Ad_Page.indd 1 2214 1125 AM 2 TOTI.COM MARAPR 2014 3_GM_MA14.indd 2314 1222 PM 3 48 and what knot Mariners, fishermen anyone who wears sneakers know the importance of tying. Craig Garrett tells story this ancient skill. 54 reel adventures The old stilt fish houses off Southwest Floridas coast are a nostalgic nod to bygone fishing industry. Find out whos behind preservation these historic structures. on cover 4 art tying beautiful is skill passed from one mariner another. Story page 48. 2414 947 BACKGROUND PHOTO BY RON MAYHEW PHOTOGRAPHY 5 1223 GULF MAIN DEPARTMENTS 10 PUBLISHERS LETTER 12 MAKING WAVES 14 PROFILE Celebrating Floridians Watching Weather in Paradise Scoop Local Retailers Echoes Tranquility Harmonious Competition Products Help You Look Your Best Naturally Trendy Delights Discovery Cove Rolling River 18 WHATS IN STORE 20 ARTS 24 CULTURE 28 BEAUTY 34 30 FASHION STAYCATION 38 WATER ESCAPES SPECIAL SECTION 42 No Airplane Required Quality Over Quantity Do Twist Art Ceviche A Guide Dining SW Florida Labor Love 46 TO YOUR HEALTH 60 CHEERS 62 CUISINE 66 EPICURIOUS 76 BETWEEN THE LINES 78 CALENDAR 90 92 94 96 Where Go What STARGAZING WITH ELIZABETH JOYCE COMMUNITY SERVICES PROFESSIONALS DOWNTOWN DIARY 6 Home truly where heart is, so well pack MayJune issue with ideas that will inspire you express yourself your home, no matter happens be. From latest home dcor trends gardening landscaping tips creative ways spending time as family, guaranteed make feel good about live. ISSN 1521-1207 published six times year by TOTI Media, Inc., P.O. Box 1227, Sanibel, FL 33957. OUR NEXT ISSUE N 7 2714 108 PUBLISHER Daniela E. Jaeger EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Patricia Letakis SENIOR EDITOR Beth Luberecki ASSOCIATE Greg CREATIVE DIRECTOR Brian Stromlund PROOFREADERS Doug Gallogly, EDITORIAL ASSIGNMENT Scarlett Collier, ASSISTANT Melanie Pagan TRAVEL David Grant CONTRIBUTING Acevedo WRITERS Acevedo, Gina Birch, Ed Brotak, Nick Ciletti, Kathryn Cole, Garrett, Hilary Hemingway, Elizabeth Joyce, Luberecki, Kelly Madden, Pagan, Michael Stull, Kitt Walsh PHOTOGRAPHERSARTISTS Adams, Richard Evans, Garth Francis, Thomas Hayes, Jaeger, Ron Mayhew, Carol Ricco, Judi Woods NATIONAL SALES M. Davoll 239-472-0205, ext. 107 ADVERTISING Friedrich N. 102 Dru Anne Doyle 109 Madden 110 OFFICE ADMINISTRATION, SUBSCRIPTIONS CREDIT CARD ORDERS Collier 106 WEBMASTER Philip Lippard, Sanibel Logic CONNECT US facebook.comtotimediamagazines twitter.comtotimedia pinterest.comtotimedia FOR E-MAIL INQUIRIES toti.comcontactus Island, 33957 T F 239-395-2125 New York Representative Office 800-472-0634 FounderChairman President Guy Tober Vice PresidentC.O.O. Financial Administrator Jacqueline S. Gallogly Subscription price 24.00 for one-year domestic subscription. Copyright 1996 Inc. All rights reserved. part publication may be reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily those 8 2514 639 9 WATERS INCREDIBLE EFFECT H ow privileged we live or near water something residents hear often, particularly visitors left landlocked cities, states even countries. Sometimes I if could surrounds us. When Im focused, concentrating project, like kayaker mission, paddling across inky waters Pine Island Sound. Then there when my energy low drive do certain tasks just floats away, swimmer resting back placid Gulf drifting each gentle wave. In explore magical effects wonderful things can enjoy waterways. Some us love fish, battle tarpon Boca Grande Pass connection water. Others mariners island hopping Cabbage Key Cayo Costa leaves surrounded change color sun rises falls scenery connects And prefer land, hike alongside winding rivers scrub-lined bays our parks wildlife refuges calming effect scour sky bald eagles. Yes, numerous opportunities connect THIS WE EXPLORE MAGICAL EFFECTS OF AND WONDERFUL THINGS YOU CAN ENJOY ON OR NEAR WATERWAYS. encompass here, read page, sure youll come away new appreciation H2O. never discover during day water, favorite surprises came boat trip organized Jensen brothers. As departed Jensens Marina Captiva, heading Sound Charlotte Harbor, had camera ready. My mission was photograph after many years still stand proud. These quirky structures an unexpected sight, feature Reel Adventure learn history wooden shacks despite storms windy weather have survived. Once stop commercial fishermen, they now used recreational fishing. Certainly highlights cruising waters, youve seen them, suggest hiring exploring. Away theres plenty happening at year. At all cultural centers, find music, theater, dance offerings galore. Whether attend concert Symphony, performance Broadway Palm Theatre Repertory Theatre, show Alliance Arts visit Barbara B. Mann Performing Hall, scene bursting energy, want it. Last all, sincere thanks readers wrote me regarding publishers letter ran JanuaryFebruary issue. am always appreciative comments thank taking share thoughts Media team. Publisher, LEFT NICK ADAMS RIGHT DANIELA JAEGER 11 Making Waves honor roll who, their everyday lives, community special. BETH LUBERECKI JOE PLEDGER ERIC RADDATZ CRUISE CONTROL Its been more than two decades since Joe Pledger first helped take over J.C. Cruises, business started his father 1972. Though passed, has experiences while job. Every see different, he says. bad beats anywhere else. usually found piloting Capt. J.P., replica paddleboat Cruises built 1987 travels along Caloosahatchee River. people coming down river, seem notice, different sight. it looks historic, actually diesel powered boasts technology. Departing Fort Myers Yacht Basin, takes guests lunch, dinner sightseeing cruises, west river toward Mexico eastward Lake Okeechobee. also popular venue weddings, fundraisers other events. Many big, says Pledger. They sitting eating seeing cruise river. 239-334-7474, MOVIE MAN Seen any movies lately Eric Raddatz definitely has. founder executive director Film Festival, spends screening potential entrants, often help TGIM Thank God Indie Mondays events Sidney Berne Davis Center. fourth annual festival place March 19 through 23 venues center, Hall Dinner Theatre. Attendees flicks few others viewed. dont fly Park City get really excellent films, Raddatz. lot films making programming played We film supports local filmmakers distribution edgy might ruffle feathers, which festivals chance with. works own friends projects shooting area. People starting believe work being shot here but its global scale, awareness makes great film. COURTESY GARTH FRANCIS 13 726 Anglers, boaters guides turn guy forecast sea On air, consummate professional providing information precise easy understand. Obviously, Van Winkle likes does. meteorologist born raised far distance Florida, Arizona exact. After graduating high school Prescott, tried college decided best option him time. So 1976, joined Navy, offered wide choice fields, including meteorology. interest weather, finishing classroom studies stateside, assigned aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, stationed Mediterranean, complete training. But P ED BROTAK broadcasting. Nimitz onboard TV broadcast weatherman. sailors knew would up ask, Whats Cincinnati next Id point mentioning Cincinnati. connecting audience, Finishing duty returned continue university. He graduated Summa Cum Laude 1984 B.A. German business. plans pursue meteorology weather. ad weatherman KUSK-TV, very small station Prescott. applied hired. stayed years, before heard another opportunity. WVIR-TV Charlottesville, retty cool how Robert Winkle, senior chief NBC-2 Team, describes life. plan state. With trademark glasses, closely cut gray hair slight athletic build, easily recognizable. welcomes ready smile quickly engages conversation. Senior Team tracks going air. OUTDOOR RECREATION BEING MAJOR REASON VISIT SOUTHWEST FLORIDA, ACCURATE WEATHER FORECASTS ARE ESSENTIAL. VAN WINKLE HIS TEAM TRUSTED SOURCE INFORMATION PART EVENING NEWSCAST. 