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Cover photo by Francis Garth. 3_GM_JF14.indd 12313 458 PHOTO BY GARTH FRANCIS AND COURTESY OF EILEEN FISHER GM_JF14.indd 5 339 10 PUBLISHERS LETTER 12 MAKING WAVES 14 PROFILE Celebrating Southwest Floridians The Pink Flash Rides Again Scoop Local Retailers A Soldier Urban Expressionism Seasons Excellence Products Help You Look Your Best Fashion Breeze Key West Three Days Shifting Gears Ride Bugging Out 18 WHATS IN STORE 20 ARTS 24 CULTURE 28 BEAUTY 30 42 FASHION 34 STAYCATION 38 AUTOMOTIVE FAMILY SPECIAL SECTION ULTIMATE DRIVE 46 TIME 50 TO YOUR HEALTH Fresh Workout 64 CHEERS Wining Great Outdoors Guide Dining SW Scams Murder 66 EPICURIOUS 76 BETWEEN LINES 78 CALENDAR 90 92 94 96 Where Go What Do STARGAZING WITH ELIZABETH JOYCE COMMUNITY SERVICES PROFESSIONALS DOWNTOWN DIARY ocean, Gulf, rivers, lakes--this where long be, or least be near. We bring you all things water-related, from boating fishing seafood. So curl up with MarchApril issue let thoughts ocean breezes inspire you. 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As so many us todays rapid-fire pace life look next thing to-do list, often fail enjoy simplest pleasures see positive everyday existence. am guilty ones. Maybe like you, rely much technology gadgets communication outlets miss opportunity experience life--to truly feel Instead reacting some seemingly urgent need. Shaping future publications assuring readers continue discover through exceptional editorial content inspiring images what makes every day fascinating business me. So, going publishing world e-products come go, which digital arena exciting. Yet entrepreneurs who start ventures lack in-depth knowledge required continued success. It here Medias longevity really count, leaving very confident about Last when met friends Europe, discussed industrys new technology. Interestingly recognized despite Internet tools electronic devices, print still, will always an important media mix. key quality, only quality consistency make magazine worth picking reading cover cover. More importantly, learned oftentimes real interrupted because everyone playing their instead enjoying Answers lifes questions cannot found smartphone downloaded tablet either. Remember days had friends, interacted face-to-face wasnt ago. Now take 200 more go vacation keep informed whats happening business, itself, changes almost passing try embrace change way plan actions--both personally professionally--to full advantage opportunities would best achieve goals. launches into 18th compiling presenting stories have love, staying connected such blogs e-newsletter, Buzz, has become even us. local, mobile global commitment aim between issues. If already receiving invite sign visionary people, ensure each Gulf Main absolute best, unwavering passion excellence AS PART LOCAL, MOBILE GLOBAL COMMITMENT YOU, WE AIM KEEP YOU INFORMED ABOUT SOUTHWEST FLORIDA MAGAZINE ISSUES. various social networks. important, think spend too time cyberspace attractions of, well, tennis teeing course friends--or spending family. In order clearly sometimes need focus present, minus so-called necessary technotoys connected. Ask anyone ever convinced themself packing cellphone, hear it yourself When person conscious decision disconnect, connecting begins. keeps now paramount shaping exciting offer sincere gratitude readers, entire team continuing guide direction. May beauty lives allow moments destiny. Publisher, 12213 606 NICK ADAMS 11 340 Making Waves honor roll residents Floridas island coast who, lives, community special. RANDY KAMBIC MIKE HOLM RICHARD LAMB PEDAL POWER PRO After nearly two decades pedaling his bicycle numerous paths trails throughout Lee County, Mike Holm still crazy sport. fantastic network marked road routes safe, year-round riding how owner Fort Myers Schwinn Cyclery describes why area superb recreation. His shop been voted its kind customers last 13 years. Yet, just selling bicycles-- he enjoys both fixing sharing maintenance tips fellow riders. Michigan native volunteers four Community Cooperative Ministries Incorporateds soup kitchens, works bikes Some folks dont cars great them, says. also supports BikeWalkLee, organization advocates safe streets users--pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists transit Hes involved Caloosa Riders Club annual Caloosahatchee Ride, co-sponsors free bicyclefacilities map available shop. Cyclery, 239-939-2899, UPHOLDING RICH TRADITION Plans underway County Clubs public get facelift summer. Itll remain traditional, classic course, says Richard Lamb, director golf. However, players can expect grass, lakes improved irrigation system, plus less raininduced tee-time delays. According local PGA star George McNeill visits emails, inquiring renovation. Lamb looking forward 53rd Annual Coors Light Open February. Since club allows walking literally follow footsteps Thomas Edison, Henry Ford other past golfers, including greats 1935 Masters champion Gene Sarazen. never tire hearing golfers say thrill is, adds whos managed 37 excitement coming 2017 turns 100 years old. Longtime player Maryann Dominiak currently writing historical book club, privilege assisting her. Shell include personal over years, enthuses. Club, 239-321-7488, PHOTOS 83 341 woman, roar motto Rachel Harris she takes PAT WILLMAN license. Although, rode passenger her husband confided, sick during rides, needed able drive bike myself. J. R., 23 own R. Trike Sales Inverness, Florida. Shes chapter Goldwing Road Association. For three-wheel motorcycle. Honda beautiful loaded luxuries car, most attractive Trikes sense adventure daring young. senior citizens casting notions they should stay home limit themselves sedentary pastimes. Instead, using retirement out, fullest. Meet 74-year-old Webster Harris-- bright pink metallic Trike. Talking Harris, first question was, How motorcycle rider And surprise, replied, reached age 68 old, decided was BOLSTERED CONFIDENCE HER RIDING EXPERIENCE, HARRIS DECIDED MAKE 3,000MILE ROUND TRIP HIGH SCHOOL REUNION HERSELF, TRIKE. DANIELA JAEGER An anomaly road, subject camera-phone photographers. WHEN REACHED AGE YEARS OLD, THAT IT WAS GET MY OWN MOTORCYCLE LICENSE. --RACHEL seen. She won place Class 2008 International Rally Greenville, South Carolina. brilliant Hot custom-paint color certainly distinguished Trikes. laughed told me, Having custom good points drawbacks too. People rides bike. mastering motorcycle, covered miles picturesque countryside. Riding particularly delightful around Pine recalled. ride use visit sister-in-law, said. Bolstered confidence experience, 3,000-mile round trip high school reunion herself, Her 55th 2012. any gathering, men women journey back hometowns once again meet company youth. attended reunions but unique back, made alone. While recalling days, shared private folder carefully opened it, saw sweaterclad, dark-haired girl Detroit Times Pictorial Living magazine. obviously timeworn, terribly frayed bore marks having folded neglected same folder, Northwestern tucked among Winning Miss East Jordon title teen scored spot girl. Below proudly wears leathers promoting Riders. photographs touting young born graduate High School small town Jordan. 