incubation Fledging March April. bringing feeding snake. fledging. explore natal range. departure hunts kills animals, carrion. Prey rats, mice, skunks, squirrels, piglets, frogs, sirens, snakes, lizards, bird crayfish, beetles grasshoppers. vultures bald eagles patrols twilight roadkill, opossums, armadillos, raccoons, snakes. pursues harasses vultures, crows pirating kleptoparasitism. spends searching wading shallow aquatic Cox photographer ecologist JOHN ROBERTS golf recognized charitable JIM SIEVERS 2017 Power efore settling Sievers sales amateur saw raise charities. April, Sievers, graduate 1963 Piedmont Demorest, Georgia, Trustees, colleges Distinguished Alumni Award awards luncheon Award, surrounded award College. highlighted Piedmonts Weekend. grew Atlanta, recruited teams. graduating, Chattanooga sales. volunteering sparked lifelong charity District appointed Association. committees Amateur Curtis Cup combined, acceptance speech. proud involvement retired Bristol-Myers Squibb, Nuclear Medicine-Diagnostics Division, spoke college trustee. fourth Trustee rise. skates irque returns bypassing touring Crystal Breakthrough Experience, 42nd rink. Cirque, pushes boundaries blending disciplines, acrobatic feats defy canvas. angles reframe reality--while empowerment scenarios extraordinary moments. Sometimes appreciate sideways. Audience thrilled watching world-class gymnasts individuality displayed uncharted territory--a subtitled viewers suspend meets scheduled evening matinee Tickets 133, parking 20. buy tickets, cirquedusoleil.comcrystal. Friendship hub Clubhouse, structure, team-building happens, Wineinger. secret passwords exclusive dues join. distinct clubhouse Clubhouse openness assembling newsletter, filing, data entry, phones, acceptance--of illness--are computers, harvesting membership. Focusing strengths, returning workforce cleaning, gather socialize movies. Cynthia shes goals 200-plus members. nonprofit Transitional Employment 330 accredited York-based employers placement, inClubhouse International, cluding Theatre, 20th oversees worldwide. James Wineinger, Judicial Circuit Public Defender Clubhouses director, Kathleen A. Smith Goodwill Industries. 3602 self-esteem 239-267-1777 Fountain House pace. participant 1948. recently older 17-year hiatus. unemployment bipolar schizophrenia, percent, memWineinger, 10.5 bers venture employment. Conservatively, doubling illnesses. employment communiSeeing psychiatrist medicines ty, Wineinger everybody, centered wellness, housing education. GED General hardest tendency Equivalency Diploma technical school. Others isolated. in--engaging decent affordable housing--up teeter enriching lives. cusp homelessness. joke, divvied units--business, obstacles successes--together. Friendship, horticulture permaculture garden--geared club. joining, skill development. Regular predictability productive. people--and vital, begins meeting live. tasks. 150 lunches served, 1.50 meal ticket expense. budget, cloth-dressed tables. CLUBHOUSE Honor Renovations Military Museum 2009, storefront Avenue. 2012, relocated 34,000-square-foot facility Leonard Street, Purple meaning formally recognizes sacrifices men killed wounded combat. component recognition. camaraderie veterans awareness. Current renovations, completion summer, creation full-sized veterans, services, Ralph Santillo, museums founder, chairman board. Tuesdays, ages, fought World War II, Korean War, Vietnam recent wars Afghanistan. enlarging kitchen, renovation ballroom, formal dances, weddings senior citizens. museum Santillo. 4820 239-541-8704 ALTERATIONS RITA 239.437.7482 11595 Rd, 302 Quality Call Appointment Mon-Fri 239.433.2038 Serving ANTS BUGS PEST Servicing Environmentally Responsible Same Day, Weekend Evening CSC AUTO REPAIR 16131-1 Auto Repair Mower Engine Exceptional Timely Experts 239.472.4888 SanibelCaptiva TAXI Airport Passenger Transportation Events 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel CLAUDIOS MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Name Trust Termite Pest 239.472.0700 4301 Sanibel-Captiva SAN-CAP CENTER Walk-In ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS 239.939.0077 CopierPrinterScanners Printer Supplies Cost MINUTE CLEANERS 239.466.5115 16970-1 Blvd Drive Thru Dry Cleaning - Laundry Alterations Bedspreads Draperies Wedding Gown Specialists M-F 7am-7pm Sat 8am-3pm Work Done Premises 239.472.6188 Unit PHARMACY Locally Owned Faces Count Needs Business LOCKSMITH 239.472.2394 J-3 Locksmith 247 Emergency Security Locks, Restricted Keyways, Locks Installation, Master Keying, Electronic Keypads, Rekeying Duplication 111 Music spirits ERIK ENT WISTLE Tuned column appeared pages, musics fulfilling, music. Recent studies confirming previous findings, revelations touched these, around. shown recovery illness. sampling capable Heightening Stimulating reward brains Reducing Alleviating Improving immune function Inducing meditative insomnia disorders Slowing Lowering Promoting bodys antibodies Easing Limiting sedatives post-surgical outcomes reducing long-term mortality attack victims Lessening elderly Helping mobility Accelerating language traumatic recall dementia Soothing babies weight Bolstering autism Suppressing hormones inflammatory cytokines Encouraging Increasing endurance Hastening Making fly Triggering associations Relieving plasticity establishing nerve Activating noticed circumstances else--besides music--can Pianist, musicologist Entwistle undergraduate Dartmouth post-graduate piano Louis. doctorate musicology California, Santa Barbara. Calusa Nature Planetarium Learn, grounded outdoors, folks hesitation environment. moment membership society, mornings evolved seminars, ongoing circle speakers topics Chinese emotional intellectual, healing, hardly pie. Sherry signed Continuously bettering ourselves, reaching nature, 3450 Ortiz basis, 239-275-3435 wellsimply fine, being. ter relaxing, seminars interesting hands-on. introduced inspire like-minded wellness-programs. incorporate Kaitlin Danks, center, journalist KLAUDIA CULTURE VOLUME 4.95 VOL. NO. USA Display Published GM_Cover_JA18.indd 53118 1017

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