1979 Iranian hostage crisis occurred, deployed Persian Gulf. Putting into gear, finished training months took charge ships center. For work, awarded prestigious Navy Achievement Medal. Besides forecasts, got taste Va., looking establish job became WVIR, position held 17 years. 2003, were changing Winkles life, felt need move on. It happened WVIRs sister station, WBBH-TV Myers, meteorologist. so, Florida. ROBERT RED DOOR STUDIO 15 1224 experience wild tropical tracking Hurricane Charley, category 150 mph winds, hit 2004. IS CREDITED FIRST DETECT SUBTLE CHANGE CHARLEYS TRACK, WHICH WOULD BRING STORM CRASHING ASHORE JUST NORTH FORT MYERS. ALERT GAVE RESIDENTS AN EXTRA FEW HOURS PREPARE. hadnt whole most significant ever occur Charley put forecasting use. credited detect subtle Charleys track, bring storm crashing ashore north Myers. This alert gave extra hours prepare. About later October 2005, once again viewers hurricane. air straight Wilma crossed south Marco Island. holds Seal Approval National Association, loves challenge forecasting. Different happen every day, says, exactly same. NBC-2, heads staff six, includes Haley Webb, hurricane expert Jim Reif meteorologists Jason Dunning, Kira Miner Heckard. utilize technology provide accurate forecasts timely warnings. stations First Alert Doppler Zoom customized radar allows them pinpoint locations give short-term movement. outdoor recreation major reason essential. team trusted source evening newscast. Audrey Stewart Adventures Paradise, 30-year-old touring use Radar nearly especially summer. kind in, rain going, up-to-date manner, rely NBC-2. accurate. Before fishing, shelling, Chris Gillespie Bear Charters turns NBC2 well. terms severe Theyre spot Their bar none best. Not only does to. Thunderstorm tricky, hurricanes, hardest forecast. trial fire, recalls. right pastimes, collects bird houses, cigar boxes such items decorative accessories. One shop, saw house newly painted decoration thought, that. His creations sale Open Door Shoppes Hendry Street comes enjoying Sanibel. beach, Tarpon Bay, Bowman Beach, Lighthouse Beach. great. Sunshine State, sums up, Ive lucky. Things turned absolutely n Freelance writer Brotak retired professor stay-athome dad. family western North Carolina, vacation often. 16 PHOTOS WIKIPEDIA 640 hip decor wardrobe essentials, weve scoop whats retailers. GINA BIRCH GET GROUNDED Finding sandals feet task. Groundals 49.99 improve health. shoes replicate energetic benefits walking barefoot connected earth, protecting feet. conductive foot bed Groundal designed balance electrical charges between body earth. Designers claim look better absorbing positive mother West Birkenstock store Old Town online q SOPHISTICATED SIPPY CUP uncivilized drink wine plastic sometimes glass safe, drinkers around pool boat. Vino2Go rescue bright, shatterproof tumblers, perfect outdoors slider opening keeps bugs unwanted airborne substances beverage. adult sippy cup hold ounces wine, made BPA-free acrylic. 9.99 colors aqua, green, pink, purple, tangerine clear select Bed Bath Beyond stores Forum Shops 239-936-0163, Bell Tower 239-482-4713, Coconut Point 239-947-3019 BOATING BLUES Inspired blues ocean, Watercolor Weston Wear Top 120 fit evenings spring season. Made nylon layers mesh, ruching side flatters figure. Soft, stretchy, comfy and, machine washable, casual piece transitions evening. Purchase Jennifers Cypress Square Shopping Center 239-481-8582, Christina P. Wyatt paints universe fantasy full wonder, vibrancy her ocean DAVID ACEVEDO Isle. She then continued visual arts Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, achieving Bachelors Degree painting printmaking 1981. turquoise waves white sands calling name. lived she described Maine Virginia. Still, native state 1993 permanently settle herself until 2000 almost instant following galleries nearby islands Captiva. entitled Gate Keeper, introduced creatures become forte. painting, created sometime late 1990s, suggested mermaid background. artist start sorts opened path magnificent compositions. long Keeper Wyatt, unfortunately artwork, yet remembers fondly. o speak Wyatts artwork dive symbols metaphors. sights serene quiet. warm Floridian caressing skin invading senses. Floridian, grew Miami moved Maine, formal education arts. Associate Applied 1978, Presque WYATT MADE BEST HER AUSPICIOUS LEARNING INSTINCTIVELY COMBINED LOVE SEA NATURE THAT SURROUNDS HER. Deliverance, Oil, 30x40 Artist ARTWORK CHRISTINA Ocean Dreams, Acrylic, 40x30 artists portfolio much mermaid-themed pieces. master surrealist experiments variety subjects. Her admiration Nancy Camden Witt, mentored number spun revolution pieces defined surrealistic admire immensely passing difficult me, holding treasured signed flimsy copy self-published book Alternate Days Paintings Witt. auspicious learning instinctively combined nature her. paintings developed pairing realistic, flawless figurative touch whimsy. Painting acrylics oils, portray aquatic scenes beach landscapes hues. other, unique ingredient masterpieces herself. noticeable petite lady short dark tranquil, deportment. Shes quiet introverted, sweet sincere. Much impeccably achieved mermaids peacefully lay sleeping, curled Yin-Yang covered pearls seashells. quietude conveyed onto canvas, stands creation. important reproductions sold represent adds single prefers sell gicle works. cooperative space, Gallery, represents artwork. Gallery fellow Steve Bufter worked several Describing style critics purchasers art, approaches 21 Knot, 24x28 ARTISTS PORTFOLIO INCLUDES MUCH MORE THAN MERMAID-THEMED PIECES. MASTER SURREALIST WHO EXPERIMENTS VARIETY SUBJECTS. realism hard fall tenure gallery driven sure, certainly arts, Bufter. approaching 32 such, acquired loyal itself. destination returning island, 22 collectors. serious Bufter, oversees organizes conjunction committee currently member. newest addition notable Mermaids Sanctuary . example aptitude artist, whose imaginative real known fauna depicted them. anemones, shells contribute stillness underwater setting, curious, repeatedly present serpent acts pet scenes. real, world, are. alive me. Just submerge. Soon, deep-sea diving world aqua blue, swimming leave overwhelmingly sounds tranquility. curator, former owner, current manager Union Studios campus. degree Puerto Rico, Mayagez Campus. search symphony brings diverse MELANIE PAGAN guest conductors symphonys Masterworks series, began November. Two five candidates stage, Symphonys vice president development strategic marketing Amy Padilla remaining finalists add diversity musicianship already executed performances. well-known talented, thats commonality ends. Maestro Andreas Delfs lead performances Wagners Flying Dutchman Overture , Brahms Symphony No. 4, Beethovens Piano Concerto Saturday, 1, Hall. worldly background range accolades indicate sought after, competing music is. reputation precedes him, Padilla. follow baseball honored someone caliber here. Born Flensburg, Germany, artistic posts Hanover, Germany served general director, Switzerland Opera. additional positions Milwaukee Orchestra St. Paul Chamber national conductor, well-regarded U.S. orchestra aficionados. recognize inspired interpretations greats Beethoven Bruckner, contemporary composers FLORIDA SYMPHONY sharing passion ever-growing quality relevance concerts presentations. season, gained