1956 Jordan title. noteworthy accomplishments included being varsity cheerleader appearing Tourist Council 1958. Although fond memories freelance writer residing Leesburg, favorite stress reliever pleasure, Willman. 16 reunion, Kentucky traveling I-75, customer Ohio, must seen returned trip, came sure Imagine said grin. asked reaction classmates drove Well, lot attention. Elaborating said, Even while interstate, people give thumbsup, truckers honk horn wave took pictures passed. That fun. Curious adventure, reunion. replied twinkle eye, Well know, three God willing again. n 17 From hip decor wardrobe essentials, weve scoop cool retailers. GINA BIRCH pLIGHTING WAY Make patio, porch garden festive Lumizu luminaries Modgy. Place decorative, yet sturdy, plastic bags pool lanai, then fill water weighted down. LED tea light candles activated soon drop life. reusable dozens colors patterns. Find pack 12, well replacement lights, Market Earth, downtown Myers. 239-226-0006, FISH OUT WATER Bring bit sea decorative fish statues. outdoor pieces hand-etched, solid black stone Asia. Carved Tibet, koi symbolizes happiness abundance perfect addition Zen patio. sculptures 165 host suitable companions accessory collection Garden, Sanibels retail center showroom. 239-395-5859, WEAR Next youre caught sudden downpour, forget umbrella reach fashionable RainWrap. Similar poncho stylish, RainWrap does cant protects side slant. wrap folds neatly pouch, handbag store under seat quick retrieval. Its traveling. variety gift LaPlaya Beach Golf Resort Naples. 239-598-5741, HANG DRUM Decorate space one-of-a-kind art recycled oil drums. Haitian artists decadesold technique, created blacksmith, flatten discarded With mallets chisels, metal cut crafted shapes. hung outside, eventually develop patina. large selection, priced 100, Nest 239-226-1314, Want share finds Contact toti.comwhatsinstore 19 Marcus Jansen, known bold statement, mission pump scene DAVID ACEVEDO visual poets waves hardships. Jansens multicultural upbringing Manhattan, born, became foundation exploration fascination wonders. moving Moenchengladbach, Germany, late 1970s, Jansen discovered European masterpieces aroused artistic curiosity. later exposed artist graffiti. Today, influential contemporary world. Known pioneer Expressionism, conquered scenes major cities globe Milan, Berlin, Miami others. presence premier t hard imagine struggled sell artwork City. veteran War, creates paintings depict strong wonder concern sees apocalyptic society. Standing massive mixed display studio Unit A, UNIT COLLABORATIONS EVENTS LIKE FORT MYERS ART WALK, JANSEN HOPES CONTINUE CONTRIBUTE REVITALIZATION CITY STRENGTHENING AREA. events expected, 2013 Art Basel Beach, December draws 50,000 visitors. United States version city Basel, Switzerland, Hong Kong event. Olympics world, collectors acclaimed, cutting-edge art, event another venue growing audience. Curators new, galleries trade top artists. helps international contacts normally difficult make. Not impossible, difficult, artist. current source inspiration, confesses inspired act painting itself. paint, get. study proceed series. comments Donkey THIS OPPOSITE PAGE CONTEMPORARY SPACE BETH LUBERECKI Hybrid Wild 21 whose propose history, early war travels. uses canvases convey concerns interesting concerning talk about, shift power, increasing surveillance, genetically modified food, gradual individual liberties freedoms security, adds. installations serve documentation live now. control brush, presents objects buildings chaotic, scene. This contradiction Obscure Lines Fact Fiction, graffiti influences prevalent cleverly adapted show surrealistic surrounded destruction beauty. sample wit man understands rapidly artist, curator, former gallery owner, arts manager Union Artist Studios Alliance Arts campus. He degree University Puerto Rico, Mayagez Campus. 22 Education MORE PAINT, INSPIRED GET. STUDY PAINTINGS OVER AGAIN PROCEED NEW SERIES. --MARCUS changing preserve expressionistic delineation. headquarters opening March 2011, served connection community, mastery team, composed Christine Gruber, Tonda Lawson, Ray Lelia Hignite, Terry Tincher Bob Encarnacin, tirelessly coordinate manage administrative aspects business. Web site provides updated information samples immense body work. During Galleri Urbane Marfa Dallas presented work CONTEXT Miami, fair dedicated emerging mid-career featured Album, Dekz--a project supported famous hip- hop mogul Russell Simmons released November--is deservingly proud accolades received career. alone, prizes, Laguna prize Venice, Italy, Kingdoms Aesthetica Prize. collaborations Walk, hopes contribute revitalization strengthening area. love destination larger city. right track. roles Repertory Theatre enjoyed pioneering film projects auditorium vaudeville house. History since 1908, today history made. Currently 16th season, Rep--as lovingly nicknamed-- actually began earlier Sanibel. performed Pirate Playhouse before Arcade building 1998, producing Robert Cacioppo, moved 1987. thankful allowing permanently call home. separates relatively regional theater others coordinated, ambitious driven force administration. Behind scrupulous productions artistcontrolled run actors themselves, starts anticipation. behind curtain. lights down everything goes quiet, voice heard. spotlight performer, story magic theater, Florida, lucky Americas repertory companies. historic building, legends Harvey Firestone mingled REPERTORY THEATRE ALSO HAS AN EXCEPTIONAL EDUCATION PROGRAM ENTICES LEE COUNTY CHILDREN APPRECIATE ENJOY PERFORMING ARTS, ESTABLISHING FOUNDATION FUTURE FIELD. Rep Theatre, one-time house movie District. VANDY MAJOR Clockwise Burttram Chris Clavelli Talleys Folly Lanford Wilson Cacioppo gives curtain speech renovated ArtStage Studio Theatre. TOP BOTTOM LEFT DORIT RIGHT JENN BLOSSER continuous success strong, supportive relationships, Cacioppo. Our artistdriven ensemble. Associate Jason Parrish enthusiastic allowed him pursue rewarding professional Parrish, accomplished actor, performs plays maintaining Around July receive thousands rsums, review selections reduce number potential candidates decide auditions, travels yearly basis talent upcoming seasons. Those selected brought begin residency theater. performers success, Parrish. build trust within group, pleasure 25 12413 1240 AM giving play. education program entices children appreciate performing arts, establishing professionals field. 2012, approximately 18,000 participants benefited program, continues grow analogously charitable group. want raise 100,000 enough produce educating explains Reps budget comes donations fund-raising events. pleased count ever-growing audience, increased percent year. 20132014 season Arsenic Old Lace Described beloved comedies American kills kindness, play runs January 29, specially previews 9. Hound Baskervilles zany twist tale Sherlock Holmes meets 39 Steps. February 5. Special scheduled 13. Clybourne Park Running April 9, Pulitzer Prize Tony Awardwinning production hottest America. Specially 20. Heart Song eastern U.S. premiere, touching, heartfelt comedy. 11, 24. See Molly Coyne stars Fantasticks Tom Jones Schmidt Ed Pilkington, Graham Smith Peter Thomasso above perform Camping Mark St. Germain. 26 STEFAN ANDREEV THEATER IS RUN ACTORS THEMSELVES, WHY HAVE SUCH CONTINUOUS SUCCESS. --ROBERT CACIOPPO, PRODUCING ARTISTIC 27 Are lipstick lover face-cream fanatic Then place. Every issue, lowdown fabulous fragrances, luxurious lotions, must-have makeup between. Because whether laid-back surfer babe total product junkie, feel. RELIEF AT READY Boy Scouts arent ones prepared. Stand ready tackle anything Shemergency Minimergency Kits Pinch Provisions. Filled hairspray, hand lotion, clear nail polish, lip balm double-sided tape, packs provide relief conceivable malfunction. theres no scared might mirror. Avert disaster kits Suncatchers Dream Island 239-472-7860, CLEVER CONVENIENT Dont fooled Lavisheas Lotion Bars 10.95 soap moisturizers fair-trade shea butter, natural soy, botanical essential oils, skin-safe fragrances. rub bar skin, heat melts quickly absorbed doesnt leave residue. bars TSA-friendly tin wont cause unwanted spills suitcase. scents ginger blossom, lemongrass lavender Trader Ricks Periwinkle 239-472-9194 Bell Tower Shops 239-489-2240. FACE FIRST Streamline morning routine Ahavas Essential Moisturizing SPF 39.50. Featuring ingredients red seaweed, prickly pea myrrh extract, broad-spectrum protection antioxidants UVAUVB rays along long-lasting hydration. refine skins texture, step makeup. Ahava products Ulta 239-334-0659, Coconut Point Estero 239-992-0361. SOOTHING SOAPS wants end feeling stressed frazzled. To combat harried feeling, wash cold-processed soaps Cape Coral-based skin-care Morning Calm. Gentle sensitive feature therapeutic-grade Asian herbs oils. Try Bamboo Charcoal acne antioxidant-rich Red Wine anti-aging effects. Pick Calm Earth 866-819-3338,, carries companys cleansing butters deodorants. 29 BREEZE HIM TOMMY BAHAMA STRIPE LINEN SHIRT FLORAL-PRINT COTTON WRAP DRESS P quest resort wear easy Pursuit MELANIE PAGAN acking struggle landlocked wardrobes readily beach clothes. Valentino knows this, plans wise room suitcase items store. all, breezy day-to-night dresses sun-proof tees, covered, literally. carry casual authentic island-lifestyle brands worn day, Valentino. Providing access timeless preppy summer fashions Valentinos Marthas Vineyard 1983. supply style clothing five stores, Way 1997. Popular James, nautically pioneered quintessential navy-and-white stripe pattern design Vines, retailer, shirts shorts, started brothers remembers, stroll teenagers. recalls companies merchandise carries, making apparent selects brand. But backstories looks decisions passionate efforts retail. TOMS, shoe line donates pair shoes per sold child happy tens shoes, canvas flats wedges sandals ballet flats, hes profit than company. Customers phenomenal affiliated with. Oftentimes retailers expand, needs clientele, ultimately hands, suitcase, matter. Visit accessories, all-over, beach-ready style. Pursuit, 2075 Way, Suite 42, 239-472-4600, assistant Follow magazines lifestyle guides SOUTHERN TIDE MENS SKIPJACK POLO TIDEWATER BLUE BUTTON-FRONT CARDIGAN NAVY PAIRED CLASSIC OXFORD BLOUSE DARK WASH SKINNY JEANS SAINT JAMES MINQUIERS NAVYNEIGE, FLAT-FRONT KHAKI POPLIN PANT, TOMS AVIATOR SUNGLASSES PROPRIANO SUNPROOF FABRIC, COLOR NEIGEGITANE ALL ISLAND PURSUIT 31 MERINO V-NECK SWEATER DEEP MASTERPLAID CHECKERED BUTTON-DOWN CHANNEL MARKER PANT STONE 32 1049 33 HILARY HEMINGWAY ago introduced Hemingway legacy. spring went three-day getaway. chose travel via Express, high-speed ferry covers distance half hours. meant wed avoid homicidal traffic across Overseas Highway. Of car-less seeing foot bicycle. Which, lets face memorable. Upon boarding, youngest daughter ran checking out seating options modern-day Goldilocks. third London tour buses, reported. seats open. second floor big booths sort airplane in-flight movie. My secured far ships bar. Soon 170-foot, catamaran Mexico 40 hour. list mustdos visit. On occasion were distracted scenery by, glassy calm suddenly broke frothy boil jumping. closer, teenager pointed pod porpoises rounding baitfish. disembarked noon rolled suitcases blocks newly remodeled Crown Plaza WestLa Concha. islands taller limited time, fully experiencing 72 hours trying read seven Harry Potter books single if finish 4,100 pages few immerse short span. husband, Jeff Lindsay creator Dexter series, grew youth families frequent trips West. married, helped judge celebration. Though stopped attending regularly after Forget dealing Expresss catamarans KEY WEST EXPRESS plenty Wests popular sights. offers amazing views. hotel located heart West, close walk beaches, museums, restaurants bars. bicycles Whitehead Street, auto Duval Street. led Blue Heaven. restaurant funky yard ping-pong table, horseshoes occasional free- roaming chicken. kids thought lived name fell Lobster Benedict believe lime pie island. lunch, Aquarium. visited aquarium ago, father CHOSE VIA EXPRESS, HIGH-SPEED FERRY COVERS DISTANCE BEACH JUST THREE HALF HOURS. hadnt changed boy. inhabitants exhibit hall remains same. similar intimacy old-fashioned petting zoos. There tanks walls, shallow coral pools draw holds horseshoe crabs, spotted turtle, nurse sharks. At each, staff member calls touch creatures answers questions. designed visitors door opens onto dock built pen containing several feeding announced, lowering rope 35 author air waters left shark-free parasailing trip. dead tied end. water, shark crashed bait. gnashes teeth, clean. noticed odd teenage daughters face. Whats wrong asked. Im rethinking whole glancing shoulder harbor. there paused shrugged. Sure, anyway, Mallory Square sunset. pregame seawall proved pretty impressive, featuring acts contortionist, jugglers, magician trained cats circus tigers, tightropes jump flaming hoops. sun slowly dropped horizon, stopped, elusive green flash. highspeed ferry, Jefferson Dry Tortugas National Park. forts million bricks laid weight structure threatened turn Atlantis. KIDS THOUGHT HEAVEN LIVED UP ITS NAME FELL LOVE LOBSTER BENEDICT BELIEVE REALLY DOES SERVE BEST LIME PIE ISLAND. fort unfinished. 