stronger level continues in-house director. last year, orchestras board directors sorting video submissions applicants finally narrowing conductor finalists. audition process, chosen interviewees participating FINALISTS ALL VERY DIFFERENT. THEYRE WELL-KNOWN TALENTED, BUT THATS WHERE COMMONALITY ENDS. --AMY PADILLA Chelsea Tipton II Commanday Nir Kabaretti Guillermo Figueroa 25 26 THEY SAY HAVE REALLY DIFFICULT DECISION HANDS, FEAR RIGHT. PASSIONATE ABOUT EACH THESE GUYS. noted equally consistent. Currently, world-traveled serves laureate Orchestra. Even though considered act follow, maestro Kabaretti, conclude series leading Dvoraks Fidelio Overture, Gershwins 29 Mann, under baton. Israel collaborated some worlds opera classical musicians, Lang Lang, Placido Domingo, Itzhak Perlman Salvatore Licitra. Internationally, steady schedule appeared del Teatro dellOpera di Roma, Tokyo Philharmonic Vienna Orchestra, among dozens others. Kabarettis operatic renditions lengthy, guided productions Tchaikovskys Nutcracker Mendelssohns Midsummer Nights Dream, both alla Scala Milano. Among accomplishments throughout musical career, America-Israel Cultural Foundation Young Conductors, won Junger Knstler Conducting 1993. Aside award-winning talent, personality crowd-pleaser. personality, style, Hes group Past contestants participated include American II, led November Figueroa, previous Rico conducted Rachmaninoffs 2, Berliozs Roman Carnival Corderos Insula Tropical January travelling guest-conductor Commanday, directed Shostakovichs Lenore February 8. crowd shown immense gratitude finalists, brought world-class notes received two-minute standing ovation performance. audience members listen array styles ongoing competition, happy simply task ultimately choosing winner. envy us, guests. say decision hands, fear right. passionate guys. By June hopes match. Get tickets upcoming assignment editor social media coordinator Media. Follow Facebook, Twitter Pinterest pages, 27 Are lipstick lover face-cream fanatic youre place. issue, lowdown fabulous fragrances, luxurious lotions, must-have makeup everything between. Because whether laid-back surfer babe total product junkie, thing feel. BUDGET Pampering doesnt break bank. Thats philosophy Body Collection 4.99 19.99 beauty guru Sonia Kashuk, affordable chic line. 24-item collection eau de toilettes, shower gels, hand creams oils done stylish black packaging accented hand-illustrated floral patterns. Kashuk four fragrance options famed perfumer Jrme Epinette, innocent girly earthy sensual. Head Target check collection, treat stick budget. SHOWER POWER called Naples Soap Company, firm offers bars sudsing shower. Sea Salt Scrubs shea butter, fruit extracts, vitamin E, antioxidant-rich grapeseed red raspberry seed oils. Available scents coconut lime, orange blossom, almond lavender vanilla, exfoliating scrubs feeling smooth soft. deep--the diabetics trying increase circulation aid healing wounds. locally Company 239-352-7627,, 239-226-9005 Punta Gorda 941-916-9260. 1225 NATURALLY TRENDY fashion collide send powerful message backstage SBDAC buzzed makings high-profile December 14, leggy models industry professionals geared 3rd Walks Runway event. Clouds hairspray perfume filled getting dolled Red Salon Spa, Blue Dahlia Salon, Kimberley Wood Associates Geancarla Sprella A. Each hosts weekend charity shows involve nationally recognized emerging talent. did weekendlong raise funds restoration centers upper floors, voice cause close hearts involved nature. Saturday night dedicated haute couture aimed way society views reusable material. Everyday products transformed wearable Mariapia Malerbas rose-flamenco dress paper elements, Paionia Coutures designs upholstery fabric grocery bags. Looking pieces, paper, said organizer Melissa Tschari DeHaven. There theme environmentalism humanity. probed deeper relationship show, produced Elements Simon917ink. Human canvases, elements Mother Nature destruction, performed front screen playing natural disasters. stage dramatic, DeHaven scene, showed planet care Preceding main event Fridays Keeping show. WINK-TV anchorreporter Hinds emceed downtown area boutiques, Forever Yours, Marzela Boutique, Black, Enjewel Petunia Naples, seasonal trends. Lilly Hatchett Paper Grotto Fire performance, designer Stella Pink Sheena Brook paid homage scene. LAURA GARCIA, MODELING ENJEWEL 641 THOMAS HAYES CINTHYA SANCHEZ, BLACK REBECCA OROS, PETUNIA NAPLES STACIE HARMON, AMANDA PODLASEK, FOREVER YOURS BOUTIQUE PHALON CANNARELLA, 31 LINDZ DILLINGER, PAINONIA COUTURE PAIONIA RACHEL BOSECKER, MARIAPIA MALERBA While eagerly waiting strut stuff Friday, excitement participate shows. Canterbury School student Amanda Podlasek, sported threads black-and-white polka dotted top Yours boutique, runway modeling resume involvement. builds confidence, combine animals. Seventeen-year-old Rachel Bosecker Riverdale High second feed craving catwalk. most, RICHARD EVANS Bosecker. whoever want. hobby, passion. admiring seat sneak peak 2014s hottest fashions, able walk newfound respect in. Now everyone. 33 13014 1101 one-on-one dolphins resort-like park HILARY HEMINGWAY quality, prescription masks various strengths needed Our scheduled session swim dolphins, bypassed fitted wet suits. Both trainers wear suits swimsuits protect distraction injury buckles snaps swimwear material scratch skin. 30-minute dolphin groups per group. spread cove avoid overcrowding. went safety protocols trainer listened answered questions. youngest daughter asked, How wild, captivity, double that, responded. SeaWorld longer captures orcas, breeding program. Finally signal lagoon torpedo shape raced join Wow, bigger 17-year-old observed. Alpha, said. 550 pounds. Despite enjoyed kids Orlandos parks, recently, Cove. Located property, pleasure seeking intimate, hassle-free theme-park experience. crowds, lines fast-pass turnstiles. Instead reservation, free all-inclusive private beach-like resort marine life creating lasting memory. spend boating, opportunity sharks stingrays children. To it, arrived 730 a.m. sharp. told else provided. True word, provided sunscreen, specially formulated friendly. mask snorkel, ones Orlando, Atlantic bottlenose star. Interacting mammal dorsal fin tow ride lagoon. OPPOSITE PAGE DISCOVERY COVE More water-centric park, paradise rocky lagoons, reefs, rivers, waterfalls white-sand beaches. Private rental cabanas shade, chaise lounges refrigerators stocked drinks. THERE NO CROWDS, LONG FAST-PASS TURNSTILES. INSTEAD MAKE RESERVATION, PARK FREE ALL-INCLUSIVE DAY AT PRIVATE BEACH-LIKE RESORT MARINE LIFE CREATING LASTING FAMILY MEMORY. Alphas size, gentle. Everyone touch, talk dolphin. end session, Alpha allowed deep fin. couldnt think youth growing watching Flipper save Bud Sandy. lagoon, rest park. having appetite, complimentary breakfast buffet headed reserved cabana. cabana cost beyond entry fee, worth because view Grand Reef shade sun. tell true covet shade. Reef, swam schools stingrays, de-barbed safety, eels close. protective divider 35 kept swimmers peril. illusion danger staple Orlando different. minutes yelling fire coral, soon discovered rubber fake coral rock. colorful reef however, authentic. husband soaking read, daughters walked Explorers Aviary. Here Guests thrill wading cownose rays Coves Reef. special occasions, hire deliver personalized keepsake buoy. 36 Aviary, 250 exotic birds, hand-feed interact toucans, parrots species. hundreds birds toucans freely, occasional surprise landing head. Next aviary Wind-Away River, freshwater mini Amazon Relaxing floating chairs, drifted forest caves. left, Venture. Cove, pressurized helmets bottom sea, above. idea bell helmet dates Leonardo da Vincis inventions promoted Jules Vernes 20,000 Leagues Sea. wrapped 530 p.m., although memories lifetime. 