9-yearold climbing remaining cannons, marveled sheer size park. morning, headed Fury Parasailing fly together, though quite warm-and-fuzzy reason hoped. Sharks zombies, Mom, They attack slower Despite dips did eaten, fisherman fight tarpon edge stop uncle, Ernest opted Mel Fisher Maritime Museum, Spanish ship Atocha. recounted tangible filled 20, 1985, Fishers son, Kane, radioed dad Put away charts. Weve mother lode. Within hours, descended upon heard say, Today practiced prior finally proclaim. museum exhibits 450 treasure shipwreck. part, learn remarkable uncover it. p.m. departure admire sunset founded fishermen, hunters, writers purple thunderheads horizon. Lightning jumped clouds, setting held strong. Then, golden extinguished, flash 36 Author Oh Yes, answered. Thats magic. Hemingways niece daughters. screenplay Fuentes, cowritten starring Andy Garcia, shooting Dominican Republic 2014. IF GO Heaven 305-296-8666, Concha 305-296-2991, 305-242-7700, nps.govdrto 305-292-4156, Aquarium 305-296-2051, Express 888-539-2628, 305-809-3700, Museum 305-294-2633, SHIFTING GEARS dealer KEN HAGGERT Y rank sits office overlooking 25-acre plot gleaming cars. inventory embraces foreign makes, vice president Founded father, Frank, 70s, grown humble beginnings undeniably profitable dealership. additional branches Georgia spiritual home, Van Dyke Dodge Warren, Michigan, blamed contentment. natives upbeat nature fool Beneath bonhomie lies gritty determination dealership envy competitors. tenacious man, admits Galeana. company, rest laurels. Complacency something befriend. junior perhaps adept majority owners adapting vagaries motor industry thanks acumen philosophy day. passed 2010, strength, opinion, silently press brilliance little suggestions, planted seeds, ideas grow. anything, managers managers, problem, remind that, baby, care achieved deal loyalty Ive witnessed successful. chip old engine block, fascinated fathers smitten industry. knew exactly wanted ten explains. loved job seem brand new. working overcome intolerance racist attitudes, difficulties businesses general starting overcoming possible racism, steer successful group dealerships founded. City, Latin blood. Latinos esteemed Italian, fought attitude beginning. serving Army Air Forces, career mid-1950s. Nearly later, stint heading Fords interests Spain Africa, desire boss hit stumbling block. didnt opportunity, . Chrysler Corporation, offered deal. difficulty securing franchise, mid-70s owned Warren. looked Among nomination 1972 Magazine Dealer Year Award none-too-small helping Corporation obtain government loan. Loan Guarantee Act 1979 signed Carter 1980, Oval witness occasion. Galeanas possessed dedication community. Speaking philanthropic nature, son Haggerty regular correspondent Sarasota HeraldTribune. Maine native, spent journalist London, editor broad range sport magazines. deep renowned. shirt felt better actions, wouldnt used fraudulent way. point continues, charity credible utilize efficient initial inquiries, wife, Jerry, Catholic Charities, Diocese Venice fit. silent saints, tooting horn. yourself, philosophy, legacy, believed difference Group, Myers, galeanachryslerdodge, 888-875-8612 41 RIDE latest BMW installment charged innovation i8 slick silver. headlights option regulations fullLED beam standard. interior includes Life module cell carbon-fiber-reinforced CFRP, system technology, chassis, crash structural functions integrated aluminum Drive module. features seamlessly compacted wellbalanced, road-hugging sports LifeDrive architecture specifically developed i. Efficiency dynamics optimized application design. environmentally approach recyclables, renewable raw naturally treated materials, alongside resource-efficient methods. MATCH SUCCESSFUL PERFORMANCE PROGRESSIVE EFFICIENCY UNDOUBTEDLY MAKES CAR GAME-CHANGER INDUSTRY. trailblazer era. hearts selective enthusiasts expanded future-focused model represents stage evolution. plug-in debut purchase however, anticipating buyers neednt wait test i3, hybrid vehicle kind. glance, fresh interpretation i evident, configured purpose emotion. Clean lines elegantly sported lowslung silhouette, wing-like doors open upward, innovative laser CLEAN ARE ELEGANTLY SPORTED LOW-SLUNG SILHOUETTE, WING-LIKE DOORS OPEN UPWARD, INNOVATIVE LASER HEADLIGHTS AVAILABLE OPTION WHERE REGULATIONS ALLOW. signature imprint impossible duplicate upward. 43 Equipped produced environmental consciousness. I3, I8 ONLY OTHER PLUG-IN HYBRID VEHICLE KIND. Other sustainable intricate areas car. worlds volumeproduced incorporate chemically hardened thin glass, mainly manufacturing. Moreover, carmaker tan leather olive leaf extract. process eliminates creation damaging Beyond aesthetics, earns acclaim ability electrically. Groups initiative relies high-quality operate electrically systems. result development strategy Joe Irpino likely create evolution vehicles economy time--how focused green--this cars, Irpino. forefront. sustainability awareness drivers wheels, match performance progressive efficiency undoubtedly game-changer automotive arrive showrooms base manufacturers suggested price 135,700 handling. Media. 44 1048 45 BUGGING Volkswagen updates Beetle TDI adored decades. inception 80 Volkswagens well-known undergone cultural reflected shifting generations-- hippie movement 1960s teenagers based 1998 models third-generation represent sophistication drivability, choice age. Beetles enhancements, trim suspension upgrades. 1.8-liter, four-cylinder sourced produces 170 horsepower 184 pound feet torque. replace standard 2.5-liter, five-cylinder Two engines transmissions 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel, TSI DSG dual-clutch automatic six-speed manual. turbocharging direct injection diesel extensively revised improve exhaust emissions acoustics. COMPONENTS ENHANCED SECURITY, HONORS PAST BUT WELCOMES FUTURE. Turbo Lineup renamed R-Line adjustments reflect revolutionary enhancements. Aggressively styled front rear bumpers, exterior badging doorsill kickplates differences. evident Sunroof Sound Navigation, 19-inch aluminumalloy Bi-Xenon Headlight DRLs. Darryl Shepherd, brighter renovations enhance vehicle. upgrades performance, Shepherd says, addition, significantly fuel efficient, overall drivability better. VOLKSWAGEN AMERICA, INC. COMES APPEARANCES, CLEAR BEETLE DESIGN PAYS HOMAGE CARS EARLIEST DAYS. dash-mounted gauges temperature, lap boost pressure middle sporty, limited-edition GSR. 47 unmistakable mark originality. MODELS THIRD-GENERATION REPRESENT SOPHISTICATION INCREASED DRIVABILITY. appearances, pays homage earliest days. geometry semicircles--front fender, fender domed roof--is replaced bold, dynamic masculine appearance. 58.5 inches tall, 168.4 71.2 wide, track wheel model. peek interior. displayed dashboard, driver speed glance. model, glove box dashboard. GSR joins lineup different, sportier Bumpers mostly yellow, hood black, complete yellow stripes lettering special-edition 1 3,500 steering wheel. elements embedded designs, forward-thinking execution. components enhanced honors welcomes debuted September varieties--making largest had. test-drive 14060 Tamiami Trail, 800-783-4559. 48 49 Stuck boring fitness moves W MICHAEL STULL cost money. Head park stairs step-ups, plyometric jumps sprints. squats bench push-ups bench. Take monkey playground, youngsters school, pull-ups chin-ups. recommend clients set resistance bands tree sturdy playground pole cable rows chest presses. Suspension trainers, ropes handles, device adjust anywhere effective workout minutes. Simply branch stump leverage body. Usually breed movement. mood health. extremely low-impact activity effortless--and challenge, stand-up paddle boarding involves body, especially core, upright position. Once hang relax, glide bay lake. physical exercise. Trust though, youll realize worked muscles totally forgot afraid air. Becoming comfortable situations uncomfortable healthful benefits. Stull wellness consultant exercise physiologist eight designing health programs individuals businesses. e habit certain extent comfort zones. physiologist, encourage structured goaloriented regimen results occasionally breaking getting creative rewards. Begin stepping outside taking Mother Nature gave surroundings adult different things. daily dose healthy vitamin D plus. Fortunately, wealth activities kick routine. tired gym bored DVD, surprised 51 Jungle 1977 adults grandkids. BALL unexpected spin DOUG GALLOGLY mini brings together. Perhaps evenings school. some, could childhood tradition. certain, activity--one requires encourages interaction. businessman Doenitz, thoroughly pastime, nobody cares recreational builds multiple levels social, educational. Numerous studies isolated society become. Social conversation, entertainment separate rooms devices. remedy. Suddenly varied tastes television games forgotten friendly competition over, moment challenge colorful ball hurdle. memories. entertaining afternoon, lasting benefits older, workout. game walk, climb stairs, swing bend retrieve ball--all fine exercises endurance strength flexibility. Young refining hand-eye coordination skills, task. factor, push harder, stretch abilities. membership. idea full-size championship daunting. pick isnt Phil Mickelson Tiger Woods appear. invented. worryfree pastime Miniature appeared America 1916, James Barber estate North 1920s, rooftop courses 150 built. patented appeal children, 1927, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Garnet Frieda fairy tale-themed Lookout Mountain, obstacles, hollow logs statues gnomes elves-- today. shows keeping minds active fact, puzzle sale promise memory Here excels. Keeping score math, devices things, mental youngsters, doing math probably foreign, practice hole played consideration angle strike wall bounce toward hole-- geometry. consider ball, increases strokes sink shot. Physics, seems. Visitors notice selection pass them. observer appear copies another, similarities. Bright colors, fanciful hills waterfalls common features. closely details, personality own. Castle enter artwork. brush Shelly lifted ordinary. dragon holding mailbox, tables beside castleoffice, privy restroom. Spread acres, family-owned knights, sparkling hued greens boardwalk woods. Medieval-style music Backing preserve, blends medieval theme tropical foliage wildlife, resident peacock roams 18-hole course. 53 PLAY Decided miniature picks Glowgolf 239-437-0352, Zoomers Amusement 239-481-9666, zoomers 239-489-1999, 239-466-9797, junglegolf Smugglers Cove 239-466-5855, appropriate background fun-filled obstacle Frizzell, Golf, tells Plan B service. drawn features, cheerful welcoming San Carlos Blvd. 1977, Frizzell taken mountain grandfather did. Tarzan theme, play, apes, giraffes elephants. Be watch lion explore piece Africa. Attention detail here, resurfacing surprise repeat Adventure piratethemed pirate ship, caves, rushing helpful beginning hole. well-maintained challenging toes, lose interest. gators. immune charms, vacationer see, feed, alligator stand own, amusement parks. full-day experience. Speed demons squeeze gocarts roller coaster, nautical boards bumper boats. games, kiddie Voodoo choices. Greenwells Bat-A-Ball Family Fun go-cart track, batting cages arcade. unlike traditional 18hole 19-hole theme. Built 1992 Greenwell, Boston Sox, favorite. reasons golfing tickle fancy, waiting Get BONITA SPRINGS Congo 239-948-9099, Safari 239-947-1377, golfsafari CAPE CORAL 239-574-4386, greenwellsfamily Jackie, 54 hunt becomes African safari animal displays. 55 607 portion Scenic Trail winds Ranch, horseback riders states plants wildlife. dude ranch invites inner cowboy. Don hat rodeo weekend PATRICIA LETAKIS WESTGATE RIVER RANCH ts Friday night, driving pitch-black darkness country leads Ranch. far, urban. Opening window, nothing. silence birds asleep woods skirt asphalt road. sound distance. Music. music. Driving snails hazy ahead twang guitar gets louder. open-air blackness, saloon band guests grand re-opening. fun, 57 703 Stepping Saturday cast surroundings. vast blue sky, dotted powder-puff stretches see. Country. granddaddy oak trees dripping moss pastureland corralled freshly painted white fences. curved horns grazing Watusi cattle heavenward sit motionless peaceful abode. stir families, couples cowboys partake Wild, activities. eager join amiss. fit in. dawns dressed ranch, gear. Everyone wearing hat--part unofficial dress code. Hustling Village Shops, resembling street TV series Gunsmoke, spy rack cowgirl hats. perfectly turned-up brims, hats orange sequins rustic straw accessorized heads horns. perched head, hitch hayfilled wagon towed shiny tractor. trap skeet range, goal earn myself sheriffs badge. Truth told, shot gun instructor Chuck Rossetter khaki cargo thats shooters boy mom Alabama friend Claudia, ranch. clay targets. bad. turn, Hold shotgun against shoulder, instructs. marksman Give target shoot. neon-orange White Flyer puck whips pause instructed, guns sight pull trigger. Bam disk shatters. Did disbelief. did, replies. Target No. flies intense sky bam. blow smithereens 3, Claudia shell-shocked sharpshooter talents-- I. Who lucky. Lots fives prevail. originally purchased Resorts 2001, 1,700 400,000 acres state federally protected waterways east Tampa. easiest sprawling property rental cart, discover, hailing cart lift lodge lined chance scale rock bungee trampoline. queue brand-new zip clan theyve grandparents Stuart, daughter, visiting tot, resides Orlando Besides halfway meeting happy, laughter grandkids speeds line. barbecue sliders lemonade. Huge buffaloes sunsets adorn walls dining room. couldnt fitting. Outside greeted Caity Wall, sitting oldfashioned, horse-drawn carriage smile ladies asks. modern cowgirl, Wall slim jeans, huge designer sunglasses wide-brimmed flowing blonde locks. Bentley, Percheron, harnessed up, whirl grounds. reveals shes rodeo. trick rider, us, elaborating training death drag upside horse. Youll ceremony carrying flag paint horse named Seymour. family, horses lifestyle. night pride. Scheduled trail sunset, ask stables. congregated sorting Patrick, reddish-brown stud fathered foals, assigned blazing upscale, Saddle Cabins sleep reunions. 