877-557-7404, discovery Hemingway Ernest Hemingways niece. books. screenplay, Fuentes, co-written starring Andy Garcia, pre-production. 37 ROLLING RIVER KITT WALSH catched talked, ... solemn, big laying backs stars, didnt talking loud --Huckleberry Finn Slow houseboat charter, must demonstrate parallel loose. optional 75, Boat USAs towing service errantly sandbar. speed ten knots twelve miles hour, 50 miles. captain points out, weeks exploring half changing, Pektas. kayaking bird-watching midnight stopping Captiva fun. boats sleep eight kitchens baths, linens cookware Bobs wife, Maria, provision list fee. 1,000 refundable less fuel deposit required, minimum three nights. approximately 420 plus military discount percent. Diesel costs 3.60 gallon, weeklong charter consumes gallons. Bob Krueger Jan King Colorado recently rented 41-foot Vacations. W hile open raft getaways, savvy travelers putting modern spin Mark Twains fictional escape. checking vacation, plunge leaving bustle renting houseboat. Captain Pektas Vacations Houseboat Rentals rents houseboats travel barrier go fleet 41-footers 37-footer, based Basin. license operate houseboat, personally morning Gassed go, relax, reconnect. Special Section RENT MY ISLAND Unobstructed perk requires pilot. manageable adventure, Krueger, isolation. wanted unplug. couple spent two-thirds anchor places Tween Waters Inn little too windy, South Seas Resort. fished catching trout, catfish barracuda, skiff Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge, marveled An enormous ray completely boat, spectacular, Krueger. living around. 10-day trip, fuel, 4,000, believes money spent. recommend realized together. disconnected relaxed. further civilization, rent docked island. owner, Rainek, owns Charlies Marathon Key. Except shelter, grill, hammock tiki torches, Survivor. Fly Miami, Beach staffer meet acquaint systems. snorkeling, sunbathing sans avoiding tan lines. remains stationary, 17-foot center console areas. TOP PARADISE VACATIONST HOUSEBOAT RENTALS BOTTOM EVEN FURTHER FROM CIVILIZATION, DOCKED OWN ISLAND. escape, peace 39 40 WERE LOOKING MANAGEABLE ADVENTURE ONE OFFERED CERTAIN LEVEL ISOLATION. WANTED UNPLUG. --BOB KRUEGER, CUSTOMER VACATIONS Sleeping comforts furnished cozy rooms right, Keys hotel left. Writereditor web content company Behind Blogs regular contributor CNN Money, public speaker media, editor, freelance writer, consultant publications worldwide. 642 KEYS sense adventure Rainek. Families time, lovers, fathers sons, camp--its Swiss Family Robinson accommodations. two-bedroom two-bath sleeps eight, 2,795 week five-minute civilization--though way. visits wants stay longer. If iconoclast, consider Gilberts Resort Largo. Laura DeGroot Bill Schramm, owners Rentals, themselves escapees frozen Chicago winter corporate boats, 220 Renting economical DeGroot. room, eat cook meal access offer. pool, paddleboard, jet skis catch sip cold listening entertainment. starts north, booking kicks rock little, Schramm downsize full-time looked back. cant beat, agree. 41 AIRPLANE REQUIRED Escaping country S CILETTI picture Bimini jetted far-off Caribbean destination. Theyll blue summer white, powdery sand coats bare sugar backdrop palms flowers overlooking all. Theres exist United States, let alone That truth photos tank gas ship, course. true--its Bimini, nestled roughly Bahamas. deluxe ship Port getaway morning--and mom rings night. convenience lured Gaby Carabajal, boyfriend, board. same Carabajal. easy. Carabajal friend, birthday. gorgeous scenery, entertainment board, delicious drinks view. obsessed this, explains disappearing coastline. gorgeous. cloudy now, breathtaking. foursome all-day quash late-night plans. Youre afterward youd like, arrive promptly clearance SuperFast. Also, close, located Bahamas, everyone needs carry passport sail. festivities step DJ blasting hits deck dancing, karaoke trivia. gambling casino. Resorts World operates SuperFast A.M., YOURE CRUISING AWAY COAST. TYPICALLY REACH BIMINI LESS THREE HOURS. Aboard casino entertainment, passengers reach Biminis lunchtime. 43 Visitors postcard sipping fruity below heap conch GORGEOUS SCENERY, ENTERTAINMENT BOARD, DELICIOUS TROPICAL DRINKS PERFECT DAY. restaurants continental traditional, sitdown meal. evening, grab multicourse burgers hot dogs floor, seas. a.m., coast. typically hours. shore, large catamarans Bimini. sand, oyster Trams either town vendors, watering holes dip pristine, beach. Kara McKinney, clear, nice. beautiful. postcard. McKinney calls Aventura, resided shed heartbeat. pretty early morning, worry traffic, McKinney. Or Friday accessible selling price. According companys website, cruises 99 person, oftentimes Buy One, Half Off specials. booked voyages Groupon 50. someone, Groupon. Prices compared cheaper. should allow docks Miami. offering Sunday. accommodations resort, head Ciletti frequent During week, hes reporter News 44 45 Tips long-term health wellness M MICHAEL STULL ore equal fitness world. Within field, undesired outcomes frustration, burn-out. exercise efficiently results, busy lives. Individuals tend longerduration workouts better. example, hours, efficient anything unproductive volume--more reps, weights physical effort--within workout Although vary routines adjust duration volume needs, exercisers limited greatly benefit short, quick intense workouts. lower recover physically quicker. metabolism fired day. Remember focus quantity. channeled intensity lack urgency. count, pleasantly surprised effectiveness 30or 40-minute session. optimize workout. Alternating periods followed rest, effective fat burning. Tabata-style workout, Japanese scientist Izumi Tabata, alternating seconds rest. swinging heavy kettlebell legs. essentially repeat total-body included cardiovascular muscle toning. traveling, essential go-to routine virtually equipment minutes. consist squats, modified pushups, lunges, planks, dips, wall-sits, jumping jacks, jump squats mountain climbers name few. Completing circuitstyle surely keep track. Remember, nothing importantly motivated, accountable track wellness. Stull physiologist designing programs individuals businesses. reached 47 1107 CRAIG GARRETT 49 Sheet Bend Overhand Lover heres man forgetting trip. lashes rope handle toolbox lowers enjoys sunshine. pats himself ingenuity. ends retrieve toolbox. Uh-oh, poorly fastened slips off. section rope. thousands dollars tools sit feels sort dumb. many, stories this--you probably one--the lesson knot, gets critical tool centuries, surgeons delicate suture secure lure simple shoelaces key role. Knots identify cultures customs. Theyve equating utero divine instinct ocean. knots. Thick, dry hands attest netting. Phanco utilizes cumulative today mend assemble casting nets. sells bait shops. net round weighted edges lead. user flings cowboy issuing lasso, lets retrieves drawstring. largely ensnare baitfish, nets game table tonight. Phancos smaller fetch hundred bucks. crucial cast-net process. Using needle size Sharpie marker interlace pie-shaped sections netting 6-, 10- 12-foot nets, bench garage weaves 500 half-hitch 10-foot net. centuries ago, seagulls barking strings literally baby box, aboard humans progressed newer intricate prevailed. imagine seafaring days, sailing together hemp, tar snare food climb mountains, theyve balloons afloat educating kids. build self-confidence child, teach tie knots, Graham, Scout Executive CEO region Boy Scouts