58 608 Guests search alligators wading surrounding airboat Nightlife cowboy-style drinking dancing above. 59 650 Home, Nothing beats quiet rocking chair cabin members. 60 61 Tucked stadium seating, gates buckin bulls names Paycheck, Forklift Smurf throw tough backs. nights all-American 62 Luxury accommodations, glamping glamorous camping units cabins furniture below, ranchs multi-million dollar outdoors, glamping-- tents raised platforms air-mattress beds, televisions ultimate creature comfort, conditioning. well-muscled beauty, brownand-white pine-palmetto flatwoods, shady hammock scrub. Patrick stubborn, deviating path eat pulling reins kicking sides ride. Taking break evening rodeo, marvel subtle cowboy-themed dcor--a burnt brick wall, dark wood furnishings queen beds superthick mattresses pleasant environment, wellexecuted lone detailing accessories mat reads Welcome perfect. Families rent cottages views buffalo pond. glamping--canvas airmattress Rocking chairs porch, fire pit steps showers bathrooms kidding Refreshed securely heads, arena. patriotic tribute America, Duncan, master ceremonies, cowboy, 1800s producer. stands stopping cowboys, crack range. crisp snap whip earned Crackers. 2,000 pounds bovine attitude, Duncan shouts continues. Calf roping, racing applause crowd. wraps boot-clad dancers dance folks, myself, bragging targets Sunday Kissimmee River, watery ribbon weaving marina board three-tier boat tuck earplugs soften ferocious boats propeller. boundless thick patches lilies turkeys strutting banks. captain slows spots mama gator moseying guard babies. hum lulls relaxation, wide-open, verdant encountered Breathtaking. traveled 63 Enjoy wines--and vineyards--of Napa Valley C smells cherry cola, too, spice, vanilla, acidity structure. tasting Delectus Winery industrial Trinitas. cry breathtaking actual vineyards hour north. tours informative, offering barrel tastings, steep vines wine member. Twice year, vineyard Knights members, cabernet, merlot syrah blocks. Bear Crossing Vineyard, tracks bears there. Much dismay manager, taste expensive grapes 2009 Estate Merlot 75 big, smoky rich. punch chocolate, spice finish. French Wedding Cabernet 85 nutty, flavors chocolate. tannic These wines aging. Winemaker Gerhard Reisacher drink hecking months, posting photos Californias country. tantalize buds, outdoors. overzealous Highway another. beat faster. ping-ponging room, couple tours. vineyard, dusty, lungs gain perspective glass. Most arranged advance, do-it-yourselfer Napa. Trinitas surround Meritage hilly hike vines. particular harvested Meritage, cabernet-based blend raspberry lots 80. 2010 Pinot Noir slopes spectacular Winery. Chateau Montelena put California Eternity Clark-Claudon lingers blueberry bottom 2002 2003, adding, 2005 joined list. reputation winemakers 1973 chardonnay. Ever Bottle Shock award-winning wines, easily accessible. lunch. hitting bottle picnic. hillside rolling vineyards, gorgeous Chinese By way, release chardonnay citrus honey, peach apple, full, creamy, delectable 50. Sitting northeast Howell hidden gem. site--youll appointment tour. stunning view Pope Valley. grape-friendly birds, apple plum blackberries. Vintners Collective. brothel select boutique vintners space, wine. 2012 Iris Sauvignon Blanc fresh, floral slightly effervescent. mineral balanced nicely fruits apricot tag 30. wine, eternity cherry. hints thyme tobacco. 125. gems places Tingle Liquors, Yabo, Twisted Vine Cibo. Sit evenings, pop cork, eyes imagination vineyard. Cheers Birch broadcaster longtime contributor. Read musings 65 SWFL DINING GUIDE BBREAKFAST, SBSUNDAY BRUNCH, LLUNCH, DDINNER 252 Blu Sushi Cobalt Cool. Start whatever chefs send menu tell suggest. possibly wrong. Theyve proven creations--the Roll. packed flavor, Next, nice chilled sake dry flashy flirtatious show. lava drops surreal. 13451 McGregor Boulevard, 239-489-1500 10045 Coast Drive, 239-334BLU3, L, D. Pinchers Crab Shack Table. treat true possible, chockful plump, delicious delicacies, rule law. seafood hungry diners gained worldwide fame following steady stream impossibly grouper, shrimp, crabs flip-flop, environment. Fresh, cut-to-order fries, made-from-scratch slaw, decadently rich hot cheese crab dip, full-on fruity, cocktails casual. incredibly fresh. Multiple locations 28580 Bonita Crossings Springs, 239-948-1313 18100 239-415-8973 6890 239-463-2909 15271 239415-4009 10029 Center 239-415-4040 1200 5th Avenue South, Naples, 239-434-6616, Prawnbroker Agent Fish. salad, fish, steak, pasta, pleasing palates 1982 tasteful, ambience. oysters Romanoff topped caviar sour cream. choose scrumptious shrimp dishes grilled filet mignon. Soup salad accompanies dinners, Early catch deals 530 13451-16 239-4892226, Sunshine Grille Sunny Delight. Experienced Sandy Stilwell warm atmosphere restaurant. stimulates senses--sunny classy music, fragrance fire. wood-fired specialties seafood, duck breast roasted corn Portobello- 67 mushroom relish pan-seared snapper piccata. flatbreads, quesadilla pecan-crusted goat-cheese salad. inviting 8700 Gladiolus 239-4892233, Grill Class. crowd lunch theater-goers dinner. balance steaks. offerings daily, treats crunchy grouper staple, England influence swims selections. 7790 Cypress Lake 239-4374377, prawnbroker.comfloridawest UniversityGrill. cut-toorder 239-9481313 239-4632909 239-415-4009 69 ESTERO Tarpon Bay Restaurant New-Fashioned Classic. Hyatt Regency-Coconut pay Considerably well-dressed thing, ambience nonetheless feels cottage comfortable. ceviche bar, types cooked marinades trying. entres, crispy fried gastronomic masterpiece. Unusual exquisite freshness describe banana leafwrapped mahi gingerlime pesto, brown butterbasted scallops saffron vegetable risotto, herbcrusted chicken roasted-garlic polenta. 