America. stimulate thought processes, conceptuality skills. relatable real-life usage. fifth-generation fisherman, Stephen Compact wiry, speaks mystically trawler Fishing, familys history. am. Rich Martin veteran angler guide. poor thrashing Bermuda, lashed line cleat, using traditional hitch knot. wind shifted, swung wildly. stress loosened allowing surging swamp lost everything, motor, equipment, Martin, Robs Bait Tackle Cape Figure Eight Bowline Double Alpine Butterfly 1226 tongue-twister boy Better 51 Coral. oh, man. wasnt smart. again. Only Bernd Marzulla pop rabid saltwater junkie accent. Crazy Lure Tackle, Coral shop dishes hookleader hook formed drawn correctly, weak point, wont verk, Marzulla. twist assuredly. patient novice, slowly, tricks. amazing observe. Like million due repeated failure. pigtail curlicue. pigtail, spits pulled tightly hook--friction heat weakens recommends leaders, differing specialty snell, rather threading eye, wraps shaft hook, swivel. YouTube ideal observe hooks. sumzing stupid, fisherman Jeff Sims looped truck inner tube dock piling, knotted shark Hed slab fish. Inevitably, hooked flounder pounds, taut, angrily thrashing. failed hold, explains. used, you, fed family. well-tied down. Knot-making ships. documented types Grammar, 1627. Rope plant fibers, strips animal skins, hair, according Henry Bushby, noteworthy 1902 manual, Bushby Manuscript, details evolution, noting document basic serving wall, bowline sheepshank. wall functional loop 52 maker net, bind work. sheepshank conjoin ropes substitute word evolved. clove hitch, slip, square sheet-bend common America scouts Graham out. Hindu wedding ceremony, instance, Brahama joins bride groom loincloth, Mayans basis math system, wrote. uses Baltimore oriole nest fiber, hands. lashing kayak, luggage bicycle roof vehicle. orphan beer coolers chairs tumble road. And, delicately put, sensation atop scaffolding. threaded languages. Think metaphor implies means newlyweds given gift bed, mattress support rope, complain muscles, gut, traffic men forget successfully tie, woman bow ribbon holiday childs Easter Shoelaces passage. Handcrafts knitting crocheting furniture constructed hemp hammocks clothing, sewing, looming, splicing, plaiting, macraming, matting weaving play part. cinch, ornament. Games puzzles string games mouse, larks cats cradle, string. Magicians pocket, pulling knot-free. becoming Tow franchise, Pete Louzao commanded Coast Guard Station. appreciates Pete. Sitting office, length thick fingers, mindlessly, extension arms. salts Guard. Those backs, Louzao, versed language mariners. proficient maritime days over. Coral-based writer. 53 KELLY MADDEN relics families. 55 HISTORICAL DEPARTMENT STATE DIVISION RESOURCES Fish cabin, Bokeelia cabin White Rock Shoals, Companys ice house, shore entrance Safety Leneer Rocks, Little Key, Hendrickson Rocks Ice Blasco Southeast Blanco hats waterfront charming, camps dotting Harbor rank enviable examples. cypress wood pine planking, roughsawn timbers so-called amenities, shelters rise above luxuries storied Back War sites icehouses meant run operations, catching, storing delivering bounty facilities processors dominant fishery 80 rustic cabins stretched San Carlos Bay. Today, remain area, properties listed Register Historic Places. shoal situated fortunate idyllic generations hole weathering sun-kissed Coasts harrowing hurricanes relentless storms, survived create families catch. blessed place, Mac Martin. grandfather bought 1958, closed Martins kid. there, estate Arcadia places--and spaces-- pillar paradise, perched depending tide. 56 birds-eye 57 Were stewards --Fish camp First-time upon houses. weekends, busier weekday buddies chipped camp, small. devoid conditioning purported mainland. deal, this. pays 1,500 State Department Environmental Protection submerged land lease, keeping environment nautical neighbors--current areas families, megacar dealer Sam Galloway--go recycling, goes railing belong 1980s, burning down, abandoned declining trend commercial-fishing Medias publications. 58 Natural Resources navigational hazard existence detriment grasses inlets Harbor. exception concept, mainly shallow boater aground hitting wood. endured hurdles upright, 2004 arrival. dwindling, rebuild no-brainer. overall footprint same, improvements, rebuilt solid could. space bunk beds picnic middle. description paradise. HOOK, LINE SINKER Generations famous first-timers wetting centuries. huge species angling destinations. Well-deserved monikers Capital Worlds Most Fishingest Bridge Matlacha why backcountry cast abandon. regions network bays, inlets, creeks, mangrove estuaries creates endless varied environments spots anglers levels try reeling theyre hoping elusive snook giant tarpon. Nestled shoreline coastal Sound, enchanting estuary tiny islands, channels teeming sought-after Snook, redfish, spotted Spanish mackerel, ladyfish, bluefish caught secluded bay passes Mexico, generally dictates type find. higher salinity shallows sound success reds snook. mouths sound, salty infusions Okeechobee, watch gar groupers, sharks. understand within accounts biting where. sampling beaches, snappers everywhere shrimp sardines working bait. prizes, waters. study laws bag harvest seasons inches size. multiple hooks spear. visiting unfamiliar legends surface, careful parts, Cracker, nickname native-born roots State. pronunciation rhymes cook, seasoned refer Luke claiming --K.M. 59 Ditch corkscrew favor twist-off wines ease Pinot Noir. smells plums, raspberries flavors combination fruits, mushrooms clove. Affordable pinot, 15. Vina Robles winery Paso Robles, California, secured tidy screw cap, 2010 RED4. rich blend syrah, sirah, grenache, mourvedre plums. oak spice juicy, ripe fruit. RED4 nice structure grilled meats, burger cheese steak kabobs. hen deal cork bottle. splash Bordeaux red. Twist-offs fast easy, helping reduce risk spillage cap maligned purists hurling accusations bottle devalues inside. Scientific underway Davis, comparing integrity age, cap. Corks allure, perception class. However, expensive, seal reliable, causing wineries lose oxidation taint. Oxygen enemy finds via faulty closure, good. Screw caps met resistance--until Australia Zealand more. Eventually, winemakers globally bandwagon, high-end Napa Valley cabernet makers. PlumpJack eyebrows 130-a-bottle 1997 Reserve Cabernet. Something Zork Cork, bottled Leese-Fitch label. unfurl flexible sturdy topper underneath--a offensive anti twist-off. light pasta salads chicken Pick 2012 Tasty twist-cap display vineyards Californias country. 643 SCREW CAPS BEEN USED DECADES ALWAYS MET SOME RESISTANCE--UNTIL 1990S, WHEN WINERIES AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND STARTED USING THEM MORE. winemaker Kevin Willenborg lighter consumed youth. continues, wines, blend. emphasize freshness, preserving qualities. WHITE4 unusual viognier-based verdelho, vermentino sauvignon blanc. palate crisp finish. Try cocktail ring Another fantastic blend, cork, Franciscan Estate. Director winemaking Janet excited screw-cap closure Equilibrium. provides package setting. fresh, wines. Equilibrium blanc chardonnay muscat Put nose breathe peach honeysuckle. tasting clean, nectarine, citrus. waterside cookout range. 100-percent Justin Vineyards Robles. Sauvignon blancs suited cuisine outdoors. minerals citrus glass. Serve fresh seafood tangy cheeses. Ros rarely wrong Lions Lair Africa fiftyfifty merlot grapes. strawberries. Dont fooled pink finishes lovely cherry. salads. retailers Sanibels Grog Shop, Cut Rate Liquor Fine Wine Total Joint, Rum Runners, Bistro Grille. romantic ceremonial popping cork. appealing Cheers Birch TVradio broadcaster musings 61 1112 dish flavor, culture edge catches ingredients ceviche pair mixes cilantro, onions, jalapenos juice suffice savory mouthful. Four sub-par Slabinski. freshest picks spices order taste, safety. culinary delight illusion. trick entree cooked--as marinates, citric acid kills bacteria manipulates structure, protein opaque prepared heat. ceviche, chef John Wolff Thistle Lodge regularly whips varieties spicy tomato shrimp, lemonlime scallops, lobster Sangria. trio leads appetizer menu Lodge, Study Ceviche. bite delivers flavor texture last, enough introduce Chefs signature Latin influences linger throughout. itself descent, preserve citrus, exact origin disputed. definite distinctions Peruvian, Colombian Central countries ceviches, influences, Wolff. picked knowledge ts item increasingly lists. restaurants, bestseller. marinated acidic fruit, commonly impression palates globe. customize adding seemingly possibilities creativity, resulting delectable masterpieces. anything, Slabinski, Starfish Grille Seafood versatile deconstruct Slabinski Juan Martinez--also Grille--can kitchen, experimenting Chef plate Grilles Day changes catches, Martinez tuna flavor. 63 CEVICHE CREATE IT ALMOST ANYTHING. SEAFOOD VERSATILE PROTEIN DECONSTRUCT DO SORTS WITH. --CHEF SLABINSKI STARFISH GRILLE SAVOR AREA RESTAURANTS MYERS El Gaucho Inca, 239-275-7504 Patio 239-278-3303 BONITA SPRINGS Bay Hyatt Regency Spa, 239-390-4295 SANIBEL Casa Ybel, 239-472-9200 Traditions, 239-472-4559, 239-472-STAR Inca--a seafood--is daily co-owner Mariano Maldonado. 64 EL GAUCHO INCA STAR RESTAURANT--THE BESTSELLER --ROCIO NAVARRETE preparations paired personal style. husband-and-wife heavily tradition restaurant. Peruvian Argentinian aromas greet customers entering quaint eatery, promising Rocio Navarrete disappointed. star restaurant--the seller exclaims. dinner. Peru, well-known, ago countrys inhabitants. Incas pure raw state, lime salt, Navarrete. where, exactly, originated pairs with, chefs agree neednt skilled concoction. Following precautions preparing paint-by-numbers Since cooked, insists possible, manner. refrigerate components served. Wolff, non-citrus flavors. prep others, mixture marinate well, aspects tainted. creativity strikes kitchen impromptu party zest, ceviche. Picassos edible form, imaginations, buds, conceptual delicious. 69 917 1_TOTI_MA14.indd KEY B Breakfast L Lunch D SB Sunday Brunch R Reservations Accepted Banquet Facilities Entertainment Cocktails Beer SWFL DINING GUIDE melt tomato-Parmesan bisque CHLOS Raising Bar. Beachs finest dining experiences, Chlos sunset views, depart standard fried-shrimp fare, stuffed duck noopie. Shops, 13499 Cleveland Ave., 239-466-4141, BLU SUSHI Cobalt Cool. incredible sushi outrageous cocktails menu, tasty choices diners chicken. DARUMA Make Wish teppan-style, prepares Classic favorites tempura offered, combinations Nippon filet mignon teriyaki. DiamondHead Resort, Estero Blvd., 239-765-0595, DOC FORDS BEACH RUM BAR Sequel. story--a sequel. novelist Randy Wayne Whites restaurant Matanzas banana leaf snapper Texas ribs. Enjoy 239-344-0037, GARAGE details. 1920s, Ford Model Bootlegger. Fresh Black Angus beef topped arugula fried egg mouth craft names Kona Big Wave Belgium Fat Tire. 13451 McGregor 239-489-1500 10045 Drive, 239-334-BLU3, COURTSIDE STEAKHOUSE HARBOUR Beefed Up. Refined wood, brass, leaded sports theme, steakhouse tastiest butchers breed steaks. Diners opt resorts elegant Princess yacht. 708 Fishermans Wharf, 239-765-9660, PINCHERS CRAB SHACK Table. Fresh, cut-to-order fries madefrom-scratch slaw decadently rich, cheese-and-crab full-on fruity, complement 2207 Street, 239-332-3673, FIRESTONE Brick atmosphere, tires moving walls remind Firestone. paella Room tapas Sky Bar, Martini Bar Saturday. 17260 Harbour Pointe 239-466-2138, CRAVE Cozy Contemporary. Modern cuisine, Breakfast, omelet variation eggs Benedict. noon, bacon-wrapped meatloaf jambalaya, sandwiches, attract hungry diners. brunch packs wait--but Multiple 28580 Bonita Crossings Springs, 239-948-1313 18100 239-415-8973 6890 239-463-2909 15271 239415-4009 10029 239-415-4040 5501 Palmer Crossing Circle, Sarasota, 941-922-1515 1200 5th Avenue South, 239-434-6616, 2224 239-334-3473, f LAZY FLAMINGO Cold Beer, Raw Come plumpest oysters, steaming hot-spiced peel-and-eat grouper incendiary Dead Parrot Wings. buffalo wings bet. 12901 239-466-4663, CRISTOFS MCGREGOR Old-Florida Charm. Designed resemble delightful, Floridastyle landscaping, Cristofs hotspot. choose rib-eye southern bouillabaisse, receive generous portions ingredients. BISTRO Innovative Global Cuisine. Visually stimulating presentations stellar regulars first-time 6520-C 239472-5353 1036 Periwinkle Way, 239472-6939 12951 239-476-9000 16501-B Stringfellow Road, Bokeelia, 239-283-5959, LOS CABOS CANTINA Eat, Stay Party tacos, burritos, enchiladas 10231 239-791-8473 guacamole, Arrachera Steak, homemade chimichurri. Youll stepped 100-year-old cantina, amenities. SUNSHINE Sunny Delight. features wood-fired specialties seafood, breast roasted corn portobello mushroom relish, pan-seared piccata. vibe. 13451-16 239-489-2226, UNIVERSITY GRILL Class. lunch theatergoers club atmosphere 2226 239-332-2226, 8700 Gladiolus 239-489-2233, EDISON RESTAURANT Illuminati. honors legendary namesake genius, Edison, photos. steeped tradition, pot pie receiving raves 7790 239-437-4377, 239-415-4009 239-4154040 3583 239-936-9348, PRAWNBROKER Agent Fish. tried-and-true. Salads pleasing 1982. Soup salad accompany dinners, days. Early deals p.m. booths, DUBLIN ALE HOUSE PUB Pint Full Variety. rousing Irish pubs impressive disappoint. Shepherds chips fare. Slinte 1708 Parkway West, Coral, 239-541-2663, 67 2614 1035 1719 East, Springs OLD Especially Philly. corned-beef hash, French toast caramel pecans, Carbons malted Belgian waffles rice pudding accompanied fresh-ground coffee breakfast. Pop Philly cheesesteak 25091 Bernwood Parkway, 239-948-4190, 10801 Corkscrew Suite 519, Estero, PAGELLIS RUSTIC TUSCAN Bring Dancing Shoes owned Italian inspired, 68 ambience. Dance lake patio cocktails. Point, 239-226-4242, TARPON BAY New-Fashioned Classic. RegencyCoconut pay old-Florida house. cooked marinades. entrees, crispy-fried snapper. 5001 239-390-4295, Novel band folk develop restaurant, best-seller entrees. skip mojito. 975 Rabbit 239-472-8311, DUNES Member Problem classic twist. lump crab bisque, Eastern, Western Southern Burger, empanadas seared steak. 949 Sand Castle 239-472-3355, COW Bovine Bounty. massive omelets pasta, joint, cow references. dinners choice, unless breakfast, omelets. 2163 239-472-0606, PIZZA Slice Paradise. Pizza crust options. Pasta, calzone popular. calamari bruschetta appetizer, miss hour. 1619 239-472-1581, JACARANDA Legend. romantic, intimate relaxed, open-air gathering nightspot one. Food ranges splendid inside sandwiches lounge, nightly. 239-472-1771, 239-472-5353 239-472-6939 MATZALUNA Well-Smoked Italian. Five Cheese Gorgonzola, ricotta, spinach artichoke pizzas. pastas, chicken, veal menu. 239-472-1998, SANDBAR Welcoming. stone-crab claws, unsurpassed. steaks perfection please palates. velvet cake creme brulee dessert. 2761 239-472-0305, Color. Grill typical pub fare--juicy burgers, baskets crusty pizza--and bartenders often-sought-but-neverfound neighborhood feel, popularity spot. 703 239-472-4453, CAF Culinary Luminary. bagel pancakes caramelized bananas 70 71 apples. salad, panini. 