5001 Road, Estero, 239-390-4295, SANIBEL Giraffe Stretch Menu. breakfast dinner, sticks neck eating risk. Whether talking unpasteurized Stilton, organized crime associates, adventure. --Anthony Bourdain 70 71 favorites--custom-designed three-egg omelets salads, wraps, burgers paella, cakes, lobster ravioli, sirloin dessert Sanibanana Split Grandmas Apple Pie. Shopping Center, 239-472-2525, B, Jacaranda Legend. Jac. romantic, intimate dinner relaxed, gathering energetic nightspot one. Food ranges splendid inside first-rate pub fare lounge. baked, stuffed legendary. Reggae bands, well-tanned vacationers, locals transition lounge, hops 1223 239472-1771, Sandbar Welcoming. newest fish-and-meat market Eggs genius. eggs eggs. mean, on, president. --Wylie Dufresne a.m. 9 p.m., mention unpretentious set-up sandwiches stone-crab claws, appetizer, unsurpassed. excellent steaks entre snapper, scallops, scampi, salmon, mahi, Bourbon Portobello demi-glace filet, rib eye peppercorn sauce, herb butter. crme brle, mud pie, fluffy, sorbet buds alert satisfied...until 2761 239-472-0305. Starfish Beach. Located Holiday Inn Star Bar relaxed palm indoor dining. lush grounds NOW CAN FRESH MEDIA LEMON JUICE, CURACAO, KETEL ONE VODKA TINI FROM SWEET MELISSAS MOZZARELLA, TOMATO, BASIL PIZZA TWO MOUTHWATERING EXPERIENCES YOULL DEFINITELY WANT BE 73 508 leisurely beach. wholesome sweet temptation toast heftier skillet bacon, sausage, ham. wild-mushroomand-goat-cheese bruschetta Day Boat starter entre, braised beef ribs, garlicinfused flame-grilled Burger Angus aged cheddar. 1231 Middle Inn, 239-472-7827, Thistle Lodge Victorian Rendezvous. Creative cuisine veal Oscar, crab-crusted mojo allure trappings, glorious table. patio spots. luscious desserts, craving partnership executive chef John Wolff Irresistible Confections solved sweet-tooth dilemma. Together, chocolate truffles impersonate menu, Key-lime cheesecake, molten cake, Granny crisp, tiramisu. Casa Ybel Resort, 2255 239-472-3145, D, SB. CAPTIVA Keylime Bistro Changes Fooditude. bistro delivers heaping bunch pastel-colored, charm engulfs fills cavalier casualness eclectic twists grilled, red-leaf lettuce, palm, artichokes tossed tomato-orange vinaigrette, escargots baked tomato. Lunch opt Bad Burger, tasty sandwiches, grabs risers, lounge attracts bloomers. 74 One dined well. --Virginia Woolf 11509 Rosse Lane, Captiva, 239-395-4000, captivaislandinn.comdining.cfm. Captiva House FloridaNew American. Chef Millers alwayschanging centers bounty fish. basket Goudastuffed chop port-wine glace risotto jerk-rubbed pumpkin tart. Beef, veal, lovers equally dishes. complements presentations, Sunset Room breath away. 15951 239-4725161 4, listing up-to-date. detailed andor reservations establishments. charter 6-foot-long knocks lurking. average straight nearest Hannah average, begun. Deceived G.P. Putnams Sons, Sept. 2013, 26.95 novel Wayne White, glimpse Smith, guide, part-time detective Marion Doc accustomed unusual life, stroke unpredictable irresponsible, boyfriend marine biologist cautious close. chased blood-spattered, torn-apart masked axe. police arrive, cleaned. owner--an mothers--is missing. investigates, bogus charity, intent scamming elderly neighbors property, nothing goal. trust, secrets presses ignoring danger searches truth. unstoppable force, baseball, surfs somehow bestselling coastal settings. gotten eccentric Tomlinson, character level created. honest 1914 1107 WAYNE WHITE 77 LIVE Organ Piano Duos Bruce Adami 4pm, thrive Bostons Adami. Their repertoire captures listeners. 239-434-9145, Music Walk 21, 7pm, District ignites month. dozen participating venues talent. 855-732-3836, Fest Festival 24-26, 6pm, island-native singer, songwriter national recording Whitney Wolanin six-piece band, FunFest competitions, shows, sand Polynesian-style luau. 239-472-2155, FGCU Chamber Choir Trent Brown, Conductor 26, Hear textures Bower Musics choral ensemble concert entitled Bs More. Selections Bachs Was mein Gott will, das gscheh allzeit, Brahms motet Beethoven chorus. Additional Lauridsen, Vaughn Williams Pinkham. STAGE Train Robbery Encore 1-9 Sunday, 530pm Wednesday-Saturday, 630pm 12-30 Wednesday Thursday, 630pm,Brutal outlaw-hero bank robbers bungle train robbery Depression- era caper. 239-275-8487, Conspiracy Relatively 3-25, ThursdaySaturday, 8pm matinee, 19, 2pm, one-act four-time Oscar winner Ethan Coen, two-time nominee Elaine Woody Allen entertainment. 239-939-2787, 79 Bluegrass 2, 2-5pm, Join acoustic Foulds beyond. Presented Acoustic Society SWFL. Gun 10-May Saturday, 630pm, Journey Ol murder. Symphony Masterworks Series II 8pm, Under baton conductor Guillermo Figueroa, orchestra Berlioz Roman Carnival Overture, Cordero Isula Tropical Rachmaninoff 239418-1500, Concert Mayfield Parade 5pm, showmanship lifetime immersed styles. Mentalist Dinner Show 17, Pops Rat Pack 18, Copa Boys, guest Berkowitz. 239-418-1500, Miracle Mozart Leif Bjaland BIG Schein Hall 22, multimedia presentation divinely gifted composers, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, write time. Bjaland, 23, 730pm, Bassoonist Shelley Monroe Huong 30, Praised 81 121013 agility accuracy fullbodied, chocolatey sound, bassoonist Huang Point. 239-454-2067, concerts MacDonald Memories Elvis MacDonalds Rockin Birthday Bash Fontana, original drummer. Come Celebration King Rock-n-Roll. 239-481-4849, bbmann.pah Evening Jazz Argentine Tangos 31, 1, Bjaland. 239-4181500, Merle Haggard Kris Kristofferson 5, 700pm, living favorites onenight Germain Arena. 239-4814849, SPY 5-June Inspector Dijon Cold War ice. 239275-8487, Beauty Queen Leenane 7-22, Thursday-Sunday, pm, Winner Awards. comic lonely woman forties manipulative aging mother, interference loving relationship sets motion chain towards terrifying dnouement. III 8, Commanday, Leonore Overture Shostakovich Operatic Composers 82 renowned operatic composers Rossini, Puccini Bizet. Sweetheart 12-14, strolling violinist completes romantic aboard Mystery Train. Impress someone Valentines Day. T. Gora 16, coolers, blankets amphitheater. Gates 4pm. Tommy Emmanuel Barbara B. Mann 25, 730 Two-time Grammy Australias respected musicians, talented Martin Taylor VIEW Flag 10-February 9am, Artists Artistic Collaborations. Reception 10, 17th Downtown Dunedin 10am, nations showcasing sculpture, photography, paintings, ceramics, jewelry, more. artists, commission inspires 561-746-6615, 84 Punta Gorda Sullivan Street Craft inception, festival highlighted talents crafters enjoyable winter traditions. charming Gorda. 561-7466615, Antique 11-12 8-9, Antiques collectibles dealers Rare items, toys, ephemera military silver, porcelain, pottery sale. Door-prize drawing silver-appraisal service offered, proceeds benefiting House. 20th Anniversary Pete Corey Area Avenue, shops restaurants. Admission free. 7th 11th Armands Circle ArtFest Night Party 6-10pm, Specialty lighting backdrop mingle festivals setting. 239-768-3602, 10am-5pm, decorated Hundreds participate festival, 86 childrens Gale Bennett 7-March Bennetts references Abstract Impressionism, Cubism Renaissance art. 239939-2787, 7, Siesta Held Ocean handmade U.S., stained glass greenmarket. 