937 East 239-579-0195, Grab palm tree-studded mahi braised ribs meat lovers. Casual fare flame-grilled Burger aged cheddar. Holiday 1231 Middle 239-472-7827, starf SWEET MELISSAS Good Thing, Small Packages. Talmage courses half-portions, giving sample dishes, cured yellowtail. 1625 239-472-1956, THISTLE LODGE Victorian Rendezvous. Creative Oscar, crab-crusted scallops mojo allure trappings, glorious table. 2255 239-472-3145, TIMBERS FISH MARKET Dine Yourself. Favorites vegetables, platters cakes lump. Be market, door. 239-472-2722, TRADERS Experience. Traders shopping emporium Tuesday Thursday evenings. gumbo, macadamiaencrusted grouper. 1551 239-472-7242, 72 73 CAPTIVA Nacho Madres Mexican. garden inside, bright serape colors, piatas, terra-tiled floors adobe-style subtly gone border. tooth indulge scoops Queenies cream, milkshakes sundaes. 11508 Rosse Lane, 239-472-0234, MUCKY DUCK Quack Start pint beers brewed pond. English grub. Visit beachside gazing. RC OTTERS Otterly American. multitude daunting. Steamed clams, baskets, quesadillas satisfy cravings. outside seven 14970 239-472-0248, KEYLIME Changes Fooditude. picket fence cheery canopies Jimmy Buffett beat. eclectic walnut-crusted snapper, sausage peppers, escargots baked tomato. 239-395-1142, WINE Bistro. caf European touch. wood-grilled lamb chops mahimahi, perhaps pecan-crusted goat salad. Outdoor seating available. 11546 239-472-3434, FloridaNew Millers always-changing season Wines presentations, Sunset breath away. 11509 239-395-4000, LATTE DA COFFEE ICE CREAM SHOP Upon Time coffees, extra-strong Eye Coffee, cappuccinos lattes 14900 239-472-6200, ensure guide up-to-date. encourage call ahead detailed andor reservations establishments. 15951 239-472-5161 74 75 Joes Stone Crab DOUG GALLOGLY Joes, Deeny Kaplan Lorber 19.95, Seaside Publishing, story. servers unanimously co-workers extended average employee old-timers tell, memories. forward Larry King, diner Muhammad Ali, Jackie Gleason J. Edgar Hoover--each recalled fondly author delves challenges employees faced past, legally required jail. end, courage sacrifice modest 1913 beloved landmark today. Perhaps industries. spirit servers. lives Jackie. movie stars Tom Cruise Redford ate politicians Clinton Condoleezza Rice doors slew celebrity-status folks, monumental establishment. celeb, twoto-three-hour wait cares hustle stone claws parade famous-- not-so-famous--people rub elbows fans, asked Waiting DEENY KAPLAN LORBER 77 MARCHAPRIL LIVE Monster Concert Michigan Faculty 9, 4pm, piano faculty massed pianos. Panayis Lyras, Deborah Moriarty, Derek Polischuk Minsoo Sohn performing. Moorings Presbyterian Church, Naples. 239-4349145, Jazz Plays Tribute Woody Herman 10, 7pm, Musical Mike Brignola, Cambier Bandshell, 239207-8299, Carmen Bradford sings Ella Fitzgerald 23, Community Center, Grande. 239-207-8299, 24, GO WHAT Tommy Dorsey Voices 31, Masterwork Conductor, Chancel Choir performing Gloria April 6, 10am, 239-434-9145, Hayes pianist Lindsey soprano internationally bringing keyboard choral churches, schools, universities stages. career Christian vocalist fails bless listeners. Harry James Debbie Orta, Vocalist 7, Audience Requests Music Walk 18, District third month. dozen regional 855-7323836, STAGE Series IV 8pm, Conductor OConor, Piano, perform 239-418-1500, Caloosa Gun 1-April 26, 630pm, Journey Ol cowboy-style murder Murder Mystery Train, Seminole Railway, 239-275-8487, SPY Sunday, 530pm Wednesday Thursday, Inspector Henri Dijon program Soviet spies 1960s romp Washington Saxophone Quartet 3, widelyheard saxophone quartet U.S., recitals, informal classes China, radio television Woodlands Shell 239-454-2067, shellpoint.orgconcerts Pops Musicals silver screen, musicals Selections Music, Oklahoma, more, salute Rodgers Hammerstein movies. Davina Vagabonds 5pm, ranging Fats Domino Preservation Band Aretha Franklin Waits, converting audiences Vancouver Europe. Lee County Arts, 239-939-2787, Conspiracy Whale 14-29, Thursday-Saturday, 8pm 2pm, Morbidly obese 600-pound confines apartment eats oblivion. failing, becomes desperate reconnect estranged teenage daughter. love, maybe Foulds Mendelssohn 25, 730pm, mini-marathon explores Felix brilliant symphonic poem Fingals Cave evergreen Scotch Symphony. Mysterious sprites curses abound Fair Melusina twilight 79 Dream. Performance Village Church BIG ARTS, Schein creations. Naders Doo Wop Roll 28, all-star lineup stroll memory lane. 239-481-4849, V 29, Dvorak 8, Santa earned command vast repertoire. Season 5, collaboration Pianist Young-ah Tak Praised winning passion, imagination Review thrilling fury finesse Antonio Express-News, prizes competitions. Woodlands, Broadsides Poetry Shelf 17, inaugural unites poets literary printed Broadsides. VIEW 13th Annual Downtown Venice 10am-5pm, longtime buyers. set Venice. 561-7466615, Burnett, Fithian, Ocasio 7-27, 9am, exhibition, 239939-2787, Opening Reception Antique Show 16, antiques collectibles featuring dealers Rare tin toys, ephemera items, silver, porcelain, pottery jewelry sale. appraisal House, 239-472-2155, Club Craft 22, Clubs 31st Crafts Fair. 12th Sarasota Festival Held Main draws crowds visitors. 561-746-6615, 25th Hyde Set 81 O ne Am Ameri erica cas s p Re Reper pertor tory FUN FU y Comp mp anies ies REPERTORY Co ATRE CACIOPPO, FOU WALL STREET JOU RNAL NDER PRODUCING ART ISTIC MAR 21-APR PREVIEWS 18-20 HISTORIC ARCADE THEATRE 2013-2014 APR 25-MAY 22-24 amidst Parks charm tree-lined streets, Tampa fair setting showcase art. Spring Affair 11am-6pm, Meet paintings, mixed photography, custom jewelry, furniture, hand-woven Towers courtyard. Later shopping-and-dining complex. 239-9392787, Future Student Exhibit 2-13, juried exhibition drawings, digital computer 3D. 11th Corey Area 10am5pm, Hosted bustling pottery, ceramics, handmade America, display. GreenMarket plants, orchids, flora, soaps gourmet enjoyment. 36th Siesta Fiesta 27, street crafts Sarasota. 561746-6615, RIS EST PLAY E NOR BRUC -WINNING Y Z LI PU SPONSORED BRUCE JANET BUNCH WGCU PUBLIC MEDIA FLAMENCO WILL CALL YOU, REA DY, ANSWER BERNESE DAVIS GE FOUNDATION Ste ep ph en Sa ac ch hs Hamm ArtStage ersteins THRU songs Pacific, Th h e Sou ou nd und un u d Mu sic usi ic, iic c,, Ca rou ar aro ro sel se el, l, Ok lah kla k kl la aho ho hom ma a, mo re FILL HEART SOUND TH HE SO OUND MUSIC MU USIC C TICKETS GOING FAST DISCOUNTED FINEMARK BANK TRUST GALLOWAY DEALERSHIPS JACKSON HENDRY STREETS AMPLE PARKING DISTRICT 239.332.4488 4488 FLORIDAREP.ORG FLORIDAREP ORG EVENTS Artists Studio Tour artists. day-long begins 82 83 self-guided tour studios homes League Clothesline Sale 9am-3pm, Members SanibelCaptiva directly clotheslines hung grounds 2173 Way. 239-4722155, Seahorse Dream Project Gala Auction 6pm, entertaining silent auction, auction seahorse statues Golisano Childrens Hospital Marriott 239-481-3907, Amelia Earhart Luncheon Daring Janina Birtolo returns one-woman portraying aviation pioneer Earhart, solo Atlantic, earning Lady Lindy. celebrates flight. Evening Maureen McGovern OUTDOORS 10acre campus vendors grown, cultivated foods purchase. Live fun activities kids, cooking demos Guided Daily, 93011am 130-3pm, Join 84 communities. See firsthand flora wildlife. Six Mile Slough, 239-694-0398, Historical Walking Tours Wednesday, 1030am, Learn past 90-minute district. 239-945-0405, Haunted History 2nd 4th reveals darker Farmers Market 8am, produce goodies market. Riverside Park, Springs. 239992-2556, Oxbow Kayak Clinic basics kayaking. class introduces techniques Explore oxbow two-hour instructional tour. Regional 239-533-7440, celebration world-renowned shelling 77th seashell displays crafts, food, raffle 8,000 prizes. Bicycle enthusiasts Garden 11, 11am, gardeners friendships grow. 85 Fishing Catch fishermen. Creek slow-paced paddle levels. binoculars, appropriate clothing mind wet. Hickeys Trip six-hour kayak campground. Paddlers experienced condition 5-mile roundtrip Great Calusa Blueway Creek. Clinic, Earth Event Upcycle cartoonist Jay Norwood Darling, marketplace showcasing high-quality recycled repurposed materials. aims educate recycling Visitor Education SPORTS Extreme Water Ski Miromar Outlet Mall, Estero. 239-4942774, 86 Yoga Monday 830am, clears develops body. levels, ages abilities. Zumba Laughter instruction Lynn 239-590-9933, Crafters Monday, 10am-3pm, seashells crafts. Free supplies. Duplicate 1-4pm, singles matched partner. Sessions Susan, House Refreshments Youth Masterclass Taught 393-434-9145, Movie Night 830pm, blankets provisions Despicable Me stars. Honky Tonk Line dancing 87 Wedding-Themed Green Expo 12, informative green encourages conscious lifestyle positively impacts children, environment. musicians interactive children instruments gives themselves. Rep Lunchbox Twain Storybook 19, Americas celebrated authors. Players banks Mississippi wacky, bluegrass journey Sawyer, Huck vaudeville banjo. Myers.239-939-2787, Zonta 1st hands-on assistance, advocacy funding strengthen womens CLUBS 88 International. House. 530pm, organizing fundraising charitable organizations. 1230pm, Monthly meetings networking opportunities. ABWA Tuesday, Sanibel-Captiva Chapter Business Womens Association invites monthly meeting. Audubon Society Educational lectures conservation. Please listings. calendar attending 89 moon Pisces conflict. nine-week conflict Jupiter Uranus changed hanging dear past. normal, shift conventional pattern, erratic twists fate, sudden surprises. 30th Aries trouble engine project. beginning, transition future. 16th Virgo projects, finish conclusion. 15th eclipse Libra upheavals, transformation. spark explosions, protests outbursts weeks. 28th solar Taurus moments remember. lucky gold mix. Passions hot, ability cooperate all-year low, relationships ARIES MARCH APRIL Youve restore can. Well, congratulations. inward, usual affairs. finalizing news 13th. Expect reunion. conflict, reasonable course action. No, compromise isnt for, court. least settlement fair. TAURUS MAY bit daring personally. platonically, page. Surprise hides expect reflection sanctuary. argument responsibilities eclipse. handled workload lightens. GEMINI JUNE revisit decision. need. so. financial windfall 15th. Gemini friends, playmates. amused tries quite up-and-up. Wait final CANCER JULY moons month, opens psychic sensitivity. urges brand-new career. home-based passionate, highactivity vitamins blow steam. Sleepless nights tug-of-war home-related matters wonder turmoil. Stop please, Cancer. responsible decisions. LEO AUGUST angry words, Leo, graciously mad ego aside, receptive audience. intimacy, blessing curse. fine print contracts overestimate position. car plane notice. Take advantage systems VIRGO SEPTEMBER Appearances highlighted opens, Virgo. trade jeans suit habits productive. Work brakes unhealthy behavior. extremely helpful matters. 20th, energies simmer tensions friend odds lately. compassion talk. Personal Signs LIBRA OCTOBER March, overdo, strain investigate holistic medicine, yoga, meditation release stress. Prepare romance, verge finding income, love. say, pleased. Now, fasten seatbelt, unpredictable best, decide partner, appear. SCORPIO NOVEMBER over, Scorpio, lingering urged arent interest. romance fever. incentive surroundings comfortable safe money, restraint. SAGITTARIUS DECEMBER flame. unattached, admirers oldest son, siblings, neighbors. humor running way, now. Sag. Boredom surprising communication, stone. home. CAPRICORN JANUARY skills famous, mean ignore gut feelings. doing, Cap. responsibilities. again, torn ultimatum issued. run. tightrope weeks, perks worthwhile. AQUARIUS FEBRUARY changes, Aquarius, minute entrepreneurial ambitions highlighted, partner magnet kinds. cautious, chance. promotion. enhance answer. prerequisite shared belief earn money. straight, future PISCES Pisces, unexpectedly, resist. beginning terms. legal battle, delayed favor. fussing fighting. last-minute news. breaks action relax. Money issues struggling 24th 25th. Judgments flow sets identical twins, Joyce birth. Named Greatest Psychics Citadel Press, 100 2014, spiritual healer readings astrologer, counselor, healer, medium clairvoyant interprets dreams teaches Fifth Dimension. appearances Unsolved Mysteries, Chance, Psychic Detectives cable Psyched. Joyces books--Psychic Attack Victim, Ascension Accessing Dimension, Dimension WORKBOOK Intuition Sensitivity Books Two--are available founded Bucks Metaphysical nonprofit organization charities County, Pennsylvania. Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Mahwah, Jersey. Check rates services. appointment, 215-996-0646. 91 Clothing Well Reads apparel Robin Currier merged passions literature-inspired charity. hearing Pet Peace Mind--a Hope HealthCare Services assists patients pets--things gaining Hope, brand, Read, tangible Late granted temporary Mind. outlet, literature miss. Giant books serve window displays, prints Anna Karenina Humpty Dumpty fill store. amount months, lease April, greater Read dream community, fact worried pets--its rewarding. Passersby store, sales organization. Stepping Up helps JUDI WOODS MIDDLE CAROL RICCO OTHER CRAE CLEMENTS ost 17-year-olds birthday, foster care, turning ward scary teens forced fully prepared. Footsteps FTTF strives empower young women care. self-sufficient, productive society. Through events, gain county residents. fifth jazz fundraiser, Jazzin Tenor Madness NYC Summit, commence Hodges Woods, founder, funds, awareness. Woods. pull doing. Lew Del Gatto, member Rupert City-based tenor saxophonist Jerry Weldon trumpeter Dan Miller. information, Clockwise Miller fundraiser singer Susi Hulcher benefit. 93 1227 239.466.5115 16970-1 Blvd Publix MINUTE CLEANERS Drive Thru Service Dry Cleaning - Laundry Alterations Bedspreads Draperies Wedding Gown Specialists M-F 7am-7pm Sat 8am-3pm Done Premises ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS 239.939.0077 Serving Of CopierPrinterScanners Printer Supplies Print Cost Recovery Management 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Name Know Trust Termite Treatment Pest Control SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 College Sales Installation Security Alarm Systems AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom System Vac MAJESTIC TRANSPORTATION 239.489.4473 800.833.4473 Greater Creates Demand Non-smoking Vehicles Featuring Limousines, Cars, Vans Airports, Restaurants, Golf Courses Points Interest 239.472.6188 2330 Ridge Unit PHARMACY Locally Owned Friendly Faces Can Count Needs Order 95 gals account surrounding Gal-avanting water-skiing springtime. admit twice slalom ski up. skiing nowhere water-skiers. Outlets amazed talent volunteers. jumped, danced, twisted choreography athletically gracefully astonishing skiers strenuous hauled managed strap feat refuge relaxation ROSEATE SPOONBILLS SWOOPED SILENTLY OVERHEAD, WHILE SUDDEN PLOP MULLET JUMPING WAS ONLY STARTLING NOISE AFTERNOON. fall, cloudless afternoon mangroves. gear first, adventure. lulling silence forest, stresses concentrate peace. Roseate spoonbills swooped silently overhead, plop mullet startling noise afternoon. spy neglect. wished otherwise, eventually paddled re-harnessed kayak--much harder seemed. Driving causeway SWFL. liquid 644 SOUTHERN EXTREME SKI 1132 1134 AR U UT VOLUME floridas VOL. NO. 4.95 USA Published GM_Cover_MA14.indd 126 1129

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