561746-6615, 8th Rotary 30th Fair wearable 239472-2155, 22nd Set Dunedins crowdpleaser. 26th OUTDOORS Farmers Wednesday, 8am, Riverside Park, Springs. 239-992-2556, 87 8am-1pm, Open-air City Hall, 239-4772-3700, 355, Historical Walking Tours 1030am, 90-minute 239945-0405, Haunted Tour 2nd 4th Friday, delving darker history. 239-9450405, Burroughs Home Gardens Living-history citys oldest homes 239-337-0706, Greenmarket Saturdays, Locally Grown, Caught Cultivated products. Relax gardening cooking workshops. Guided Slough Daily, 930-11am 130-3pm, interpretive naturalist cypress forest accessible trail. animals unique. 239-694-0398, Roots Ruts Half Marathon Person Relay, 5K Run 815 hugged root lately Registration 239-533-7440, Oxbow Kayak Clinic 6, basic kayaking techniques paddling, two-hour guided Bicycle bicyclists. 239-4722155, 88 Garden 11am, gardeners horticulturists. Fishing enthusiasts. Preschool Program 3-6 olds, Trees, Leaves Seeds topics butterflies, Commerce Expo am, Sail Power Squadron Monthly meeting, required. 239- 466-9450, Creek 13, slow-paced levels. equipment provided binoculars, wet. 239533-7440, Hickeys Trip 27, six-hour kayak experienced paddlers begins ends Regional campground 5-mile roundtrip Calusa Blueway Creek. Programs Archery Please online listings. calendar 89 Moon Aquarius busy going, direction begins, good, stable 1st Pisces brakes projects. month ahead. 15th Full Cancer status quo. move ways. Expect experiences. 14th Leo drama queen. Mercury retrograde, careful arguments upsets excitement, lead heart. ARIES MARCH APRIL compromise--not things--and Aries. bit. thumbs-up--or thumbs-down. juggle promises easy. retrograde 6th, stalled. Finish forward, TAURUS MAY assist mooning away, call. Years Taurus, regard Just price, emerge victorious. nicest, warmest romance. shadows GEMINI JUNE opens, conversations up. tug-of-wars regarding money matters, mine yours. peacefully. lively chatter, puzzles acquaintances. long-distance friendship. Hey, CANCER JULY Tension running month, Cancer. assert fed hide feelings, serious chat. closure emotional situation either firm, nonnegotiable rules. LEO AUGUST partying Leo, insists responsibilities. worry, but, game. Joint resources attention, overlooked. VIRGO SEPTEMBER dear valuable Virgo. need, ask. quit until listen Virgo advice. problematic longer off. Rest assured, cleared months wonderful and, yep, LIBRA OCTOBER urge Youre sweetheart, Libra. nonsense, lay ground firm buckle. February, nagging matter, irritate Libras confrontations, done, buck Personal Signs SCORPIO NOVEMBER darn intense, Scorpio usually mouth shut, conjuncts Pluto, tumbles inflexible January, right, inch. reprieve charge disorganized situations. rethink commitment. SAGITTARIUS DECEMBER interaction siblings, son. computer managing resources, attention matters. power money, possessions resources. Talk authority figure romance relationships. Someone casually, secretly turbulence settle matters CAPRICORN JANUARY planning makeover, Capricorn. shine appearance outer charisma now, noticed. Watch upsetting retrogrades 6th. paperwork house, phone gas tank full. AQUARIUS FEBRUARY shy retired Aquarius. recharge batteries holiday socializing. interesting, intellectual companions, update possible. tradition, minute, infinite possibilities. Youve learning lately, clean closets drawers stuff recipients. PISCES Pisces, friendships leadership role. health, meditate karmas respond overboard, decisions. sign. disoriented confused. verify facts intuition extra potent. Born identical twins, Joyce psychic birth. Named Worlds Greatest Psychics Citadel Press, 2004 Top 2014, healer readings worldwide. astrologer, counselor, energy healer, medium clairvoyant interprets dreams teaches energies Fifth Dimension. appearances Unsolved Mysteries, Chance, Psychic Detectives Psyched. Joyces books--Psychic Attack Victim, Ascension Accessing Dimension, Dimension WORKBOOK Intuition Sensitivity Books Two--are Bucks Metaphysical Association, nonprofit benefit charities Pennsylvania. Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Mahwah, Jersey. Check rates services. appointment, 215-996-0646. 91 342 Chicos Patty Berg Memorial womans legacy pave O KATHRYN COLE womens clothing, excited sponsor president, Liz Hodges embodies spirit represent. Fortuitously, launched fall. prospects tournament high, according Nichols, opinion. memorial raising Society, funding research ovarian cancer. hope Somehow, seems approve. Cole hometown graduating State University. ne Myerss leading ladies, Berg, honored inaugural Club. Symetra Tour, called LPGA, added schedule September, chief officer tournament. weeklong 144 players. founders LPGA 1948 all-time record wins female golfer 15, contributed teaching 16,000 clinics lifetime. contains single-largest trophies memorabilia, placed permanent loan herself. hosting memorial, Chicos, specialty retailer icon golfer. CYPRESS LAKE COUNTRY CLUB Stefanie Kenoyer Martina Gavier SYMETRA TOURSCOTT MILLER 93 239.466.5115 16970-1 Blvd Publix MINUTE CLEANERS Thru Service Cleaning - Laundry Alterations Bedspreads Draperies Gown Specialists M-F 7am-7pm Sat 8am-3pm Work Done Premises ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS 239.939.0077 Serving CopierPrinterScanners Printer Supplies Print Cost Recovery Management 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Name Know Termite Treatment Pest Control RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 College Parkway Installation Security Alarm Systems AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom System Vac MAJESTIC TRANSPORTATION 239.489.4473 800.833.4473 Greater Quality Creates Demand Non-smoking Vehicles Limousines, Town Cars, Vans Door Airports, Restaurants, Courses Points Interest 239.472.6188 2330 Palm Ridge PHARMACY Owned Friendly Faces Can Count Needs First Order Business 934 95 E gals account Gal-avanting veryone thinks reset button drastic happy. ways happier Lakes 279-acre haven everyone. cruiser Wheel Rentals weave lakefront weather biking definitely appetite, nows check Twitter Nosh Truck noshtruck parked. Many farmers markets, grocery shopping calmed SINCE VALENTINES DAY AROUND CORNER, IVE ALREADY MADE RESERVATIONS VERANDA. RESTAURANT TUCKED AWAY ROMANTIC BACK PATIO. obsession pork sub chimichurri pico de gallo heavenly combination salty, flavorful pork, sharp cilantro, bright, gallo. Magnificent corner, Veranda. upscale Truck, delicious. item Ill ordering Southern Grit Cakes andouille sausage. aphrodisiac, creamy grits spicy sausage comes. Theres do, Enjoying outdoors finding food bang VERANDA FullPage_Ad.indd 318 105 216 AR S U L R UT H N REDISCOVER MINI GOLF WEEKEND VOLUME GALEANA EMPIRE FATHER-AND-SON SUCCESS STORY VOL. NO. 4.95 USA Published GM_Cover_JF14.indd 1021

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